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Rainy Guy
Rainy Guy 2 months ago

If you liked this video, please share it with your friends and family, write a comment and like it. By this you will support my channel, for which I will be very grateful to you 🙂


Lovely 💙💛🇺🇦🌻

Luis Lizard
Luis Lizard 2 months ago

Me and my partner we used to go to Italy in Trentino in the Dolomites over Christmas where she owns a house
At night after dinner we would talk by the fire place with only the light of the fire and the lights of the Christmas tree in the corner ❤️

drBCRfan 2 months ago

Thank you! 🤗so peaceful 💜 could sit with hot cocoa all night ☕️

Keira Hume
Keira Hume 2 months ago

I love the sound of this piticular 🔥 place. The wind makes it feel like it would be so cozy inside.

drBCRfan 2 months ago

Thank you for keeping this Christmas fireplace video going!

Here For The Comments

Thirty below?!! Jeez oh man, tell the grandkids to stay home that day. I don't want them out in that weather. As Grandpa, I forbid it.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez 2 months ago

Christmas time 🔥🎄

brian geurin
brian geurin 2 months ago

Very nice room, but I'm not fond of the fireplace sound - it sounds like a pot boiling.
You gave a great description of the outside view; unfortunately, you can't see much of it in this video.

Kri MD
Kri MD 2 months ago

The sound in this is exquisite.. love that I hear that deep rumbling and roaring of the fire that most people leave out,,, uhhh. Relief!

INFERNO J 2 months ago

This is happiness

Mami82Dalia 2 months ago

I think you deserve the likes and subscriptions you do a great job I'm going to b watching these especially now that every sat Hallmark plays a new Christmas movie all year so after that I will b looking at these great cozy nooks n rooms.

Dimah’s World
Dimah’s World 2 months ago


Monisha 96
Monisha 96 2 months ago

I was your subscriber for so long....Every time when im depressed i see your videos. And this senario makes ma heart warm and secure...Really feel like crying

Roula Berberi
Roula Berberi 2 months ago

Memories to feed

How many books to read
How many memories to feed
The arm chair can tell
Ideas crawling like bells.

The wind drifting the snowflakes
In regular steam to the lakes
Fluffy round and white
In smooth and cold light.

The flames dancing like fools
Cracking sticks with no rules
Smacking and linking
Every smallest thing.

Warm and glad
Is now our heart
While gathering friends
Family hand in hand.

Candies and chocolate
Filled stockings and plates
Sharing cheers and joy
Wonderfully girls and boys.

Peace and happiness to the world
As We wish one another sweet words.

Thanks again for this video

Jersey Girl 732
Jersey Girl 732 2 months ago

Love this .. peaceful and relaxing.. helping calm my anxiety and slow down my racing mind. Thank you sharing .. Happy New Year! I also subscribed to your channel 😊👍🏼 Good night 💤

Kathleen Mckenna
Kathleen Mckenna 2 months ago

Great room, love that real fire sound.

Bardell Spence
Bardell Spence 2 months ago

Love the cozy fire and the tree🎆✨🎉🎉🎊

olapola6 2 months ago

Piękny antruaż, cudowny klimat.
Uwielbiam siedzieć przy kominku i słuchać kolęd. Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie i życzę szczęścia w Nowym Roku 😘

 Top Relax Meditation Music

Happy New Year! May this year bring us a lot of happiness, good luck, smiles, warmth and light. Let it be full of bright colors, pleasant impressions and joyful events. I wish everyone in the new year to be healthy, beautiful, loved and successful! ❄🎄

Maria. Isabel Gonzales

This sound reminds me of Michigan and Indiana when I was growing up and I wish I was there again.

