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The Jumper Wire Trick

The Jumper Wire Trick

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Art T.
Art T. 2 months ago

This trick will be very helpful for me. When reflowing leds (3volt versions) like xhp50.2 and sst40 etc- can I use the jumpers to the mcpcb board with the LED on it before soldering it back into the flashlight housing? That way I can make sure I have my orientation correct on my reflow prior to installing it back into the flashlight housing

Steve S
Steve S 2 months ago

Very informative thank you.

Todd Burdick
Todd Burdick 2 months ago

Thank you!

Jeffy Bean
Jeffy Bean 2 months ago

I like the magnet trick for keeping everything together...why the hell didn’t I think of that?!?!? MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS PLEASE!!👍

daphnee bahia
daphnee bahia 2 months ago

Hi Matt, is there any LED upgrade to my solitaire maglite single AAA? thanks!

Andry Q
Andry Q 2 months ago

Hai matt! Apakah driver pada senter led mempengaruhi terhadap kecerahan dari sebuah senter?

Sasha Whitefur
Sasha Whitefur 2 months ago

Check for dirt, it is an insulator.

Samuel. zelis
Samuel. zelis 2 months ago

Count me in Matt, and I just received a astrolux ft 03 with the 50.2 emitter and I hope you can do a video on this flashlight.

Mr. E
Mr. E 2 months ago

Good lessons.

Supernumerary 2 months ago

More thoroughly descriptive to label this as “The Magnet and Jumper Wire Trick”.

Adam Ćwikliński
Adam Ćwikliński 2 months ago

Will you review sofirn sp40 or headlight caLled d25 (Both are cheap headlight and cost around 15-20 $)

neckstumping 2 months ago

Yep very helpful. Cheers

Patrick R
Patrick R 2 months ago

Yup, helpful stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Max Mueller
Max Mueller 2 months ago

Hey Matt, I would have a wish for a new video, maybe you like the idea:
This flashlight is all over the internet right now, it is sold under dozens of different names with advertised lumens ranging from 1000 to 3 or tenthousand haha.
You can easily find it on amazon or nearly anywhere.
Most people in the reviews think it’s the brightest flashlight they ever owned and such they have no idea haha.
I am pretty sure this is the most sold flashlight at the market right now, and for averaging 10$ it’s a good price. But it’s everywhere under tons of different names.
I think it has like 350 lumens maybe, but I have no idea.

I would really like to see you test it and compare it to some other throwers, also ones that are much better, but mostly I would like to see you modifying it a little.
I think you could pull a lot more lumens out of it, and for 10$ this would be something many people could try at home without really risking to lose money...They are usually sold in a pack of 2, maybe you are able to take both flashlights and use parts of both to build a single better flashlight. I think there is a lot of crazy shit you could try with those flashlights, and for the price it doesn’t hurt when they brake along the way. This would be the perfect flashlight for me to get into modifying them, and I would have a lot of fun seeing you modifying them to the point they start smoking and melting. And I think many people can relate to this flashlight maybe you can get more attention to the channel when people see the flashlight on the thumbnail and recognize it...
But I think this is the perfect flashlight to try some fun stuff with it because it’s cheap, not bad and so many people buy them right now..

Will EDC
Will EDC 2 months ago

How did I miss this ? I have the bell activated
This is great for basic troubleshooting

Larry Wu
Larry Wu 2 months ago

Any chance for a link to those tiny magnets u used? :)

dario mkv
dario mkv 2 months ago

Matt is there a way for me to contat you
via ordinary email ?
I have.some.issues with cree diodes
To which i'd like to ask you fee questions
To simply explain to me amd push t o right way

Thomas Bülund
Thomas Bülund 2 months ago

Very good instruction and video. Thank you.

Doug 2 months ago

Extremely helpful, thank you, Matt!

Todd Olathe Ks.
Todd Olathe Ks. 2 months ago

Awesome video,I have a place to start with my DEFIANT 🔦❕❗️👀 what I did their❗️❕❗️ 🤭sorry ……………
Thanks 🙏

Sree Kumar
Sree Kumar 2 months ago

Thanks Matt. I had the similar issue with your 5000 Lumens emitter and had to return it. The issue, later I found out that the tail cap was not connected properly to the short spring. I should have tested with a jumper cable, which, obviously didn’t. I profusely apologize for that. The mistake was all mine. Thanks again for the simple test procedure.

