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Underrated Movie Villains: "Billy" (Black Christmas)

Underrated Movie Villains: "Billy" (Black Christmas)

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Alex Lemonds
Alex Lemonds 2 months ago

His eye gazing out the cracked door is a super disturbing imsge.

bubb 2 months ago

if you listen to the phonecalls you can piece together his background decently well actually, and in at least one occasion clark talked about him. agnes is billy's little sister and he's done something unspeakable to her which is actually pretty easy to guess. clark also implies that billy was a victim to some extent too, possibly from one or both of his parents, which is probably what inspired billy's backstory in the 2006 remake
the first draft of the script was simply titled "stop me" which is mirrored in one of the phonecalls that makes it to the movie. from that i am inclined to think that billy knows what he's doing is bad, but he can't stop himself, so he kind of wants someone else to stop him.
if you go as far as to read the novelization, which to be fair, i'm not sure how "canon" that is, it spends a long time on billy's internal monologue and he does keep saying that he can't help himself, he hates what he does, he even throws up at least two times from how disgusted he is with himself, but it's like something else takes control of him and he has no choice
you could argue that knowing this about him makes him less scary, but i personally care about characters being interesting more than scary, and he actually manages to do both wonderfully in my opinion

james toner
james toner 2 months ago

Mr. Rogues
could you do these Underrated Horror Movie Villains if that's OK;

1. Matt Cordell (from The Maniac Cop Trilogy 1988-1993) I think he's a tragic horror movie villain, and I don't see Cordell as a Serial Killer, my Interpretation of Matt Cordell is that he's bitter and Twisted and he's getting Vengeance, he's basically like Jason Voorhees in a Cop Uniform, I think The Forgotten Batman Villain ''Savage Skull'' was Inspired the creation of Matt Cordell and the actor who portrayed Matt Cordell was The Late Robert Z'Dar he was a real life Police Officer before he became an Actor, he nailed Matt Cordell and I think Robert Z'Dar would have been good as Lyle Bolton/Lock-Up (from Batman The Animated Series) if they adapted the character into a Live Action Project and I think Lyle Bolton/Lock-Up would be good for a Horror Movie Villain in his own right

2. The Miner (from 1981's My Bloody Valentine), I think it is interesting having a Horror Movie set around Valentine's Day, and I Like the Costume of The Miner; an actual coal miner with a scary gas mask wielding a Pickaxe going about killing people on Valentine's day; this is an Interesting and Intriguing Concept

3. Sam (2007's Trick R Treat); I haven't seen the Film but he seems like an Interesting Horror Villain

4. The Phantom Killer (1974's The Town That Dreaded Sundown); I have watched that movie 14 times during the Covid Lockdowns (I'm from Scotland) and I love the film, it is adapted from a True Event
I have my own theory about The Phantom Killer and that he was a ordinary Man who had a Wife who was forced to go and fight in World War II and he saw some unspeakable shit that traumatised him and when he returned to Texarkana (the town in Texas) and he discovered that his wife cheated on him and left him for another man and then he snapped and became ''The Phantom Killer'', what makes The Phantom Killer terrifying is
1. Texarkana's Law Enforcement never caught The Phantom Killer and he successfully escaped from the Law and his Identity has never been Revealed
2. Unlike most Slasher Movie Villains, The Phantom Killer is a real Serial Killer who attacked The People of Texarkana, Texas right after World War II
3. he could appear and attack The People of Texarkana, Texas at any moment/whenever he wants
and I think once Covid is stable and it's over; I think someone will Unleash a Reign of Terror on People (very parallel to what The Phantom Killer did with The People of Texarkana, Texas right after World War II)
However The 2014 Remake/Sequel revealed The Phantom Killer's Identity and there was two Phantom Killers and it destroyed The Legacy of The Mystery of who The Phantom Killer

5. Cropsy (from 1981's The Burning); I think they should have did a bit more with Cropsy and I think The Burning is an Underrated Movie, i Think he and Robert Cordell are very Similar to Savage Skull and I think The Burning came out around the time of Fridat The 13th Part 2)

could you also do reviews for
Ghostface (Scream)
Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
Michael Myers (Halloween)
Roy Burns/The Copycat Jason/Fake Jason (from Friday The 13th Part 5: A New Begining)

Ignition [FR] n2
Ignition [FR] n2 2 months ago

0:40 - Introduction
1:45 - The story
2:20 - Rogue's review

David Wolf
David Wolf 2 months ago

This is was one of the first horror movies I ever saw. It’s still one of my favorite films (I don’t even usually have favorites). I’m so glad people are still talking about this masterpiece.

Marquis Breaston
Marquis Breaston 2 months ago

5:10 Chill.

Lathan Fitzpatrick
Lathan Fitzpatrick 2 months ago

Was Billy even in black Christmas (2019)?

