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Description Doctor Who Season 10 Christmas Special - Twice Upon a Time - Group Reaction

Doctor Who Season 10 Christmas Special - Twice Upon a Time - Group Reaction

Doctor Who Season 10 Christmas Special - Twice Upon a Time - Group Reaction

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Lordoftheapes79 2 months ago

Ah! Matt didn't go through the harsh regeneration in the TARDIS. Capaldi's TARDIS was the culmination of Matt's tinkering over the years.

Lordoftheapes79 2 months ago

"It's not an evil plan! I don't know what to do when it's not an evil plan!"

Matt Garrett
Matt Garrett 2 months ago

Clara was the worst companion in my mind. They tried to make her smarter than the doctor.. and all she cared about was "seeing something cool" even after the love of her life dies, she doesn't blink an eye. She says she is sad and all but she moves on at the drop of the hat for a more exciting life. Hated clara.. she was no Amy Pond. And I wish they would of kept Bill to interact with female doctor since Bill would of always seen her as an old man and not as a love interest.

Pixel Qube32
Pixel Qube32 2 months ago

I love how the tardis took him to see the first doctor to help him deal with regeneration.

Gus Ngregg
Gus Ngregg 2 months ago

Testimony wasn't wrong. The error in the time line was the doctor dying. It made a plot to help the go in the right direction and even then it didn't push The Doctor to regenerate, but plead to him. Lovely

Gus Ngregg
Gus Ngregg 2 months ago

The Time error wans't The Captain dying. Was the Doctor, and Testimony went and fixed that.

Solar Conker
Solar Conker 2 months ago

It's always more sad to watch this now seeing where the show has gone

Domihork 2 months ago

"How do you go from this to killing each other the next day" - you don't... All the soldiers had to be relocated to different places because they refused to fight their new friends

Veno 2 months ago

The tardis flies itself in excitement and anticipation of the regeneration. She's trying to get to where she thinks he needs to be. Many times in the final two episodes you see the tardis start slamming around as it tries to fly itself without the doctors help to take him to his past self to make sure he regenerates and passes his regeneration energy to the tardis. They work best together, when the doctor and the tardis want to go to different destinations, they fight each other on the controls and the tardis has violent travel through the vortex.

Veno 2 months ago

To be fair, they cut out all the jokes! Like "you're the first dalek that ever got naked for me!"

HighPriest Plays
HighPriest Plays 2 months ago

Bah, The sonic sunglasses were great.

Jean Baptiste
Jean Baptiste 2 months ago

The only thing that needs to end is the life of those who want dw to end.

Trevor Costelloe
Trevor Costelloe 2 months ago

In “the name of the doctor” he explains the tardis slowly grows as it ages/dies. Its been over 1000 years since the first doctor. Makes sense it would be a little bigger.

Im sure thats not the real reasoning for why its a little bigger now compared to he first doctors, but it works for me 😂

David MacDowell Blue
David MacDowell Blue 2 months ago

The first Doctor regenerated as you saw. The second was forced to regenerate. The third was poisoned and manged to get back to UNIT before regenerating in their HQ. The fourth regenerated out in a field on Earth, but his companions brought him back to the Tardis. The fifth was also poisoned and collapsed inside the Tardis after taking off. The next regenerated when the Tardis crash landed. The next did in a morgue on Earth after he was shot multiple times. The eighth Doctor regenerated on the planet Karn.

Mich Lin
Mich Lin 2 months ago

I really don't like the fair time user because you just missed out so many important moments and stuff to react to

Playmaker 2 months ago

I love how many no fucks this show has. Just an episode before they tried to get us used to the idea of the doctor being female by saying that timelords have no concept of gender and that they have gone beyond our understanding of it, yet here we have the doctor being sexist, for cheap jokes. How does that work? 😂

Hell of A bird
Hell of A bird 2 months ago

10:51 yup he’s the best tooooo good the doctor would beat any superhero anytime

SGlitz 2 months ago

If you like Multi-Doctors there is "The Three Doctors" (1973) and "Five Doctors" (1983) and "Two Doctors" (1985)

Nathan Huggans
Nathan Huggans 2 months ago

love Peter's last story I'm from England and seen every episode of Doctor Who and the ww1 captain reference is to the brig from the 3rd doctor's era mostly. I suggest watching some classic stories. The Three Doctors and The Five Doctors.

