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van alles en silja
van alles en silja 2 months ago

Why does she looks like billie eilish

Nori Coleman
Nori Coleman 2 months ago

Excellent ideas!

Jill Nooyen
Jill Nooyen 2 months ago

Thanks for the worst gift ideas

Yvonne TUCKER 2 months ago

I love all your products, you are great to watch. Body Butter looks so creamy I need to know how to do that .

Tracy Morris
Tracy Morris 2 months ago

Love all of these ideals

Martina Trevino
Martina Trevino 2 months ago

Thank you so much you gave me some very nice and thoughtful ideas. My daughters are in the minimalistic approach to life and they enjoy home made things . All your suggestions are affordable fairly easy to do and super cute.
Blessings to you and your family. 🙏

my awsome cat nicky
my awsome cat nicky 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing. I like the soap idea for something in the future. specially for somebody with skin probles it is a great idea.

Lilac Dreams MLP and HRT

Well my mom has a soap making business so that's probably not the best one for me lol

Heidi A. Thomson BSc Life Coach

Lovely ideas. :) I will look at vegan options for a few of them.

D C 2 months ago

All really nice ideas! I'd love to get any of these gifts! Thanks for sharing!

Lenore Elenora
Lenore Elenora 2 months ago

when anyone wanted many Gift Cards then use this 𝐆𝐫𝐚𝐛𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬.𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭
working for all people!! 📌

sandra hartmann
sandra hartmann 2 months ago

I absolutely love the idea of the linen blanket as I’m an avid linen lover. With that being said even with the more affordable linen blends I find it’s still overly expensive to make handmade. I priced out by yard how much it would cost to make one for just one bed and it came out to be $113.46 just in fabric cost. One day I’ll be able to afford to make it until then I’m still holding out hope that you’ll break down and start making them and selling them. Lol. A girl could hope

Virginia Jenkins
Virginia Jenkins 2 months ago

What brand is your mama shirt?

trhbrook 2 months ago

what is the name of the label making website you mention a few times?

Dan Neeley
Dan Neeley 2 months ago

Wonderful video with great ideas all made with love

Consciously Pure
Consciously Pure 2 months ago

Love these ideas! I definitely need to make the cinnamon oat soap!

A S 2 months ago

Wonderful video! Also, Love your shirt! What is the brand??

Marilyn Bell
Marilyn Bell 2 months ago

How much soap/bars does the soap recipe in the video make?

Farmhouse Teas
Farmhouse Teas 2 months ago

Lovely ideas!

Jean Grant
Jean Grant 2 months ago

Great ideas

Mary Curry
Mary Curry 2 months ago

Awesome ideas! Thank you so much.🎄

Kasandra Mckenna
Kasandra Mckenna 2 months ago

Please don’t use cinnamon in hand soap it is a strong irritant also don’t use honey it promotes bacteria, mold and blackening.

Elizabeth K
Elizabeth K 2 months ago

Lovely ideas! Thank you for sharing!

Patricia Blanton
Patricia Blanton 2 months ago

Great ideas.

Jennifer Knowles
Jennifer Knowles 2 months ago

You definitely want your soap mix cool before adding your oats because if you add if when the soap mix is hot, you get cooked oatmeal soap. Trust me when I say it isn't good! 😂

Tristany Beckwith
Tristany Beckwith 2 months ago

Beautiful gifts! Very inspiring thank you!

National Trumpista
National Trumpista 2 months ago

YOU are JUST super duper Amazing and I stumbled upon your channel tonight and caught this video right on time...guess are a Godsend...I’ll be making the calendar for my beautiful mama who calls me monthly and asks...”who’s bday is it coming up next”? Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I ❤️’d the peek a boo baby cute and all comfy and tucked away!!!

Madison Hungerford
Madison Hungerford 2 months ago

Agh I’m a new follower and absolutely obsessed with your channel!!! Thank you for all the wonderful content!

Jose Figueroa
Jose Figueroa 2 months ago

family guy full episodes

Eileen Haskins
Eileen Haskins 2 months ago

I loved your ideas, and imagine my joy in finding the links were to I too am Canadian, and it is so disheartening to see a price on the American sites and then see our price so much higher. Thank you.

Elizabeth Tutor
Elizabeth Tutor 2 months ago

Cinnamon is actually really bad for your skin it so don't just use Cinnamon. Use the oil.

Cat G
Cat G 2 months ago

Did not even realize this video was from last year...just popped up in my feed... Everything you made/showcased was lovely! Some things I've thought of or even made & some things I haven't... Either way I really enjoyed & appreciated this video.

Nancy Zywicki
Nancy Zywicki 2 months ago

Love all your ideas!

Kathy H
Kathy H 2 months ago

Great gift ideas! I have some good ideas. Thanks

Alison Haddon
Alison Haddon 2 months ago

I watch all your videos, and love them all. I really enjoyed this one, because we are isolating and I can now go ahead and make some neat little gifts. Thank you for your inspiration. Xx

Dream Souldeep
Dream Souldeep 2 months ago

Very sweet ideas! Thanks!!

