Inside an interesting eBay fibre optic kit.



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Information Inside an interesting eBay fibre optic kit.

Title : Inside an interesting eBay fibre optic kit.

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Frames Inside an interesting eBay fibre optic kit.

Description Inside an interesting eBay fibre optic kit.

Inside an interesting eBay fibre optic kit.

Inside an interesting eBay fibre optic kit.

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T-i-t-c-h 2 months ago

im getting the one you can skip

LeeAlexanderr 2 months ago

Tag heuer watch advert skipable 5 second video before your video

tamer ursavas
tamer ursavas 2 months ago

Am I the only one who thinks that colored lights were richer back in the day?

Vinyl ReStorer
Vinyl ReStorer 2 months ago

Could those mystery chips be comparators? After all they are on the analogue side and I have seen many episodes and you have not met a comparator yet.

Vinyl ReStorer
Vinyl ReStorer 2 months ago

I got a covid free ocean cruise to book for summer.It seems like polyamide light fibre has been here forever but I have a few meters of glass graded index if you can think of what to do with it Clive.

Codex 2.0.2
Codex 2.0.2 2 months ago

Solar advert (skip after 5 seconds)

omega24242 2 months ago

No advert in the US

caltexpa 2 months ago

I see the small ad at the bottom with the clickable "X" to close it. Ad for Fusion Optx.

Cath (Catastropheshe)

23:24 * muffle muffle *

Cath (Catastropheshe)

Trust me I'm professionor 😁

Cath (Catastropheshe)

I'm 4yrs late but I got poorly translated 'get rich scam' phone app skippable ad (after 5s or so)
The context one is more fun tho 'professional quality software to the photonics industry' making company from UK 😁
Oh and after waiting too much time cause of course followed that ad and came back unskippable Aliexpress ad 🙃

El Othemany
El Othemany 2 months ago

I'm using YouTube vanced.. No ads. And it's free

Eddy Miller
Eddy Miller 2 months ago

pre roll

Jeremy Forrest
Jeremy Forrest 2 months ago

skippable bud light ad

Lets get to 1mill without vids

I have a hacked YouTube APK that removes ads

turbo Flacko
turbo Flacko 2 months ago

No ads yett

Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor 2 months ago

i just got the plug in wifi booster video skippable

keagan 2 months ago

Just used YouTube vanced for no ads

anton101101 2 months ago

I got a "I'm going to show you how to make millions selling on Amazon." advert.

LiftTube 2 months ago

Another title is color whip

Vi Si
Vi Si 2 months ago

Great review but would like to have seen the various light functions ... eg does it twinkle alternately etc

Wtf MadManCrow
Wtf MadManCrow 2 months ago

I always get both ad's

Koru N/A
Koru N/A 2 months ago

2021 and we are getting gun “fuel filters” suppressors...

Chris Prescott
Chris Prescott 2 months ago

A tip: For a wider viewing angle. Instead of using those caps that you were talking about, you can melt all of the the ends with a lighter and they form little beads at the tips. Discovered this by accident.

dtiydr 2 months ago

Didn't got any ad what so ever, but I haven't for the last 10 years+ or so now.

Mike Painter
Mike Painter 2 months ago

3 second add you can skip

Tony Sever
Tony Sever 2 months ago

just go youtube prmium no ads ever, worth the money

Noel Goetowski
Noel Goetowski 2 months ago

MegaWin Technology sounds like they make RGB gaming keyboards/computer cases.

Nick Mazur
Nick Mazur 2 months ago

I would add a cooling fan for the internal heat sink to extend the led life

dreamrealitysyndrome 2 months ago

I don't see ads

mr. Fallen
mr. Fallen 2 months ago

So i got a pre skipable

Dave 2 months ago

I don't have ads. How did you learn about fiber optics at Disney? I saw them in 2007 and asked several employees about them but no one seemed to know about them.

Jacob Crosby
Jacob Crosby 2 months ago

I don't understand the issue at the start of the video... Someone help me to understand why Clive can't just watch the video while not logged in?

