Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings for Gaming \u0026 Performance 2020 - Boost FPS



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Information Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings for Gaming \u0026 Performance 2020 - Boost FPS

Title : Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings for Gaming \u0026 Performance 2020 - Boost FPS

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Frames Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings for Gaming \u0026 Performance 2020 - Boost FPS

Description Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings for Gaming \u0026 Performance 2020 - Boost FPS

Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings for Gaming \u0026 Performance 2020 - Boost FPS

Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings for Gaming \u0026 Performance 2020 - Boost FPS

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Akromu Wajiihan
Akromu Wajiihan 2 months ago

How the hell u guys getting much option in nvidia control panel?

Leo Bats
Leo Bats 2 months ago

Stay Blessed man and thank you for your help!!

Zombie Murderer
Zombie Murderer 2 months ago

Bro i cant hear a damn thing your saying with volume on max

Hyper Gaming
Hyper Gaming 2 months ago

Bro I personally Recommend In my 4year Lyf Yu Just Play Yur Game Nvidia Control Panel setting In Default Setting Is Mor Then Enough ✨ Only 3-4 Fps different In This Setting But I am Not recommend 😐

Safshën Md 10
Safshën Md 10 2 months ago

thank you :) i see a lot of changing in my desktop performance :) keep it up :) this tutorial is amazing ;)

MrStealUrGirl 2 months ago

I have rtx2060 8gb
I5 10th gen
16gb ram
Zowie 240hz monitor but my fps is still bullshit what should i do man?

Naois Gaming YT
Naois Gaming YT 2 months ago

Sir I don't have a display and video settings on NVIDA control panel.what can I do ???

L Cs
L Cs 2 months ago

全关掉 就不能够提高游戏的画质了

Motiom 2 months ago

Frames didn’t change at all

Zeta Assassin
Zeta Assassin 2 months ago

What do the graphics actually look like when playing?

NEITAN 2 months ago

but why i dont have display and video on nvidia control panel??? pls help

lux wyd
lux wyd 2 months ago

Thx so much man I really need this to go to comp

VsyncFN__ 2 months ago

hey bro can you tell me why my fps gos like !67 |240

SLK Gaming
SLK Gaming 2 months ago

Thanks a lot 😍👍

Pʀɪᴛʜᴠɪ Awαήα

Bro its a request to you please make a video on how to boost bluestaks 5 ...i have a 16 gb ram pc but still games lag in it i reinstalled windows but it dosent solve plz help me

TheLegend2o7 2 months ago

Solid video bro!

Bruno Branco
Bruno Branco 2 months ago


Mahtab Singh
Mahtab Singh 2 months ago

Could it work in Nvidia 410M?

Mini Burg
Mini Burg 2 months ago

bro i dont have display

DR.MUFFLING 2 months ago


Aupu Islam
Aupu Islam 2 months ago

take love brother....#nvidiauser

Elano 2 months ago

thx bro

Ak Khan Tareen
Ak Khan Tareen 2 months ago

Plzzzz solve my problam
My pc fps in only 1 hz

VTX MarkJay
VTX MarkJay 2 months ago

I couldn't find the driver version 456.55, is there any other good option for GTX 1060 series driver? thank u

Ollo 2 months ago

very helpful Thanks!

Mahdi Potter
Mahdi Potter 2 months ago


james massey
james massey 2 months ago

#nvidiauser thank you for your help

Kidd 2 months ago

I don't have display tab in nvidia control panel. Can someone help me??

PrixorPlayzZ 2 months ago

I have GT 710 will it work i have really potato GPU

Minh hiếu
Minh hiếu 2 months ago

This can work for gtx 1650?

Yvonne Leka
Yvonne Leka 2 months ago

Thank you so much

LeonardoPlayzz 2 months ago

u deserved a like and a sub bro

Sammy Ay-man
Sammy Ay-man 2 months ago

Yo ....your settings didn't work for me you fake

Mate squad
Mate squad 2 months ago


noel whyte
noel whyte 2 months ago

A sweet comment😘

_Beton Channel_
_Beton Channel_ 2 months ago

Hello, thank you! But the video card will not overheat?

P.s sorry i don't understand computers.

Maaz Hassan
Maaz Hassan 2 months ago

Now which is the best driver versions n

Azerbaijan Caucasus
Azerbaijan Caucasus 2 months ago

Stil playing coldwar on pc with 12 fps. How is this possible?

Anne Lorraine Melegrito

is this setup applicable for laptop users? Let me know if you have a separate laptop settings setup.

Nasser Ouarrak
Nasser Ouarrak 2 months ago

haha fps go brrrrrrr

Mike Sankey
Mike Sankey 2 months ago

whats a good driver for april 2021 i need help my games look like poo

스톰튜브 (StormTube)

하하... 재밌네

Summerslice 2 months ago

#Nvidiauser love from South Africa!

Samyajoti Mandal
Samyajoti Mandal 2 months ago

Thanks a lot man. You deserve respect ❤️take love and support ❤️❤️

Masum Ibn Hashim
Masum Ibn Hashim 2 months ago

Thanks bro needed this for the more vibrant games!

BijeCi3Ezie 2 months ago

I have gtx 1650 i stutter 180fps to 47fps i have 60hz not playable!!!

Low Budget Laptop
Low Budget Laptop 2 months ago


davi p
davi p 2 months ago

Wow 300+ fps, my 9800gt is performing like a 3080 after watching this

Chaos 2 months ago

Thanks bro I’m running games at 55 degrees Celsius with settings on high

Idk Idk
Idk Idk 2 months ago

God bless whoever sees this remember your loved

fuad ahamed
fuad ahamed 2 months ago

bro don't put the texture filtering on high performance that is the same as having it as off pls do your research

evFyio 2 months ago

i don't see display on my control panel, any solutions please ?

iconic freak yt
iconic freak yt 2 months ago

Old driver will give more fps then new version of driver...??