Nora Girl
Nora Girl 2 months ago

I feel like this episode is also Murray Gold's best episode. I'm SO SAD that he's leaving, his themes are THE BEST, I really don't see anyone toping him, especially in the Doctor Who universe. This episode compiled his best scores, and uuugh oh my gooood, the "The Doctor of War" music going with the scene, compiling all the Doctors themes... wow, so badass so amazing, I just love it. And Vale. And the theme for Twelve's regeneration. I went to a DW Prom for the 50th Anniversary and it was truly one of the best experiences of my life because Murray Gold is a God of Music and Doctor Who will really lose a big part of its identity without him.

TheBotherHood 2 months ago

i thought the doctor going through a midlife crisis with the sun glasses, the guitar and his hoodie was a great addition

American Ninja Productions

Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart was one of the doctor's closest allies in Classic Who and his daughter Kate Lethbridge-Stewart was the leader of UNIT in the most recent 3 seasons of New Who

JohnD640 2 months ago

"Kidneys! I've got new kidneys-I don't like the colour!"

Hopper Films: stream junkyard

Their needs to be a proper reason to the doctor becoming female or a line or two questing the bizzadnes of it happening but do to the bbcs sjw and femnist adgenda it will not happen I hope they make series 11 good and not the male trashing stuff that we have to deal with constantly in series 9 there wasn’t as much in series 10 but still it shows through, if they wanted to do this they shouldv’e waited

Fuguer 2 months ago

I'd like to see you guys react to 'Magic Beyond Words The J. K. Rowling Story'.

Irfan F
Irfan F 2 months ago

What!!!!!!! Indians watching Doctor Who????? That's unheard of!

Sherbet Lemon
Sherbet Lemon 2 months ago

No one was there for david tennant’s regeneration

dodgermutt 2 months ago

To answer the question of how they go back to fighting after the Christmas truce, they mostly didn't. Most of the men didn't want to shoot the guy they traded gifts with and when ordered to fire they tended to aim too high. It took about 6 months to get the war back in full gear as that was about how long it took for both sides to switch out their front line troops. It was a hell of a story as the soldiers exchanged gifts with their enemy (gifts sent to them from home and then exchanged between the fighting soldiers). They spent the day playing football (soccer) and just hanging out.

Penfold 74
Penfold 74 2 months ago

The thing about watching this episode is that you are not watching a 59-year old Peter Capaldi here, but in a way you're looking at a 9 year old Capaldi getting his wish fufilled by helping out the First Doctor.

LadyVenom Way
LadyVenom Way 2 months ago

The girls look so cute. This was a pretty good ep tbh. Havent loved DW in awhile so was happy with this one

Leticia Acioli
Leticia Acioli 2 months ago

You guys cut out the best part of the reaction, the end. Why? Haha

Ian Tophernicus
Ian Tophernicus 2 months ago

You cruel people. Why must you place a weeping angel upon the desk and THEN, AND THEN, place a fair use timer ABOVE said angel?!

Larsa Valeth
Larsa Valeth 2 months ago

the soldier's the last name was steward his son was brigadier general steward of UNIT and granddaughter is also member all of the doctors have meet them except for nine and ten.
the good darlek is from an episode with Clara and they shrink and go inside to fix it i think.

Stephanie Reacts
Stephanie Reacts 2 months ago

peters was kidneys i have new kidneys i don't like the colour of them

TheDreamMachine0089 2 months ago

Fun fact. When the 1st says i thought i would get younger. Hartnell and capaldi were the same age when they started playing their versions of the doctor

RabidDogma 2 months ago

I've never identified more with someone than when Rana cried at the end of this. Such a beautiful moment.

RabidDogma 2 months ago

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, aka The Brigadier, is one of the most beloved Doctor Who characters from the original series. Kate Lethbridge-Stewart from the current show is his daughter. The Brigadier helped to create UNIT, the Earth organization that often helps The Doctor.

The Captain, from this episode, is The Brigadier's grandfather.

Simon Smith
Simon Smith 2 months ago

I believe it is suggested in the 10th planet (the novel, too young for the original TV!) that the TARDIS helps the Doctor regenerate. I sort of see the Doctor going back to the TARDIS a bit like going to hospital if you are ill - its where you should be. Its only the "new" who where the TARDIS explodes when the Doctor changes. I quite like that - the TARDIS has to regenerate at the same time.

Lasherluke 2 months ago

You really need to watch the second and third doctor unit stories to truly understand how important the name of the captain is in this episode.

All Things Paper
All Things Paper 2 months ago

“Why does the TARDIS blow up I mean why can’t he park it?” Look, The TARDIS is alive! She gets grumpy when she changes. I thought you’d know that by now

Michael Andrew
Michael Andrew 2 months ago

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is the commander of UNIT from the Patrick Troughton era as the Doctor (Troughton was the second Doctor - the black&white face shown in the re-generation) .. and has been a character name invloved in Doctor Who for decades.

