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Muito bom seu trabalho ja mim inscrevi se puder da uma passadinha no meu cantinho abraço para fortalecer nossa amizade

Ananya Podder
Ananya Podder 2 months ago

Well this is the second time I’m using this video to make cookies. Best cookies I’ve ever ate.

Shnwoo Park
Shnwoo Park 2 months ago







GreenGuren 2 months ago

i know i am a 7 year old girl but i made them my self and they are soooooooo good i made them whith my mom the first time and the second i made them my self again they are sooooo good and dont forge never stop cooking 😘🥰🍪

Priyanka Anuj
Priyanka Anuj 2 months ago

Amazing, tried making and it was yum!

Caramel Goddess
Caramel Goddess 2 months ago

I love cookies. yum yum. looks really good

Jeremiah Philip
Jeremiah Philip 2 months ago

Why is this content age-restricted

Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia 2 months ago

Are these cookies hard ?

Mabelle Mahfouz
Mabelle Mahfouz 2 months ago

Amazing recipe! I tried it and it came out so gddd! The icing recipe is so easy! I added vanilla for the icing only cz the egg smell bothered me but when its dry it doesnt smell at all! Love it thankss!!

that_one_anime_kid 2 months ago

ahahahahaha hello from 2020

kody birdsong
kody birdsong 2 months ago

wow this seems so easy cant wait to make them 2mro with my kids. thanks for sharing such a cool recipe :)

Donika Zimaj
Donika Zimaj 2 months ago

does the frost harden after or it stays creamy? plzz reply

ともね 2 months ago

Merry Christmas!(*^-^*)

Summer Edwards
Summer Edwards 2 months ago

Why is a tutorial on Christmas cookies age restricted?

Jeanette A. Avila
Jeanette A. Avila 2 months ago

What kinda flour do you use?

Mariela Garcia Valenzuela

Second year making this recipe for Christmas 💕 the best!

Lana Hovhannisyan
Lana Hovhannisyan 2 months ago

How many days in advance can I make the dough?

Flame C
Flame C 2 months ago

Is the sugar powdered or granulated??...

Athina A
Athina A 2 months ago

I am going to try this! I was looking for an easy recipe

Melanie Plays
Melanie Plays 2 months ago


The_drummer_boy _
The_drummer_boy _ 2 months ago

I love. It💓💓💓💗💗💗Merry Christmas

Jody Hakala
Jody Hakala 2 months ago

I love the rock music guitar 🎸 at the end! Now I’m ready.

Jody Hakala
Jody Hakala 2 months ago

Great instructions! Very good put together video!

Pam Bowen
Pam Bowen 2 months ago

All the things she is saying is true

YourBudScreamr 2 months ago

How is a cookie recipe age restricted

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 2 months ago

Gonna try to make some cookies for Christmas using this video from what I see in the comments they'll turn out good !!!!

TOP TOPS 2 months ago

Don't click here

Pratyasha Sinha
Pratyasha Sinha 2 months ago

I try this into my home my family is telling its so tasty

Ansley Griffith
Ansley Griffith 2 months ago

Is there a way to make the icing without eggs? My son is highly allergic to eggs.

LJ 2 months ago

I don’t have a mixer can I use a normal wooden spoon

Chimbusomma Eneasator

This viedo is awesome becuase they tell you everyting about cookies

Frances Michelle
Frances Michelle 2 months ago

Might dough was sticky

Ginger’s Vlog
Ginger’s Vlog 2 months ago

So yummy 😋 I made it for every occasion and everybody loved it

Chef Mom
Chef Mom 2 months ago

That is an awesome recipe. Can't wait to try out the recipe.

Ginger’s Vlog
Ginger’s Vlog 2 months ago

Very yummy!! Made it ten times

Jeffrey De Jesus
Jeffrey De Jesus 2 months ago

y u not taste it

Avaerr 2 months ago

who else is doing this in august

Aysha Alneyadi
Aysha Alneyadi 2 months ago

I tried the idea and it’s worked thank you

Habibi Leila
Habibi Leila 2 months ago


Brandy Barker
Brandy Barker 2 months ago

Theese cookies are the best christmas 🎄 🍪 cookies ❤️

Kazzzzzo 2 months ago

14 tbsp butter. Please add link of a calculator. Geez.

Ann-Drey-uh SLiim
Ann-Drey-uh SLiim 2 months ago

Raw egg whites?

Shivam Chaturvedi
Shivam Chaturvedi 2 months ago

Why! This video is age restricted? I am 16 and old enough to eat cookies.......

Saba Zaidi
Saba Zaidi 2 months ago

Can I skip egg?

Pallavisree Tambraparni

very informative. But probably need to get a mixer like the one she used if i am to try this. Anyway to substitute? I have a hand held electric mixer, just the ones with the beaters, which i think could work okay as well. i would have to try it out. Not the ones with a metal mixing bowl. But, if it takes too long, i might consider getting a mixer with the metal mixing bowl. I use my hand held mixer because i frequently make brownies and cakes.

Beef Stew
Beef Stew 2 months ago

Wow most YouTube recipes don't work but this won was great my family can not get unuf of it.

Juana Palomino
Juana Palomino 2 months ago

Wat tipe of flour

June Jai
June Jai 2 months ago

What if you don't have those equipments

Engy Elkelesly
Engy Elkelesly 2 months ago


Tea Thot
Tea Thot 2 months ago

Room temperature egg?....🤮

Ganglani House
Ganglani House 2 months ago

Hi.... is it going to go wrong if I don't use eggs to make these cookies?

