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Christian Leota
Christian Leota 2 months ago

I’m half way through my 90 day probation and I love it. It’s all about work ethic and having a great attitude no matter the circumstances. I get swings all the time which means more $$$ for my family. Don’t listen to people saying work-life balance sucks. You just have to know how to balance everything out yourself and you will be set. A great job that definitely rewards you for your work. Love these videos bro #Grind

Ice Mane
Ice Mane 2 months ago

Bruh she's cute

Mimi Alwaysloved
Mimi Alwaysloved 2 months ago

I was offered 2 cca and the first one sent me a emails for fingerprints. And few days later I got offered the same position at a different location, and was interviewed is it a chance I have the job?

Le Cream Cakes
Le Cream Cakes 2 months ago

I might be starting soon and I'm so happy to see these videos. It makes me feel like I'm making the right decision in my career choices.


I keep applying for MHA and PSE in my city but they never move forward with the hiring process. I scored a 99 on the exam but they keep canceling the position and then reposting it! I have a little experience from my old city as a Clerk Assistant (4 months) and I thought having worked for USPS prior would've been a plus in my new city but they keep closing the position. It's cancel, repost, cancel, repost and they've been doing this with the same 2 positions for almost a year!

Bobby Petrovic
Bobby Petrovic 2 months ago

Question for the MHA position that you just reviewed… Is it part of the union and they have a pension as well? Because I was looking into CCA but honestly bro… If I can get into the MHA position in my city that would be amazing especially if this position still offers a union pension? Please advise because this is killing me and I really need to know this LOL :-) thank you so much and thank you for everything that you do and thanks for the advice and words of wisdom this was definitely a funny video LOL 😂

abhi do it
abhi do it 2 months ago

Never Missionary 🥸

Felicia Shaw
Felicia Shaw 2 months ago

Which position is better rural carrier or mha Ive gotten a offer for both

Kinko Roman
Kinko Roman 2 months ago

She’s gorgeous!

Ben H
Ben H 2 months ago

Hell yeah, I can’t wait to be a PSE MPC. I’m hoping for third shift too.

David Walsh
David Walsh 2 months ago

Great videos by the way. Lots of info. Have another question. I asked one before about a month ago. So I got the highest score on my test among my hired group , missed no days, stayed after every time for a 12 hour shift, I have access to print tracking papers, and got outstanding on my evaluation but still got on a retention list until the end of January while others who did not perform as well as me got the 360 and got hired the same time I did. Any reason for this? I feel I should have gotten the 360 day slot.

Reney Padilla
Reney Padilla 2 months ago

Your exactly right Christian. I started 3 months ago at the plant in Midland as an MHA, and I love it. The December holiday rush was a little tough, but I made it through and now its over. Most everything is back to normal now.

Anthony Blake Jr
Anthony Blake Jr 2 months ago

"Never missionary".. 😈

Md Rana
Md Rana 2 months ago

I just did my fingerprints last week. What's is next steps. One of my acquaintances work for MHA. He told me that next steps orientation. Lets write 5 some general questions during orientation. Please tell me what kinds general questions. Thank you

OG_Cynthia 2 months ago

Do they have first shift

Krombopulos Pichael
Krombopulos Pichael 2 months ago

Lol that noise in the background means it's something holding blocking the mail line 😂 I don't miss that noise.

Finesse Jeffers
Finesse Jeffers 2 months ago

I got the acceptance for MHA did my fingerprints I’m currently waiting for the call I also got a email for Clerk Assistant, which one is best? I’m not sure if it said holiday or temp how do I find out?

allbidnesallday1 2 months ago

Damn ole girl got body fam. Where ya'll work at ?

queens of Africa
queens of Africa 2 months ago

When I was going through the hiring process I look online to hear what other people had to say about USPS. All was negative. Your channel is like a breath of fresh air for USPS. I'm here almost two years and I love it. I didn't allow those negative remarks on YouTube discouraged me at all. Thank you for appreciation of USPS.

