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Clayton Burton
Clayton Burton 2 months ago

Loving the content! You deserve more views. Oh by the way, have a look at followsm . c o m!!! It will help you promote your videos!!

Lauren Wareing
Lauren Wareing 2 months ago

hey! would love to be featured if you do another of these :) thanks so much!

elsafry 2 months ago

All these products are amazing! I will definitely buying some of these for Christmas presents!

Please enter me into the draw to win if you haven’t done it already :)
Instagram: @elsafry

Kirsty Donaldson
Kirsty Donaldson 2 months ago

I love the tea light holder from the first shop Terrazolane, would go amazingly in my livingroom.

(Insta: kirstydonaldson_)

Kelly D
Kelly D 2 months ago

What a gorgeous giveaway and a lovely way to celebrate small businesses. It must have been such a hard year for them in the current situation! And small businesses always make sooo much lovelier products than the huge cooperate companies! So generous! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for myself. Instagram @kellydawson.x

Bethany Martin
Bethany Martin 2 months ago

Love finding new small businesses to support 😍 @bethanysmardon

ad s
ad s 2 months ago

Love your videos!! xx

AliceSaint 2 months ago

Such a great idea!! IG name: alicesaintx

MummyAndMyla 2 months ago

Wow what a fabulous idea! My little girl Myla absolutely LOVES it when the boys are on your vlogs :) would absolutely love to win. @sammywatson21 Thank You so much xxxxxx

Evie Darnell
Evie Darnell 2 months ago

This giveaway is amazing!! These incredible small businesses really deserve the support😊 I would love to be entered! My instagram is eviedarnell
(Also i can’t believe i only just found out that dolly bow bow was your business! Your things were so pretty and i bought some jewellery from there years ago) ✨💓xxx

Anny Valentini
Anny Valentini 2 months ago

More tips for Christmas gifts for your loved ones! www.buzzfeed.com/team_one/10-sustainable-gifts-for-everyone-in-your-life-bvck80hch2

Hanna Marshall
Hanna Marshall 2 months ago

Gorgeous products!! @mummyoftheoandbenji

Katie Newell
Katie Newell 2 months ago

Am I too late to enter!? Love all your gift guides and watch them every year. Love that you have given small businesses the credit they deserve. 🙂 @wallflower.kac

Stacey Alderson
Stacey Alderson 2 months ago

I've followed you for years on the channel and Instagram. I love your videos and how honest and real you are. Fingers crossed for the giveaway. My Instagram handle is staceyja.x 🤭 Good luck everyone! Thankyou for a fantastic opportunity Kate 🤞🏼

Danielle Bulman
Danielle Bulman 2 months ago

I would absolutely love to win this give away! Thanks for another fabulous video ❤️ so nice to support some lovely small business's
@danibulman (instagram tag)

Jemma Soro
Jemma Soro 2 months ago

Some absolutely gorgeous ideas! I’ve already ordered some wax melts 💕 jem_soro

Elle Smith
Elle Smith 2 months ago

This is so lovely! Supporting small business’ is such an important thing this year. They all look so amazing 💕 elle_louise_Smith

Hayley West-Burrows
Hayley West-Burrows 2 months ago

Such lovely thing to do to feature so many small businesses. My Instagram is @hwestburrows

Emma Chisholm
Emma Chisholm 2 months ago

Beautiful items ❤️ what a wonderful idea to share the love!! #craftysheepcreations xx

Jodie Langston
Jodie Langston 2 months ago

This is the first year Ive really supported independent businesses and the gifts I have got for people are so much more personal and so well made. This is definitely something I will continue with.
The items you have shown are beautiful! ❤️


Johnny micheal
Johnny micheal 2 months ago

When I requested (macstore202) on Instagram I thought he was fake until i finished my registration process that was when I receive macbookpro delivered.

