Christmas Digital Papers and Etsy Restock


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Information Christmas Digital Papers and Etsy Restock

Title : Christmas Digital Papers and Etsy Restock

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Frames Christmas Digital Papers and Etsy Restock

Description Christmas Digital Papers and Etsy Restock

Christmas Digital Papers and Etsy Restock

Christmas Digital Papers and Etsy Restock

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Mary O'Brien
Mary O'Brien 2 months ago

When did you do the video on sewing a signature with biased tape? I would like to watch it. These journals are gorgeous bu the way.

Taylor Made Journals
Taylor Made Journals 2 months ago

A lovely kit and projects !

Kristin Schultz
Kristin Schultz 2 months ago

Hi Gi - I can’t find the video for your journal process using the seam binding to sew in the signatures. Can you link it for me? Can’t wait to purchase the kit!

Sonja Friskes
Sonja Friskes 2 months ago

Gorgeous kit Gi. I went to your Etsy to look for the journals but cant find them. Are they allready sold? I cant print and was so happy to see a physical item that have your beautiful prints. Tfs Hugs xxx Sonja

Rhonda Wetzbarger
Rhonda Wetzbarger 2 months ago

So pretty!

Maria Leftwich
Maria Leftwich 2 months ago

such beautiful papers!!!

georgette martinez
georgette martinez 2 months ago

merci gi le papier est très très beau merci pour la video

Judy Glasson
Judy Glasson 2 months ago

How do I find your shop please. What country are you in?

María Cortės
María Cortės 2 months ago


Ardella Koskinen
Ardella Koskinen 2 months ago

Beautiful Christmas digital kit! Gorgeous Christmas journals, envelopes, and tags!

Mags Nash
Mags Nash 2 months ago

Thank you so much Gi, I really really love 💕 those papers, they’re really really stunning and gorgeous too, and I really really love 💕 the delicate colours and pictures on them. And they look Victorian too. Please stay safe and well too xxx Mags

Crafty Blind Girl
Crafty Blind Girl 2 months ago

Very nice! I did a video in which I teach people how to make their pages print borderless. I see your pages all have the borders so perhaps you might like to have a look. What you do is change the paper type to something like other matte paper and then turn on borderless printing under the advanced settings and then it will work. Happy crafting!

Laurette Chandler
Laurette Chandler 2 months ago

The Christmas kit is so beautiful I went right to the shop and ordered it. Everything you made is so gorgeous and beautifully done, but sold out before I could get to the shop.

Donna Degale-Kalloo
Donna Degale-Kalloo 2 months ago

They are all lovely!

Linda Hansen
Linda Hansen 2 months ago

I would love if there was more paper with angels 🤲🏼🦋😄💗🕯🦋💗🕯🦋💗🕯🦋💗🕯🦋💗

Chris Shuk
Chris Shuk 2 months ago

So beautiful, cant wait to chech out your shop

jane holloway
jane holloway 2 months ago

It's all so beautiful and delicate designs! 💖 from Devon, England

CaveIt Crafting by Karina

Oh wow beautiful paper 👍🏻

Yolanda kouwenberg-meijer

Lovely kit

Marie callac
Marie callac 2 months ago

Coucou, les papiers sont beaux et les réalisations sont vraiment très réussies. Merci, bon dimanche

Margo Vermunicht
Margo Vermunicht 2 months ago

ooooo,so it

the crafting shed Davies

There gorgeous and that kit is awesome do you do any the is already printed as I would love one but don't have a printer hugs jayne xx

Debbie Zagarit
Debbie Zagarit 2 months ago

Really lovely Gi. Your journals will fly out of store. Have a blessed Sunday xxxx


Beautiful Gi💝😍

Jill Marks
Jill Marks 2 months ago

Ooooo thank you Gi, they are pretty x💜💜💜

liz poore
liz poore 2 months ago

I love your papers and style. Thank you so much.

Robyn Lutes
Robyn Lutes 2 months ago

Lovely collection!

Debbie Mclean
Debbie Mclean 2 months ago

How much are your journals and how much shipping to uk

Shelly Jursza
Shelly Jursza 2 months ago

Beautiful and I’m loving the light pastel green ❤️

Rita Mayr
Rita Mayr 2 months ago

I have purchased this kit great, lovely Gi, have a good time and stay well........Hugs Rita from Austria

Barb Sterling
Barb Sterling 2 months ago

So pretty, can’t wait to get these pack,

Cindy Christ
Cindy Christ 2 months ago

Gi, I so love all of your digitals! But, I am looking for a more faith based Christmas digitals. I love the soft look of your images, the beauty of your faded edges. Could you make one without Santa, toys, etcetera? I know I am being bold with this request, but the images I have seen are not conducive to pages. Thank you for considering this request! Blessings -- Cindy

LoKe- Art
LoKe- Art 2 months ago

So beautiful, i love the colour ❤️

Sandra Sneed
Sandra Sneed 2 months ago

Beautiful as usual..... love these💕

Kim Barton
Kim Barton 2 months ago

beautiful digital paper and loved what you did with it.

nightangel0515 2 months ago

OMG! Love it!

Stephanie Addy
Stephanie Addy 2 months ago

They are so gorgeous x

Jan S'field
Jan S'field 2 months ago

Beautiful Gi, just has you all over it! Very gentle and traditional, gorgeous Gi!

Laura Sitlington
Laura Sitlington 2 months ago


TrishasJunkJournals 2 months ago

They are simply beautiful

Mamma Luna
Mamma Luna 2 months ago

Super lovely as usual. Excuse me dear Gi but I don't understand when your creations will be on sale.... Thank you very much

Cindy Becker
Cindy Becker 2 months ago

❤️lovely. Just beautiful..

Gloria Bonnifield
Gloria Bonnifield 2 months ago

Paper are so beautiful and so are the Journals. I hope you don’t mind but I sent Favola a short translation of the things you mentioned on the video. 💖

Shelley L M
Shelley L M 2 months ago

Everything is Absolutely More than Lovely, Gi !!! Such splendid work !!!

Dawn Bentley
Dawn Bentley 2 months ago


SU-BEE ! 2 months ago


Donna Kennedy
Donna Kennedy 2 months ago

Simply beautiful Gi. TYFS, Donna, in California.

Ginette Nourse
Ginette Nourse 2 months ago

So pretty. Thank you for sharing. I will hopefully get to purchase one of your journal and envelope set. 🤞😘💕💕

Lauren Butler
Lauren Butler 2 months ago

Hi Gi! Can you tell me what color(s) you use to make this soft green seam binding? My own experience has turned to emerald, or too blue, or too yellowish...I have not been able to nail it. Tfs love the Christmas kit!

Liette Lafontaine
Liette Lafontaine 2 months ago

it's a beautiful digital kit for Christmas,love the soft colors!! Nice little journals too!!!

Cindy Haselip
Cindy Haselip 2 months ago

The digitals are gorgeous. I would expect nothing less from you. The journals are so pretty and I am sure they will sell out immediately.

robin magargle
robin magargle 2 months ago

Love these. They are so pretty

Linda Barnes
Linda Barnes 2 months ago

Lovely paper and Journals!

Faviola Alava
Faviola Alava 2 months ago

Aunque no entiendo nada, pues no hablo inglés, están lindas¡

Pamela K Allen
Pamela K Allen 2 months ago

That is beautiful paper