The 10 Worst Cities In Minnesota Explained


Nick Johnson

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Title : The 10 Worst Cities In Minnesota Explained

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Description The 10 Worst Cities In Minnesota Explained

The 10 Worst Cities In Minnesota Explained

The 10 Worst Cities In Minnesota Explained

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Anthony Mason
Anthony Mason 2 months ago

I’m thinking you could make a too 10 worse cities in mn just in the twin cities.

June Harrison
June Harrison 2 months ago

I live in south mpls.

Richie Rich 4Dub
Richie Rich 4Dub 2 months ago

218 Duluth Fond du Lac Rez

Lana DH
Lana DH 2 months ago

Okay bemidji and brainerd are two of the worst towns ever

juma isby
juma isby 2 months ago

minneapolis is a worst cities in usa

Buddy 727
Buddy 727 2 months ago

Nice video up until the point you started disrespecting US Cheese 🧀 Heads that work in Minnesota...nice job though overall

Jacob Timmerman
Jacob Timmerman 2 months ago

Nick Johnson from Wisconsin?

Hectorfarm 2 months ago

High taxes and cold weather.

Traci Buck
Traci Buck 2 months ago

I live in mn this whole state is whack has hell all parts of it

Claire Elizabeth
Claire Elizabeth 2 months ago

Me watching this living in Minnesota... in one of the cities he mentions 😐

Donald McKenney
Donald McKenney 2 months ago

Can confirm Cambridge and Brooklyn Center.

Nessa 14141
Nessa 14141 2 months ago

Ive lived in cambridge/isanti my whole 32 years of life and I'm honestly shocked it made any sort of list

Sylvester Cash
Sylvester Cash 2 months ago

Man my dad lives in Isanti near Cambridge. He goes there almost everyday to go to Target and Walmart. But thank goodness he doesn't live in Cambridge.
And thank goodness Blaine isn't on here. I live in Blaine and I was just straight up worried that it will be on the list. But I do feel bad for my dad. He lives in Isanti and goes to Cambridge.

Donavan Schulte
Donavan Schulte 2 months ago

Minneapolis! It's just like Compton!

Kiara Danielle
Kiara Danielle 2 months ago

I live in mpls. & North Minneapolis has changed A LOT! Lol bet is the number one place to live now!

Eric Mourning
Eric Mourning 2 months ago

That list was pretty good. I'd say grand Rapids and brainerd are the cities with the most job opportunities, but yea north minneapolis was originally a ghetto from when free slaves moved to minnesota from the south. So the state of minnesota gave limited money to that area for alteast until the 1980s. Hence why north minneapolis is never able to catch up

Nick Pickett
Nick Pickett 2 months ago

Man.... My family moved out of North Minneapolis due to the drugs and gang violence

Victor Luu
Victor Luu 2 months ago

I am embarrassed to even invite someone from california here to visit me

Deston Olson
Deston Olson 2 months ago

I’ve lived in Cambridge and north Branch and I still live in North Branch. I’m 13 and I go to the middle school and I can admit that the schools are pretty bad but I don’t see why it’s bad

Shanika H.
Shanika H. 2 months ago

I live in Duluth thank god it’s not on here lol

Marietta Bacigalupo
Marietta Bacigalupo 2 months ago

Sad to know this i am smack in the middle of 2 towns on the Iron range

Marietta Bacigalupo
Marietta Bacigalupo 2 months ago

Northern mn Iron range

Ldm0320 2 months ago

2:51 this address/street does not exist in Minneapolis.

favs a
favs a 2 months ago

r there any good towns in Minnesota? lol

Archibald Elkin
Archibald Elkin 2 months ago

This video mentions North Minneapolis but the first pic is of the North Loop?

I think after 2020 you could list all of Minneapolis ten times as the worst city. I’d rather live in all the other nine towns mentioned on this list.

N0XCT Bob 2 months ago

He left out Brooklyn Dark!

Christine Berry
Christine Berry 2 months ago

Born there!

CaptRonnie Ronnie
CaptRonnie Ronnie 2 months ago

Sorry, big on the list should be Richfield

Walker Way
Walker Way 2 months ago

There is NO such street as MLK over north mpls

dualactionsurgilator 2 months ago

Where do you get your data? I believe some is right but other I question.

