Sir Ian McKellen Does An Amazing Maggie Smith Impression - The Graham Norton Show


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Information Sir Ian McKellen Does An Amazing Maggie Smith Impression - The Graham Norton Show

Title : Sir Ian McKellen Does An Amazing Maggie Smith Impression - The Graham Norton Show

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Frames Sir Ian McKellen Does An Amazing Maggie Smith Impression - The Graham Norton Show

Description Sir Ian McKellen Does An Amazing Maggie Smith Impression - The Graham Norton Show

Sir Ian McKellen Does An Amazing Maggie Smith Impression - The Graham Norton Show

Sir Ian McKellen Does An Amazing Maggie Smith Impression - The Graham Norton Show

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Ambar Mondal
Ambar Mondal 2 months ago

Why is he wearing a tie like that?

JJ rmmrrja
JJ rmmrrja 2 months ago

I've watched this video so many times, but Sir Ian's story still makes me laugh.

Neladhri Saha
Neladhri Saha 2 months ago

I find myself have a great luck when I see this episode

Liane Li
Liane Li 2 months ago

Cracks me up every time YouTube pushes this into my face ;)))) :D

Leticia brown
Leticia brown 2 months ago

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SilverStorm Breaker
SilverStorm Breaker 2 months ago

And in the end everyone else gets the gold play button apart from you

writeract2 La Principessa Anne

Graham you're always funny and entertaining.

Nadia Papanikola
Nadia Papanikola 2 months ago

He didn't win an Oscar first this role..?!

SilverStorm Breaker
SilverStorm Breaker 2 months ago

1:32 Just the way he said "Didn't work did it?"😂

Heena Patel
Heena Patel 2 months ago

This just brings me so much joy

corrie 2 months ago

Oscars are bought and sold! Meaningless. Art isn’t judged

GIAN PAOLO RODER 2 months ago

Hugh Jackman was present at that cerimony (74th annual Oscar)

Tim Gage
Tim Gage 2 months ago

I loved him in the Harry Potter films!

Jeanette Dale
Jeanette Dale 2 months ago

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Raffaele Calvia
Raffaele Calvia 2 months ago

And there you have it: Gandalf, Captain Picard and Wolverine talking about Minerva McGonagall 😍

Cameron Kemp
Cameron Kemp 2 months ago

tie and a... t shirt... and a.. jacket?

J Blk
J Blk 2 months ago

Maggie Smith is so down to earth, grounded, humble...and her humor somewhat dry and its practically impossible to do an impression of her but Sir Ian McKellan does it wonderfully and done in such a way that makes Maggie Smith even more endearing if that is possible and it a harmless bit of fun too. Sounds like Maggie doesnt want to be impersonated but as Bette Davis and Lucille Ball said...your not truly a legend until you have people impersonate you.

Prog4Ever 2 months ago

In 6 words or so you immediately recognize Maggie Smith. Sir Ian is such class act.

Francois 2 months ago

Ian McKellen is an international treasure hilarious - 😂

Evil Sean
Evil Sean 2 months ago

Just like to big this up and possibly overshadow a "content providing influencer " in the broad daylight of actual definable talent

lets see...

and of course sprung

Tabitha Gabriel
Tabitha Gabriel 2 months ago

Green stone in NZ = Pounamu

TheSuperReviewer 2 months ago

Even if Maggie Smith says that to you can you really get mad really really she's most likely kidding or she's just putting on the anger act to really make you want it more so guys who think he's being serious about her like seriously grow up

ilikethisnamebetter 2 months ago

It's "pounamu", Sir Ian. Punami is something different.

Michael 2 months ago

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Fettster 2 months ago

You know it lasts for 3 or 4 hours. You know...oh God.

Hahaha the actors nominated find it as boring as the viewers.

ariana petrova
ariana petrova 2 months ago


maggie198333 2 months ago

I kept coming back to watch this clip.