Johnie Duran
Johnie Duran 2 months ago

Hey Jay, while I was watching this video I noticed when you were talking to this woman, if you look above her you will notice a section of the ceiling hanging down, do you know what that is? If not then I am about to tell you from my experience and knowledge. It is what we used to call the cat walk, what this is, is a place where the postal inspectors can view the floor/work areas when they have a possible suspect, employee who may be commiting a crime, usually for theft of the mail or theft of the contents of the mail (ie. Money or valuables ), when the inspectors, usually 2, will get up their through a secret entrance and watch like a cat after pray, thus (Cat Walk), when the individual or individuals are caught in the act, the Inspectors will come out of their cat walk and apprehend the person or persons, because this is a federal crime, another tid bit for you and the viewers. This was my experience, I was present after the arrest, so was my Manager of Distribution Operations, area apprehended Mail Processors, Tour 1 specifically the Bar Code Sorter, employee terminated, and what ever else he was given, so everyone out there in postal land, be careful.

Tatianna Lee
Tatianna Lee 2 months ago

Question, not sure if you’re able to answer this & if you answered this already I’m so sorry but I got hired back in April of this year , started in August ( Covid ) my position was suppose to end September 25th but I’ve still be on schedule to work. Supervisors haven’t told me anything because I’m not sure if they know or not but does this mean there gonna keep us on? Or??? My state is back locked down so idk.. if they were to lay me off let’s say tomorrow would I be able to get unemployment off them?? I made over 7k with them

Rosi Wiscovitch
Rosi Wiscovitch 2 months ago

I can’t tell you how insightful and entertaining your videos are. Really helped I just got hired as an MHA in Queens. It’s “seasonal” tho

Vincent 2 months ago

He definitely smacked them cheeks lmao I wanna hit it too

ShanneyPooh318 2 months ago

Thanks for the info I got hired for mha in Dallas and had to decline the offer because I moved back to Louisiana. It took 5 months but I was offered a job for mha here. Go for my fingerprints tomorrow. Nervous don’t know what to expect. Just hope I can hang

iamking truth
iamking truth 2 months ago

Just got an offer letter for the MHA position An I am kind of nervous about giving it a shot. I guess I didn't expect them to pick me. This is my second time attempting to work for them. I was a driver the first time. A position in which I settled bc of the pay but I did not like it at all. Im hoping this position is something I'll grasp an like more.

Cheeze Rat
Cheeze Rat 2 months ago

Thank you for leaving in the the funny stuff.

J. Cooper
J. Cooper 2 months ago

Do plants only have mail handlers or do small stations have them as well?.i applied for pse mail processing clerk for a station.butt the mha interest me.have only one plant near me.iam checking daily to see if a mha position opens.thsnks LL( lol).. seriously thanks Jay h


whats her instagram

denise scurlock
denise scurlock 2 months ago

Good video 😊😍😄☺️👍

Michael Scott
Michael Scott 2 months ago

How long is orientation for mail handler position?

Chris Montgomery
Chris Montgomery 2 months ago

Hey Jay! I started my new job mha since June 25th. My pay rate is 16.55 an hour and passed my probation 90 days . When should it raise my pay rate? It means it will be raise in November and 17.85 dollars an hour?

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 2 months ago

I just recently accepted a Mha position and currently awaiting background check. I see there’s def money to be made as an mha but my background is mostly management where I feel more comfortable. Now that I’ll have a foot in the door with experience, veteran pref, and a 4yr degree, what’s the typical route for becoming a supervisor (who also makes good money from what I hear)?

REVIVOR OFSOULS 2 months ago

Good shit thanks man just got a job as a Mail handler assistant not sure what that is exactly but it looks like a calm place to work

D_T_8_ _
D_T_8_ _ 2 months ago

Hey buddy, I got on as a temporary cca job today did orientation. I just got offered a mha career job. Do you know if mha makes overtime like a cca? I also asked my supervisor the one giving the class if I got a career offer if i should take it. He said yes take the career. What info do you have on mha ot. I know my buddy's make massive ot as a career cca.

Dajuane McIntyre
Dajuane McIntyre 2 months ago

Ooo chileeee you could've asked somebody else 🤦🏽‍♀

Darius Baskerville
Darius Baskerville 2 months ago

I've been looking to apply for this and wanting to see what it's like beyond some scripted video. Thanks for sharing bro. Definitely appreciated

Leaders Of the Old School

Shes beautiful lol “baddest bitch”

Nichel'le Turner
Nichel'le Turner 2 months ago

Lol you picked the wrong person to ask questions🙄

Mickey C
Mickey C 2 months ago

4:45 "Baddest Bitch" swoooooon

Jessica Green
Jessica Green 2 months ago

Whats the difference between mail processing assistant and pse?


How many hrs is it for part time??

