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twelve days of chrismas

twelve days of chrismas

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Eden Davies
Eden Davies 2 months ago

Simple and fun

John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago

You suck. Blocking this in Canada. Asshats

Ben2D 2 months ago

tree French toast

DSFARGEG00 2 months ago


lukesams2 2 months ago

The first time I heard this was on my car radio back in December 1996.

Wrecker Jones
Wrecker Jones 2 months ago

My math teacher played this during classtime.. We were all cracking up😂

MyRedPony1 2 months ago

Wow, one of the most awesome and iconic Canadian songs and chrismas is misspelled. It's Christmas. How sad.

BradDaMan 2 months ago

How is this not so much more popular??

xtinet 2 months ago

Stubbys!!!!! yup we're CANADIAN!!!  it's spelt toques boys!

anthony calle
anthony calle 2 months ago

this guy is drunk 

rf11404 2 months ago

5 GOLDEN TOOKS!!!!!!!!

McRocket 2 months ago

Somewhere in this world is a cassette tape of three of my close friends (at that time) and I trying to do a 'cover' version of this song (while relatively drunk, of course), sung around Christmas in the year (or the year after) this song came out. It was hilarious and - like a hoser - I lost it. Sad. BTW, I even remember a Bob And Doug McKenzie parade in Toronto (when I lived there) around this time...they were that popular.

silenceismymaster 2 months ago

why is it bad to say use but ok for u to boo our country?

silenceismymaster 2 months ago

two of the few Canadians i can stand

Leon jackson
Leon jackson 2 months ago

1 beer. Ha. 14 pizzas. + wingz. yea

Leon jackson
Leon jackson 2 months ago

Well yes

jason klobe
jason klobe 2 months ago

empty beer.....good times

jason klobe
jason klobe 2 months ago

floppy heads...;}

iona 2 months ago

This is Canada, right here.

Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod 2 months ago


WNACN 2 months ago

I'll have u know unkown type.. but I'm a female -_-..

dasstu 2 months ago

I'll have you know, good sir, I heard a Canadian let an "aboot" slip on October 3rd, 2009! Okay, I made that date up, but it happened, and it was one of the greatest moments of my life.

John Bryant
John Bryant 2 months ago

Dedicated to my Step Son, Mark,,,

VinnDiddy 2 months ago

... and a beer! lol

Bob C
Bob C 2 months ago

Now this is a true christmas song!!

WNACN 2 months ago

WE don't say aboot... thats not funny -_-. I don't see whats funny aboot aboot

WNACN 2 months ago

<3 Canadian things:D!

Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod 2 months ago

er bob i mean haha good day eh

Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod 2 months ago

i can't hear rick at all :( maybe just cuz my speakers suck.

silat13 2 months ago


Lash Le Roux
Lash Le Roux 2 months ago

A Canadian classic, eh....

kylevaughan1234 2 months ago

it EH? not ay, what are you american?

sue b
sue b 2 months ago

ay, hoser- best christmas song ever!! Take off!!

bdsouleful 2 months ago

Nice gift!

Lynn Hubert
Lynn Hubert 2 months ago

this is my Christmas list for this year. So make sure you send all of it. lol Beer makes for a better holiday.

Michael Hopper
Michael Hopper 2 months ago

That beer's empty, eh?

unfortunatebeam 2 months ago

Hands down best 12 Days of Christmas ever! X)

5minmajor22 2 months ago

Give me a back bacon and toast, hold the toast!

Reg Klubeck
Reg Klubeck 2 months ago

I was the first DJ in the US to play this on the radio. When I was at MSU, my ex-fiancee's roommate was Canadian, and brought the album back from home a month before its US release.

PostalFA 2 months ago


heapbigtalk 2 months ago

reminds us of our friend robbie ~ danged bass player ~

bandi53 2 months ago

@Sprichtube ...welcome to the illiterate YouTube generation. It's sad, I know.

oh god oh man
oh god oh man 2 months ago

@GlobalGuardian this can become dangerous.... BUT IM ALL FOR IT DUDE~~~

Santa Fe, New Mexico: The City Different, Artistic and Magical

where's the original, live-action version? Anyone?

Jaden Krebs
Jaden Krebs 2 months ago

thats all that i got last year

Communication Science

The album is great, I listen to it every year.

sickoandwibby 2 months ago

i used to really like this when I was in junior high.

Billy Sou
Billy Sou 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and Good Day, eh?

donald paluga
donald paluga 2 months ago

their true loves should have given those hosers a dozen Tim Horton donuts on the 12th day :P

Carla M
Carla M 2 months ago

Canadians are awesome, plain and simple.

Red5941 2 months ago


Ray Kon
Ray Kon 2 months ago

just classic can americans say they have awsome guys like these.. no they cant

Steven Rein
Steven Rein 2 months ago

A great song from the land of free healthcare.

I like the music
I like the music 2 months ago

yeah that beer is empty...

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 2 months ago

5 golden tooques!

ItsColour 2 months ago

"this should just be the two days of christmas, its to hard for us ...... uh hu ....... go hoser .... oh"

Joe Rogerio
Joe Rogerio 2 months ago

Its Christmas not

GlobalGuardian 2 months ago

Bob And Doug for prime minister and defense minister.

All the Antons
All the Antons 2 months ago