Charlie's Kung Fu Power | Happy New Year Scenes | Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone


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Information Charlie's Kung Fu Power | Happy New Year Scenes | Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone

Title : Charlie's Kung Fu Power | Happy New Year Scenes | Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone

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Frames Charlie's Kung Fu Power | Happy New Year Scenes | Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone

Description Charlie's Kung Fu Power | Happy New Year Scenes | Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone

Charlie's Kung Fu Power | Happy New Year Scenes | Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone

Charlie's Kung Fu Power | Happy New Year Scenes | Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone

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Mighty Prince
Mighty Prince 2 months ago

2:09 mujhe is movie me bhagwan ne bheja he😂

Mr. Pool Dead
Mr. Pool Dead 2 months ago

Release this BGM!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Md Azahar
Md Azahar 2 months ago

I am big fan of king khan

Yusif Kocher
Yusif Kocher 2 months ago

ئه كته رى منى تايبه ت شاروخان❤

Rain 2 months ago

SRK 🔥🤧

افلام هندي movies indian vx chanel VX HD

pathan movie please 👊👊😎😎😎😎

Abhishek kr.
Abhishek kr. 2 months ago

Best 💯👍 Actor SRK

Shajar Usmani
Shajar Usmani 2 months ago


Shajar Usmani
Shajar Usmani 2 months ago

King khan we waiting for pathan

gaming guru
gaming guru 2 months ago

Please Rilise for Happy New year full movie

Rouddy Rathod
Rouddy Rathod 2 months ago


Apna time hai
Apna time hai 2 months ago

Waiting pathan

Daniel turpin
Daniel turpin 2 months ago

The background song is quite annoying

Elfen tanz
Elfen tanz 2 months ago


subhash chaudhary
subhash chaudhary 2 months ago

I want to see happy new year in YouTube

Bharat Gahlawat
Bharat Gahlawat 2 months ago

No matter how many times I watched this picture always seems new

MOHAMED SABITH P.S. 2 months ago

Bro pls put this happy new year full movie in your channel

MADHUR KAMRA 2 months ago

2:20 varun pruthi😂😂😂

Sakil Khan
Sakil Khan 2 months ago

Srk ko bachapn se dekh ke aaraha hu Thapaad marte hue💺isne kangfu kab sikha

Shahmir Shahid
Shahmir Shahid 2 months ago


ashif khan behena
ashif khan behena 2 months ago

Who noticed varun pruthi with jaggu dada

Arif khan
Arif khan 2 months ago


Junior SRK 10
Junior SRK 10 2 months ago

Okay I miss SRK in big screen more than anything now...

TimDim Animations
TimDim Animations 2 months ago

Watched The movie multiple times
But again here for this song and scene
And obviously FOR The SRK

Ashay Enfotech
Ashay Enfotech 2 months ago

Make an announcement

RaiZ A
RaiZ A 2 months ago

Was excellent action sequence !

Hassan Farhan
Hassan Farhan 2 months ago

My favorite actor Sharukh Khan. The world's biggest movie star.

SRK UNIVERSE 2 months ago


Shubham Singh
Shubham Singh 2 months ago

2:09 Kya yeh Actor Varun Pruthi hai ?

NABIN BASEL 2 months ago

Waiting for sarukhan new movie

yasmina pacreau
yasmina pacreau 2 months ago


Farah Naz
Farah Naz 2 months ago


RaiHang Kanchha
RaiHang Kanchha 2 months ago

Please upload Pardesh movie's last scene.

Guru Yadav
Guru Yadav 2 months ago

I think 99.9%viewer's are students 😃😂😆
Student - subscribe😄😄
Other - like 😄😄😄

Candela Nosequemas
Candela Nosequemas 2 months ago

Con el tiempo, la coreografía de las luchas las habéis mejorado bastante. Son espectaculares, casi reales. Felicidades!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Hoikim Haokip
Hoikim Haokip 2 months ago

Wow awesome love it😍🥰😘

Rupesh Bajabale
Rupesh Bajabale 2 months ago

Budha saala😡

Technical Ramjaan
Technical Ramjaan 2 months ago

Waiting for SRK's next

DiLSHER ViBES 2 months ago


New Life Motivation
New Life Motivation 2 months ago

The king

Bong Akil
Bong Akil 2 months ago

Srk stuntman Jacki chan 😆

Samia Jafrin
Samia Jafrin 2 months ago

Show ur power on box office

Happy Day
Happy Day 2 months ago

Jitne charche Salman ki superhit film ke nahi hote, usse zyada charche Srk ki flop film ke hote hain. Apna apna rutba hai 😎

Real Guru
Real Guru 2 months ago

I'm waiting for PATHAN film

AKASH RANA 2 months ago

02:20 who notice Bikash pruthi

Nihal Nagar Vines
Nihal Nagar Vines 2 months ago

Ye Varun Paruthi kya kr rha h is video me?😂 2:12 pr

The Moviezens
The Moviezens 2 months ago

2.08 😂😂😂 ye bhi tha?

