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The Christmas Shoes by Alabama plus lyrics

The Christmas Shoes by Alabama plus lyrics

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Light Manto
Light Manto 2 months ago

When you wrote ( I’m really in the Christmas mood)
It wasn’t even right. It was (not really in the Christmas mood)
Dude literally in the lyrics you can tell he wasn’t happy...

jakez199456 2 months ago

December 15th 2006 love you mom

Crossroads Fate
Crossroads Fate 2 months ago

Who listening 2020?

Sara Geisen-McGillis
Sara Geisen-McGillis 2 months ago

This is NOT Alabama.

Pufflefuzz Kerman
Pufflefuzz Kerman 2 months ago

This song makes me so upset. It should be illegal for songs to make you cry. 😭

Anna Eaton
Anna Eaton 2 months ago

This is NewSong's version of the song.

diane toney
diane toney 2 months ago


Leeroy Jenkins
Leeroy Jenkins 2 months ago

its crazy how liberal are media has become!! wont even play this song on air because it says the word "christmas"

Sophia Delgado
Sophia Delgado 2 months ago

Jeff is the best

Whiskey River
Whiskey River 2 months ago

Let’s all remember that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ - who died for our sins yet promised Eternal Life just by accepting Him as your Savior. We haven’t lost our loved ones - they’re waiting for us to join them one day. Merry Christmas with Love🎄

Demon Rose
Demon Rose 2 months ago

My mom used to love this song and movie. It would make her cry every time she saw and heard it.

Now I cry when I hear this song. My mom has been dead for almost 4 years. This song makes me remember all the fun Christmas’s I had with my mom. My dad had died 7 years ago and was sick during Christmas. She listened to this song a lot during that time.

Mike Crites
Mike Crites 2 months ago

This isnt Alabama

jakez199456 2 months ago

December 25th 2006 love ya mom


I'm not even religious but as soon as he says if mamma meets jesus tonight I start crying. Like I don't even feel like crying until then.

Noru Celezia
Noru Celezia 2 months ago

this song really is special for me since it's one of my dad's face. haha

Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose 2 months ago

Anyone listening to this during a pandemic wishing 2019 was back already

GoodBaldUgly 2077
GoodBaldUgly 2077 2 months ago

I cry hard at this song and hug my momma every time

Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze 2 months ago

Yeah this did me in. I’m a Serious Christmas fan and this made me think of my wonderful mother who has passed. Tell your mothers you love them. Every minute in life is a bonus because the next is not guaranteed.

Randy Myers
Randy Myers 2 months ago

This song is sung by Bob Carlile not Alabama. Although the two sound very similar.

Danielle Olsen
Danielle Olsen 2 months ago

This song made my friend cry, but I love this song 😃

Mary Kay Wright
Mary Kay Wright 2 months ago

I love this song

AbbyJean 2 months ago

It’s not by Alabama, it’s by newsong

Sassy Spoonie
Sassy Spoonie 2 months ago

This song hits me hard now. My mom has stage 4 colon cancer . We used to listen to the Alabama Christmas Album when I was growing up.

Foxy kitty kat
Foxy kitty kat 2 months ago

I see it as soon as I started singing I started to cry...😭😭

Teresa Sutton
Teresa Sutton 2 months ago

I lost my mom 15 yrs ago from all kinds of cancer and this still gets to me and Christmas or not every time I hear this song I still cry my eyes out I love and miss u mom

Bethanne Shafer
Bethanne Shafer 2 months ago

merry Christmas everyone I hope you have a great xmas and remember its not bout gifts its bout fam N friends and this goes out to the children who wont have a xmas Im thinking bout u all marry xmas youtube

Katie Brooke
Katie Brooke 2 months ago

If I cry I’m gonna ruin my makeup so I’m trying not to cry.

Lauren Jean Middleton

Crying 😭😭😭❤️❤️such a beautiful song!!

Courtney Gardner
Courtney Gardner 2 months ago

I watch the move I cried😭😭😭😭😭💔

Jennifer Dijames
Jennifer Dijames 2 months ago

I heard that song last year. But I don't know Who sings it.

Chris Pepper
Chris Pepper 2 months ago

I wished my momma had gotten a pair of yellow shoes 👞 before she slipped away in front of me

MischiefHowlVA 2 months ago

Okay... This Year I Won't Break

.... ..... DAAAAAAARNNNN!!! Here comes the tears!

