DIY Dollar Tree Place Settings \u0026 Centerpieces "Haves VS Have Nots With Solutions" PT. 1



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Information DIY Dollar Tree Place Settings \u0026 Centerpieces "Haves VS Have Nots With Solutions" PT. 1

Title : DIY Dollar Tree Place Settings \u0026 Centerpieces "Haves VS Have Nots With Solutions" PT. 1

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Frames DIY Dollar Tree Place Settings \u0026 Centerpieces "Haves VS Have Nots With Solutions" PT. 1

Description DIY Dollar Tree Place Settings \u0026 Centerpieces "Haves VS Have Nots With Solutions" PT. 1

DIY Dollar Tree Place Settings \u0026 Centerpieces "Haves VS Have Nots With Solutions" PT. 1

DIY Dollar Tree Place Settings \u0026 Centerpieces "Haves VS Have Nots With Solutions" PT. 1

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Shirley Dailey
Shirley Dailey 2 months ago

Love it the have and the have solutions.

Andrea Greenhill
Andrea Greenhill 2 months ago

Yes that centerpiece is beautiful! The whole table setting is beautiful!

Melissa Stugis
Melissa Stugis 2 months ago

Very nice

Ana Suarez
Ana Suarez 2 months ago

This is beautiful , thank you sharing. Keep up the creativity!

A CraftyPoodleMom
A CraftyPoodleMom 2 months ago

What fun ways to decorate your table for guest! Love this! TFS! New subbie Siv

JESUS IS LORD 2 months ago

I just subscribed ❤️🙏

JESUS IS LORD 2 months ago


Sue Liles
Sue Liles 2 months ago

Brilliant! Thanks so much.

Aria . Harmony
Aria . Harmony 2 months ago


NoelleNaturally 2 months ago

Cloth napkins are not at the Dollar Store, but they are quite cheap.

Richemie Bertrand
Richemie Bertrand 2 months ago

I love this video so much and have learned a lot to recreate in my home that I've watched it several times 👏👏👏👍👍👍

Richemie Bertrand
Richemie Bertrand 2 months ago

🤣🤣🤣 I LOVE IT! " The haves will have and the have not will have solution" so true!!! You are so talented and thanks for sharing

Ann Marmolejo
Ann Marmolejo 2 months ago

I love your voice... for some reason

John Chavez
John Chavez 2 months ago

That was awesome! Oo for the bell centerpiece. Love your voice too :) RC

scrapstreams 2 months ago

Gorgeous projects, WONDERFUL instructions and the bell and candlestick project is BRILLIANT!  Thank you so much for sharing...


Thank you for your ideas turned out gorgeous

Hilda Perry Smith
Hilda Perry Smith 2 months ago


linda Stevens 777
linda Stevens 777 2 months ago

Wow!! It is stunning

Damaris Melo
Damaris Melo 2 months ago

You are a genius. Love it

Vaiongo Cook
Vaiongo Cook 2 months ago

Love the center piece! What a clever idea!

Irma O
Irma O 2 months ago

Love love love!! Wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing

Debbie Larocque
Debbie Larocque 2 months ago

Wow you r talented ! So pretty

Magaly Senecharles
Magaly Senecharles 2 months ago

Love it!!!!!!!it’s beautiful!!!!! Question do you have a table scape for Thanksgiving. I’m interested to see a couple. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Have a blessed day.

Rose Mobley
Rose Mobley 2 months ago

Love love love!

Florence Black
Florence Black 2 months ago

Gorgeous 🌼

Laurie 2 months ago

Actually they DO have cloth napkins at the DT. Usually around the holidays and in 2 paks. I have bought sets in several colors now. They are sold alongside the small round tablecloths and table runners. Beautiful work here!

Dalia Colon
Dalia Colon 2 months ago

great ideas

John Chavez
John Chavez 2 months ago

Amazing what you can do with a can of paint and some creative thinking. Love your bell centerpiece most of all. Staying creative and in prayer! Thanks for the tips! RC

Alicia Michelle Jefferson-Patton

really nice. loved the bell flower arrangement

Burnedette Wilson
Burnedette Wilson 2 months ago

I Love the centerpiece I Must make their gorgeous

Vennie Jackson
Vennie Jackson 2 months ago

love it

Quinny_StaXXX 2 months ago

hi this is beautiful I was wondering did you spray paint the candlestick holder or paint it? or Both? lol also what brand is the paint

Beba Gamer
Beba Gamer 2 months ago

omg this is more than gorgeous 😍😍😍 great idea ever!!