Daniel annett
Daniel annett 2 months ago

Gandalf and captain picard on the same couch

Karen Holmes
Karen Holmes 2 months ago

Which is better an Oscar or a great story?

zack 2 months ago

Didnt work did it 😂

amit nagpal
amit nagpal 2 months ago

A personality so disarmingly charming that Sir Ian can look like an alcoholic hobo and yet, all the comments on the internet are gushingly positive. Goals.

Hope 2 months ago

Ponami sounds similar to Ross's UNAGI👉👱

Esteban 2 months ago

Actually, he was nominated for his role in The Fellowship Of The Ring, that won only 4 Oscars over 13 nominations. The last movie of the trilogy, The Return Of The King, won all the 11 nominations.

maggs131 2 months ago

3 of my favorite human beings. Why wasn't I invited? 😭

Aijeleth Lee
Aijeleth Lee 2 months ago

those 3 on one couch my goodness

William Jones
William Jones 2 months ago

Maggie Smith looks like an older Jodie Foster or put another way Jodie Foster looks like a younger Maggie Smith.

Amins Eldirawi
Amins Eldirawi 2 months ago

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shunukiya90 2 months ago

The story of when a staff went up against a wand.

Peter James
Peter James 2 months ago

its not "punami" lol, pounamu (poo-nah-mu)

Glory Shadow
Glory Shadow 2 months ago


conatcha 2 months ago

I love when Sir Ian makes his first Maggie impression, he laughs then turns to Patrick Stewart who is looking back at him like "please, behave, Ian".

Butterfly Moon
Butterfly Moon 2 months ago

uhm doesn't he know punani is jamaican for vagina???

matt & LDN
matt & LDN 2 months ago

The image of her telling him that was playing on my head as I was watching this clip

Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart 2 months ago

1:14 Graham is so engaged with his guests he is doing that subconscious facial mimicry.

Peter Garm
Peter Garm 2 months ago

Should not that be Dame Maggie Smith? If Sir is ok for him, why not Dame for her?

Leticia brown
Leticia brown 2 months ago

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Sebastián Avalos
Sebastián Avalos 2 months ago

The funniest thing is they look like a lot hahaha

Eleonora Vidershpan
Eleonora Vidershpan 2 months ago

Wow, he is so good, I can hear Maggie clearly :-) Because, of course, Sir Ian can do it 👍👍 Love seeing him and Sir Patrick here, they are amazing, and Hugh Jackman is enjoying the hell out of it ❤️❤️❤️

Westwoodmania84 2 months ago

Still sooo funny! Sir Ian is so perfect at imitating Dame Maggie Smith 😂

Siegfried Klein martins

L OOOO L...I think Sir Ian is smoking too much Shire Leafs

Bo Jelli
Bo Jelli 2 months ago

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crazzi-j north
crazzi-j north 2 months ago

His impersonation is great 😂 you really can’t beat a British sense of humour

Mistle Spark
Mistle Spark 2 months ago

that impression was superb!
A 100 points to Gryffindor!

thesupermodel 7
thesupermodel 7 2 months ago

how they all doin'

JOSHULA FAIRY 2 months ago

Sir Ian McKellen

JOSHULA FAIRY 2 months ago

And Phil tried to I believe impersonate him
So people would believe his lies

ً ً
ً ً 2 months ago

i hope this good man is having a good day everyday

Fraser Mackie
Fraser Mackie 2 months ago

Are there any other Kiwis out there that cringe at "Pu-na-mi"?? 😣😣

Anwar Razali
Anwar Razali 2 months ago

Imagine magneto say you shall not pass to brotherhood mutants

Mama Banana
Mama Banana 2 months ago

One of my fave celebrity stories. A clean simple story with an unexpected ending, told to perfection

Babhru Roy
Babhru Roy 2 months ago

The legend sir Ian is talking about another legend while sitting in the middle of two other legends

Sarah Booth
Sarah Booth 2 months ago

In true Dowager Countess fashion, love Maggie Smith!🤣👏

Sieren Tokiio
Sieren Tokiio 2 months ago


Booth Biggs
Booth Biggs 2 months ago

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Tona Cox
Tona Cox 2 months ago

Maggie Smith is sheer pleasure to watch! She is the Only actress whom I wish to meet in person! I adore her Versatility!

tinkerbellmuse 2 months ago

Look at Graham listening so intently he mimics Ian McKellen’s mouth acting! 1:16
I love Graham. Best host ever.