Johnny micheal
Johnny micheal 2 months ago

When I requested (macstore202) on Instagram I thought he was fake until i finished my registration process that was when I receive macbookpro delivered.

rosejewl 2 months ago

I am all for supporting small businesses like you said theres a massive difference in the love that is put into even just their packaging compared to bigger brands <3 my instagram handle is nilsu_rose

Rebecca - Through Florrie's Eyes

I have made it my mission this year to support local/small. What a lovely selection you have. ♥️ Winning your giveaway would help tick lots of people off my list! Mrsrbrennan xx

ThatPlantLife 2 months ago

I can't believe I'm so late to the party but I've just recently started buying on Etsy and I love some of these small businesses! Some amazing items! 💕

Cheryl Brendish
Cheryl Brendish 2 months ago

What a fantastic idea and showcase of all the creative, inspirational small businesses in the UK. Love Terazzolane as I live in Cornwall and this would be amazing to win. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful people and their work. My Instagram is Sopranotastic

Lizzie Leslie
Lizzie Leslie 2 months ago

How lovely is that nutcracker decoration! It would be amazing to win these, Instagram is @lizzieleslie x

Margarida Paciencia
Margarida Paciencia 2 months ago

❤️❤️❤️ ig- _margarida123

Hannah Hill
Hannah Hill 2 months ago

What a lovely idea! I've bought from small independent businesses this Christmas too 😊 my handle is @Hannah.hill4217 hope you & the family have a wonderful Christmas ❤️

Gemma Bryant
Gemma Bryant 2 months ago

Aww love that you've supported small businesses like this, some absolutely stunning products featured! Thanks for sharing, will definitely check these out :) @gemzykate

Nikolett Lang
Nikolett Lang 2 months ago

these gifts all looked lovely. whoever will win they are lucky :)
my instagram is @anaphotographyuk

Rachael Davey
Rachael Davey 2 months ago

What beautiful gifts! I’ve bought a few lovely Christmas presents from small businesses this year. My Instagram is @rach_davey 😊

Claire Taylor
Claire Taylor 2 months ago

This is a great idea all have such lovely items 😊 I own a small business myself every order truly does mean so much 😊 @claireetaylor92

Ellen Wilson
Ellen Wilson 2 months ago

This was so helpful! I love shopping small and was great to see a range of things in one place. I have ordered the apple and cinammon candle from Feathers and Fellows as a Christmas gift. - @ellen_scarlet

Nicola Shields
Nicola Shields 2 months ago

I have never really watched your channel but I searched for small business gift guides and this video came up. I have purchased from the first business you mentioned as it’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for in my new bathroom! Thank you!

xMisshannahxX 2 months ago

Couldn’t Love this video anymore. After such a tough year it’s even more important to support local @hannah10347 x

Clarry Sinclair
Clarry Sinclair 2 months ago

Love this! Insta is clarrysinclairxo 💓

jackie Egerton
jackie Egerton 2 months ago

My Instagram is jackie_egerton. Thank you 😊 xxx

jackie Egerton
jackie Egerton 2 months ago

Thank you for showing us what’s available.Lots of lovely gifts, Kate. My favourite is the wire fox.😍xxx

Jessica Derry
Jessica Derry 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing these amazing small businesses! 😍 my insta is _jessderry

Jennifer Taylor
Jennifer Taylor 2 months ago

They all look so beautiful! I’ve already followed a few and got so much inspiration for Christmas presents. Thank you for the ideas ☺️ jentay.22

Chloe Dixon
Chloe Dixon 2 months ago

Loved this video!!! Some amazing things on here! @crdixon13 :)

Jo Lee
Jo Lee 2 months ago

It is so helpful to share small businesses as sometimes it is hard to know where to find them. Thank you. @joanne_m_lee

Kim Ridgway
Kim Ridgway 2 months ago


Monique Ruiz
Monique Ruiz 2 months ago

Such a great video idea! Hopefully all of the shops ship internationally because I’ve got my eye on a few items!

Nicola Riley
Nicola Riley 2 months ago

This is so lovely! @cupcakenic83

Georgina Mason
Georgina Mason 2 months ago

Love this video and these lovely businesses! 💛 @georgie.loves

Janel Westerfield
Janel Westerfield 2 months ago

Definitely supporting small this year! IG: jcwester20

Aunty Debss
Aunty Debss 2 months ago

Aww wow such amazing products. I'm a huge candle addict eeeee. It's so kind to support small businesses. Good luck with your upcoming business xxx Instagram- Aunty_debss
Good luck everyone xx

Ellie Eve
Ellie Eve 2 months ago

Love these! @ellieevemay 💓🤞

Elizabeth X
Elizabeth X 2 months ago

Wow such an amazing give away!! I remember watching your videos when I was younger, dolly bow bow ❤️❤️ @xllaurennx

Dannielle Kenyon
Dannielle Kenyon 2 months ago

Love that you have done this Kate! I’ve definitely shopped more small businesses this year, and can’t wait to gift them! X

