Elegant Christmas Cards to Make That Will Leave You Saying WOW


Jackie Bolhuis

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Information Elegant Christmas Cards to Make That Will Leave You Saying WOW

Title : Elegant Christmas Cards to Make That Will Leave You Saying WOW

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Frames Elegant Christmas Cards to Make That Will Leave You Saying WOW

Description Elegant Christmas Cards to Make That Will Leave You Saying WOW

Elegant Christmas Cards to Make That Will Leave You Saying WOW

Elegant Christmas Cards to Make That Will Leave You Saying WOW

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Carol Bjornsen
Carol Bjornsen 2 months ago

Absolutely Beautiful!...I must make these cards!!!

LamborghiniGal 2 months ago

Beautiful cards! My favorite is the one you made. Thumbs up. Thanks for sharing. :-) Beth

Jackie Kashmer
Jackie Kashmer 2 months ago

Very, very pretty!

Phyllis Robertson
Phyllis Robertson 2 months ago

really pretty. you are very relaxing to watch, just what I needed.

Ruth Holloway Lamphere

Very elegant card Jackie!

marsha long
marsha long 2 months ago

Need some ideas for thanksgiving cards

Sharon Berry
Sharon Berry 2 months ago

Love, love these cards! (Especially your design.🥰)

Val Grant
Val Grant 2 months ago

You are right Jackie. They are definitely WOW. Poinsettias are definitely the Christmas flower and make sensational cards. You never disappoint. Beautiful cards Jackie. Thank you.

Deborah Mekaowulu
Deborah Mekaowulu 2 months ago

Beautiful! Can’t wait to try these.

Felicia Johnson
Felicia Johnson 2 months ago

Lovely, beautiful cards.

Vaye S
Vaye S 2 months ago

Oh my gosh... Gotta make theses... Gorgeous gorgeous

Joanne Shook
Joanne Shook 2 months ago

They are beautiful! Love them! Thank you!

Ma Sue
Ma Sue 2 months ago

Oh my these are wonderful and you make it look easy ..I’d love to make them but how could I get them to stand up ...could you show us ..you’re so inspirational!

Anh Tang
Anh Tang 2 months ago

So beautiful Wow cards! Thanks for the tutoring!

Anita Turvey
Anita Turvey 2 months ago

Beautiful cards. Simple design with stunning results!

Bonnie Morris
Bonnie Morris 2 months ago

You never disappoint, beautiful

Ginny Huntington
Ginny Huntington 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Lisa Neil
Lisa Neil 2 months ago


Anne Telecky
Anne Telecky 2 months ago

Beautiful cards 🤗

Diana Mahar
Diana Mahar 2 months ago

All of them are very pretty...TY...

Bernadette Kolar
Bernadette Kolar 2 months ago

These are easy ‘wow’ cards. Funny, I had just put this on my list for my next order. Thank you.

Sandra Allman
Sandra Allman 2 months ago

Very pretty card, love red and gold together. Thank you for sharing all the cards.

Jackie Ray
Jackie Ray 2 months ago

Besutiful cards! Very striking! TFS!

Bhedrick0729 Bettie
Bhedrick0729 Bettie 2 months ago

So pretty.. thank you.

Blanky Jove Rojas
Blanky Jove Rojas 2 months ago

Gorgeous cards, thank you for sharing.

queenodimon 2 months ago

Really gorgeous cards. Thank you for sharing!

Leigh Harlow
Leigh Harlow 2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! I love your cards!!!

Madeleine Adamec
Madeleine Adamec 2 months ago

Beautiful cards....thank you...

Robin Stewart
Robin Stewart 2 months ago

Such pretty cards! This is my favorite Christmas set so I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow! Thanks for sharing, Jackie!

Mimi Artates
Mimi Artates 2 months ago

You were right. This is a very elegant card. Thank you for sharing.

Dee UK
Dee UK 2 months ago

Really lovely cards, thank you for sharing.

Vikki Jo Selix
Vikki Jo Selix 2 months ago

WOW! They're so pretty.

Richard schultz
Richard schultz 2 months ago

Beautiful cards! Thank you for sharing😊

Donna Mccarty
Donna Mccarty 2 months ago

Gorgeous cards
Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day.

M Kathryn Blacker
M Kathryn Blacker 2 months ago

What beautiful cards. Stunning and simple - always a great combination! 😉

Margaret Hannigan Francis

What a wonderful group of cards. Thanks for sharing. Just what I needed! Not your usually simple card but not a hard card to make. WOW!

Margaret Hannigan Francis

Jackie this is a beautiful card

Brendaelaine Waddell
Brendaelaine Waddell 2 months ago

Beautiful. Nth. 😊

Jackie Farr
Jackie Farr 2 months ago

Very elegant. The red white and gold looks really beautiful.

Nancy Rikkers
Nancy Rikkers 2 months ago

Awesome designs love the poinsettia set

sherri whitcomb
sherri whitcomb 2 months ago

So beautiful, thank you for sharing!

Gary MacDonald
Gary MacDonald 2 months ago


Mary Rideout
Mary Rideout 2 months ago

So beautiful! tfs

Deb Schoen
Deb Schoen 2 months ago


Victoria Shettleroe
Victoria Shettleroe 2 months ago

So pretty, ty for sharing❣️

Adriana Duff
Adriana Duff 2 months ago

Thank you for the helpful hints as well as the lovely cards and their dimensions.

S Samuelson
S Samuelson 2 months ago

Real nice cards

Susan Rodgers
Susan Rodgers 2 months ago

Very nice thank you for sharing

Heidi Richardson
Heidi Richardson 2 months ago

Oh so beautiful!

Alicia Smith
Alicia Smith 2 months ago

Ooo Nice!...I love the elegance

Jamie Legvold
Jamie Legvold 2 months ago

Beautiful cards!

Sally Galewski
Sally Galewski 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful once again!!!

Mary Teresa Wood
Mary Teresa Wood 2 months ago

Gorgeous Christmas cards! Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Sally Bicknell
Sally Bicknell 2 months ago


Belinda Rutledge
Belinda Rutledge 2 months ago

Gorgeous. I’m loving this suite.

Karen Summey
Karen Summey 2 months ago

Stunning, Jackie!

Mary Wright
Mary Wright 2 months ago

Thanks so much for sharing ALL of the card dimensions! Can’t wait to make some of these.

Mary Boggan
Mary Boggan 2 months ago

Fabulous cards, thank you for the inspiration.

Tina Emery
Tina Emery 2 months ago


Patricia Hollenquest
Patricia Hollenquest 2 months ago

Beautiful cards!

Jan Pharr
Jan Pharr 2 months ago

Love the layout I spent all night die cutting the poinsettias and leaves etc

Susan Rahlfs
Susan Rahlfs 2 months ago

Fabulous cards. Thanks

Jean Westackroyd
Jean Westackroyd 2 months ago

Lovely cards Jackie ! Love the gold red and white together like that. Thanks for sharing these pretty cards.

Carol Seeman
Carol Seeman 2 months ago


Linda Mckelvey
Linda Mckelvey 2 months ago

Love these.