'Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Valastro Says He's Regained 75 Percent of His Hand Strength Back


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Information 'Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Valastro Says He's Regained 75 Percent of His Hand Strength Back

Title : 'Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Valastro Says He's Regained 75 Percent of His Hand Strength Back

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Frames 'Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Valastro Says He's Regained 75 Percent of His Hand Strength Back

Description 'Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Valastro Says He's Regained 75 Percent of His Hand Strength Back

'Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Valastro Says He's Regained 75 Percent of His Hand Strength Back

'Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Valastro Says He's Regained 75 Percent of His Hand Strength Back

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John Davey
John Davey 2 months ago

Buddy. I 'm afraid l 've never seen your show but it's obvious you're a very successful chef and the injury was life changing. But it's great you've recovered to this level and l 'm sure it can only continue to do so . So well done and good luck and good fortune !

Katherine Song
Katherine Song 2 months ago

Yeah I’m so excited for Buddy!! Cake Boss got it!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳🥳

Cindy Yeager
Cindy Yeager 2 months ago


Barbara Eggleston
Barbara Eggleston 2 months ago

Congratulations to you
Continuing to pray for a speedy recovery

Sandy Johnson
Sandy Johnson 2 months ago

Great.... but slow down an smell the Roses..enjoy your life.

ItsAWeakersLife AshleyMissy

CONGRATULATIONS buddy. Wish u fast recovery

Ntombi Ncube
Ntombi Ncube 2 months ago

We thank God for ur recovery

Anabel Ballesteros Perez

En español por favor.
Me encanta ver al Sr. Buddy

Deborah G
Deborah G 2 months ago

So thrilled for you, Buddy!

That funny grl Micah
That funny grl Micah 2 months ago

Can we like focus on the fact that all his kids are like gorgeous 😌

Fran O'Sullivan
Fran O'Sullivan 2 months ago

So happy for you blessings to you & your family! 💜💜🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Edileuza Didi
Edileuza Didi 2 months ago

Brasil. São Paulo graças ah deus estou feliz por ele bandy nós te amamos Brasil

God’s Little Artist

Thank God

Joan Shealy
Joan Shealy 2 months ago

So happy for his quick recovery ❤️‍🩹 good luck

Jennifer Cela
Jennifer Cela 2 months ago

I just visited Carlo’s in Hoboken...can’t wait to see him back on the show!

Yufeng yan
Yufeng yan 2 months ago


Mum R
Mum R 2 months ago

Welcome back!!!

Alexis Creek
Alexis Creek 2 months ago

I’m happy that he is starting to regain his strength back

Corkfish1 2 months ago

Im more interested why he allows half a dozen people to put their grubby hands all over the cakes he makes. Do people actually eat them?

Lanette Davidson
Lanette Davidson 2 months ago

Love watching your show. I think your imaginative decorating techniques and skills are on the same skill level as (the real) Michael Angelo (not the pizza eating ninja turtle😆). Couldn’t you use tools with built-up handles? The ones that people with arthritis, or grasping issues use? There is no shame in having a technique difference (not a disability) in the how you get things done. The technique may be different, and that’s okay. Your cakes are still beautiful, and I bet they still are just as delicious.As you say You’ve come a long way Bay-bee.

Sheila S
Sheila S 2 months ago

now his head will be bigger than ever - If he goes into a competition and loses he will blame the accident

Sofy Boshra
Sofy Boshra 2 months ago

God bless u

Elizabeth Torres
Elizabeth Torres 2 months ago

I cant wait to see you bake your overly beautful amazing cakes mr buddy cake master of all time thank God your hand is doing much better I'm very happy that you will continue with your gift from God.... God bless you and your beautiful family I love you ❤💋😊mr buddy

Joanne Ganon
Joanne Ganon 2 months ago

Awesome , way to go Buddy,🙌🐦.

JoAnn Simpson
JoAnn Simpson 2 months ago

I'm so glad you are getting your baking had is coming back. Praying that you get it 100% back. . Bless you and keep working on it and just be careful.

