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One Direction Carpool Karaoke

One Direction Carpool Karaoke

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Uenoyama Ritsuka
Uenoyama Ritsuka 2 months ago

5:29 they literally halted because they know it was zayns line, imagine if james didnt sung zayns high note, it wouldve been awkward at some point

Art Panda
Art Panda 2 months ago

If James can bring the Jonas brothers back together he should be able to bring one direction back

Lucy hehe
Lucy hehe 2 months ago

past the guarrrrahahrrrrrrrds oOoh 4:43

Channel Awesome
Channel Awesome 2 months ago

Literally Nobody.
Not even Me,

Harry: Nobody can drag me DoWOWwoOONnnnNwnn!!!!!!!!!!
R.I.P. Liam's ear.

Zaira Elizabeth Morales Pérez

Espera harry fue dos veses que chido

Makayla Elliott
Makayla Elliott 2 months ago

12:40 look at liam and your be glad 😄😄

Makayla Elliott
Makayla Elliott 2 months ago

dont be shy its 2021 and your still waiting for them to come back 🙃🙃

y o o n m i n
y o o n m i n 2 months ago

this hasn't been the first time Louis and Harry have been in a backseat😃

Constanza Martinez
Constanza Martinez 2 months ago

como se llama la ultima cancion q aparese

Pankhudi Gupta
Pankhudi Gupta 2 months ago

James: singing and vibin and occasionally showing his talent
Niall: Singing and being astonish on James
Liam: singing and doing some dance steps
Louis: singing but not audible cz

Aditya Riska Kinasih_Elin19

The way that Harry flip his hair make me overwhelmed hahaha

Nicole Vreeman
Nicole Vreeman 2 months ago

when Harry sang the “drag me DOOOOOOWNNNNN” Louis was like “yup he did that”

Sofía Heine
Sofía Heine 2 months ago


hannah banana
hannah banana 2 months ago

i want 1d to reunite like they were never apart 😩

Vania 2 months ago

No hay día que me canse de ver este video, I LOVE YOU GUYSSS SO MUCH, AND I MISS YOU SOOOO MUCHHHHHH

hannah banana
hannah banana 2 months ago

one d is gone but never forgotten 🥺

Amanda M
Amanda M 2 months ago

Did anyone notice there was a man looking funny at them when the group and James where dancing to No Control. 9:06

Katie Boaz
Katie Boaz 2 months ago

james..i think one direction need to help you get to work again ;)

Marianna Tramonte
Marianna Tramonte 2 months ago


Annabelle Mathers
Annabelle Mathers 2 months ago

Hey besties here again 😋

Cielo Guiot Carrillo
Cielo Guiot Carrillo 2 months ago

Thanks James for that No Control choreo ❤️

Cielo Guiot Carrillo
Cielo Guiot Carrillo 2 months ago

Porque nadie habla de la cara de enojado de Harry cuando Louis habla de la señora que les llevo leche una mañana? JAJAJ

Cielo Guiot Carrillo
Cielo Guiot Carrillo 2 months ago

Someone in 2021?? :))

••••• 2 months ago

this video supremacy :)

••••• 2 months ago

heyoooo to my future me when I am back here again and again and again..

Farhana Sultana
Farhana Sultana 2 months ago

I came to watch my baby boys late at midnight. Anybody here?

Mica Gonzalez
Mica Gonzalez 2 months ago

¿Eres fan de One Direction? ¿No tienes estabilidad emocional debido a 4 Británicos y 1 Irlandés? ¿Le lloras a una relación que no es la tuya?

Si tu respuesta es afirmativa ¡Este grupo es para ti! Aquí encontrarás personas con tus mismos gustos. Tendremos dinámicas diarias y nos dividimos por teams: Team Harry 🍒, Team Louis 🌞, Team Niall 🏀, Team Liam 🥄 y Team Zayn 🛹

Te divertirás mucho y conocerás gente de distintas partes del mundo ✨TPWK✨



Matteo Fortunato
Matteo Fortunato 2 months ago

I love you

Sifra Hoogendoorn
Sifra Hoogendoorn 2 months ago

why did i never notice Liam doing "nah" like really low around 3:40
like ???????