Jan Solo
Jan Solo 2 months ago

LIKES FIGURA , No me entenderás , pero me ayudaste. gracias .

Tim Rose
Tim Rose 2 months ago

Congrats on your channel so far! BIG LIKE from me and many blessings to you! Keep going! :)

Nathan Warrick
Nathan Warrick 2 months ago

What would cause a 17mm fet driver to only output 3v ? It's not one of yours but pretty much the same thing

MrZcotty 2 months ago

sent you an email last night about an R90TS that is not charging. could you help trouble shoot? new from Neil's gadgets, the first time i plugged it in, both the red and green light flashed once simultaneously, and never came on again. the charger is putting out 19 volts. the light is still working on the charge it came with, now showing 14 volts. thanks.

RelakS 2 months ago

0:31 Liks for purchase in description

bushyeager1954 2 months ago

Thanks Matt for the tutorial. Very helpful and keep up the great content...

6mmFilms 2 months ago

Good content keep it up!

Nick Bruns
Nick Bruns 2 months ago

Great tip and thanks for sharing. I use that method when troubleshooting my mods. Unfortunately, last time I got a short from my driver, it went up in smoke.

Joseph Kasperek
Joseph Kasperek 2 months ago

Sweet Matt Thx man

william johnson
william johnson 2 months ago

Do you do repair work on lights? I have 2 Imalents that don't work & i can't figure them out.

James Shaffer
James Shaffer 2 months ago


Annika Goodwin
Annika Goodwin 2 months ago

Well, I haven't yet killed myself when trying to jump our mower, so I bet I could do this testing method and come out unscathed. Thanks for the tip!

Jeff Porto
Jeff Porto 2 months ago

Great video Matt. I was just wondering, I have 2 - 26650 klarus batteries for around a year that must have "went to sleep" cause they won't take a charge. I probably used them in my klarus g20 maybe twice. I charged them @ 1/2 amp. Now, nothing. The specs said minimum charge is 2 amp. Was that maybe too slow a charge that killed them? Anyway any tips to bring them back or should I buy 2 more? I only have a 1 amp charger but charge all my lithium ion batteries at 1/2 amp. Thanks, and enjoyed the video as always.

Ohio Guns & Deals
Ohio Guns & Deals 2 months ago

Great information and demonstration. Thanks for sharing


Thank you.

Adam Ward
Adam Ward 2 months ago

It's not even a trick, it's a legitimate testing methodology. Most sensible modders would have a half-decent voltage / current limiting bench PSU instead of risking shorting-out lithiums. :) Thanks for the vid, Matt.

Yaxez 2 months ago

Some poor sod is probably going to short circuit a battery after watching this ☠
Probably good to have some basic knowledge before you start playing around with lithium batteries 😁

David Bee
David Bee 2 months ago

If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem.
Good video.

1984 2 months ago

I watched the entire 4ocean ad.... again 😢😂 just to support you 👍

Satsui no Hado
Satsui no Hado 2 months ago

Electrical elimination, sounds fun - with low current of course.

E Moody
E Moody 2 months ago

Hi, Matt what kind of battery would you suggest? for the convoy m3 I'm having trouble finding the right one to get it to 100% brightness....

454pakr 2 months ago

Good info! Thanks!

Dr. HellCat
Dr. HellCat 2 months ago

Nice! Would anyone happen to have a good amazon link for button top 18650s that I could use with the Thrunite TN42?

Don Jones
Don Jones 2 months ago

Will you review the Acebeam K75? also do you hvae older 2012 flashlights you can do like "retro" reviews or remods of older flashlights?

biltongeater smith
biltongeater smith 2 months ago

4th comment

Bazsi_HUNツ 2 months ago

3rd comment

tom kedziora
tom kedziora 2 months ago

Great hack Matt, appreciate your vids mate, come downunder for a few beam shots in the outback 😜

Christopher Chennat
Christopher Chennat 2 months ago