Kumar Vikramaditya
Kumar Vikramaditya 2 months ago

See Hugh's reaction to new Zealand

minecraft is 234
minecraft is 234 2 months ago

Maggie Smith and professor mcgonagall

Karen Day
Karen Day 2 months ago

That was great

King Rat
King Rat 2 months ago

Poo-nah-me!? Po (Kungfu Panda) Na (no thanks) moo (cow noise)

Arghya Deep Saha
Arghya Deep Saha 2 months ago

Why didn't Sir Patrick Stewart ever get nominated for an Oscar ??
That man is a phenomenal actor, he atleast deserved a nomination !

Vlad Sicoe
Vlad Sicoe 2 months ago

Brilliant impression xD

vasundhara pande
vasundhara pande 2 months ago

Dumbledore ?

The Guardian
The Guardian 2 months ago

i’m pretty sure they are good friends in real life.. just British humor

Mykov Rivera
Mykov Rivera 2 months ago

Love Sir Ian's impresonation of Miss Maggie

hfaaamnixo 2 months ago

Gandalf makes me want to smoke a pipe

تُرگيـے آلَهِہ‏‏لَآلَيـے

I love this great man 😹❤️

Sacred Clown
Sacred Clown 2 months ago


MAFIA 2 months ago

I just noticed, after the third time watching, what Ian is wearing...what on earth kind of combination is that? Makes me think that someone in the back put a worn out coat on him and said 'what the hell, here's a tie too.'

QueerKing Smith
QueerKing Smith 2 months ago

imagine being so unbothered that you roast sir ian mckellen about not winning an oscar the same night he doesn't win an oscar

sheraz1001 2 months ago

Gandalf was a cute character not Oscar-worthy though.

SvendBosanvovski 2 months ago

A Sir impersonating a Dame. That is not as rare as it seems.

Joseph Jerry
Joseph Jerry 2 months ago


Tess NZ
Tess NZ 2 months ago

Hilarious lol it's probably been said already, but it's "pounamu" not "ponaami" lol but really good try Sir Ian 😉

Tee Tee
Tee Tee 2 months ago

When Sir Ian Mckellen speaks, you SHUT up and listen

Geneva Taha
Geneva Taha 2 months ago

Pounamu .. But close enough 😂

Raman jeet
Raman jeet 2 months ago

remove the dam orange background sucks big time

Shayne Ni
Shayne Ni 2 months ago

The fact that no one corrected him in the comment section that it’s pounamu shows how white-dominant our culture is.

Lucía Gil
Lucía Gil 2 months ago


fiona jagose
fiona jagose 2 months ago

"Poanamu" Better luck if you pronounce it correctly e hoa?

Crystal Rivera
Crystal Rivera 2 months ago

He would’ve been a wonderful dumbledore he has the twinkle in his eyes that Dumbbly-Dor had

Anton marino
Anton marino 2 months ago

Great story

Aurelia Ca' Zorzi
Aurelia Ca' Zorzi 2 months ago

excuse me we originated the language

MrFundamentalOne 2 months ago

Ah 4 years ago, a simpler time.

BatXDude 2 months ago

Apparently Ian McKellen thinks Maggie Smith is Dale Winton

Jason Klein
Jason Klein 2 months ago

how is this man wearing a tie without a collar??

Weijing Wang
Weijing Wang 2 months ago

I come to this clip once a month.

Stella Johnson
Stella Johnson 2 months ago

Brilliant!! I laughed out loud. That woman is a pistol.. noone can handle her. Hilarious.. absolutely hilarious. One of a kind for sure.. xx..

Emil Drimbea
Emil Drimbea 2 months ago

that is damm funny

Advait Khedkar
Advait Khedkar 2 months ago

Ian is a special soul🙌