Essence Jay
Essence Jay 2 months ago

Lol ok she doing the most

rocky lopez
rocky lopez 2 months ago

Thanks for the video really helps. I have a question. For MHA what time did you start your work? You can choose your shifts? How many shifts is there? there is day and night shifts? And how many hours you work per day/week? Appreciate your reply thank you and be safe.

Arianna 2 months ago

Is USPS usually flexible with scheduling? I just applied for being an MPA full time but I'm worried because I start college soon and I would need Tuesdays and Thursdays off for classes, not sure how accommodating they are though. Does anybody have any input? =/

DanThaMan Rodz
DanThaMan Rodz 2 months ago

Mha for 3 years and still part time? Why

SIKE01 2 months ago

USPS Tiffany Haddish

Benjamin 2 months ago

I apply to mail handler in nyc took an assessment for that specific job passed it and did the motor vehicle. But I also apply to other positions in NJ the ones in jersey I was put in the pre hire list I had to withdraw due because of being far away does it disqualify me from the one I want I really want in nyc?

Oswaldo Viveros
Oswaldo Viveros 2 months ago

I didn’t make the cut, turns out I failed on the exam... yeah right

Hooah 2 months ago

Hey brother do you know what the dress code is at the orientation? The email didn’t say but it told me to wear the shoes. Do you know if Nike Huaraches will be sufficient to wear? They are comfortable to me

READY AIM 2 months ago

She's a trouble maker

JimmyBlaz617 2 months ago

Question: Do you pick your own Hrs? They called me for a MHA... Debating if I should take it.

Dmitri Clegg
Dmitri Clegg 2 months ago

Got me motivated 50k for some easy work. I know the hours is long but my family can benefit from this.

Racquel Moore
Racquel Moore 2 months ago

I was previously a cca and about to start as mha.

Chris Montgomery
Chris Montgomery 2 months ago

Hello Jay ! i wanted to know whats the salary pay in MHA postion? I wil be working in my first two training days in next week . I thought i applied in part time but they gave me full time job for permant is kind of confused. Just let me know in details thanks

SkrewNJ 2 months ago

She is fire !!!!

Bunny Bevy TV
Bunny Bevy TV 2 months ago

thank ya in sharing this world with YouTube Jay H

mark Davis
mark Davis 2 months ago

Damn she sexy as hell and she's tugging there's a lot of sexy women that work in my facility to

mark Davis
mark Davis 2 months ago

Thank you for the info I am a MHA I got a letter in the mail saying I'm temporary for a year I'm hoping they flip me over before the year's up 2021 attendance is very important

Joe 2 months ago

Nice vid & content. I'm white but love them brown sugar babes ! 😍 Damn she fine !! 🤪

Roderick Johnson
Roderick Johnson 2 months ago

Oh great vid too thanks

Roderick Johnson
Roderick Johnson 2 months ago

She tough ohweee

ken TAY
ken TAY 2 months ago

She sexy

Carla Campbell
Carla Campbell 2 months ago

Good evening, I have a B.S. in Business Administration. What positions in your opinion do you think would l could apply to for career advancement and good pay? And should I also be open to temporary positions as well? Thank for your insight and detailed videos. Greatly appreciated.

Cyneetra White
Cyneetra White 2 months ago

How long do it normally take for them to let you know if you got the position or not ?

John Katzenbach
John Katzenbach 2 months ago

God damn sir your content is off the roof!!!! Thanks a lot for all the insight, i applied for a position which is clerk assistant but it says is temporary, do you think they gonna kick me out soon or i can stay and make it a permanent job?

Again god bless you and thanks for all your content brother!

Stay safe.

jerry de
jerry de 2 months ago


Shefeathersup 2 months ago

I’m so happy there’s someone who love to help others, keep up the great work Jay. I just got an offer email, hope all is well. Keep it coming my brother. You make it look easy and helping a lot others who couldn’t get in from the jump. Thank you! It’s a special place for people like you. 😊

Theo Butts
Theo Butts 2 months ago

Yoo what’s up... Question, what’s the difference between a Mail handler assistant and Mail processing assistant?

SingALong08 2 months ago

The baddest bitch!

Jahaziel Granado
Jahaziel Granado 2 months ago

Nice video dude , i did applied for mail handler last week i got 94 in the test , the page show still in prosess , i also applied for a Rural Carr Assoc a month ago today ,is thatone not a fulltime position? in the sistem show pre-hire-list ? What that mean? Thanks.

Courtney Savage
Courtney Savage 2 months ago

The baddest bitch 😂😂😂😂😂

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