Susan Greene
Susan Greene 2 months ago

I really love these ideas

Claire Jannaway
Claire Jannaway 2 months ago

I’ve been making your Linen aprons for all the females in the family this year. For fellow Canadians “Pure Linen Envy” is a small family company. I ordered 285gram Country Twill. It’s a very thick linen but soft and I’m pretty sure will last a lifetime.

Your ideas are wonderful and now I want to make most of those for myself 😬

Sylvie Filion
Sylvie Filion 2 months ago

I love this!! Nicely done!

Kim Kaarto
Kim Kaarto 2 months ago

Another option for an inexpensive sewing machine is to check thrift stores. I bought a Kenmore for $13 and it worked great.

Morgan Roth
Morgan Roth 2 months ago

Am I the only one who is watching this in 2020

Edith Warria
Edith Warria 2 months ago

Hello I’m new to your channel and I love what you do and by the way you have a beautiful and cute little baby . I hope to hear from you soon a👍. God Bless you and your family 🙏🏻🌈🦋🌺❤️💖😊😘 from Edith in 🇦🇺

MoonSpinners 2 months ago

I was so distracted by wondering what was wrong with this lady’s chest! I didn’t realise a baby was in there! 😂😂

cssruth 2 months ago

I've heard that you are never supposed to put cinnamon in soap because it can burn your skin.

Chatty Kathie
Chatty Kathie 2 months ago

I made lavender and rosemary soap as favors for my daughters wedding , but I think any plant or food additive doesn’t last, it needs to be used right away or refrigerated

Matayah H
Matayah H 2 months ago

loved the ideas thanks im really early love christmas il tell my friends about this they will love it thank u lisa

Melinda Fisher
Melinda Fisher 2 months ago

Lovely ideas...simple and easy...Thank you for sharing!

Teri Nagy
Teri Nagy 2 months ago

Thank you so much for making this video! The quality and variety of the gift ideas is wonderful! After watching dozens of handmade gift giving videos, this is one of the best!

Amber Snyder
Amber Snyder 2 months ago

I enjoy your videos. Thank you. Love your ideas.

H. Teunissen
H. Teunissen 2 months ago

Love the linnen throw! Inspiring! Great topic all around.

Nicoleta Incze
Nicoleta Incze 2 months ago

Beautiful, Lisa!!!😍

Jackie O
Jackie O 2 months ago

I love your family! So great to see people open to new life!

michelle Robillard
michelle Robillard 2 months ago

I am a beginner sewer how can I get my lines straight my lines looks like I had a drunk driver drive down my line's and they don't look good so do you have any ideas and tips for me ?

VG VBG 2 months ago

The soap is a GREAT idea!

Kelsie Renee Ruby
Kelsie Renee Ruby 2 months ago

Ceylon cinnamon is healthier then Cassia cinnamon. Although, cassia or table cinnamon is more popular dispite its negative health effects.

Marie Damon
Marie Damon 2 months ago

Lovely ideas realy beautifull thankyou new to your channel I loved the sweater pillow x

Alexandra Nicole
Alexandra Nicole 2 months ago

Love these gifts!

GREYLILY 2 months ago

Are you in Boone NC? If so, we are practically neighbors! Howdy!

Gaby Garcia
Gaby Garcia 2 months ago

I’m a new subscriber and and thank you to share all your knowledge.

caldrm1 2 months ago

Great ideas, thank you! Merry Christmas!

SqueezeCuddles 2 months ago

Thanks so much for all the gift suggestions. They are great!

Linda Castro
Linda Castro 2 months ago

Thank you so much for these lovely ideas!! You are so very inspiring!

Levi Tas
Levi Tas 2 months ago

I love your Christmas Gift Ideas! Thank you for sharing! BTW, it was nice to see your baby peeking out, so cute!

Amber P
Amber P 2 months ago

All of your ideas r so nice and thoughtful. I loved all of your recommendations. Thanks Lisa❤️

Pam Medkiff
Pam Medkiff 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Lisa and family! I enjoy all of your content and look forward to watching every week!

Donna Clark
Donna Clark 2 months ago

What lovely ideas Lisa❤

Karen Hoyt
Karen Hoyt 2 months ago

Thanks for some wonderful ideas!!!

shepherd246 2 months ago

We wear out Shutterfly during the winter holidays. But this year I'm giving your homemade body butter. Ive already made up a big batch. ❤️

bbbgrl1 2 months ago

About the coffee grounds - fresh ground coffee or coffee grounds you’ve already used?

bbbgrl1 2 months ago

Oh my gosh Lisa, I’ve just ordered goats milk soap base , and it’s all your fault🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😘😘

Rebecca Goddard
Rebecca Goddard 2 months ago

So much of my gifting these days is hand made (and usually edible) jams and chutney, and flavoured spirits and biscuits and things! They go down really well!

CJ R. 2 months ago

Lisa this is not pertinent to this particular vlog but to your channel & your farmhouse style in general. I think you mentioned your house is Victorian & I came across this channel that researches & is renovating their farmhouse back to the original Victorian style, much like you. The kitchen series was especially interesting I thought & current, this month. You may know it already but here is a link, I thought of you immediately.

