STOP RUINING YOUR MAKEUP!! tips to perfect your makeup


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Information STOP RUINING YOUR MAKEUP!! tips to perfect your makeup

Title : STOP RUINING YOUR MAKEUP!! tips to perfect your makeup

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Frames STOP RUINING YOUR MAKEUP!! tips to perfect your makeup

Description STOP RUINING YOUR MAKEUP!! tips to perfect your makeup

STOP RUINING YOUR MAKEUP!! tips to perfect your makeup

STOP RUINING YOUR MAKEUP!! tips to perfect your makeup

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Vivian Soza
Vivian Soza 2 months ago

I am in love with these educational makeup videos of yours! Subscribing now!

Melissa Gloekler
Melissa Gloekler 2 months ago

Would you recommend dry skin people not wear foundation? I feel like no matter what brand of primer or foundation I use, it always looks cakey!

Tuniya Backlund
Tuniya Backlund 2 months ago

Thank you for making me aware of the cut crease canvas by Revolution, Robert. Changed my cut creases to look more defined and last ❤️🖤.

Alex Howerton
Alex Howerton 2 months ago

Fuck yeah Robert


Ugh you are a life saver ✨

Queen of Tentacles
Queen of Tentacles 2 months ago

The eyeshadow - what brand/shades are the purple/pink and black? I want them, so pretty.

It's A Fake Name
It's A Fake Name 2 months ago

I’ve been enjoying your videos as I try to improve my very ‘meh’ makeup skills. This is random but I think you have a very relaxing voice. lol, I have started going back to videos on this channel that I’ve already watched and letting them play as I fall asleep.
There’s just a really nice, really chill vibe to your laugh and the way that you speak. I love it. 🥰

Deebnoff 2 months ago

I want you to do my makeup! I can't stand that heavy look. Had my makeup done by people before and too many love this heavy appearance especially of eyebrows. Having makeup done by someone of your expertise and mindset would be AMAZING!!!

Amber C
Amber C 2 months ago

Ok DEFINITELY some asmr shit going on, and I’m living for it. I’m miserable with my neck pain, migraine and shooting pain down my arm. I’ve not slept and am a miserable bitch. You have totally zenned me out. I’m still in pain but less of a bitch. So thanks 😊

Change Eye Color
Change Eye Color 2 months ago


Jennifer Franklin-Robison

I LOVE YOU!! I have just started wearing makeup recently. I mean REALLY wearing makeup because age is changing my face! I can’t get away with blush mascara and lip gloss any longer. So, I watch YouTube try to copy these ladies that PAINT the stuff on and I end up looking like a cheap drag queen. The tips you have given have literally changed my life!! I can look naturally effortless in my appearance without looking textured or masked! I could kiss you!

Laura Rowland
Laura Rowland 2 months ago

Omg the eyebrows. I try to tell so many girls, and they get angry with me. And I don’t wanna be cocky but I’m like LOOK AT MY EYEBROWS!!!!! I know wtf I’m talking bout. I😩😆 like if you do block it like that, like I’ve done it by accident doing it to dark so When I’m blending my cover up... I’ll go over just the front of the brow then use an angle brush and blend it all so it goes from light to dark

Laura Rowland
Laura Rowland 2 months ago

I don’t even understand how he colors his brows in, I did my girls make up, her brows was soooo thick, not wide, I mean the hair was so think it was so hard to do

Izzuliani Islam
Izzuliani Islam 2 months ago

Hi im a newbie in makeup application 🙋🏻‍♀️ may i ask? Ive just noticed that concealer was being applied before foundation and powder. But most of the makeup guru articles that ive read suggested that concealer should be applied after foundation and before powder. Is there any explanation regarding this?

Janine Snyder
Janine Snyder 2 months ago

Also, the ears for SPF.

CURSED ILLUSION 2 months ago

I would describe it as "cartoony" I like natural brows too, the block looks too weird lolol. When I would use a liquid foundation and wanted a fuller coverage, I would take a hair dryer to dry it a bit then it would cover way better. I was insane when I was younger.

Tash M
Tash M 2 months ago

Anyone else click the like button before the video even starts. 🙋‍♀️ always quality content!