Karen Mejía
Karen Mejía 2 months ago

¡ÚNANSE! Somos un grupo de dinámicas con temática de 1D. Tenemos cinco teams (uno por cada uno de los chicos) y hacemos dinámicas diarias. Vengan para formar parte de la familia de 1D Rainbow🌈☀️

Bryn Lile
Bryn Lile 2 months ago

don’t get me wrong, i love james, but he needs to take his volume down a few notches so we can hear the boys

anastasia metallidou
anastasia metallidou 2 months ago

this vid should be called "watch louis fall in love with the window for 13 mins"

COCO Perez
COCO Perez 2 months ago

omggg they way James hit zayns high note in best done ever was 👌.

Inbar 2 months ago

Harry touched his hair 23 times during the video. Thank me later

Official._Shay 2 months ago

Petition for 1D to get back together

Gül G
Gül G 2 months ago

ok here we go again...

Harry_Styles.26 2 months ago

I don't know how many times i had seen this and it just gets more sad ary time.

poppy aldridge
poppy aldridge 2 months ago

remember when we thought harry was a straight f boy pahahahahah we couldn't have been more wrong I LOVE HARRY HES MY QUEEN

Boden Kind
Boden Kind 2 months ago

Anyone here in 2021🥺🥺

Sofia Losel
Sofia Losel 2 months ago

2021: im crying rn 😭😭😭😭😭

Dipesh Thapa
Dipesh Thapa 2 months ago

James Corden = Person who knows every lyrics in the world

Rikke 2 months ago

no one:

Lyka Zarate
Lyka Zarate 2 months ago

They're all cute

Madelyn May
Madelyn May 2 months ago

louis looks so sad :(

Cheska pugong
Cheska pugong 2 months ago

Love one direction i hope they will reunite

Edwin chrizt
Edwin chrizt 2 months ago

1D 4-ever

Dianne Sta.Barbara
Dianne Sta.Barbara 2 months ago

2021 attendance check ✔️
I miss them so much 😭

Vandana Pandey
Vandana Pandey 2 months ago

Ending part thru😂😂

Alexander Dyring
Alexander Dyring 2 months ago

harrys vocals in this vid are amazing

Izabela Zielak
Izabela Zielak 2 months ago



the fact that BTS carpool karaoke views is 65 million and 1D is 175 and harry styles single carpool karaoke is 65 million says everything . WE STILL ARE THE BEST FANDOM AFTER 10 YEARS ...

Erika Flores
Erika Flores 2 months ago

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a random weeb
a random weeb 2 months ago

Why am I watching this in 2021._.

Dani Aires
Dani Aires 2 months ago

The amount of times I’ve watched this is unhealthy

1D Girl
1D Girl 2 months ago

Click like if your a directioner and waiting for a reunion to come 10 years or 15 years what do you think

1D Girl
1D Girl 2 months ago

Fact: You smiled when James hit the high note then you find out it was Zayn on the roof

Thiện Huỳnh
Thiện Huỳnh 2 months ago


Monnie Bunce
Monnie Bunce 2 months ago

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momopiyo 2 months ago

Let's be honest here We've watched more than we should have

Rawan M
Rawan M 2 months ago

Which one of the boys are you in the car ?
I am more like louis

D I A N A L O V E 2 months ago

я так скучаю по мальчикаааааааам 😭💔

Yaya BOSS 2 months ago

I just wish they were still a group

Brooke 2 months ago

Does anyone know the lyrics to james' rap during dmd and if so can you please comment them?