Buddy Williams
Buddy Williams 2 months ago

I bet Ted Bundy watched this movie 🎥 n the theater. Billy Bundy does act like a Ted Bundy in a PG-13 kind of way. Bizarre...

Andrew Byrne
Andrew Byrne 2 months ago

John Saxon passed away in 2020. I enjoyed a lot of his work.

Xehanort10 2 months ago

The horror Youtuber Dave McRae recently made a Black Christmas fan film called It's Me Billy. It's pretty good.

Fynn the Fox
Fynn the Fox 2 months ago

"Billy" walked so that Michael, Jason, Chucky and Freddy could run.

JaTheGoat 2 months ago

He’s probably autistic The reason I think that is mostly from research he also could be on a lower level of autism

Xehanort10 2 months ago

5:18 Billy's reaction to the 2006 and 2019 Black Christmas films especially the 2019 one.

Psychicator 2 months ago

My favorite Movie Villain next to Tall man from Phantasm series

Twitch-102 2 months ago

Michael Myers ain't got shit on Billy, the most frightening slasher villain of all time.

Charles Thigpen Charles Thigpen

The scariest thing about Billy is We don’t know who he is or his motives. Go ahead look up “black Christmas Billy” The only thing you’ll ever see is an eye in the outline of a shadow-like figure. Not the best slasher but a great example of what some slashers should be.

Chad Raygun
Chad Raygun 2 months ago

Black Christmas 2019 makes Black 2006 look like Citizen Kane

Daniel Dalton
Daniel Dalton 2 months ago

What makes Black Christmas so original is that you never see or know the killer or why he kills. I don't know of any other movie that has done that. The 2006 remake was awful and I don't think I'll even bother with the 2019 remake which, from what I've read, isn't even the same story.

neworleansguy10 2 months ago

Perhaps THE most under appreciated and little known villains.

Tramseskumbanan 2 months ago

Just as in Friday the 13th (the original) you never really see the killer up until Mrs Voorhees shows up. I love these sometimes “who’s dunnit”- movies and unseen killers lurking. I find those kind of movies more scarier than movies like the Nightmare on Elmstreet movies and the later Jason-movies.

Tramseskumbanan 2 months ago

We don’t even know for sure that the caller/killer’s real name was “Billy”.
I like it better when some things can’t be explained.

Oleander Rainbow
Oleander Rainbow 2 months ago

To give some semblance of credit to the 2006 remake.
It at least had Billy in it. Even if he looks like either Yellow Bastard's distant cousin or Homer Simpson.

Unlike Black Misandry-mas.

And yes, there's a VERY good reason for why I'm referring to the 2019 Black Christmas as Black Misandry-mas.

It equates female empowerment with misandry.

Dear people, Hollywood, idiots who get on their high horse and who reeee at anything that slightly disagrees with your opinions.


Misandry is a type of bigotry.
Female empowerment is women can do anything. Whether for good or ill depends on your freewill.

(Hey that rhymed. Anyway.)

Don't waste your time with 2019 Black Misandry-mas. It's one of those movies that put message first instead of plot and characters. When you do that with writing.
You get crap like literally any Pureflix movie ever! Namely God's Not Dead or Old Fashioned.

Do please forgive me if this comment got a bit too ramble and tangential.

frankenstein's mobster

Billy isn't even in the newest movie lol

Uncle Franklin
Uncle Franklin 2 months ago

They couldn't even bother to include the phone calls in The remake

Isaac Mounce
Isaac Mounce 2 months ago

A cross between Victor Zsasz and Ted Bundy. Charming. The movie is on Youtube, btw... www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ2CnQeRCf4 I just saw it for the first time just now. SPOILERS for those who hasn't, because I am now going to give my review. It was very nice at how Billy was portrayed. I wouldn't say he has schizophrenia; more like multiple personality syndrome. I couldn't wait for one particular character to die. How she wasn't the first to die is beyond me. I wasn't really that scared, since not many horror movies can scare me anymore. I must say I was a little disappointed by the ending. Really, I found it depressing, and the movie itself to have been a little boring. I prefer the real killer to be caught and killed, but that's just me, and I pretty much knew what to expect after a childhood of horror movies after midnight. And at least have someone find the other bodies. But somebody had to have found them eventually, and then realize that an innocent man was killed.

Donte Morgan
Donte Morgan 2 months ago

Yeah don't waist your money to watch the 2019 Black Christmas. It's nothing but a social message.

Lateef Carrere
Lateef Carrere 2 months ago

"Stop remaking classics, Hollywood...Make new classics instead."
I've been saying that for years - glad to have a kindred spirit.

Fabio Minozzi
Fabio Minozzi 2 months ago

I really would like if you make an underrated rogue video about Mr Nobody

Jack of All Claws
Jack of All Claws 2 months ago

I’ve heard that the remake...is as bad as everyone else thought it was.

