Easy Painting in acrylic of Emperor penguin Family Live streaming | TheArtSherpa



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Information Easy Painting in acrylic of Emperor penguin Family Live streaming | TheArtSherpa

Title : Easy Painting in acrylic of Emperor penguin Family Live streaming | TheArtSherpa

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Frames Easy Painting in acrylic of Emperor penguin Family Live streaming | TheArtSherpa

Description Easy Painting in acrylic of Emperor penguin Family Live streaming | TheArtSherpa

Easy Painting in acrylic of Emperor penguin Family Live streaming | TheArtSherpa

Easy Painting in acrylic of Emperor penguin Family Live streaming | TheArtSherpa

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Erica O’Donnell
Erica O’Donnell 2 months ago

I love this video

Honey Bunches Of Ella

I love this. I am going to paint this for my friend who LOVES penguins. Can't wait to give it to her. Thank you! 😊👏

vick keeley
vick keeley 2 months ago

Hi Cinnamon and John. I am new to painting and I love the way you paint and explain things

Lori Egolf
Lori Egolf 2 months ago

Love this, will try it soon and give to my grandbabies.

P D 2 months ago

Enjoy your videos and have learned a lot. I can’t find where I can print the reference photo of either the final painting or the photo you are painting from. Help. (I am a member of your website)

Susan Zolton
Susan Zolton 2 months ago

Such a fun painting

Peggy Franz
Peggy Franz 2 months ago

Where do you get a traceable?Im feeling duh today Brain fogged ? Please

sahseh07 2 months ago

This is so nice. Can't wait to paint it.

Evelyn L.
Evelyn L. 2 months ago

I love how supportive your husband John is of your creativity and channel Cinnamon, and I love how you two work together as a team. I think you two have such a beautiful marriage! Of course, no marriage is “perfect”, but I can tell the two of you know how to communicate with each other, respect each other, compromise to make each other happy, and view each other as equals and individual people with your own separate personalities even though you have come together as one in marriage. This makes your content so much better and very family friendly. Keep up the beautiful work and content ❤️Cinnamon and John💙 !!!!!!

Madhurima Art And Craft

You r an Amazing Artist n a great teacher.I started my own painting classes after learning from you .You never hides any technique like other painters does .Thank you so much .Love u dear .💝💝💐💐👌👌👍👍

Susan Bishop
Susan Bishop 2 months ago

They are adorable!!! I love your set up! You both have worked so hard to do this. Thanks so much! And Big ART Hugs to you both. <3

Julie Vickers
Julie Vickers 2 months ago

Fantastic painting Sherpa love it, merry Christmas to you all. 😘😘👏👏👏👏🇬🇧😘😘😘😘

Eloise Walker
Eloise Walker 2 months ago


Glenda Wilkins
Glenda Wilkins 2 months ago

They are so sweet !!!!!

mansi k
mansi k 2 months ago

Your great! Can you please make an easy acyrlic painting of the eiffel tower, it wuld be awesome

linda lopez
linda lopez 2 months ago

No more head gear for you? Cause if your not gonna do that then definitely do super cool Betsy earrings! Just my thoughts!

linda lopez
linda lopez 2 months ago

Really nice....so fluid

nangraham1 2 months ago

I love your work and new cameras, but I miss the little breaks to speak to the viewer. This makes the video longer but brings out your personality which is why you are my favorite

Marilyn Todd
Marilyn Todd 2 months ago

Thanks again. This is such an adorable little family!

Cintbay 2 months ago

So so sweet. Great painting. I love your use of the cattail brush

angela maxwell
angela maxwell 2 months ago

I love all the new things you look so beautiful and thanks for drawing this out , the camera work is just awesome John, it almost looks like Cinnamon is outside painting ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎨🌈🎄❄️👏🏾Thanks for the great painting!!!!!

Prabhavathi Subramanya

Hi,hi looking great in your new style !I always love penguins because I have seen them in real ,very cute and lovely ones! I too would love to paint the cute ones looking at your painting! Thank you ,And A very happy merry Christmas to you and your family! With love❤️🤗🌺💐

Tara-Jayne Sharp
Tara-Jayne Sharp 2 months ago

Your comment about not worrying about what others are thinking or going to say about my painting resonated with me . It made me realise that it is what makes me anxious when I am painting. I will try my best not to from now on 😍

sushma singh
sushma singh 2 months ago

Such an adorable and cute painting. The little penguin is looking so cute . Wow.

Deidra 2 months ago

Extremely beautiful! So expressive 😍Love your new set up!

wendy ambrose
wendy ambrose 2 months ago

Love you Cinnamon and John.

wendy ambrose
wendy ambrose 2 months ago

Oh Mum loved the Reindeer. Oooh love the penguins🤗🤗

wendy ambrose
wendy ambrose 2 months ago

Hello everyone. Sorry I joined late. Love the new set up. Great work John and Cinnamon. Love this painting. QUESTION COULD I PAINT THIS ON A LARGE CANVAS.

Cathy & Mike Quimby Quimby

Love, love them!

Jacqui Pexton
Jacqui Pexton 2 months ago

Absolutely wonderful. I have been anxious and low and can't wait to do this. Your new set up is brilliant. Thank you so much to you and John for your enthusiasm and hard work.

Carolyn Miller
Carolyn Miller 2 months ago

U woohoo smart an beautiful no matter what hair color. How....coooooooool!!!!!!! An cute painting,U soooooooo!!!!!!!Awesome!!!!!!!!

Mona L creates
Mona L creates 2 months ago

Cutest penguin family!! <3

RobynGuppy Art
RobynGuppy Art 2 months ago

Wow I love that there is so much more color in the painting vs. the photo. Thank you Sherpa and John. New camera angles are awesome but I got a bit dizzy with all the camera flipping. And trying to move to where Sherpa is painting and then we get there and she already done. Looking forward to it getting better! :-D :-)

شنكوشي shinkushi

Hi My friends

Garden Dapur ll
Garden Dapur ll 2 months ago

Sorry..cant join u. Becoz of our time was different with u. At malaysia 3hours bfore was 3am.. We all still in our dreams..hahahaha

Craig Allen
Craig Allen 2 months ago

This was tremendous. I can’t even handle the cuteness of the baby one. Thanks for the lesson!

Penny Raterman
Penny Raterman 2 months ago

Awwww, oneness.

Intuitive Medium Michaelle

Love your hair

Rita Wilkerson
Rita Wilkerson 2 months ago

video is very clear however I am having trouble with the new "side" angle camera view.