Michael Andrew
Michael Andrew 2 months ago

No, not blowing up - the TARDIS is throwing the new Doctor out of itself

Matthew Barnes
Matthew Barnes 2 months ago

Seriously bad editing there people!!

The Timelords
The Timelords 2 months ago


Notting Hill Cheeks
Notting Hill Cheeks 2 months ago

Female Doctor destroys the car first time out ! Typical !

TurboThunderGaming - Incia

Nice to cut out the regeneration and ending, only good parts of the show, jackasses.

Susanne Bennett
Susanne Bennett 2 months ago

he was the son of a major classic character, in the finale of series eight the brigadier returned as a Cyberman!

Monster munchies
Monster munchies 2 months ago

Lethbridge Stewart is related to a character from classic who. Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart was part of unit in the old ones and his daughter was Kate Stewart in day of the doctor, also played by the actors real life daughter.

Nick Fletcher.
Nick Fletcher. 2 months ago

first doctor was never sexist. they were too on the nose with being self aware

zaftra 2 months ago

They went from that to killing one another the next day because the generals moved them to different fronts and made fraternizing with the enemy punishable by death.

Fighting Faerie
Fighting Faerie 2 months ago

aw you left out one of the best jokes. right after the "woman are made of glass" joke.

veryfineguy 2 months ago

If this was the 1960's I would comment something about "Women drivers".

Concetta Sorvillo
Concetta Sorvillo 2 months ago

Good review/reaction. Just a couple of things. About the Doctor regenerating alone: Nine regenerates with Rose, Eleven regenerates with Clara. Twelve and Ten regenerates alone, but the real difference here is that Ten is forced to regenerate, because he doesn't want to; he is angry and frustrated, in fact his regenerations is the most violent. Twelve is really too tired and just let the regeneration go. His regenerations is sweeter and the TARDIS, this time, doesn't blow up. In fact, when Thirteen arrives, the TARDIS is good. It seems more like the TARDIS tries to push her out when the Doctor touch the console. I think that they will play on the fact that the TARDIS doesn't recognize a female Doctor (plus the TARDIS is pictured like a woman) at the same way they played with Clara hating a older Doctor. It's a way to tune with the audiance, because many people don''t like a woman Doctor. In the end, the 13 Doctor will win the TARDIS trust and we will accept her as a Doctor at the same time as usual.

Austral 2 months ago

The guy was Lethbridge-Stewart, the great-uncle of a recurring character from Old Who, Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, one of the founders of UNIT, and also Kate Stewart who was in charge of UNIT during Matt Smith's and Capaldi's runs.

The Brigadier also made some appearances in The Sarah Jane Adventures (spin-off featuring the 4th Doctor's companion).

tallaussiebloke 2 months ago

This was the earliest relative of characters The Doctor has allied with pretty much since DW began.
This 1914s soldier is the father of "The Brigadier" (AKA Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart), the longest serving ally and Companion who was in charge of UNIT until retirement.
"The Brigadier"'s daughter (Kate Lethbridge-Stewart) has been constantly on Capaldi's run too as her father's successor in UNIT.
(QUICK FAMILY TREE: This soldier from 1914 is Brigadier's dad, Kate's granddad.)

BioCapsule 2 months ago

That's what I was asking! Why the hell does he not park somewhere? I get that it's safer for him but if he end up blowing the TARDIS up every time, he is not going to be much safer either.

Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher 2 months ago

The captain is the grandfather of a recurring character from Classic who Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. He is one of the founding members of UNIT. Kate Stewart, the head of UNIT now is the Brigadier's daughter.

lvis11tj7 2 months ago

there have been four regenerations in the relaunch....two of them have been alone Capaldi and Tenant.

He is in a whole new Regeneration cycle....he is the first of the new batch, just like Bradley was

The look is the clothes of the old Doctor...this happens every regeneration. The doctor's first episode is always Doctor no TARDIS, no Screwdriver.

Peter Capaldi - was "Liver, I don't like the color" and "do you happen to know how to fly this"

lvis11tj7 2 months ago

The Doctor destroyed an entire Dalek Fleet with a regeneration......I don't think it should be done outside

lvis11tj7 2 months ago

When Moffat took over one of the things that irked him was on the internet people complained about the TARDIS redesign. as a matter of fact this entire episode was Moffat pointing out all the things the fans have been whining/constructively criticizing. He aired all the grievances so the new Show-runner has a clean slate.

thancrow 2 months ago

He does have a complete set of regenerations.

Wolf6120 2 months ago

"How do you go from this to killing each other the next day."