Cacti 2 months ago

Thanks :)

Sareybothr Chhoy
Sareybothr Chhoy 2 months ago

U make my pc smooth I sub

GPSN CBRO 2 months ago

i have windows 10 64x bit but it doesnt show whether the driver is dhc or standard on the nvidia place thingy. pls help?

Gabu Buu
Gabu Buu 2 months ago

is this applicable on dota 2?

Baki rayugi
Baki rayugi 2 months ago

is it ok that i have 50-60 fps only in valorant but im using 75 hz

Marc Noone
Marc Noone 2 months ago

hi from the UK , thanks for this video

Arafa 2 months ago

Hey bro I have a pc with rtx 3070 an R5 5600x , my pc is not going that good , my gpu usage (talking about Fortnite) in directX12 is unstable like 40% cpu and 8% gpu and the fps look instabile and the bad thing is if Fortnite drops only 1 fps it look so laggy and not smooth , and when I use directx11 my cpu is 45 % and gpu 90% and that’s SO MUCH LAGGY , I can’t talk about performance mode because it’s the worst . When I download a driver my pc get worse, bro I’m lost I don’t know what to do. I saw a lot of videos and I still can’t found a working one, I still didn’t saw your video cuz everyone is a lost of time

Swoopy .
Swoopy . 2 months ago


Sᴏᴜʀ αρρlε
Sᴏᴜʀ αρρlε 2 months ago

Stupid youtuber its better to set it to default

ashleycox 2 months ago

Tysm I use to get like 120 to 144 in games fps now I get 240 to 220 fps like omg

Bert 2 months ago

Can i delete the old driver after i download the new version of driver?

BlackNinjaPod ツ
BlackNinjaPod ツ 2 months ago

Sweet comment :)

Bert 2 months ago

I cant see the driver type it does not appear, why is that?

Keti 7
Keti 7 2 months ago

when I'm downloding this driver only show 3 D settings , doesn't show display , Video why ?
my notbook is asus Rog core I7 Geforece GTX

Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm 2 months ago


PrasMs 2 months ago

Thx, i was reinstall, AND SHIET

SREERAAG Nair 2 months ago

Bro need help

EX KING GAMEPLAY 2 months ago

what if i turn on it all?

Obama _man9
Obama _man9 2 months ago

The nvidia control panel won’t open for some reason

SFK_ Denis
SFK_ Denis 2 months ago

one problem I don't have that display thing when I open it and idk how to fix it

C.E. CASH 2 months ago

sounds like the adults talking in a Charlie Brown cartoon

Ryan Singleton
Ryan Singleton 2 months ago

Your voice is blowing out my subwoofer my dude xD

SL KUKULA 2 months ago

thank you

Allan Mar
Allan Mar 2 months ago

you are legend!

Josh Temple-Cox
Josh Temple-Cox 2 months ago

I had some extra settings i would like to check that i've done the right thing?

Preferred Refresh rate (VG278) Aplication-Controlled ?
Multi-Frame sampled aa (MFAA) OFF ?

ᕲ⌘☡☡¥ 2 months ago

thx g

Legend Himanshu
Legend Himanshu 2 months ago

kya c banaya hai pura laptop hi band pad ja rha hai ruk ruk ke work kr rha hai wah phle wale pe dobara kiya to sahi chal rha hai please dont wrong information shared ok.

Filipino Kitchen Reveal

after I imitate this configuration, my gaming experience improves.
thank you very much.. Godbless

Clyve 2 months ago

Is this for 1050 ti?

span 2 months ago

do i have to unistall my old driver in order to download my new one ?

BlackLeafNinja 2 months ago

Hello, i wanna ask, is it okay if i did that but i changed some of a program setting and with different settings, is that okay?

George Jean-Baptiste
George Jean-Baptiste 2 months ago

ty for the help man i liked and subbed!!!

ვიღაცა საიდანღაც

მაგადია 👍

ვიღაცა საიდანღაც

მაგადია 👍

UndeadxShina 2 months ago

thx bro

Shikari Gaming Pero
Shikari Gaming Pero 2 months ago


Cuidavo 2 months ago

Please upload those voice meter settings pleaseeee:((

Yiga 2 months ago

I dont see display

Philip Lopez
Philip Lopez 2 months ago

I dont know why but after following the settings. My gpu usage was lower and my cpu usage was high, which caused fps drops on warzone.

erik vega
erik vega 2 months ago

thanks man really helpful made my day

Crexzy 2 months ago


Jaxson Millz
Jaxson Millz 2 months ago

Lol Agree to disagree?? You must have a older GPU? Im no spoiled lil asshole I gotta 2060 plane jane OC @2045mhz stable. On Mine I set DsR to x4 and DsR smooth to +40 I find this offsets my vram usage playin like Warzone So it multiplys your screen resoloution. the trick is it works both ways while multiplys up I have a 1920x1080 p it scales my res up past 26xx I then scale down to my screen resoloution and it lowers my Ram Usage fuckim weird but it looks great I got raytrace in most everythung set on high and im still 1500 below vram @180 to 200 fps

cherrybloom 2 months ago

3:15 if you have already installed it :)

Oussama Onizuka
Oussama Onizuka 2 months ago

Restart my pc ??

Cooper 2 months ago

I'm on a laptop and I don't see display and video that a issue?

Jesse LoMonaco
Jesse LoMonaco 2 months ago

would this be good for rtx 3070 and amd ryzen 7 3700x?