Additionally, why can't he just create a different email address and watch from there? This legitimately has me confused and perplexed... Probably even complexed too... 🤣

Jay Cee
Jay Cee 2 months ago

None ... I use adblock

Sublime Chalice FPV
Sublime Chalice FPV 2 months ago

Hey BigClive, this is the future answering your question on adverts. YouTube has sold itself out to the advertisers in an attempt to push all users onto YouTube Premium Service. Consequently we are all starting to use active ad blockers due to ads being pushed every few seconds and ruining our watch pleasure.

Pedro Ariel Menendez del Cueto

I have a question. When you were trying the different colors with the light on I only saw the color as a small point at the end of the fiber, however when you were trying the color with the light off I was able to see the color through all the fiber cable. Was that because you change the intensity of the LED's light, or it was because that is the way it is seen with lights on and off? Thanks

Ruben Balduk
Ruben Balduk 2 months ago

No ad, not using an adblocker on my phone

Charlie Ritchie
Charlie Ritchie 2 months ago

Hey I got a pre-roll advertisement about a delicious snack called tide pods. It was not able to be skipped and it was 15 seconds long. I am on mobile so the next I get is on the recommended videos about outdoor lighting.

lRaptor Elitel
lRaptor Elitel 2 months ago

Pre rolled sunglasses ad but I'm blind and have thick glasses so I'm not gonna buy them.

A Guy From Ontario
A Guy From Ontario 2 months ago

linguafranca86 2 months ago

I have a question about kits like this: Is it possible/advisable to connect this to a common room light switch. Will it turn on without use of the remote control? And if so: will it turn on on the last colour setting?
I'm looking into connecting this to a light switch in my toiletroom. (not kidding) So it'd be nice if you don't have to use the remote en set the correct color each time you turn on the lights in my toilet.

Sam Cowell
Sam Cowell 2 months ago

I am getting the pro adverts

slomoe49 2 months ago

No choice on my end.

Deimos Phob
Deimos Phob 2 months ago

Put it in your car and make that Rolls Royce starlight roof liner

Valentin 2 months ago

No ad

Lick Dickem
Lick Dickem 2 months ago

I got ad before video and two below video

M 2 months ago

No ad shown

Jamfesto 2 months ago

I got a skippable ad; for some tool you pres against curves, that holds that shape so you can trace it. Thus use it for building stuff.

Ryan MacEwen
Ryan MacEwen 2 months ago

I use YouTube red. Never any ads. :/ Worth it for me. I hate ads. It's pretty why I dont watch TV anymore. Worth the price, IMHO, and still supports creators.

GroovyVideo2 2 months ago

ok i wont worry

Meadowing 2 months ago

I bought the item and it only came with the cable..... I went to this video to help see how I can turn it on.

BadAssRuff Girl
BadAssRuff Girl 2 months ago

A very long one but you can skip after 4 seconds

Sides How
Sides How 2 months ago

Oddly enough, your video didn't have a single advertisement. Thanks for the review. I like to know what I'm buying

keith king
keith king 2 months ago

really cool bit of kit.

keith king
keith king 2 months ago

how strange Clive tries to make white & makes pink!!!! What are the odds....

r m
r m 2 months ago

Trying to find the best fiber to buy for the star ceiling effect where the light shines at the point and not out the sides. Please give me an exact fiber spec to go off. Thank you

Peshigome 2 months ago

i don't hava ads since i've youtube premium ^^

Jason Robert
Jason Robert 2 months ago

I have premium so.i get no adverts, thanks for this breakdown building a party bus found it really helpful

John Martin
John Martin 2 months ago

the bottom type that I like to close. another great video by the way. still remember finding you for the joule thief.

Adrian Porter
Adrian Porter 2 months ago

Short inskipable ad

FennecTECH 2 months ago

Youtube red.

Basti Elektronik
Basti Elektronik 2 months ago

I didn't get any ads on your video

Bernd Eckenfels
Bernd Eckenfels 2 months ago

Totally professionår technician

Daniel Müller
Daniel Müller 2 months ago


KisuYami 2 months ago

AD: Pop up in the bottom. A amazon discount.

Da ve
Da ve 2 months ago

Fiber optic patch cord mmm interesting

fidel Hernandez
fidel Hernandez 2 months ago

Got it Down to a science 👍

Colin Overton
Colin Overton 2 months ago

Got a 5sec ad on my ancestors, and skipped.