Yeah Ok
Yeah Ok 2 months ago

I just love you 💓 thanks for another great video!

imsatindoll 2 months ago

omg almost everything in this video was what I discovered for myself when I stopped looking at how others do their makeup on youtube and made the decision to do what was best for me. I never understood others putting gobs of concealer under the brow, harsh line eyeshadow looks, gobs of concealer under the eye, or gobs of foundation on the face, and all that powder just sitting under the eye. maybe they do it for the camera I dont know. I have oily skin but my underye is dry. so I too was a fan of moisturizing the undereye and anti shine priming the face, little foundation for coverage, putting very little concealer right under the eye for coverage, then going in with anti shine powder just enough on undereye and face to set the makeup and a dewy setting spray to make everything look like skin again instead of dry powdery cake face. great video. I also do not cream matte contour, highlight, and bronze. instead after my foundation and concealer I powder matte highlight, bronze, and contour and go in with the spray and it looks way better on me. I did learn from alyssa edwards about positioning of the crease and blending versus covering your entire crease with foundation. eyelooks are way better. good blending tips from you as well. I will say though I get a good blend i find sometimes I want more pigment in the crease and the pack it on method helps with that but you just got to blend the edges afterwards.

Jenn Vix
Jenn Vix 2 months ago

Robert, this eyeshadow look is so stunning; viewer right side, that I made screenshots so I can learn how to do it.

Linda K
Linda K 2 months ago

Making a shopping list ffs. Brushes, that eye primer thingie, more brushes, bronzer for unforgivably pale people... Brushes too!

Haunted Raven
Haunted Raven 2 months ago

Okay .. who guilt of doing their eyeshadow like the mistake side..

ME ME ME scary I look towards other people

Fou's art gallery
Fou's art gallery 2 months ago

Honesty more makeup lovers should watch your videos..

Jasmine 2 months ago

I think you've just saved me. Thank you so much for this! 🥺💖

ingrid 2 months ago

0:48 did anyone else see that

ShaiDizzleFrizzle 2 months ago

Oh my Gosh! You just opened my eyes to so many things. I honestly just thought that my face and my skin was awful and nothing worked on it. I try to follow the routines of all of these influences and I end up looking the "needs improvement" side. I'm so excited to start applying my makeup in a flattering way!

julei burress
julei burress 2 months ago

Can you please do a video for 40+ skin? All a sudden I've got someone else's skin since I turned 40! Would love to hear your tips or see you apply makeup on someone with fine lines & dehydration that come with age 😘

Katie Riley
Katie Riley 2 months ago

Ya never know ✨ heugh heugh heugh ✨

loopyfrog 2 months ago

gettin into the subtleties, love it!

LadyLagKnight 2 months ago

I'm so glad I found your channel. For years I thought I was really bad at makeup even tho I love it so much. I used to stick to just moisturiser, liner and mascara because every time I tried doing a full look like the gurus do, my face would get furious with me. I would take hours trying my hardest to follow the tutorial and I would still turn out looking like a racoon. But thank God I found this channel. I might not be great but I undestand my complexion now and what works with it. And I am even brave enough to use lashes.

Roanna Silveira
Roanna Silveira 2 months ago

What is the brush used at 24:32? I've been looking for a blending brush like that for foundation!

entertain7us14 2 months ago

robert's voice is just so soothing and lovely

flamerssoul 2 months ago

The only MUA I trust tbh, you and Jackie Aina 😔 I love how you give explanations and WHY it’s the best way to do it!

I’mtoogeeky Wtf
I’mtoogeeky Wtf 2 months ago

But did you powder your whole face?

Wiktoria Szmid
Wiktoria Szmid 2 months ago

I dont know why but he is giving me Bob Ross vibes

Laura Martini
Laura Martini 2 months ago

this was such a wonderful tutorial!

Benami Sai-Kham
Benami Sai-Kham 2 months ago

I am manifesting myself to be good at makeup without doing it by watching this

Angela 2 months ago

My brows are 1 big gap lol. They are white blonde and not full at all... the eyebrow god left me... help!

Pamela Moore Shear
Pamela Moore Shear 2 months ago

What face primer? Which eye primer? What palette was used? Just curious

Meg Ken
Meg Ken 2 months ago

I hate how everyone who says "don't block off your eyebrows, just feather it!" all have beautiful natural eyebrows to work with! My eyebrows are basically so blonde they are invisible and the hair that grows where it should be is super thin (yeah I have to basically wax my forehead and eyelids since that's where the most eyebrow hair grows 😖). I wish I could meet Robert and get him to show me what to do!