Kellie Westley
Kellie Westley 2 months ago

love the yard cooler the and chairs my family is very large don't know if they'd hold them. and I love everything you did for your back yard porch is beautiful and with the curtin I did that years ago at our other house it was a big hit to. now starting over we don't even have a picnic set yep were staring all over just got the fill dirt for the yard .

Ani Cole
Ani Cole 2 months ago

Elegant...thanks for the inspiration.

Ramon - at HOME
Ramon - at HOME 2 months ago

such a cute idea, i love the way the bell turned out.... thanks for the tip.

Lily Rose Garden
Lily Rose Garden 2 months ago

love this so much! God gave you such an amazing gift!

hennreitta ott
hennreitta ott 2 months ago

I really love the bell idea!

Alem Almaz
Alem Almaz 2 months ago

the have not will have solutions I luv that ur cool

myers laboratory
myers laboratory 2 months ago

love the idea will try it ????

Delcine Gardener
Delcine Gardener 2 months ago

Awesone. you have some great ideas, so glad I found your channel

Tiffany Stevens
Tiffany Stevens 2 months ago

where do you get your napkins from?

Faye Mcbride
Faye Mcbride 2 months ago

so pretty

Samira Wasef
Samira Wasef 2 months ago

What a beautiful table seating and the centerpiece is an amazing and beautiful DIY I love it from u get ur gold cutler sets thanks

Johanna Cruz
Johanna Cruz 2 months ago

Dollar Tree is stepping up its game

mrsjudys 2 months ago

Inspiration! Thank you!

Nathan King
Nathan King 2 months ago

Can you show the placement of the flowers?

Alexia Stubbs
Alexia Stubbs 2 months ago

I will be doing this. Beautiful

Addicted to diving
Addicted to diving 2 months ago

Omg the bell 😍 😍

Mary 2 months ago


Telesha Diggles
Telesha Diggles 2 months ago

You are so creative and you've definitely inspired me to do more at my home...FYI my husband is about to ban me from Dollar Tree thanks to you!😁

Olivia Eastman
Olivia Eastman 2 months ago

Just subscribed. :)

Olivia Eastman
Olivia Eastman 2 months ago

Your voice gives me major asmr tingles!!!

Hudson1910 2 months ago

I love this! We must have the same taste, because i bought several of these items already and plan on doing some of what you just did. Thanks!!!

S Davis
S Davis 2 months ago

Yes!! Stunning! And YES!!! Inspired. Thank you😊

Tynee Tikk
Tynee Tikk 2 months ago

I love your voice.

Araceli Chan DIY
Araceli Chan DIY 2 months ago

Those are so pretty! I love the dollar tree.

Hautemomma1970 2 months ago

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE what you did for the center piece!! I'm going to do this setup for Christmas!!! Tfs! #subbie

bosslady1598 2 months ago

Hello, I made 2 center pieces tonight. For me with no crafting skills at all. I think I did a good job. Thanks for sharing. Please look at my channel, you can see what I need.

Monica McMillan
Monica McMillan 2 months ago

You're amazing!!! That is all...

Starla Anderson
Starla Anderson 2 months ago

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

loricat 2 months ago

Forget the haves. You've just out did them. Super beautiful and it didn't break the bank. I'm going to try this. Thank you for sharing.

Shawnetta Jacomé
Shawnetta Jacomé 2 months ago

your so crafty!! it's very beautiful!!

Anne Collins
Anne Collins 2 months ago

Great job!! :)

Rachelstorrersings 2 months ago

Beautiful thank you!

MsOzimeli 2 months ago

1,000 👍🏻

Kaiotee Wiley
Kaiotee Wiley 2 months ago

This is absolutely Gorgeous!!!!