Castle of Graphics
Castle of Graphics 2 months ago

Wow nice one I like it

London girl
London girl 2 months ago

Wishing you a Happy New Year 🥳

Hazel Crawford
Hazel Crawford 2 months ago

That sound so cozy ✨

Jackie Eick
Jackie Eick 2 months ago

Jackie Eick
Jackie Eick 2 months ago

The fools who leave negative comments like " sounds like bacon " and other negative "derogatory " comments are people who are bored, insecure and need to put you or anyone down in spirits. They are the lowest form of humans!!!
Please understand, I'm English and know there are nasty horrid people with nothing better to do than hurt good people, because they hate everything and everyone.
Keep up good work my friend.😁

Jackie Eick
Jackie Eick 2 months ago

Love and hugs and best to you and loved ones always ❤

Victoria Guseva
Victoria Guseva 2 months ago

Dear Rainy Guy and all, happy New Year! I wish you a good health, peace, prosperity and a lot of happiness! 🎉🎄🥂

Raiden The Dragon
Raiden The Dragon 2 months ago

Relaxing with sisu to welcome in the new year

Roula Berberi
Roula Berberi 2 months ago

Nice evening thank you.

J 2 months ago

I wish you a wonderful New Year! May 2022 be as warm, gentle, restful, pleasant, wonderful as all of your video creations! This new achievement is really all I love: a precious gem dear to my heart! Faithfully, Joe from Switzerland who sincerely hopes you have the best!

DomoKilla 2 months ago

Sounds like bacon 🥓

Suzana Mitrovic
Suzana Mitrovic 2 months ago

Very nice. The room is romantic, every detail is beautiful, and the sound that relaxes. Happy New Year to all, all the best❤❤🎄🎄

ASMR LACCE 2 months ago

Gorgeous! I love the story that goes along with it.

PJ Miller
PJ Miller 2 months ago

This is truly cozy. Thank you Rainy Guy! Happy 2022!

C. A.
C. A. 2 months ago

Lovely setting! ❤❤❤

Leela 2 months ago

Oh, I just love this!

Verónica Ayala
Verónica Ayala 2 months ago

Sin duda alguna el señor Jenkis 🧔era el más privilegiado de pueblo encantador y mágico llamado Nurren! Un lugar tan hermoso como su casa, que se distinguía de todas las demás pues el señor Jenkis, creo que escuché que Tristemente era viudo, pero cuando su amada esposa vivía ambos siempre le daban mantenimiento a su bella casa! La pintaban sobre todo el cerco de madera, hacían macetas para las plantas, Incluso cuentan los vecinos que la señora Jenkis les cantaba a las plantas y crecían bien hermosas, pues las trataba con un amor y además tenía una voz preciosa! Así siempre juntos los señores, entonces el señor 🧔 se quedó con esa costumbre y así siente más cerca a su adorable esposa! Y se esmeraban más cuando se acercaba la Navidad, pues vendrían sus hijos y amados nietos. Una de sus hijas heredó lo buena cocinera como su mamá! Y entre otros platillos le hizo galletas y un rico cocoa caliente, ☕🍪para que el amoroso abuelo❤️🧔❤️ comiera ricas galletas con sus nietos mientras los demás preparaban la mesa para una cena Navideña hermosa! 🎀🎇☃️🍗🍖🥩🥮🍇🍷🥧☃️🎇☃️ El señor tenía su sillón favorito y en 🛋️ dirección hacia los ventanales donde siempre contemplaba la hermosa vista de la ventisca y el arrullador sonido de ella! 🎶☃️❄️✨❄️☃️🎶 Hasta quedarse dormido! Pero hoy no se dormiría pues su familia está en casa es noche buena, está muy feliz! Y les dice a sus hijos con voz fuerte pero dulce, no olviden hijos, los que les dije. Le contestaron, claro que no lo olvidamos, ya está listo! Y se refería a poner plato y cubiertos al lugar de su amada esposa, cuánto la ama, eso sí me conmovió, dijeron entre si los hijos! Y así todos felices, fueron a la mesa y dieron gracias! 🙏🎀🙏Y todos muy sonrientes! En verdad que hermosa familia! Hermoso historia y qué bello video, como siempre excelente tu trabajo! Qué tengas un feliz y maravilloso año nuevo al lado de tus seres queridos!! Esperemos un año brillante y muy bendecido!! 🙏✨🎇✨🙏👍😉😁

Leynett Hudson
Leynett Hudson 2 months ago

I loved the storyline and this room I can totally see myself here I can sit in the chair for hours looking out the window watching the snow dancing and twirling in the wind and then watching the fire dancing on the logs and just listening to all the sounds so relaxing so peaceful sitting in the chair mind and body resting and relaxing I like to imagine myself with a hot cup of Berry flavored tea, it doesn't get any better than this thank you so much sharing this God bless

Soul Relaxing Media
Soul Relaxing Media 2 months ago

It's really amazing and soul relaxingly perfect video💗😍😍 Great job my dear friend😍💗🙏😇

Sheepdog 2 months ago

Awesome! Great sounds and scene, another hit!