Krista Cates
Krista Cates 2 months ago

This video was super helpful and informative!!!!

Krista Cates
Krista Cates 2 months ago

The good eye is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Marie-Josée 2 months ago


MakeupByBabybear 2 months ago

This is perfect, love that its not sped up, love that you're speaking softly and not like "HEY GUYS WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANNEL IM DOING A TUTORIAL..." like this is just super relaxing to watch. I'm actually listening like. Just...Thank you so much

Paola Maisonet
Paola Maisonet 2 months ago

I’ve learned a lot more with one video with you than with other famous gurus that I’ve watched in the past 7 years.

Lauren Malmsten
Lauren Malmsten 2 months ago

This is so helpful!!!

Lauur J
Lauur J 2 months ago

Omg I was cringing at how much foundation you used on the left side lol

Jessica Phelps
Jessica Phelps 2 months ago

Oh thank you! I have no room from my lid to my bushy eyebrows. Those eyeshadow tips are golden!

Shanzay Furqan
Shanzay Furqan 2 months ago

Even your wrong side looks so beautiful 😂😍

Kristen Luchene
Kristen Luchene 2 months ago

Ugh I hear you about the texture on the nose.. help a sister out with covering that madness!

Athea Harmon
Athea Harmon 2 months ago

can you do an updated version of this video

Emily 2 months ago

Im binging your videos <3 pregnancy insomnia has me wanting to nap though and your soothing voice isnt helping lol but im learningggggggg so i will stay awake!

Cori Wood
Cori Wood 2 months ago

I do not understand why/when girls started painting foundation on like this. Everywhere!!! Loads of it!! This was never a thing. I knew not to do this when I was 8 yrs old. Who thought this was a good idea?!

D K Vienna
D K Vienna 2 months ago

Even the wrong side looks good / better as good looks from ordinary people like me ... if a real pro works on it.

Marielle B
Marielle B 2 months ago

I really wish that I could do my eyebrows like this (the correct side lol), but they're too light for my taste. So I have to fill them in a lot, causing the blocky version :c

Claire Ferrand
Claire Ferrand 2 months ago

How does he get his Glossier brow pen to work that well ? Line always have to be shaked like hell each time I want to do a stroke -_- it worked perfect for 2 days and got tired, so I bought an other one thinking I did something wrong but it does the same thing. And I'm sad because I love it ... when it works correctly !!
Edit : I've never liked cut-creases, I don't really see why all that sudden infatuation some years ago, but how come I love it when HE does it ?? it's perfect !

Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot

Even as a dry skin gal i cn just dump gallons of primer on my skin. It can only absorb so much!

Robin Gallé Lang
Robin Gallé Lang 2 months ago

Hope you feel better soon!

Hikari-Svietlana Onimaru-Vykhor

Complaining about the space between your brow and your eye... There's literally no space between my brow and my eyelid when I'm looking straight!!! XD

dolly Gutz
dolly Gutz 2 months ago

Im not going to lie Robert, you still look great even trying to look bad on half of your face. you are so cute!

Sheena’s Plants
Sheena’s Plants 2 months ago

I wish you would have listed the products you used.

Andrea Opsahl
Andrea Opsahl 2 months ago

OMG I don't know how many BeauTubers I see on here till people and their tutorials that it is totally fine to use concealer as an eyeshadow primer! And I guess technically in a bind it would be all right to do but when they do these⁶ tutorials they make it seem like oh don't worry if you don't have an eyeshadow primer you can just use a concealer instead it's pretty much the same thing! Which is completely not true! And I am in no way shape or form any type of professional makeup artist or cosmetologist at all I just have common sense and no enough about makeup and how to apply it and how to use products correctly that that information these YouTubers are giving to people who might not have that common sense or knowledge the idea that it is completely okay to use that method and use your concealer as a substitute for an eye primer! *And in my opinion that is just complete misinformation and not giving the people watching factual information.