Sunshine Agonzebwa
Sunshine Agonzebwa 2 months ago

Who is listening in 2019, such a moving Christmas song

Liam Carey
Liam Carey 2 months ago

No one is talking about how this guy got absolutely conned

Aimee Utter
Aimee Utter 2 months ago

This song reminds of my mom that past away in 2012 and it still hurts I love this song

Maria Prosser
Maria Prosser 2 months ago

I love this song my atoned mum died just after Christmas she love Jesus a lot and her faith was so strong I miss her this Christmas I don’t want it

Phyllis Summerfield
Phyllis Summerfield 2 months ago

Why would someone give this a thumbs down ??!!?? Are you freaking kidding me ?!?!

Princess Stardust Eclipse

I work as a cashier and heard this for the first time, playing on the radio in our store. It breaks me every time. 😭

Alexis Chapman
Alexis Chapman 2 months ago

I literally can not not cry when I hear this song

Rebecca Bateman
Rebecca Bateman 2 months ago

Love this song!

Shirlie Faye
Shirlie Faye 2 months ago

I lost my grandma of cancer on December 20th 2004 Christmas ain't the same

Zach Mueller
Zach Mueller 2 months ago

Christmas Shoes is sung by Newsong, not Alabama.

Joshie B
Joshie B 2 months ago

Seeing my mom with tears in her eyes cuz of this song just broke me😢. We lost her mother a few years ago around Christmas it sucks.

David Cosme
David Cosme 2 months ago

This morning I was cringing to the song it reminds me of my grams Danes she die 5 years ago I love this song

Cameron Watson
Cameron Watson 2 months ago

I... I'm not crying... WHO PUT THOSE ONIONS THERE!?!?!

Jane Doe
Jane Doe 2 months ago

pure glurge. Yuck. Why do people DO this????

Megan Glaze
Megan Glaze 2 months ago

I am crying 😢😭😿

Black Magician
Black Magician 2 months ago

This is a warm- heartfelt song the whole state of Alabama has giving us.🤗

Lil Red Corvette Girl

💔 2019 💔

Samantha Scoggins
Samantha Scoggins 2 months ago

First year without momma 💔 miss her like crazy I would do anything for her and buy her what she needs if I can. To no she will forever be gone tears me up. It's hard to shop and know I can get her a gift no more. Wish I had more time and spent more time with her before she passed. Love you momma June 5,19

Ethel Hoose
Ethel Hoose 2 months ago

Love this song

Crystal Snyder
Crystal Snyder 2 months ago

This is my daddy song

Chelsea Jackson
Chelsea Jackson 2 months ago

Love this song

Ren Nitzel
Ren Nitzel 2 months ago

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. I plan to cover it.

David Cosme
David Cosme 2 months ago

Ever time I listen to this song it reminds me of my gramma Danes and I cry when I listen to the song

Nancy Pujol
Nancy Pujol 2 months ago

Every time I hear this song I always cry it's a very touching song that's what Christmas is all about people think about it don't be selfish this year give

A W 2 months ago


Kilee Starkell
Kilee Starkell 2 months ago

This song is sad but it a good

Natalie Fire Clouds 19

When it was Christmas time I always love hearing this song

Bethany 2 months ago

am i the only one who just hates this song?

Rachael Nosek
Rachael Nosek 2 months ago

this song gets me every single time

Shannon 2 months ago

Ok please excuse my French, but I wanna know who the 753 assholes are that don’t like this song 🤦🏾‍♂️

Sabrina Martinez
Sabrina Martinez 2 months ago

I've never cried for a song before. 😭

Claire M. McLemore
Claire M. McLemore 2 months ago

The group singing is a christian group named Newsong this is not alabam


This was my mom's favorite song. She passed away on Christmas night and I was only 15. I love her so much and I still miss her but she's in a good place. I just wish it wasn't this soon. She was only 39 to. 😢❤❤❤😭😭

Coach Karter Alpha
Coach Karter Alpha 2 months ago

This song used to come on every morning before school ... bro I bawlllled my eyes out... still has this effect so beautiful and sad

Kay Bush
Kay Bush 2 months ago

Oh no, I should not have made this the first Christmas song of the year. This year is the first Christmas without my Grandma and this was one of her favorites. Even when she was alive, this song made me cry.