No No
No No 2 months ago

I’m going to spoil the first remake because it’s not worth keeping a secret.
“Billy” has a skin disorder and he’s yelling like one of the bad guys in Sin City. It’s just as dumb as it sounds.

No No
No No 2 months ago

Billy and Leatherface are two of my most favorite slasher villains. Instead of being mute and silent, we see and hear them and the sounds they make coupled with their unsettling behavior is a perfect combination.

Dean Gartshore
Dean Gartshore 2 months ago

Black Christmas is one of my all time favourite horror films glad to see it getting some respect

scareBro 2 months ago

I love this movie so gd much! Its funny how much we get to know the girls and not Billy, almost the opposite of modern movies.

harry vass
harry vass 2 months ago

Black christmas still works because it never had answers to it's mysteries

unlike Jason and Myers and Freddy. Billy dose not have a backstory or motive or even real character and that's what makes him scary. we can't recognise him as a character he's just an insane killer. we know nothing more about him and that's how it should stay. the unknown is what truly terrifies us.

We will never know why he killed these girls. we will never truly know who Billy or Agnes is. we will never know what his mad ramblings on the phone meant and we will never know if the main girl survived in the ending or if the killer will be caught.

it's these mysteries that make Billy scary.

Tim Asato
Tim Asato 2 months ago

Totally agree. It’s a master peace of horror.

Armi Productions
Armi Productions 2 months ago

I suggest one thing about the 2006 remake, watch Phelous' s or Boots to Reboots's review on it, you'll basically get why it's probably the worst horror movie of all time.

Armi Productions
Armi Productions 2 months ago

I actually don't find Billy all that underrated, he's kinda in the section of slashers like the Prowler or Henry Warden (and the guy from the burning I guess). He got kinda ruined though by both of the remakes, I agree with you, he's more of a character that you should never really find out what his motivation is since that would ruin the mistery.

nooctip 2 months ago

The newest Back Christmas was designed as a woke woman power version. The 2006 not so terrible, but your remaking a classic. It was always going to be second rate.

Graveyard Smash
Graveyard Smash 2 months ago

The 2006 movie may have been bad, but the 2019 movie made it look like a masterpiece. At least it feels like the 2006 movie actually tried with pieces of the original in mind, even if it was executed poorly with the typical post-2000's schlock.

J.J. Hatter
J.J. Hatter 2 months ago

I completely agree that Billy is very possibly the scariest slasher villain of all time. Now, keep in mind, I'm talking about the SCARIEST, not necessarily my favorite. My favorites would be some of the more iconic ones - Ghostface, Freddy, and Norman Bates (I say he counts) would probably take my top three, though not necessarily in that order. But Billy just puts the fear of God (or perhaps the Devil) in you reeeeaaal well. I've only seen the original Black Christmas once, and I'm honestly not in a hurry to see it again. Not because it's bad - HECK no, I honestly think it's one of the most disturbing horror films ever made. But that's also the problem: something about it just goes a bit too far, even for me. Which is actually to the movie's credit; when something is deliberately designed to terrify you and give you nightmares and shakes, the fact you literally dread watching it BECAUSE it does EXACTLY that is a VERY good sign.

That's actually part of why I haven't made a list of my favorite slasher villains (part of the reason, not the ENTIRE reason), at least not yet. I'm...seriously just...too afraid to watch this movie again.

Because Lord knows Billy would have to be in the Top 5.

...And I really, really don't want to have to see that scene in the attic again...

...Tonight was already too soon. <8)

Snulch 2 months ago

Cool that your branching out into different stuff. Good work. :)

Electronic Corgi
Electronic Corgi 2 months ago

I couldn't take him seriously BECAUSE of the funny voices.

Director Aaron Navy
Director Aaron Navy 2 months ago

I'm not watching this only so I can see the movie myself. The remake looked interesting and now that I know there's an orginal, Ima watch that instead.
The originals are almost always better.

Spencer Malley
Spencer Malley 2 months ago

"Most horror movies should be watched alone in the dark with headphones"

Now that's some Grade A advice, Mr Rogues.

Eddy Rauf
Eddy Rauf 2 months ago

c'mon can you do forgotten villains again plese

Nick 2 months ago

Black Christmas and Nosferatu (1922) are the only two movies to have scared me. Funnily enough, Black Christmas was filmed not far from my grandma's old house in Toronto.

The character of Billy was such a unique idea, with his ambiguity not really seen in any other horror movie.

Fun fact: when he climbs up the wall, they had to build a special camera rig to fit on his shoulder.

John Pelt
John Pelt 2 months ago

2:30 -- He doesn't sound like he's being all that quiet... you would think the sorority sisters would notice the same sounds coming from upstairs.