Especially since most of these Beau toTubers have really great skin because they can afford to get procedures done by estheticians or by using injections or fillers. Which don't even get me started on that because I think that is extremely not okay to do to these regular girls and women watching these tutorials from these YouTubers thinking they are just regular people like themselves which is totally not the case whatsoever! That's the thing that most people watching don't know or realize is that a lot of these YouTubers that do these makeup tutorials do you have and use Botox injections and fillers on themselves and that obviously is going to give your makeup a totally different look on the BeauTuber giving the makeup tutorial. And for that YouTuber to not disclose that informatiocn to their viewers is just completely wrong of them! Because the average woman or girl watching these tutorials is going to think that the makeup they're using is the reason they are achieving this beautiful glamorous affect on their skin! Which yes the makeup does play a part in it but so does the botox injection or filler or whatever else type of little procedures such as those that help make your skin appear younger and get rid of those fine lines. And of course I saw your video on people giving tutorials who use filters as they're giving the tutorial which I think that is completely absurd because that's not the point of a makeup tutorial! I mean of v checkcourse if I use a filter on myself I'm going to look great no matter what I'm doing especially if I'm applying makeup, duh! Sorry I kind of went off on a tangent there, but as you can see I'm very passionate about these BeauTubers giving these makeup tutorials not being 100% genuine and honest to their audience about the extra additives and cosmetic procedures they may have previously done to themselves and portray themselves as if it's natural and it's 100% the makeup they're using that's giving the illusion that you can also achieve the same results by following their tutorial and none of their end result was an effect of artificial enhancements no matter how big or small the enhancement/procedure might of been it still is going to give dramatically different results opposed to someone who has never had any type of cosmetic procedure performed on themself!

Ok well I totally went off on a tangent there, LOL. Rant officially over tho! I guess that was much needed tho bc I feel much better now and just lighter... Kinda like peace and serenity has just washed over me! Haha!”

Thank you to anyone who actually took the time to read my entire ",comnent and make it to the end! You go Glenn Coco!! 👏❤️👊😉

D N 2 months ago

Skin is unreal!!! Aaaaaaa!!!

Sylvia SheilaS
Sylvia SheilaS 2 months ago

You are so funny. And I love tour relationship with tour twin

Birgit Bauhaus
Birgit Bauhaus 2 months ago

This was so informative and educating, thanks a lot for your Work! 💋😍👏
But what I have to tell you: you do also the "wrong" Side, your right one, so good, that I doesn't find it so "ugly" and "terrible" as you meant!
You are too look always greate! 😂👍
But I understand exactly what you told us and me !! And sometimes - if I have to went into the Inner City of my Living-Place, I see some, mostly young Girls and Women, who look surely too much Instagram-Videos, and the I see exactly what you are talking about! In the open Daylight it looks really terrible... Like a "Pound of Foundation and all Stuff of Cosmetics", all into a young, often NOT PERFECT and good saved and cared Skin and Face!
And it looks really UGLY, the total conterside of this what they want to look!
My whole Life - and I was wearing Make-Up since 1970-'71 - I thought: less is more!
Only my Eye-Make-up was sometimes - to special Events a.s.o. - more colorful and extreme!
But now: I'm 65 and I didn't change so much, nearly nothing.... 😉😏

Sometimes I'm afraid - are these Youngsters not able to look critically into a Mirror?
Much too much manipulated from the Social Media, I think! 😏😢😩
I hope that a lot of these Girls and Women find the Way to your Webside and Channel here on Youtube! I make often a bit Promotion for you, if I have a Talk about Make-Up, Skin-Care (from James, too!) and recommend your Channel!
Thx once more, have a nice Day and stay healthy! 😍🍀🍀🍀🌞👏💓

[] 2 months ago

Someone said Robert Welsh is the Bob Ross of makeup and I totally agree with them

Z 2 months ago

Confession- I’ve been trying to watch this for weeks now and since it’s so soothing I fall asleep. Every. Single. Time. 🥲

Henny_Gold Smalls
Henny_Gold Smalls 2 months ago

So I think this my 3rd video by you I watched today. You explained how to do a cut crease so easily

Bemmie Bemmerich
Bemmie Bemmerich 2 months ago

You look so mean in the video and you sound so velvety and lovely. My brain is confused!

