JEWS in CARS getting BABKA: "Autoneurotic" (YidLife Crisis S3E2)


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Information JEWS in CARS getting BABKA: "Autoneurotic" (YidLife Crisis S3E2)

Title : JEWS in CARS getting BABKA: "Autoneurotic" (YidLife Crisis S3E2)

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Frames JEWS in CARS getting BABKA: "Autoneurotic" (YidLife Crisis S3E2)

Description JEWS in CARS getting BABKA: "Autoneurotic" (YidLife Crisis S3E2)

JEWS in CARS getting BABKA: "Autoneurotic" (YidLife Crisis S3E2)

JEWS in CARS getting BABKA: "Autoneurotic" (YidLife Crisis S3E2)

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George Senda
George Senda 2 months ago

Never able to learn Hebrew and no a little Yiddish, know some German itbdrove my mother nuts. I know Spanish and French some Japanese and some Chinese.
Father was in the army for 17 years and he knew 11 languages but you’re not the patience to teach me any and I am the only person in my family who doesn’t know German although I can read and understand a little bit of it my mother refused to teach me German because she wanted me to learn Hebrew.
But even without Hebrew this is still a very funny series of films I can get what they’re saying even without the subtitles

Mike's Organic Videos

I really laughed out loud more than a few times. Well done.

Reza Jafari
Reza Jafari 2 months ago

I mean, didn't Sweden expel its Jewish population and ban Jews from living there until, like, the 19th century?

JiubeiKibagami 2 months ago

Love you both! You should be on Netflix!

Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson 2 months ago

When he leans back in the seat...

Neel L. Lumi
Neel L. Lumi 2 months ago

”קלײַבט לעבן.”

Karin M
Karin M 2 months ago

Watched it in my Yiddish class in uni

Rangaha 2 months ago

God I love Cheskies

Tots Mini
Tots Mini 2 months ago

😂😂😂😂😂 - Without a doubt is Share-worthy material!😂😂

Ellie Z.
Ellie Z. 2 months ago

Vey iz mir. Di numer fun khakhinkes vos nor farshteyn inem Yidish un nisht inem iberzetsung...

Siena Miller
Siena Miller 2 months ago

I am from Montreal, BH someone started to do such series showing moments of Jewish life with incredible sense of humour )

Jane Doe
Jane Doe 2 months ago

גוט שבת גוי 😂

Danny Werner
Danny Werner 2 months ago

und velech is beser fun fornigrafia der deutscher uder yapanisheren?
(iz da beemesen a rhetorlische shaila 😉🤘)

oaktree_ 2 months ago

The number of times I've gotten in a Lyft or Uber and the driver's name is Hashem... bless you for making this joke, I think about it every single time

Jeanne Amato
Jeanne Amato 2 months ago

More more more!

Professr Frank
Professr Frank 2 months ago

I like the hamentashen at Cheskie’s. 😋

GOTTA BE ME 2 months ago


Judi Gittelman
Judi Gittelman 2 months ago

I cannot get your new series. Do not have that station on my cable package. Comcast costs so much. $188 a month.

Didntwanttomakeauser 2 months ago

"Do you see the iron in how stressed you get every week in preparation for the day of rest"
Did you just make me glad Christmas only comes once a year?

Pearlman YeC
Pearlman YeC 2 months ago

Nice finish at Bedikas Chametz

Debra Katz
Debra Katz 2 months ago

Love these videos....but was very put off by having the pre-video ad be for donating to Donald Trump's 2020 he blatantly going for the "you're Jewish and I support Israel" vote? That's insulting on so many levels...

Judi Gittelman
Judi Gittelman 2 months ago


Gregory Rappaport
Gregory Rappaport 2 months ago

OMG, you guys are amazing. I’ve just shared your video with a good two dozen friends! B’Shalom

Pitti-Sing 2 months ago

PLEASE make more!

I M 2 months ago

Ugly bastard got himself a good diet program after all.
The Yiddish isn't convincing at all.
What about adding some native speakers?

Shareen Selig
Shareen Selig 2 months ago

Top 3 best lines:
1. The worst thing the Swedes did to the Jews? IKEA!
2. BEN ZONA!!!!!
3. The description of the Israeli car

Diane Davidson
Diane Davidson 2 months ago

I love your show! I'm so glad it's back!

And I love noting continuity errors. When you pull the car over and eat - 1, 2, 3 - the windows are dry and then covered in drops in no time. :P

Sara Greenberg
Sara Greenberg 2 months ago

OMG (oy mein gott), this was a particularly funny episode. I literally laughed out loud!! Yasher koyach!

Yoseph Urso
Yoseph Urso 2 months ago

Love these guys!

Fran Sharpe
Fran Sharpe 2 months ago

"machayeh mesim" made my night. Thanks, boichiken.

RRR 2 months ago

You really nail the jokes on the mentality, like the whole car origin situation and the inventors of waze, lol!

Frum Reporter
Frum Reporter 2 months ago

These shows are the best thing since sliced challah

אלעד לרנר Elad Lerner

Waze-mir! XD

Kathleen 2 months ago

I want Yiddish Waze!

BinahMalka Stinnett
BinahMalka Stinnett 2 months ago

I love this show. I'm so happy I started watching! The show really helps me with Yiddish...since I gave up on taking it this semester.

Simon I
Simon I 2 months ago

Ich kann kaum Yiddisch sprechen, aber mit meinem Deutsch ist dies' auch total lustig

Meirstein 2 months ago

>Car named after a Fiddler on the Roof character
>Singing a song from Yentl

Isn't it illegal to mix the two?

Chaim Turner
Chaim Turner 2 months ago

I love the sassy waze!

Max Weinreich
Max Weinreich 2 months ago

זײער קאָמיש! אַזאַ באַבקע!

Kenneth Karpel
Kenneth Karpel 2 months ago


Susanna Bellino
Susanna Bellino 2 months ago

I love this series! Please make more!!

PleatherGirl 2 months ago

Hahaha. This episode is very funny!

Guy ByTheDoor
Guy ByTheDoor 2 months ago

So, you are going to feed my YLC addiction with hilarity and babka, only to leave again and make me deal with YLC withdrawal? FEH!

M Teknigram
M Teknigram 2 months ago

This was great!

Martha Julian
Martha Julian 2 months ago

oh you guys are too much. Can't stop laughing. Thank you, thank you for sharing your comedic genius.