I Heart China
I Heart China 2 months ago

Merry Christmas from Dali, China!!! Handmade gifts are so special!!! THanks for posting!! AND THAT BABY!!! OHHHHH SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!

Harvest and Gather
Harvest and Gather 2 months ago

i am inspired by your homemade gift ideas. I'm gonna use some of them especially this is our first Christmas practicing sustainable and slow living. thank you for sharing. :)

Lisa Pieper
Lisa Pieper 2 months ago

Such great ideas!

Ashley's little nook on YouTube

Thank you for sharing! I make soap from scratch so it's always a great gift to give to people becaus most people don't get things like that👍

Carol Slavens
Carol Slavens 2 months ago

Great ideas! I LOVE getting homemade soap, but never thought of trying to make it myself. You have inspired me to try, it will make a lovely gift!

Chlexie L.
Chlexie L. 2 months ago

I loved these ideas. Thank you for sharing.

Margaret Frook
Margaret Frook 2 months ago

You are such a sweet person. Merry Christmas!

eleisa barbour
eleisa barbour 2 months ago

Anyone know which recipe makes the black soap? Thanks

Julia McKernan
Julia McKernan 2 months ago

The linen blanket is amazing! Love your video's-They are so well done!! I love that you don't do a long introduction and you get right to it!!!

Donna Ketz
Donna Ketz 2 months ago

Lisa, you look absolutely beautiful in this video! Love your handmade gifts, and how you produced this video! Was nice seeing baby Daniel peeking out💙

Sharon Fisher
Sharon Fisher 2 months ago

I love your videos. Your crafts are such great gift ideas. That sweet little baby's head peeking out is adorable.

Heather Young
Heather Young 2 months ago

I’m gonna weave a seat in an old ladderback chair for my mother this year.

House Hacking Mom
House Hacking Mom 2 months ago

The variety in this video is great! Something for everyone’s skill set! where do you get your beeswax? Amazon?

Kathy A Haines
Kathy A Haines 2 months ago

I am so inspired by your gift ideas. Right now I don't have a sewing machine but my daughter does. I'm interested in making the soap. I love 😍 goats milk soap. It's so good for your skin. I usually buy it, but making my own would be even better. I'm getting an instant pot for Christmas and I wanted to know if you ever used it to make yogurt ? I'm going to check out your instant pot videos. Thank you for such great ideas. 🎄

A Full Flourishing
A Full Flourishing 2 months ago

Really good video girl! My little ones and I are making several items from you and your sister’s channel for this year...but I’m thankful for these ideas for this next year!

Robin Livingston
Robin Livingston 2 months ago

Great ideas Thanks for sharing them

jane bradfield
jane bradfield 2 months ago

Could you provide a link to the melt and pour goats milk soap base? Thank you!

Sandra Organization Seeking

I am using your applesauce ornament idea again this year. This time I am using a stocking cookie cut out and turn the shape into an ice skate by just re shaping into a boot and sticking a roll of dough onto the boot for a skate.

Anne LeFevre
Anne LeFevre 2 months ago

Of course I enjoyed watching your video on 10 homemade gift ideas. I have no problem sewing.....can make pillow covers, aprons, etc.......but don’t want to make the creams, lotions and soaps, etc! Do you have a shop you sell them on? I rather you make them, and I buy them! Ha! The material you use for your pillow covers. I only have access to a Walmart and Joann’s and it’s hard to buy that kind of material. But I’ll go again and look w/ fresh eyes. Could you list if you sell items for homemade gifts anywhere. I don’t do computers good at kids set me up w/ e-mail but don’t know how to use it unless they are here. I’m not too in the know. I’m just glad I know how to get you-tube chanel......and you’re my favorite chanel. Thanks so much!

Nancy Schaffer
Nancy Schaffer 2 months ago

I am so ready to see your kitchen finished. I know you are. Merry Christmas.

Mariah Area
Mariah Area 2 months ago

I loved the idea of putting someone’s picture on their birthday in the calendar. Your sister seems so sweet for doing that for your grandma.

Cindy Urban
Cindy Urban 2 months ago

I love your have such a Calm voice and you a you describe things so well. Great ideas!

Myrna Morales
Myrna Morales 2 months ago

Great ideas!!

Donna Smith
Donna Smith 2 months ago

So many great ideas!

Andrea L Petersen
Andrea L Petersen 2 months ago

great ideas. I'll keep these for next year. Last year we gave friends seed packets with cute labels for fun pumpkins and ground cherries (plants our friends admired of ours). It was neat to see them have success planting them this year.

Mary Cassata
Mary Cassata 2 months ago

All such great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing 😊

Donna Rakitzis
Donna Rakitzis 2 months ago

Lovely handmade gifts 🎄🎅🏼

Karisa Totah
Karisa Totah 2 months ago

This is exactly what I needed to wake up to this morning. I’ve got to get on to getting my Christmas list taken care of. Definitely using the candles and bath bomb recipes!! Thank you!!

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