We Nee
We Nee 2 months ago

This was so useful, thank you ☺️

OnlyWams 2 months ago

I love watching your videos. they always help me sleep because your voice is so relaxing 🥰


I’m just sitting here with my mouth hanging open realizing how many mistakes I make lol you are sooooo helpful ❤️

mindoablues 2 months ago

Do you have any tips on working with asymmetrical eyes? For instance, one of my eyes is slightly smaller than the other and sits up just a hair or two higher. For an added bonus, I've also got hooded eyes :p. I used to be obsessed with winged eyeliner and could never figure out why I couldn't get it to line up right for both eyes until I realized that my eye shapes and placements weren't the same. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Summer 2 months ago

Wishing you well~~

K Mp
K Mp 2 months ago

hmm I like this format too!

fifi vogel
fifi vogel 2 months ago


Frederico Oliveira
Frederico Oliveira 2 months ago

why would u want rectangles for eyebrows?

S.Bob 2 months ago

I love you Robert. Im a female. 30 yrs old. We have the exact same face shape so your advice really helps me in terms of product placement. I used to bake before i watched you. Always wondering whyyyy do i look so dry and creasy and why does jacyln loook flawless. I stopped baking. Stopped over concealing. And omg. The difference makes me so happy. My skin glows!!

Megan Steinlage
Megan Steinlage 2 months ago

This is one of the most comprehensive tutorial. Thank you so much for explaining everything! So helpful!

PinkJoy 2
PinkJoy 2 2 months ago

Love your laugh just as much as your tips!!!

Patricia lake
Patricia lake 2 months ago

My problem with my brows is half is light brown and the other half is light blonde...I look like I only have half an eyebrow and using a pencil is just too visible under the blonde half.

Sam Stefani
Sam Stefani 2 months ago

Love love love your content.

Angie Saj
Angie Saj 2 months ago

Blush in your eye lid?! This is way too advanced for me lol stoppppp

Mieze Katz
Mieze Katz 2 months ago

Gods... Watching the wrong foundation part physically hurt.. 😖


Your skin looks beautiful Robert. I love your videos and your recommendations

brunom72 2 months ago

hi rw. on camera both sides looked dope af tbh. i think u r @ a point in your craft where your skill takes over and compensates for any screw ups. also, it took me reading other ppl's comments to remember that you covered up the scar. i dont think i ever noticed it after the 1st few videos. quite honestly, it is your m/u talent & abilities that i pay attention to & care waaaaaaay more about than i would any scar. anyway, loved this video so much !! xxx x's a xillion

Gina 2 months ago

These are the purple shades of my dreams. What land do these come from?

Audrey Bunyan
Audrey Bunyan 2 months ago

Omg the wrong side looks like the skin is dead. The other side is gorgeous and alive. So well explained Robert, Thankyou ❤️

Sarah Gardner
Sarah Gardner 2 months ago

Thank you! I could never figure out why my brows looked wrong

Y 2 months ago

I’m obsessed with your Disney villainy sounding giggles in between

Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones 2 months ago

I learned a few new things

M Tranová
M Tranová 2 months ago

love the video. 😁

Whitney Snelling
Whitney Snelling 2 months ago

Your little giggle is so cute ❤️ Thank you for this video!

Rainyunicorn Mermaiden

Well,Robert did lol ;)

Rainyunicorn Mermaiden

Yaaassss I made it 9k :))))

Archaea Zero
Archaea Zero 2 months ago

I legit just learned so much. Thank you so much for this video! Going to use so many of these techniques... I also learned I do NOT have enough brushes ;u; Keep doing what you're doing! You get a sub out of me!

Morghan Rowat
Morghan Rowat 2 months ago

Hi Robert💜🌙 🦇💜
You didn't do your 2 or 3 lil dot in the outside eye corners method with the concealer👀 why did you change it up? Better product?

Sixties Beauty Fun!
Sixties Beauty Fun! 2 months ago

I love this format too - and I guess it's much easier for you to edit when you can add your voiceover later!

Lauren Clarke
Lauren Clarke 2 months ago

if I don't have a primer specifically for cut creases can we still use concealer, and if so how can I decrease creasing of the concealer?

Kallia KM
Kallia KM 2 months ago

Please share more videos like these! So educational and love the immediate comparison! Absolutely gorgeous makeup