Sally Hinson
Sally Hinson 2 months ago

So happy for him.love what he does. Love you buddy ❤

Christone Brennema
Christone Brennema 2 months ago

God bless. Way to go for him. Hope it all works out for him

Soar Queen
Soar Queen 2 months ago

God is good Buddy😄Happy for you

Susan J Cumming
Susan J Cumming 2 months ago

Oh Buddy that's fantastic

kris natividad
kris natividad 2 months ago

luv u buddy the cake boss hope ur hand heals and be back at 100%

kris natividad
kris natividad 2 months ago

this is clearly out of context but buddy's wife should be part of real housewives of new jersey 😁✌

Raymond eviet Eviet
Raymond eviet Eviet 2 months ago

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Christina Morris
Christina Morris 2 months ago

Go Buddy! He seems like a wonderful family man! Gods bless him in continued recovery and staying the Cake Boss that he is!

Kathleen O'Donnell
Kathleen O'Donnell 2 months ago

Great news!

JoAnne Ruth
JoAnne Ruth 2 months ago

Yay Buddy. God bless you and yours.

Theresa Rosenberger
Theresa Rosenberger 2 months ago

Amazing family. God bless this Family

Sushila Shukla
Sushila Shukla 2 months ago

Wow Thank God. You back on track. Pray and ask the universe to get you 100 percent.
Happy that you good now.
Take care love from South Africa

isabel lind
isabel lind 2 months ago

I am hoping for the Cake Boss for a full recovery w/his loving family at his side.🍰🤏💗

Melissa Maulding
Melissa Maulding 2 months ago

So happy for BUDDY

Bella Estrella***17
Bella Estrella***17 2 months ago

Yay Buddy❗️😃👏🏽🥳♥️

Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick 2 months ago

I'm happy for buddy ,and he such a talented baker I always watch him bake amazing cake love to see him baking again 😊😊😊❤.

Shaneca René
Shaneca René 2 months ago

I'm so happy for him..I love watching him on Cake Boss and to see him doing what he loves again is truly amazing and heartwarming..You got this Buddy 💛🎂✊

Denise Welch
Denise Welch 2 months ago

Glad to see you getting better..you're just an all around great guy! And make killer cakes!! Wishing you full recovery and back to doing what you love

Rachna Bodnapu
Rachna Bodnapu 2 months ago

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Joey J
Joey J 2 months ago

It's a miracle he is still alive

ALM SECURITY 2 months ago


Joann Belesi
Joann Belesi 2 months ago

We are all praying for you

Jana Walker
Jana Walker 2 months ago

Seriously whoever thumbs downed the video you didn’t have to watch it or be rude doing so. That being said I’m glad he’s doing so well now

Kelly Craddock
Kelly Craddock 2 months ago

Hey I'm a big fan

Scottwilkie18 2 months ago


Sarah Pelletier
Sarah Pelletier 2 months ago

the video is really good and great

Iane Howe
Iane Howe 2 months ago

And if he keeps working will get even better. 😃

Peterson Oliveira
Peterson Oliveira 2 months ago

Boa tarde congrats buddy Valastro 👏🏿👍🏿 trabalho cake Boss 🎂 vai amém BOM 👌💪😷📝

Lainy Rudloff
Lainy Rudloff 2 months ago

So happy to hear that Buddy is doing better ❤ We LOVE you Buddy 😍

Ria Swanepoel
Ria Swanepoel 2 months ago

I am so sorry Buddy. Get well soon

Leanne Bissett
Leanne Bissett 2 months ago

Well done 👍

Janine Shaner
Janine Shaner 2 months ago

Glad to hear this!

Roseiana L Mposula
Roseiana L Mposula 2 months ago

Happy for him. He loves his job and very passionate.

BEBA Alicia Pagán
BEBA Alicia Pagán 2 months ago

One of my favorite person, god bless him 🙏

potatomato :p
potatomato :p 2 months ago

What happened to his hand? Too much hub?

EXO Kings_NCT Princes HuangZiTao68_LeeTaeyong95

I love this guy and his crew. You can tell he treats them well, coz they've been working for him for years. I miss his cake shows.

Cristian Reyes
Cristian Reyes 2 months ago

sup guys

Leticia Salinas
Leticia Salinas 2 months ago

I'm Happy he can work on cakes again love watching him bake 😁😊😊😊

celebrity intake
celebrity intake 2 months ago

Here early

Saoucha Kakou
Saoucha Kakou 2 months ago

What happened to him please answer i love him

Itzel Barajas
Itzel Barajas 2 months ago

YES Buddy you good guy congrats with his hand!

Omarion Miller
Omarion Miller 2 months ago

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