Lola_ Bannzz
Lola_ Bannzz 2 months ago

I live in the twins

Jaxson Rabold
Jaxson Rabold 2 months ago

Hey I’m from Grand Rapids and the lakes here are actually pretty good

Jermaine Taris
Jermaine Taris 2 months ago

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and that Cippaz ad is straight bullshit. There’s no MLK Drive here. Also, Brooklyn Center and North Minneapolis are not as bad as dude is making it seem. It’s plain to see that dude is white and has spent less than five mins in BC or MPLS.

NayNay Williams
NayNay Williams 2 months ago

I grew up over North Mpls. I live in Brooklyn Center. Lol both cities it's if you don't bother them. You'll walk away untouched.

A C 2 months ago

Minneapolis. Repeat 10 times.

Richard Kafka
Richard Kafka 2 months ago

Mlk blvd? G? That’s real cute.

ᄃᄇrᅮᄐ r
ᄃᄇrᅮᄐ r 2 months ago

My grandma lives in international falls😃

Bobby Dowd
Bobby Dowd 2 months ago

Do a new one for 2021. Any changes?

Michelle M
Michelle M 2 months ago

Is this guy from minnesota 🤔🤔🤔🤔 I dunno about you but he's definitely wrong about some of these cities !!!!

Kiddepressed 2 months ago

Bro when I heard him say Coon Rapids & Brooklyn Center my heart dropped. I got family there 😭

Seth Thompson
Seth Thompson 2 months ago

Just wondering if you can update the list considering people in Minneapolis burn down half the city and put a lot of people out of jobs and houses 🙄🤫😬

Yahya Ali
Yahya Ali 2 months ago

St paul 🙋‍♀️

Marquetta Johnson
Marquetta Johnson 2 months ago

Why isn’t Brooklyn Park on here and Brooklyn Center not that bad

Meme media talks With Ashton and toby

Look at melrude Minnesota

Robert Jones
Robert Jones 2 months ago


De'Anthony Miller
De'Anthony Miller 2 months ago

The northside is rough, but not that bad.

ActionBrickFilms 500
ActionBrickFilms 500 2 months ago

POV: Your waiting for your city.

Macy 2 months ago

Ha! You think it was bad 4 years ago? Well forward to 2021, the crime rate in MPLS/St Paul is insane now..sad

Catherine Cook
Catherine Cook 2 months ago


TheMerk10 2 months ago

As a graduate of Virginia Secondary, can confirm. I honestly thought it'd be higher though.

Jay D.M
Jay D.M 2 months ago

Me living in north mpls👀

Donisha Jacobs
Donisha Jacobs 2 months ago

I'm born and raised from Minnesota Northside and Southside

Wild man1314
Wild man1314 2 months ago

Minnesota it's self is a nice place to live you get plenty of hiking trails,lakes to fish, campgrounds to enjoy a nice warm fire and BBQ, hot dish (if your into that stuff), the state fair,no tax on clothes and diverse communities

Paul David
Paul David 2 months ago

I love Nick Johnson videoooos!
It's fun to go back to one of his older videos and see how he has grown - your comedy and delivery speed is noticeably improved in 2021.

Sugar Spring
Sugar Spring 2 months ago

You showed a couple places where my family lives 😂😂

Repete Myname
Repete Myname 2 months ago

"Minnesota Nice" doesnt pertain to how poorly they drive when they come over to Wisconsin. STOP FUCKING TAILGATING and STOP HANGING IN THE LEFT LANE going 66 mph, you people are always one extreme or another, just do the usual 5 over like normal folks do. AND YOUR FOOTBALL TEAM SUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!

AdamG 2 months ago

No Austin Austin MN? I'm shocked.

SedDev 2 months ago

Cambridge is fine I live in zimmerman

cookiebrowniebudgies 2 months ago

I’m a Bemidji resident. It’s not bad. The only bad thi- ok Brainerd? This list is wack

Patty Kennedy
Patty Kennedy 2 months ago

🤕 ouch

Sawyer Oehrlein
Sawyer Oehrlein 2 months ago

Ouch this hurts

cas insanity
cas insanity 2 months ago

i lived in north minneapolis for half my life, then went to bemidji. tfw when both the cities are on the list 😬

cas insanity
cas insanity 2 months ago

bemidji does suck
there isn't even a record store here

shell M
shell M 2 months ago

Minnesota sux

Dwight Schuette
Dwight Schuette 2 months ago

Minneapolis. If you see bunch of people run in one direction it means someone is about to get shot.

Jim Bob
Jim Bob 2 months ago

Now talk about the Indian Reservations and the Somalians...