Jennifer Pearmain
Jennifer Pearmain 2 months ago

I absolutely love this video concept! I have been trying to support small businesses this year and now I'm aware of even more great ones, thank you! My instagram handle is jennpear

Chelsea White
Chelsea White 2 months ago

These gifts are all so stunning! I love candles 🕯 I’ve been trying to shop from small businesses this year they put so much effort into the products and the packaging it’s so worth it ♥️ insta - chelslaurenwhite xx

Charlotte Daniell
Charlotte Daniell 2 months ago

Absolutely loving these gift guide videos! You are so good at suggesting ideas as some times its so hard to buy for people. Love that you've done a small business one! Would love to win the giveaway! 😍 @sw_lottie28

Aston Slack
Aston Slack 2 months ago

What a lot of beautiful and unique gifts! Definitely going to check them out now! X
My Instagram is

Deborah Walker
Deborah Walker 2 months ago

These are all beautiful, thank you for sharing ❤️

Sarah Ridgwell
Sarah Ridgwell 2 months ago

Wow! They all look amazing and it is so lovely to support small business and you are right the packaging is beautiful ❤️ x

Megan Abigail
Megan Abigail 2 months ago

This was great Kate, I've been looking around for some independent shops to buy from and these are all so lovely!! @megbabezz

Daisy Appleton
Daisy Appleton 2 months ago

What a wonderful way to bring Christmas joy to your viewers and these gorgeous businesses! I would love to win all this stuff, as I watched I was thinking who I would give some of the bits to and my mum would love the crystal animals! @daisychain1003 on Instagram and @DAppletonMFL is my teacher Twitter ❤🎄

Emma Smith
Emma Smith 2 months ago

Such a lovely video showing all these amazing small businesses, perfect time to support these people 🤗

Berrygirl83 2 months ago

Wow some amazing and lovely products. My daughter this year got into supporting small business for her friends Xmas presents x @ berrygirl83

Naomi Hill
Naomi Hill 2 months ago

Lovely bits!!! 💕 @fairycakenay

S U 2 months ago

With the ups and downs of this year I've become more aware of the struggles of small businesses and am loving buying from them, so much more personal than big chains, loving it @s685u

Hannah Lane
Hannah Lane 2 months ago

I’m absolutely loving your gift guides this year! You’ve chosen some gorgeous small businesses!❤️ I really think you can find some absolute gems if you shop small!

Instagram: @han.lanee

Susan Bowen
Susan Bowen 2 months ago

Well done Kate, a truely lovely video supporting some wonderful small businesses. Some very talented people out there that deserve some 'shout outs' :) best wishes to everyone x susiedbowen.

Ben Connolly
Ben Connolly 2 months ago

Wow, such an inspiring video! @benkonwa

Loretta McClenaghan
Loretta McClenaghan 2 months ago

Thanks Kate. My insta is online_earning_savvy_lottie thank you 💜🙏

Chantelle Davies
Chantelle Davies 2 months ago

Loved this video, I’ve tried to shop small this Christmas 🎄 my insta is chantellehay1 and I’d love to win 😍🎄

Michelle Bevan
Michelle Bevan 2 months ago

This gift guide is amazing! 😍 My instagram handle is michellebevan_

Michelle McBrien
Michelle McBrien 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful products and I would be delighted to win and share with my mum and three sisters who have all been key workers this year! My Instagram is @michellebaird17 xxx

Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin 2 months ago

Wow all these gifts look amazing, would love to receive such great gifts! @kellymarie314

Linzi0612 2 months ago

Love your gift guides, this is such a thoughtful video 💜 insta: linzi_mckendrick

Georgiana Sophia
Georgiana Sophia 2 months ago

What an amazing idea!! @georgianasophia

megbrace 2 months ago

This is just what I needed! Thank you for collating such good ideas 💖 @megbracee

Robyn Betts
Robyn Betts 2 months ago

All of these small businesses look amazing! Thank you for the opportunity to win it all, I'd love to be in with a chance! My Instagram is @robyn.betts

Charlotte Qualtrough
Charlotte Qualtrough 2 months ago

I've shopped so much on etsy with small brands this year, the amount of care that goes into each item is just so amazing and they need more recognition! So happy you did this video ❤️❤️❤️