D3 boyz
D3 boyz 2 months ago

Waiting for pathan 👑 SRK

faisal Shaikh
faisal Shaikh 2 months ago

SRK Fans Like Hear 😎🔥🙈🔥

SUNIL DHAWRAL 2 months ago

Amazing kung-fu power of srk

Osama Shakeel
Osama Shakeel 2 months ago


Sameer khan
Sameer khan 2 months ago

King Khan...👑👑
PATHAN RoCks...✌️✌️

Sameer khan
Sameer khan 2 months ago

LoVe ShahRukh...💕
King Khan...👑👑
King Of World...🌍

Shahim Saifi
Shahim Saifi 2 months ago

Wating for pathan

SRK SQUAD 2 months ago

Pathan Shooting In UAE, Red Chillies Uploads This Video, Samajh Rahe Ho 😁💯

Shaik Farooq
Shaik Farooq 2 months ago

Love you srk 😍😍😍

Iqbal Khan
Iqbal Khan 2 months ago

King is back pathan creat history

Faizal Munshi
Faizal Munshi 2 months ago

Srk in action always give 100%

Sangar Mustak
Sangar Mustak 2 months ago

Blokbaster hogi pathan 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Cut Paste
Cut Paste 2 months ago

1:35 Law of Tekken 🤭

Maria Fermino
Maria Fermino 2 months ago


ROUND 2EARTH 2 months ago



Stylish stunt movements with an apt BGM.srkji always mass👌👌

krutarth joshi
krutarth joshi 2 months ago


Ending Chapter
Ending Chapter 2 months ago

Sharukh Khan is best actor in the bollywood.

J rukmuddin pasha Jagirdar

Like your fight king Khan

Nishan Gurung
Nishan Gurung 2 months ago

Nice 💗💗

iamsrk king
iamsrk king 2 months ago

Abhishek Aryan
Abhishek Aryan 2 months ago

Its already on redchillies YouTube channel..
Uploaded again???

Kunal Vc
Kunal Vc 2 months ago


NOWRIN jannat
NOWRIN jannat 2 months ago

Happy new year full movie please please please

Monoj Gazi
Monoj Gazi 2 months ago

i'm waiting for srk sir,s pathan movie

Monoj Gazi
Monoj Gazi 2 months ago

i love you srk sir

Raja Tandi
Raja Tandi 2 months ago

Super fight. ❤️ srk

Khushi Shah
Khushi Shah 2 months ago

Nice action scene!!
Shahrukh Sir please you work with Girish Kumar!! It's a request from your biggest fan. Please!!

NAYAB GAMING 2 months ago

Avi pta Chala movie me actor Varun hn

Dipankar Roy
Dipankar Roy 2 months ago

Last scene show India leading the world.

L.a.k film production l.a.k entertedment

Nice saruh khan n deepika

Archit K. Gupta
Archit K. Gupta 2 months ago


cerealjester659 2 months ago


Jeetu jaan king
Jeetu jaan king 2 months ago

वो खूबसूरत आँखे जो इस वक्त ये पोस्ट पढ़ रही है भगवान उन आंखों का हर सपना पूरा करे💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

The play Tube
The play Tube 2 months ago

King khan 👍🏻

Jeetu jaan king
Jeetu jaan king 2 months ago

Apni Maa ki Umar kitni honi chaiya ?

1 Like = 100 M year's 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

SAQIB BAYAZEED 2 months ago

It was already uploaded before...🙂

vanshika shah
vanshika shah 2 months ago

The background music 🎶😂❤️

Anjana& Anuja
Anjana& Anuja 2 months ago

Can you upload the whole film please..🙏

Anayua Kumar
Anayua Kumar 2 months ago

SRK 💙 but I m a fan of Hammad Khatri. He hearing impaired Youtuber. No one know him. His channel name Hammad Khatri

it's first time views over

Last scene 👍

Krishna Upadhyay
Krishna Upadhyay 2 months ago

Love ❤️ u Shah Rukh Khan from Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵

dark star
dark star 2 months ago



Did srk learned kunfu for this scene? A small doubt..

dark star
dark star 2 months ago


INFO GEGER GEDEN 2 months ago


VeNoM Badshah
VeNoM Badshah 2 months ago

Waiting for Pathan boss 😍

Abhishek Srivastava
Abhishek Srivastava 2 months ago

That kick👌🏻🔥

Md Arman
Md Arman 2 months ago

The last scene... Goosebumps 🔥❤️

Kadak Memer
Kadak Memer 2 months ago

Good Scene

Fhal'z creation
Fhal'z creation 2 months ago

the best film by farah khan after Main hoon na and Om shanti Om. #WaitingPathaan