SJM Hadsock
SJM Hadsock 2 months ago

I remember from a previous video hour Mr zazz video that his knightfall story reminds you of this movie

Cine Mad
Cine Mad 2 months ago

Billy is like a force of nature,a figure!

will {the degenerate boxing fan} lynch

I disagree that the 2005 sucks. Because they did honor it by not remaking it at all. They made their own movie with many references to the original but never trying to copy it. I like that concept of redoing something in the opposite direction because that's what made me want to watch the original

Cine Mad
Cine Mad 2 months ago

This movie got a awesome psychologic terror

KR 2 months ago

Great Video. It’s also my favorite slasher film ever.

Michael Head
Michael Head 2 months ago

You’re not missing anything by skipping the new 2019 version. It’s “woke” and rated PG-13. So all the tension is removed in order to be empowering to women( which, the original managed to be without sacrificing the terror) and be more crowd pleasing. sigh Hollywood will never learn. Luckily, the new version has bombed at the box office.

Benjamín Vicente Yarrá Berrios

I love slasher villains, that's one of the reasons I love Victor Zsasz, he would perfectly fit in a realistic slasher movie (even if he is a comic book super-villain)

SR Striker
SR Striker 2 months ago

What about Silent night?

Trey Dodson
Trey Dodson 2 months ago

I miss forgotten/underrated bat villain profiles...

cj Hudson
cj Hudson 2 months ago

Love that movie

Insane Makaioshin
Insane Makaioshin 2 months ago

Could his name be Billy Agnus?! Or he could be referring to Agnus Dei( lamb of god )?! Could he be possessed crying out to Jesus Christ, the lamb of god?!

Maldon 365
Maldon 365 2 months ago

I know another underrated villain you could talk about in a future video: Rusty Nail from the 2001 film Joyride (Roadkill in the UK) like Billy, he's another killer we know little about or see little of except his voice, which was provided by Ted Levine AKA Buffalo Bill from Silence Of The Lambs.

cybermaster101 2 months ago

I don’t really understand why black Christmas needs two remakes

Maldon 365
Maldon 365 2 months ago

I watched the film yesterday and I was creeped out by Billy just becausw I don't know much about him or why he's killing people.

ShannonSzabadosFan46 2 months ago

would you do a video of the Phantom Killer (The Town That Dreaded Sundown) the original 1976 version not the remake!

Skullivan 2 months ago

I'm not the biggest fan of slasher films but I absolutely love this movie. The creepy atmosphere is just incredible. I don't think this film would be the cult classic it is had they shown Billy's face or explained his origin. Great decision by the creative team.

Drake Kondrat
Drake Kondrat 2 months ago

Your not missing much with the 2019 remake. They put in a bunch of forced 'topical' commentary and from what I've looked up it supposedly 'demonizes men' and makes the women the typical 'strong, independent, heroes that rise up against the 'patriarchy'.. or so I've read... or for the TL;DR kind of thing.. they made it.. ugh.. 'woke'.

The Real Super Sam
The Real Super Sam 2 months ago

I love this movie. Too me, the greatest slasher movie of all time. Black Christmas is so good and the phone calls in the movie were inhuman, since 3 people did it and the actor for Billy did it while upside down. Man, what a great horror picture.

The 2006 movie explained Billy's origin, which I don't like that they did, but if anyone was interested, that IS Billy's origin, the one the director had in mind.

And the remake has nothing to do with the original movie, just so, so bad.

Xehanort10 2 months ago

There's a bit where Billy makes Jess think Peter's the killer by saying "just like having a wart removed" like Peter said when he and Jess argued and he accused her of treating aborting their baby like she was having a wart removed showing that Billy was listening to them arguing without either of them knowing.

Ryan Vaughn
Ryan Vaughn 2 months ago

black Christmas is being shown on ID on Friday (i live in the USA) and i am excited to see it because its my first time

Invidente7 2 months ago

The best part about billy is his ambiguity, other than his rambling about agnes.

Micke 2 months ago

My interpretation of the "help me" call is that he is mocking the survivors rather than begging for his help. He seems sadistic to me, but that is just my interpretation

Tayo Jones
Tayo Jones 2 months ago

This film is very disturbing. Billy makes Myers look like the ginger bread man. This is the most realistic portrayal of a mentally unstable killer in a film.

Jdawgwatchr56 2 months ago

I'm skipping the new one.

Mister Mr
Mister Mr 2 months ago

A great film to watch over the holidays

Multiversal Animation’s

Do you do underrated cartoons and animated series as well? I'm thinking of doing that for my channel?

Naim The Byrdman
Naim The Byrdman 2 months ago

Doctor Wolfula is that you impersonating Mr.Rouges?

Posh Josh David
Posh Josh David 2 months ago

Nice vid bro!

OffThePoint 2 months ago

Oh I'm early

Cj 2 months ago

I was waiting for this. Ps don’t watch The new one