J Wallace
J Wallace 2 months ago

Can't get to the recipe link for all of the ads!!!!

Renee Young
Renee Young 2 months ago

Raw egg... no thanks

Test1 \test2
Test1 \test2 2 months ago

Don’t call it easy if it requires a 2 hr break. That’s not easy for busy people on the go that don’t have time to sit around and wait.

ateiluj08 2 months ago

I just want to thank you for giving me the tip on getting flat cookies. I didn't know why my cookies always were so puffy.

I did them yesterday, and they were perfect.

Thank you so much.

Sasha Hart
Sasha Hart 2 months ago

This recipe was a success

Rainy Jo
Rainy Jo 2 months ago

I add corn syrup to give the icing a nice shine. I really don’t think this is any easier than any other recipe, but may try it sometime.

Indyanna's Blogs
Indyanna's Blogs 2 months ago

Wtf it says it's age restricted

Yoselin Sanchez *u*
Yoselin Sanchez *u* 2 months ago

Sugar cookies......sugar cookies
Suga kookies......

blahblah heeheheehehehe

i recently bought a whisk for £15 and iv,e needed it for LITERALLY EVERYTHING IV'E COOKED

Gabriela Pessoa
Gabriela Pessoa 2 months ago

I made the cookies and it grew too much it was out of the format besides, the icying was pasty and with pebble of sugar

Idk What I did wrong

Cats and roblox
Cats and roblox 2 months ago

This is the most easier recipe I seen here so far and it looks great I’m making it Today thanks for sharing 👍🏼

adryanna cottingham
adryanna cottingham 2 months ago

Help! Mine didn't turn out! I don't have that kind of mixer, maybe that's why? They were too runny and I left then in fridge overnight

Yami_qwq 2 months ago

I’m a 9 year old and I’m watching this instead of Dora the explorer x.x

Coco 2 months ago

I like to come here for christmas cookies recipe this video is really helpful and my cookies seem to come out so yummy thanks for making happy holidays! 😋🎄❤

Chopinfan R
Chopinfan R 2 months ago

WAY......too much work omg

Erica Sarmiento
Erica Sarmiento 2 months ago

Can I use white chocolate instead of frosting?

GD Bailey
GD Bailey 2 months ago

why is it age rescited wtf

firefeem 2 months ago

My second wife is gonna be one like this. Beautiful and can cook 😍

Tory Sama
Tory Sama 2 months ago

This seemed simple enough... until I tried it.

WildKittyCat 2 months ago

That’s...easy? 😰

Mai Angel Thao
Mai Angel Thao 2 months ago

I love it 😍 I love 💕

Zyhir Harris
Zyhir Harris 2 months ago

Who is fat and watching this

saima kazia
saima kazia 2 months ago

I dont have to cook the egg whites in the icing?

Michelle Rodricks
Michelle Rodricks 2 months ago

Tried my first batch, came out awesome. But the granular sugar didn't work for me, i will powder it in my next round. Easy and yummy...thank you! FYI, this is going to be my go-to recipe for a long time🤗

Shadow Man
Shadow Man 2 months ago

did exactly that, my butter sugar mixture came out chunky and hard and my butter was quite room temperature. Came out with brittly crums and balls of crap, when i took it out of the fridge it was like a frozen block that broke in pieces this recipe did not work for me.

We are all clowns
We are all clowns 2 months ago

Well this is the second time I’m using this video to make cookies. Best cookies I’ve ever ate.

No One
No One 2 months ago

I wish they'd show a hand mixer not all of us are rich enough to afford a stand mixer

Truly Hippy
Truly Hippy 2 months ago

Does the frosting get hard or will it get ruined when putting them in gift bags?

Ny Havatsa Océane
Ny Havatsa Océane 2 months ago

why is this age ristricted?

asarjoo 2 months ago

My favorite recipe!!

Addison 2 months ago

"easy" bish whet

Josh Martin
Josh Martin 2 months ago


Deborah Vunitabua
Deborah Vunitabua 2 months ago


prachuryaa bora
prachuryaa bora 2 months ago

Wht us der fr age restrictions are u nuts

Asha Paul
Asha Paul 2 months ago

Whos watching in 2017

Justin Wise
Justin Wise 2 months ago

"and this is the easiest way to make sugar cookies"...yea and that's the easiest way to end up married quickly.

UwU Wats this?
UwU Wats this? 2 months ago

Why does it say this content is age-restricted?

momof2 2 months ago

More vanilla, and rolling the dough between sheets of waxed paper or parchment paper eliminates excess use of flour . This is pretty much a basic recipe, but could use some tweaking. I use a classic Betty Crocker recipe that uses powdered sugar and almond flavoring (of course you can use vanilla) . You can use powdered egg whites for the royal icing. Easy would be using the premade from the store

Anusha Ashwin
Anusha Ashwin 2 months ago

I don't have a paddle attachment in my handmixture is that okay?

Gabriel Dede
Gabriel Dede 2 months ago

It wasn’t easy

Niamh K
Niamh K 2 months ago

Why is it age restricted ?

Kyle theGamer249
Kyle theGamer249 2 months ago

your super amazing

Kyle theGamer249
Kyle theGamer249 2 months ago

I love this video a lot!

Hugo Fonseca
Hugo Fonseca 2 months ago

THIS DID NOT WORK. 0/10 would recommend

aruna maheshwaram
aruna maheshwaram 2 months ago

Thank you so much

Ze Bunker
Ze Bunker 2 months ago

Always use a tripod. Especially when you are zoomed in. Had to stop watching before projectile vomit.

Myranda Johnson
Myranda Johnson 2 months ago


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