Ana Beach
Ana Beach 2 months ago

i stg if nobody appreciates harry’s freaking top notch amazing high note he done, even though he couldn’t do it the second time, then i will have to kill this comment section 😂

Kara Hinrichsen
Kara Hinrichsen 2 months ago

Let’s be honest how many times do you come here as a comfort video

Chay Limato
Chay Limato 2 months ago

I miss 1D omygod give me back my boys one last time please TT_TT

Eman Ashraf
Eman Ashraf 2 months ago

James is having the time of his life

jannel 2 months ago

the way harry staring at james , shux i just imagined what if im in james shoes ,damn icant handle that

jannel 2 months ago

Their reaction when james sings the highnote Lmao Hahahsh

jannel 2 months ago

People say that one d only has british fans

wait what im a filipino

Nephilim1967 2 months ago

Liam: Harry you’re making me deaf

Esperanza Rosas
Esperanza Rosas 2 months ago


Alison Cooper
Alison Cooper 2 months ago

I think I’ve watched this about 195385 times

Luna Chaar
Luna Chaar 2 months ago

The fact that this carpol karaoke wouldn't have happened if zayn had stayed damn

Somly Lapland
Somly Lapland 2 months ago

Top World yhooooooo

Amalia Horan
Amalia Horan 2 months ago

RIP Liam’s ears.

Mariana Rodriguez
Mariana Rodriguez 2 months ago

La nota alta de James y la cara de Harry en Best Song Ever es todo lo que esta bien en la vida!!

Rebecca Grover
Rebecca Grover 2 months ago

Louis’ energy was off this day, don’t you think? He seemed sad

Esha Ali
Esha Ali 2 months ago

Noone in the entire world:
Me: Liking the newest comments supporting my fellow directioners.

Maya Bunnett
Maya Bunnett 2 months ago

If my mum wasn’t in the room next to me I would not just be lip syncing. I would 10000% be singing at the top of my lungs. Well... more like screaming the lyrics.

Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee 2 months ago

All One Direction Songs I Know Because they are all Hits baby.

Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee 2 months ago

I Miss 1D And heres why.
Video Diary's.
The Documentary
the Hit Songs.
Their Swag
their Personality's are
For harry Love
Nail Light.
Louis Funny.
Liam Protection
Zayn Mysterious and cool
Thats One Direction

Harry: Cute
Louis: Cool
Nail: Teenage Jokster
Laim: The Chill dude
and Damn they are all Good Looking
And James: The coolest dad ever


tinaj .siha
tinaj .siha 2 months ago

Sitting on the right side of Harry is either a blessing cause he will always look to your side OR an eardrum disaster.

Dana Macias
Dana Macias 2 months ago


lian buuren
lian buuren 2 months ago

2:48 ringing ME bel

Lucie Ratajčáková
Lucie Ratajčáková 2 months ago

anyone watching in 2021?

Katarina King
Katarina King 2 months ago

how many times have i watched this? i have absolutely no idea.

Mia Aesthetic
Mia Aesthetic 2 months ago

people watching in this in 2021 cause they miss one direction so badly

Evangeline 2 months ago

Let’s be honest... you searched for this

Leyu Berhanu Beshah
Leyu Berhanu Beshah 2 months ago

I love this video at the end, starting at 11:42 !!!

Camila 1D
Camila 1D 2 months ago

No one:
Everyone: Idk listening to No Control and looking at James or Niall or Harry or Liam or Louis
Me: Looking at how Liam’s hair is bobbing up and down and up and down 😂🤪

Abdul malik
Abdul malik 2 months ago

4:35 i love that song❤❤❤

Shivi 2 months ago

Where the Indian directioners at!

Livxyh h
Livxyh h 2 months ago

They stopped to get McDonalds.... that’s amazing

Esperanza Rosas
Esperanza Rosas 2 months ago


Esperanza Rosas
Esperanza Rosas 2 months ago


Esperanza Rosas
Esperanza Rosas 2 months ago


Esperanza Rosas
Esperanza Rosas 2 months ago

Iouyharrysteys 💍💐💚💙💋

Esperanza Rosas
Esperanza Rosas 2 months ago


Jenna Penketh
Jenna Penketh 2 months ago

✨don’t be shy kidnap one direction✨