Paige Rose Brown
Paige Rose Brown 2 months ago

What beautiful products I especially love the crystal zoo products absolutely stunning! I’d love to be considered for your giveaway my Instagram handle is @paigggieeeeeeeee
Also agree that the way small businesses package products definitely makes them stand out from big companies x

Talia Lane-Toporowski

Such a brilliant idea to showcase all the small business Kate! Really hope it generates them extra sales! Thank you for giving us viewers such a fantastic giveaway also. @talialanetoporowski 💕

Vacuum till I die
Vacuum till I die 2 months ago

So much beautiful stuff so pretty and I can never find anything nice I would give a lot of that away for presents Marie’s cleaning and decor xx

Claire Helyar
Claire Helyar 2 months ago

Love shopping small and so many great businesses shared here.

Bola J
Bola J 2 months ago

Love your videos Kate... I would love to win this giveaway and I have made a more conscious effort to buy from small businesses...IG @bolanlez

Emily Wilby
Emily Wilby 2 months ago

what a beautiful idea kate to share all these little businesses with everyone! @emily_kate_wilby

linewulffc 2 months ago

Wauw.. what a treat! Would love to win. My Instagram is @linewulffc . I am from Denmark hope that is not a problem!

elle bryant
elle bryant 2 months ago

i’m definitely going to purchase from The Crystal Zoo, my girlfriend loves crystals so i will be getting her christmas gift from there this year!! I would love to win this and share it out with my family after this tough year♥️ Instagram: @ellebryant_

Madelaine 2 months ago

Absolutely stunning stuff you got there and I am all for supporting small businesses. My Instagram is @madelainehewitson xx

Autumn Louise
Autumn Louise 2 months ago

Brilliant video.. So lovely to support small businesses especially during these uncertain times. Because of this video I headed over and made a purchase from enchanting aromas.. Such a lovely service so thank you..

Instagram.. Autumn_louise87

Jade Bentham
Jade Bentham 2 months ago

Everything in this video looks lovely 😍 good luck everyone on the giveaway such a fab prize to recieve before Christmas 🎄 my Instagram is @jadeb1989 😊

Hayley Rigley
Hayley Rigley 2 months ago

Beautiful products, will definitely be ordering from some of these. @hayleyrigley

True You Lifestyle
True You Lifestyle 2 months ago

I love this! I can't wait to support more independent businesses this year for Christmas, thank you for sharing! My favourite is definitely Wax Squared,. Got to love a good scent. @lexiedayx

Georgina Lilly Lucas
Georgina Lilly Lucas 2 months ago

Such lovely products, I really enjoyed the video! My Instagram is: @georgina_lilly_ :)

Sara Dean
Sara Dean 2 months ago

Kate these are beautiful ☺️🤩I have loved your videos from the old days when you were dolly bow bow 😍love to see your family growing up together your a beautiful person.. my insta its_sara308

Red F
Red F 2 months ago

What a wonderful small business gift guide. Fantastic to see some.wonderful businesses. Like most people this year i am shopping small and local. #supportsmallbusiness. Hope you are doing well! X

Claire Hogg
Claire Hogg 2 months ago

Love this video. Lovely businesses and gifts 🥰. Xx

Olwyn Davis
Olwyn Davis 2 months ago

Well Done Kate-what a lovely thing to share on your channel! I completely agree with everything you mentioned in the introduction; it is so important to support small businesses (especially this year) My insta is @olwynxo

georgia TAYLOR
georgia TAYLOR 2 months ago

Some lovely businesses, I’ve shopped a lot from Etsy for Christmas this year and they’ve all been great items . :)
Insta, @georgia_t93

Fionn Trenerry
Fionn Trenerry 2 months ago

@fionn.trenerry_x I would love to win these!🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Cy Harry
Cy Harry 2 months ago

What lovely gift ideas, thank you! I like choosing gifts that you can’t get from the usual shops and supporting small businesses is more important than ever right now. I would share these wonderful gifts with my family & friends if I was lucky enough to win! 🥰🤞🏻 @carolineyhainey

madeleine 2 months ago

i'm so happy you made this video, so important to support our locals and grafters! know my granny would love that canvas bag!
instagram @_gininteacups

Gemma Law
Gemma Law 2 months ago

Fantastic, it's great to support small business, I had a small business for 10 years and always appreciated the positive feedback and support. The gifts are beautiful and would be greatly received up here in the North East of Scotland. Instagram: marleybethlaw x