They didn't. At most points along the front, the armistice lasted for several days, sometimes even as far as New Years. Eventually however the Generals and High Commands of both sides stepped in, and began to court martial or replace any officers who refused to lead assaults across No Man's Land.

Martin Mowbray
Martin Mowbray 2 months ago

You need to watch classic dr who for the lethbridge- Stewart reference. From the 3rd doctor regen onwards.

Mark- MarkReactor on YouTube

Hey guys, please check out my FIRST EVER reaction video ever...and it’s to this regeneration. Please let me know what you think 😊

Fraser Brown
Fraser Brown 2 months ago

On the “collections of memories” part, current understanding of self cognition and self image would indicate that your body is as critical a part of yourself as your brain. Yes your brain is you, your emotions, your memories it is the central and most critical aspect of who you are. But the alteration of the body as seen in this episode would ultimately be disastrous. Most people would not come to terms with the change and simply go mad.

joits 2 months ago

aw i wish you had shown more of the regeneration scene... his speech and then him regenerating into13.

Jelani Providence
Jelani Providence 2 months ago

Great reaction ❤. So happy you guys are doing Doctor Who again. I hope the views help push for some more!🤞🏾. Rana's reaction on fleek 👊🏾. Great ending for Capaldi's run, I still think Matt Smith's monologue is the best, and Tenant's "I don't want to go" is the most emotional for me.

Penfold 74
Penfold 74 2 months ago

Actually, here is where and who each of the first Seven Doctors was with when they regenerated and the title of the story that's in with a trailer:

First Doctor - In his stationary TARDIS, with his companions Polly Wright and Ben Jackson (the two younger people he was with at the beginning of this episode) ("The Tenth Planet" )

Second Doctor - By himself on Gallifrey, but was forced to regenerate by the Timelords when they banished him to Earth ("The War Games" )

Third Doctor- With his companion Sara Jane Smith and Brigadier Gordon Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart (Kate LS's father) just outside the TARDIS ("Planet of the Spiders" )

Fourth Doctor - With his companions Tegan Jovanka, Nyssa and Adric at the base of a radio telescope ("Logopolis" )

Fifth Doctor - With his companion Peri Brown in the stationary TARDIS ("Caves of Androzani" ) (btw, if you do reactions to a select few classic stories, THIS is one you must do. The director of it is the one who directed the "Army of Ghosts/Doomsday" episodes during the Tennant years)

Sixth Doctor - With his companion Melanie Bush when the TARDIS crashes (beginning of "Time and the Rani" )

Seventh Doctor - By himself on Earth in a morgue after he died from gunshot wounds (early part of "Doctor Who: The Movie"

Penfold 74
Penfold 74 2 months ago

If you like seeing the iterations of the Doctor interacting with each other, then the Normies, after someone gets a Britbox subscription, should do reactions to the two main multi-Doctor stories from Classic Doctor Who:

- The Three Doctors: from 1973, this was the 10th anniversary story, which features the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee), the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) and the First Doctor (William Hartnell, in his last ever performance before his death in 1975; See my comment in the "An Adventure in Space and Time" reaction vid about his performance in this story).

- The Five Doctors: From 1983, this was the 20th anniversary story, which features the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison), the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee), the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) and the First Doctor (who this time was played by an older lookalike actor named Richard Hurndall [who, funny enough, passed away a few weeks after the story aired]) The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) did not appear along with the other Doctors because Baker didn't want to do it. So what the producers did was they showed a clip from an unfinished story from 1979 called "Shada", and added a CGI effect to abduct the Doctor in that scene.

C'mon, Nahid; make this happen!

ten Mark
ten Mark 2 months ago

Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart was head of UNIT for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 7th Doctors, big part of the series and Matt Smith's Doctor, although he didnt see him, called Lethbridge Stewart his best friend and did a small tribute to him when the actor died (he tried to call him on the Tardis phone and his nurse said he had died - at that point Matt Smith's Doctor decides to go to Lake Silencio to face his own death). Kate Lethbridge Stewart is the current head of UNIT for Matt & Peter was the Brigadier's daughter - the Captain in this Episode is the Brigadier's father, Kate's Grandfather, that is the connection to the Doctor(s)

renji90998 2 months ago

Remember Vastra, Jenny and Drax? I often wished they had a spinoff. A way to explain how they all came together. Perhaps one they'll do a Doctor Who episode that started this unique team. It could've been this doctor

Ryan Witalison
Ryan Witalison 2 months ago

The Master dies all the time and always comes back, we haven't seen the last of the Master, he/she will return with no explanation of how they survived like always.

