6 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments


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Title : 6 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

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6 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

6 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

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Jennifer Sanders
Jennifer Sanders 2 months ago

Madness 🔥

Tracey Brown
Tracey Brown 2 months ago

5 years later, I love your videos. Love your pine cones and the melted snow man ornament. <3 U all the feels.

Val D
Val D 2 months ago

Like all especially the mesh stocking one.

Annette Harrison
Annette Harrison 2 months ago

Love the polka dot ornament. Great idea!!!

Phoebe Lee
Phoebe Lee 2 months ago

Super cute.

Carmen Gonzales
Carmen Gonzales 2 months ago


Jason Lawley
Jason Lawley 2 months ago

why is she speaking like a robot?

Ness 8159
Ness 8159 2 months ago

to save time I would recommend using a round stamp sponge brush for the Polka dots

eledia fredrick
eledia fredrick 2 months ago

i will make some DIY ortimets for my mom

Ashley Gwynn
Ashley Gwynn 2 months ago

You're a genius!

Brady Wood
Brady Wood 2 months ago


nomibear 2 months ago

I cracked up at the Olaf ornament! The only thing is that if you want to use it next year, all his parts will probably get all jumbled up in the snow when you move it. So maybe somehow make the salt stick to itself, and then glue Olaf on top?

Evi Ive HKewl
Evi Ive HKewl 2 months ago

A lesson we learned about filling the globe ornaments is don't fill them with heavy items like sand. The sand was heavier than we thought when we tried to make a beach scene ornament. 

Hearty Cindy
Hearty Cindy 2 months ago

Nice craft ideas. Subbed.

lin dag
lin dag 2 months ago

I liked all of these but my favorites were the mermaid mesh net ornament - the gold polka dots ornament - the ampersand,and the glittery pine cones.  I will def be making these.  Thanks, Karen!!  

Vanya Boon
Vanya Boon 2 months ago

That Olaf ornament!!

playfulnoise 2 months ago

That snitch could be Navi with a couple modifications!

Mika Chan Sailor
Mika Chan Sailor 2 months ago

all very creative and sooo pretty!!
almost everything on my tree this year is diy, lots of pinecones and revamped baubles!

GH 2 months ago

Karen, you are the BEST! That ,melted Olaf is sooo funny

LeighsHome 2 months ago

I made a few ornaments this year!  Swirl ornaments, button ornaments, map ornaments and something else that I can't think of right now.  There are videos on my channel if you care.  lol  I love the fishnet stocking ornament!

CATSAREGREAT5 2 months ago

I loved this video! My favorite was either the pinecones or the fishnet ornament! :)

terralynn9 2 months ago

Last year I used one of your ampersand necklaces as an ornament on my Charlie Brown tree. This year I'm not decorating for the holidays because I get to go home for Christmas.

Silvia Cortes
Silvia Cortes 2 months ago

I have a little Christmas tree, it fits on the palm of my hand and I was wondering if you could make a video on how to make miniature ornaments for the little 🎄, it would really help me out :3

P.S. I 💖 Your Videos!

steakuccino 2 months ago

These are all cute and pretty easy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gradient pinecone!

Katherine Chin
Katherine Chin 2 months ago

I like the Olaf!  Our tree is entirely homemade ornaments this year -- we did a hand blown glass class last month and then we added some yarn balls and origami last weekend.  Next weekend we're trying homemade snow globes!  I just found your channel recently and now I have to make a list of all the things I want to try.  

Catarina Bita
Catarina Bita 2 months ago

Omg i love this!!!! I just subscribed :D

Anna Ederle
Anna Ederle 2 months ago

I think I'll make some for my grandma cause her tree has looked the same for decades :D Your ideas really inspired me!

Nicole Zamini
Nicole Zamini 2 months ago

I made the Olaf ornament but i used polymer clay to make the arms, buttons and the nose😊😉

Kp3129 2 months ago

You're my favorite! Love your videos! :))

Jooles Smith
Jooles Smith 2 months ago

Love the melted snowman idea :-)

M W 2 months ago

That reference! :D
Really liked the idea and especially the editing :))

Helen Brooks
Helen Brooks 2 months ago

I have made salt dough handprints of my daughter to give as gifts.

Margaret Moon
Margaret Moon 2 months ago

I really liked the polka dot ornament. Super easy and super cute!

ashley kim
ashley kim 2 months ago


Tamaraniac 2 months ago

The pinecone ornaments are so cute!

Jaslynn 2 months ago

My birthday is 10 days before Christmas! So my birthday party theme is going to be "Christmas Crafts!" These will be perfect for the party! Thanks so much for your help :)

Precious & Me
Precious & Me 2 months ago

Really cute ideas Karen.  Love the melted snowman idea.  Hugs

EllenDoesLifestyle 2 months ago

Yessss the Ampersand is so cute! Love these ornaments. :)

Jacob Bradley
Jacob Bradley 2 months ago

you really like that pull focus dont you?

Magalie brunelle
Magalie brunelle 2 months ago

winter wonderland 😜❄️🎁🎅⛄️🎄✨😊🌟

KK 2 months ago

Great ideas! I bought the "Some people are worth melting for" ornaments on Etsy for some friends. I got to thinking, "This is slightly morbid, but eh, it's cute!" lol

Megan Browning
Megan Browning 2 months ago

Haha I loved the Louise quote you added in there! This definitely put me in the festive mood :) x

Lisa Broadley
Lisa Broadley 2 months ago

I like the clear ornaments you transformed.

SusanneDraws 2 months ago

Love that golden snitch ornament!! :)

Charlotte Burnside
Charlotte Burnside 2 months ago

did the tape try to stay in the circle punch when you punched it??

Shan Brockley
Shan Brockley 2 months ago

My favourite youtuber wish i was you 😇 xx

Lilia Ramírez
Lilia Ramírez 2 months ago

I loved all of them! But specially the melted Olaf (^∇^)it is so funny :D

daphneinthetrees 2 months ago

So lovely! I have a weakness for the gold glittery pineapple. :)

_xNatasha_parkerx_ 2 months ago