Hotshot813 2 months ago

Fr though I’m from Rochester, and say what you want about the Mayo Clinic, with each passing day we are lowly mutating into Robchester/braaaapchester

Yodeling Pineapple
Yodeling Pineapple 2 months ago

Cambridge suckssssss.

Noah Willmert
Noah Willmert 2 months ago

Lets get an update for 2021🤣🤣

Lue Xiong
Lue Xiong 2 months ago

The picture you show at 5:22 is in Detroit , Michigan! Not anywhere near Minneapolis.

Pikaboubou 2 months ago

North Minneapolis is freaking awful. You hear gunshots all the time 🤦‍♂️

BJ D 2 months ago

Minnesota is a shithole

Ken E
Ken E 2 months ago

I’m surprised Crooklyn Park isn’t on the list. That place is awful too.
Missed some other details at 5:18 though.

Bahr Industries
Bahr Industries 2 months ago

Number 7; horray.. trash town

Lydia Smisson
Lydia Smisson 2 months ago

Me who lives in Cambridge:🥲

Tyler Young
Tyler Young 2 months ago

Minnesota born and raised, left long ago. It amazes me that MN people act like their state is some country club and the rest of the country is waiting to get in. Definitely the #1 state in the US for passive aggressive, silently fuming rage

Jay Syon
Jay Syon 2 months ago

I've lived in MN all my life. I've lived everywhere from the ghetto South MPLS, to Morris MN, Alexandria, St. Cloud, and BP. The shittiest being MPLS but I've never had too much trouble cuz l know how to handle myself. The thing about meth labs and lack of jobs in the rural parts is totally true. Also, the cops in the smaller towns are usually bored and will hassle me alot more, i'm not white.

beverly mcdonald
beverly mcdonald 2 months ago

Born and raised in South Minneapolis Minnesota

Ruth Yoerg
Ruth Yoerg 2 months ago

We have too many liberals running the state, that's what the problem is.

Al Jake
Al Jake 2 months ago

You missed the part about Minnesota's newest city, Mogadishu.

It's Leesh
It's Leesh 2 months ago

✌ not wrong about bemidji xD

Rita Mulloy
Rita Mulloy 2 months ago

Such BS

Goog Pix
Goog Pix 2 months ago

#1 Minneapolis.

Joey Holthusen
Joey Holthusen 2 months ago

Majority of worst area's in Minnesota are liberal run, but that's not a surprise. The iron range will be shutting down under Biden Administration very soon.

Va Tallyn
Va Tallyn 2 months ago


Minnesota Liz
Minnesota Liz 2 months ago

Sucks they make my town in this!

hurrikane_117 2 months ago

Right here

Deborah S
Deborah S 2 months ago

I live here. Offended by the stereotyping.

Blue Baby
Blue Baby 2 months ago

The North side of Minneapolis is the worst because the oppression of the people. They build million dollar liquor stores and jail housing but the Jr. High-schools don't even have windows. The banks refuse to give out loans to even those with credit and savings. Its one the most prejudice places in America.

B Nyob
B Nyob 2 months ago

Mn.would do great if they cut all the freebies and forced able bodied slugs to work,people on welfare live better than working people.

skippers beloved
skippers beloved 2 months ago

Ahhhhh anybody been to St. Cloud ?????

Alan Mott-Smith
Alan Mott-Smith 2 months ago

All cities are terrible

Josh freedlund
Josh freedlund 2 months ago

4 years later they burn it to the ground

Douglas Turn
Douglas Turn 2 months ago

I live in northern minn. LAKE BRONSON. We have elk.moose.bear.giant whitetails.walleyes.crappie.and more. Why does everyone drive here 2 hunt and fish. Dont anyone though.

Kelsey Dunlevy
Kelsey Dunlevy 2 months ago

It's the Google Maps street views that does it for me.

Kayleigh Wickersham
Kayleigh Wickersham 2 months ago

Yay we make more than Brainerd.

John Thompson
John Thompson 2 months ago

Brainerd, Bemidji, Virginia, Cambridge, North Branch make the list, but South Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park, South St. Paul, Richfield, St. Cloud, Austin, Mendota Heights don't ? This idiot's never set foot in the state!!!

Gary Christie
Gary Christie 2 months ago

I gotta say I'm a white man and worked in all the hoods in Minneapolis and St Paul and I never had a problem.

Gary Christie
Gary Christie 2 months ago

I did for ten yrs

Cheyenne Snyder
Cheyenne Snyder 2 months ago

I was waiting for you to say Virginia 🤣