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Ginger 2 months ago

I am from indiana... if my channel ever gets big enough ....I will visit.. lil country girl in a castle.. yes please 🙏😍

Maria Linares
Maria Linares 2 months ago


Sariel 2 months ago

Prefer living in Mapperton to Highclere. Mapperton has that Mediterranean warm feel with the old stones and beautiful garden surrounded by gorgeous country scenery. Highclere is imposing but looked cold and lonely.

HLB512 2 months ago

Gorgeous tree!
This is going to be one of the more bizarre comments you get. I'm American, so I looked you up, I was curious about your background. My question is.....You have a degree in computer science? Yes, I know there's a lot to comment on with the aristocratic houses etc.

theL81Again 2 months ago

1:37 Isis. Isises. Isises....? Ted Lasso

Monique Sinha
Monique Sinha 2 months ago

Downton Abbey is on my bucket list! Adding Mapperton to the list!

Trish Radloff
Trish Radloff 2 months ago

This was terrific!

Sonya Collins
Sonya Collins 2 months ago

It's my one of my dreams to visit High Clere Castle (inside & out)!!

Nina Elsbeth Gustavsen

In the comic tv series Jeeves and Wooster, (Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie), Highclere is featured quite often.
Wooster tends to run up and down the stairs. Mostly hiding from his lady friends who are all determined to marry him.... 😉😁😄🤪

Eric Duffield
Eric Duffield 2 months ago

Julie - This is ❤ for your videos on YouTube! It is fascinating watching all you do for your English 👪 family. I too, loved watching DA and dream to go to Highclear once we can travel again. Much love from Peoria, IL - Eric

Laura Mayhew
Laura Mayhew 2 months ago

Dogs will be dogs no matter how highbrow they are 😁 💕💯

My Happy Nest
My Happy Nest 2 months ago

I love your channel 😊

Jeanine Marie
Jeanine Marie 2 months ago

I’m adoring this program. Julie’s enthusiasm, warmth and sincerity add even more to the thrill of exploring these gorgeous landmarks.

Meredith Burleigh
Meredith Burleigh 2 months ago

Love this program—Viscountess Julie is terrific! This episode was truly great.

Elisabeth 2 months ago

Is there a whole episode on this??

nancy 2 months ago

So beautiful. Love the two dogs wrestling around😄

Aaron Roth
Aaron Roth 2 months ago

I know how you felt walking in and seeing the staircase. I had the chance to do a full tour of the house just over two years ago and got to come down the stairs twice 😊😊

toni naJ xFran
toni naJ xFran 2 months ago

You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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