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Title : Setting Up Christmas Village Sugar Town

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Setting Up Christmas Village Sugar Town

Setting Up Christmas Village Sugar Town

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Monica Katie
Monica Katie 2 months ago

So beautiful! Love the soft pastel colors. Adorable.

langley esterle
langley esterle 2 months ago

Wow! My grandpa bought two sets at an auction for me and I wanted to expand my collection. Do you have all of the sets?

Tony Gerow
Tony Gerow 2 months ago

I appreciate this so much! I want to do it with my grandkids who have just moved close enough that we can be together through the holidays. I have a question though. I am purchasing the buildings and want to make it look like yours and I want to know if you used the separate figurines-are they too big for the houses and it looks unproportioned? I know the figures that come with the houses will match but what about the figurines?

Iris ruiz opazo
Iris ruiz opazo 2 months ago

Me maravillo realmente un trabajo hermoso, felicitaciones desde Chile

Red Brix Animations
Red Brix Animations 2 months ago

My mom bought the Doctor’s office, doghouse, and many other characters for just $5 brand new from a garage sale

Blu Daizee
Blu Daizee 2 months ago

I just found your channel while looking for Xmas tangles to learn. Then I see this village too, so I HAD to subscribe, lol. We're in the middle of renovating our home by ourselves, so I don't have room for my own Christmas village this year, so it's really nice to get to watch you set up yours! I love the beautiful mountain backdrop it's perfect ! I am definitely going to copy your idea for next year! I believe the adorable figurines are Precious Moments? You should send this video to the company. As your channel grows they might send you some to review for your collection. Your village is prettier than any add I've ever seen for them! I've already watched this twice, lol.

律光千尋 2 months ago

You are creating a miraculous delight. just love what you are doing.

Keeping Up With Us
Keeping Up With Us 2 months ago

My favorite Christmas decoration! 😍

angela ortiz
angela ortiz 2 months ago

Beautiful artwork✍🏼