Eugenio Carrillo
Eugenio Carrillo 2 months ago


Rednumpty 10
Rednumpty 10 2 months ago

below advert

Tammy Hiller
Tammy Hiller 2 months ago

Could I do resin spheres and set in wall with s fiber set inside a bunch of speres

Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 2 months ago

No ads at all 3 years later! On a mobile with regular YouTube app. Great job as always Clive! 👍😎📱

Greg Bowler
Greg Bowler 2 months ago

No ads, no adblock either... weird.

RocKITEman _ 2001
RocKITEman _ 2001 2 months ago

@bigclivedotcom >>> Can you direct me to SOMEPLACE online that can show ME - a not-very-electronic-savvy person [😊] - how to transmit video from a miniature camera to some kind of monitor over 500+ feet / ~152+ meters of lightweight fiber optic cable? The lighter the weight, the better.

All I have found online so far is either for fiber optic-based llumination, or web page links that no longer work.

HERE'S WHY I ASK: One of my hobbies is Kite Aerial Photography, or KAP. {Just Google it. If *I* try to explain it in this post, this post will be 50 paragraphs long...LOL} I currently use a miniature combination video camera/transmitter to transmit video to a receiver and eyepiece. I use that for remotely aiming the camera by R/C. I have LOOOOONG wondered if I could replace this set up with something based on fiber optic cable.


superbee1970 2 months ago

pop ad only, at very beginning of vid, no skippable video ads. Keep up great work!

DV 2 months ago

24:21 But why do we see fibers lit from the side? Shouldn't that be impossible?

jesse demers
jesse demers 2 months ago

I got a skippable ad for a movie where only one person remembers the Beatles and then gets famous copying their songs

ElTelBaby 2 months ago

... Dam Adverts No SKIP button ...

Gerard Andre
Gerard Andre 2 months ago

Where can I find those caps to increase the viewing angle that you’re talking about?

Lily H
Lily H 2 months ago

I'm not getting any...but I usually get skippable digikey ads on your videos

Nude Jawn
Nude Jawn 2 months ago

i got no adds, also i dont run a popup blocker on this pc.

Ourlivelihoodband 2 months ago

Pre roll kitkat advert with a massive catapult.

Harper Chisari
Harper Chisari 2 months ago

I’m on YouTube premium so 🤷🏼‍♂️

Kids Special
Kids Special 2 months ago

Where i buy this..... Send me a contact

KnG 2 months ago

I'm not getting ads at all.

Logan babcock
Logan babcock 2 months ago

Another use is kinda stealing from another company, but it's helpful.

Higher end microscopes (leica, Zeiss, etc) have separate little fiber optic light devices that have two arms with fiber running down them going to a lighting device at the other end. You can form the arms around the subject under the scope for more light on the subject. The device honestly looks like an alien from a 50's drama, but that's another application for this, and considering those light things are like $150 to $200 minimum, it might be a good option.

Craig Sadler
Craig Sadler 2 months ago

its a shame you asked about the ads, it totally dominated the comments section. Unfortunate as i was looking forward to seeing subscribers views or experiences with Fibre Optic light units.

Will Sauers
Will Sauers 2 months ago

Big Clive always keeping it real.

Ancient Indian Guru
Ancient Indian Guru 2 months ago


Roller Coaster Maniac

Digikey ad

Arkaus 2 months ago

Your water is now flint water have fun!

Alex Connor
Alex Connor 2 months ago

Whatsthe name of the caps?

Brian Trimble
Brian Trimble 2 months ago

Preroll with skip

Oomuu 2 months ago


Kelly Rexelle
Kelly Rexelle 2 months ago

It was an ad before the video that was too short to be able to skip. It was for Bounty paper towels.

Edwin van den Akker
Edwin van den Akker 2 months ago

No ad seen here... but hey... I got a free month of YouTube Premium here, to see a TV-show they promised to be good.

Leandro HB9
Leandro HB9 2 months ago

Skippable from whish

Google Reviewer
Google Reviewer 2 months ago

No ads at all for me.


och aye laddie lol

Damo McMahon
Damo McMahon 2 months ago

I get the wish ad