CYNTHIA SALIM 2 months ago

I love crafting and was inspired by your use of the Dollar Tree bells. I rushed over to my local store and purchased a few bells and lots of other great pieces. I am working on my first bell creation. I carefully bashed in the botton of the bell to give it more stability on the candle holder that I had. My candle holder isn't a tea light holder so the opening is small. I haven't finished the piece yet. But so far, I am happy with it. Thanks for the inspiration.

ESS DEE LEWIS 2 months ago

Im not sure if I missed it, but did the bell come from the dollar tree?? LOOOVVVEEE THIS!!!!

Bridget Harrison
Bridget Harrison 2 months ago

I just love those napkin rings that you got at the estate sale. What a find they are beautiful!

I.B. Cordero
I.B. Cordero 2 months ago

Gorgeous!!! And love the series! Very inspirational. I must sub!

cdssweetpea 2 months ago

Hi, I just discovered your channel and I'm a new subscriber. I absolutely love your decorating ideas! very creative and very budget friendly (without looking cheap or too homemade) :-)

Londie 2 months ago

I'm heading to Dollar Tree TODAY!!!

Ms Missy
Ms Missy 2 months ago

Very beautiful!

Lu Lima
Lu Lima 2 months ago

OMG I am in love with your videos.
Your voice makes me relax at same time.
one more subscriber

Catcando Youtocando
Catcando Youtocando 2 months ago

I just happen to watch this video. And I love this. and the title. yessss. The look for less.

Hudson1910 2 months ago

This is great!

Ace Rip
Ace Rip 2 months ago

LMAO, King Jesus was playing.... He aint better than your projects.... Nice vid...

Sarah Mitchell
Sarah Mitchell 2 months ago

Love the candlestick with the bells.

Peggie Russo-Millard
Peggie Russo-Millard 2 months ago

Great ideas!

Dalila Camacho
Dalila Camacho 2 months ago

New subbie here great diys Tfs. :)))

Beautiful Soul
Beautiful Soul 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing! I made the flower arrangement on yesterday and they are beautiful 😁

Tiffany Holland
Tiffany Holland 2 months ago

I love these! I had to make some for myself. This year I have white tablecloths with rose gold sequin runners. I painted my bells and candlestick holders white and did flower arrangements and white, rose gold and red to match my chandeliers. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for all of these wonderful ideas!

Cherishyourdecor Cherishyourdecor

Thank you for the inspiration I'm totally making that center piece

Bibi Majeed
Bibi Majeed 2 months ago

What a wonder job. You've totally inspired me. I'm a new Comer to your videos. This is my first time looking at your video. I certainly enjoyed your first video to the fullest.

DrEsquire2u 2 months ago

Happy that I came across your video. Love your delivery and your personality. I felt like I was watching a well edited show on HGTV or DIY channel. You definitely won a subscriber!!! Looking forward to more videos. Thanks for sharing.

C Knowles
C Knowles 2 months ago

Very practical and georgous * blessings always * TFS

Evelyn J. Amponsah
Evelyn J. Amponsah 2 months ago

Fabulous, love the bell.

Pamela Chappell
Pamela Chappell 2 months ago

Loved this!!! Thank you

mamatosh05 2 months ago

Just fabulous!

leeniezline 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful! Tfs, God bless.

donna jenkins
donna jenkins 2 months ago

what a great idea thanks

Amanda Morris
Amanda Morris 2 months ago

This is beautiful. How many of each of flower bunches did you need. Would you please share. I love your channel and I'm a new Sub

Cindy Coughlin
Cindy Coughlin 2 months ago

You have the most soothing, beautiful sounding voice for tutorials! Loved this, sub for sure!

deborah brown
deborah brown 2 months ago

I made this and put mod pog on the bell to keep the fall out of the glitter to min! God Bless

Marquisha Iverysheartsings

Love it❤️️I'm going to try it really soon! Thanks for sharing.

Karen Bonham
Karen Bonham 2 months ago

U r fabulous-glad I found u! Awesome ideas!

Loretta Living
Loretta Living 2 months ago


Bertha Villanueva
Bertha Villanueva 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing looks absolutely stunning.

Simply MEnique
Simply MEnique 2 months ago

Love your ideas. Can you please do a step by step tutorial if the bell flower arrangement? Thanks.