Nickie Kovaleski
Nickie Kovaleski 2 months ago

I have Congestive Heart Failure Stage 2-3 of 4 just like Kimberly Paisley did in the movie
(The Christmas Shoes)
I'm going to also need a Heart Transplant & I'm very scared
I got 2 Sons that are counting on me to pull through it all
I'm not giving up
I plan on fighting this disease all the way until I take my last breath
Please keep me in your Prayers & Thank You in advance

Loner 2 months ago

I just can't understand how my grandma & aunt could laugh & mock this song....

Matthew Harmon
Matthew Harmon 2 months ago

This is actually a group called newsong

Star Rush
Star Rush 2 months ago

I can't believe I'm listening to this in August 😂

Elysrael 79
Elysrael 79 2 months ago

743 heartless fuckheads

Kay Bush
Kay Bush 2 months ago

First Christmas without my grama. I want to sing this before presents so that she’s honored. Also, my mom has always loved this song. I never knew why. But now, it’s my favorite. Rest In Peace Grama Susie

Austin Burningham
Austin Burningham 2 months ago

This is not alamba

cccharding 2 months ago

Its such a beautiful and sad song. I cry every time!

NejiHina100 2 months ago

You just don't get songs like this anymore, not even the good ones. You have no heart if you don't cry

Lena Hacker
Lena Hacker 2 months ago


Chong Rhino Vang
Chong Rhino Vang 2 months ago

Shhh... 2019 low key

Eevee’s Trainer
Eevee’s Trainer 2 months ago

I bawled when I first heard this song

Davey Bones
Davey Bones 2 months ago

the best con artist

sherry bennett
sherry bennett 2 months ago

Tears came to my ryes

Whirry 2 months ago

This song is so iconic to my childhood. We sang this song every Christmas when I was in chorus in elementary school

Charly Pearson
Charly Pearson 2 months ago

Cry every time I hear it 😭😭

Anthony Capoocia
Anthony Capoocia 2 months ago

My wife passed away the day before Thanksgiving and today is her birthday. My heat ache still

Parker Nelson
Parker Nelson 2 months ago

I am crying on these comments so sorry for everyone who lost there parents or their grandparents

Ax3! 2 months ago

My teacher hates this song

X 13
X 13 2 months ago

I lost my Ma back in June so this was the first year w/out her. I heard this song in a store while I was Christmas shopping & I just broke down. Love you Ma

Sir Casino
Sir Casino 2 months ago

I bet he could have spent that money on medicine instead of trying to impress an imaginary man, lol! Or maybe spend that little amount of time with your mom instead of buying fucking shoes.

De’Leon Music
De’Leon Music 2 months ago

This song just warms my heart every time I listen to it🙏🏾♥️

Marc Rau
Marc Rau 2 months ago

I'm sorry but I have to correct you on something. It's not saying "I'm really in the Christmas mood" it's saying "not really in the Christmas mood".

Chelsi Adams
Chelsi Adams 2 months ago

Love the Christmas shoes

Alicia Taylor
Alicia Taylor 2 months ago

Worst song in the entire existence of humanity.

IBreakTea Cups
IBreakTea Cups 2 months ago

10 years from now, and this song is still stuck with me, it’s beautiful.

Ricky Valentine
Ricky Valentine 2 months ago

I want to dedicate for my daddy because he's not doing to well

Vincent Dangmei
Vincent Dangmei 2 months ago

It's so sad when I hear this song..I missed all those mother who passed away..😞😞😞😞😞😞

Wildmantis 2 months ago

I hate the sob stories on YouTube videos like this, I just do my grieving by myself and don't look for the pity of others on youtube. Reading this, you don't need to express disagreement or anger toward me, I know the majority of readers will dosagree, but you don't really care, you just think you do, it's what we're all taught.

Niki Kawa
Niki Kawa 2 months ago

i dont think I've ever cried this hard...

P_ Vitt99
P_ Vitt99 2 months ago

Saddest song. I don’t cry when I listen to it, but it still makes me think of relatives who have passed. Merry Christmas Eve to all.

Charles Steelman
Charles Steelman 2 months ago

Damnit....... invisible ninjas cutting onions

Sophi Ortiz
Sophi Ortiz 2 months ago

you know it's christmas when you're crying to this song