Dourk 2 months ago

شكرا سوف نسترخي جيدا

Margaret Reynoso
Margaret Reynoso 2 months ago

We had a Holly Jolly Christmas. The magic you brought me this year made the holiday very special. I was able to float away to sleep just like when I was younger. Your videos met my moods, with or without music , with snow and rain sounds. Very comforting and safe. Have a good New Year 2022! Thank You. 🎉✨🎈⏳⌚⏱📆🥂

Naturally Jordan 🤍

So beautiful 🥰

Rainy Day DuDuDuDu
Rainy Day DuDuDuDu 2 months ago

Happy new year 🎉☃️💗
Everyone 😻

REAL72 2 months ago

Beautiful! Happy New Year! 🌹👑🥳💖🥂🎉🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳

الحمدلله يارب يا أبا الفضل ايه اطلع معدل الي تريد

ان شاء الله يكون عاماً فيه كل الخير والبركه للجميع .
God willing, it will be a year with all the best and blessings for all
٢٠٢١/١٢/٣١ اخر يوم في هذه السنه .

Tanya Samostiyna
Tanya Samostiyna 2 months ago

Супер атмосфера 🤗🤗🤗

Gracie 777
Gracie 777 2 months ago

The warmth of the fire and amber glow in the room is soothing. Beautiful Christmas tree and wintery forest view, just lovely!

Gaby Hagemann
Gaby Hagemann 2 months ago

Beautiful Christmas ambience! Very peaceful and cozy!🎄🌟🎄

Tonio Arzenta
Tonio Arzenta 2 months ago

Le bruit de cheminée ne fait pas naturel

Linda Larange
Linda Larange 2 months ago

This is one of my favorites. The soft lighting of the room, the crackling of the fire, and how cozy the whole scene plays out. Another great job rainy guy

holidaze 2 months ago

your videos are so lovely. What will you do when the weather gets warmer?

Allison Risas
Allison Risas 2 months ago

Great video and story! Thank you

Comfy Room
Comfy Room 2 months ago

very nice ambience. i like it good job my friend

Cécile Broudic
Cécile Broudic 2 months ago


Ирина Черемнова

Как в Раю! Конечно, если там была зима..

Deb Holmes
Deb Holmes 2 months ago

Amazing once again. Makes you calm warm and relaxed and happy to be alive. Thank you 😊

Александр Г

Привет из Питера!
Дружище, поздравляю тебя и всех кто тебе дорог с наступающим Новым годом и Рождеством!
От всего сердца желаю вам всем крепкого здоровья, счастья и только добрых людей навстречу. 🤝🎆🎊
Отличная комната...
Greetings from St. Petersburg!
My friend, I congratulate you and everyone who is dear to you, a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
With all my heart I wish you all health, happiness and only kind people to meet! 🤝🎆🎊
Great room ...

MP 2 months ago

Wonderful ...My favorite time of the year🙏Enjoy the christmas tree before it's going back to the basement.😏And all the best for 2022.☘

Vera 2 months ago

wonderful 🕰️ fairytale 💒

S. H. 8
S. H. 8 2 months ago

Es sieht fantastisch aus, ich wäre so gern an diesem Ort! 🎄💝☃️😏

RPG Ambient Sounds
RPG Ambient Sounds 2 months ago


ильф петров


Ouidad Chahdi
Ouidad Chahdi 2 months ago

Wow amazing every time Thank you so much

Alone with nature
Alone with nature 2 months ago

Great as always! Happy New Year🎄🎄🎄🥂

سلطٱڹۿ ۿويٱم

منضر في غاااااايت الروعه....

Natali Belaya
Natali Belaya 2 months ago

Класс. Я туда хочу. 🤗Пусть у всех все будет хорошо. ❤

Laura Rodriguez
Laura Rodriguez 2 months ago


Kelley 2 months ago

So pretty!

Aynur Mutlusan
Aynur Mutlusan 2 months ago

So beautiful👏Thanks a lot🤗