ORxven 2 months ago

Yeah why doesn’t the Doctor land the TARDIS when he regenerates?

renji90998 2 months ago

The one thing that bugs me about this episode is, where were the first doctors companions? They were with him when he was about to regenerate. Unless they were also frozen in time

StormWolf 2 months ago

This was a very...odd reaction. A lot of the crap at the beginning left in, but important stuff at the end was cut out, plus you didn't get most of the references and didn't seem to really understand what was going on. Ah well.

Harry M
Harry M 2 months ago

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart was a classic character who appeared throughout the 70s with a couple of appearances in the 80s, and then appeared in the Sarah Jane Adventures in 2008 just before Nicholas Courtney (the actor) who played him died. He is the father of current Unit chief Kate Stewart who we have seen many times now.

lawrencegough 2 months ago

Jodie is excellent on stage and screen, but I’ve only see her do drama, not comedy. And she always seems a bit dour. Hopefully she gets to be fun!

lawrencegough 2 months ago

A nice farewell to Murray Gold too, had nearly all his greatest hits (although it missed Greatest story never told, but that is River’s) and to good effect, especially the regeneration.

Samfaitchier 2 months ago

Matt Smith didn't regenerate alone, Clara was here.

091696g 2 months ago

Navi avatar reaction is no longer around, the 4 part finale. did the normies took it down?

Matías Véntola
Matías Véntola 2 months ago

Your edition level is terrible...

Mark Ryan
Mark Ryan 2 months ago

It bothers me that they made the 1st doctor sexist. He's a time lord not a human from the 60s, they are infinitely more enlightened than humans. It seemed disrespectful to the character

Catwow 2 months ago

Did she just use a living animal as a back pillow?

ClarkyIRC70 2 months ago

Why the heavy editing towards the end? What a shame.

Vexity 2 months ago

I hate the new doctor

Ren 2 months ago

I don’t like that the Doctor was sexist. It doesn’t make sense, one episode ago the Doctor was saying that time lords are beyond such trivial things as gender, and yet the Doctor is sexist? It doesn’t make sense. I get that they did it for the “laughs” but I just roll my eyes whenever they make these type of jokes in Doctor Who, I really hope they don’t do them during Jodie’s run. Please you don’t need to make men look stupid to make women look strong, they can be strong supported by strong male chracters please just stop this. They made the Doctor an idiot to make Clara look smarter and better, just don’t

Marisha Smid
Marisha Smid 2 months ago

hope u guys can do reactions to some of the episodes of the new season

Bernal Barrantes
Bernal Barrantes 2 months ago

"is the Eyebrowns" is the phrase of Peter Capaldi :)

isaacc7 2 months ago

John Pertwee, the third Doctor was actually the oldest actor to play the Doctor.

Odd Job
Odd Job 2 months ago

as to missy/the master.....the master never dies, dont worry the master will return eventually

DentonXV 2 months ago

The Doctor got a guitar because it was a nod to Peter Capaldi himself, as Capaldi used to be in a punk rock band, so they incorporated it into the character.

Adam Dare
Adam Dare 2 months ago

"The old 1960's feeling...women supposed to clean, they [Moffat] did it really well" - Except that the First Doctor was never like that. The ironic thing is, the First Doctor wasn't even part of our time in the 1960s, he was ahead of time itself!
So projecting the values and sensibilities of the 1960s onto a timeless, superior being who transcended any of that behaviour comes across as nothing more than a writer thinking they're correct and 'right on' but getting it spectacularly wrong and crapping over a characterisation built over three years by Mr Hartnell.

Margi Fisher
Margi Fisher 2 months ago

The 'good dalek' was Rusty, the dalek the Doctor 'cured' in his second episode 'Into the Dalek'...not sure why they used him in this episode except to acknowledge 'yes, he's still going around killing other daleks'.

Steven Cassidy
Steven Cassidy 2 months ago

You like Capaldi? You should goback and watch Jon Pertwee?

CanadianWarMachine 2 months ago

Did you guys realize that the soldiers name was the same as the Brigadier. That is the Brigadiers a grandfather

vishal sipley
vishal sipley 2 months ago

Didn't They watch adventure in space and time and now TWICE UPON A TIME

Xeron 2 months ago

I really like your reaction :)
Please react to Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
I swear it's really cool
this links his trailer

Woutah2dmaX 2 months ago

Peter Capaldi's first word was: "Kidneys!!" (followed by: "I've got new kidneys... I don't like the color!")

Michael Walker
Michael Walker 2 months ago

I’m sorry a female doctor? Ok!

H123 2 months ago

YOOO you guys are trending in the UK. Congrats