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Title : Christmas Cupid comedy movie

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Christmas Cupid comedy movie

Christmas Cupid comedy movie

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Anie Love
Anie Love 2 months ago

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Amanda Natasia
Amanda Natasia 2 months ago

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Raquel Araújoo
Raquel Araújoo 2 months ago

1:12:28 Ashley Johnson <3

spuzzlightyeartoo 2 months ago

Banging my head on the table after watching this one.

Jerra Maurice
Jerra Maurice 2 months ago

What was the name of that song at the very end

Haikal ZA
Haikal ZA 2 months ago

Christmas Cupid (2020) in HD f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E

Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??21

Linsy ai
Linsy ai 2 months ago

Keitlen (ghost) is so beautiful.... Nice movie.. I will 🖤always liked such movies

Shawn Eldridge
Shawn Eldridge 2 months ago

befor abc family changed their name to free form, they should haved put these 2 movies out on to blu-ray ray disc & they are snow globe and Christmas Cupid----christina milian has done a wonderful job with her character in both of this movies.

Auguste Eunide
Auguste Eunide 2 months ago

Ce film est vraiment super wawww😍😍😍😍😍

Danyelle Jackson
Danyelle Jackson 2 months ago

It's funny how both main actresses played in a bring it on movie

Fari Saeed
Fari Saeed 2 months ago

The actress has no idea how to act that movie was so horrible the only reason I watched it was chad Murray and they didn't used him much

Krista Brewer
Krista Brewer 2 months ago

Yea ok, I overlooked the comment they made at the beginning of the movie when they were mocking Jesus's Birthday, but I'm 20 minutes into this, and this is definitely NOT a Christmas movie! I, for one won't be watching anymore. This is a HUMONGOUS thumbs down!

kaylyn Chatambudza
kaylyn Chatambudza 2 months ago


Deep TH
Deep TH 2 months ago

Love u Ashley Benson n Christina Milan

Purple Mermaid17
Purple Mermaid17 2 months ago

I wonder if the new reporters voice is really like that. And if so what's his name??

MichelleK 2 months ago

Watching in 2019! <3

D. S.
D. S. 2 months ago

Caitlyn is so funny.

Mabel Durocher
Mabel Durocher 2 months ago

Past Present Future --- such connotations ! Right ?

Marina Mastrangelo
Marina Mastrangelo 2 months ago

if this movie could be a holiday musical on braodway I eoild totally play caitlin quinn myself but I would just play the spirit of her on broadway someday in my near future

Sean Arumugam
Sean Arumugam 2 months ago

This is not like teen spirit

Sandy Hercules
Sandy Hercules 2 months ago

Caitlyn got a margarita straight through this movie

Sandy Hercules
Sandy Hercules 2 months ago

Christina Milan is so her in movies ...she should do more acting

Marina Mastrangelo
Marina Mastrangelo 2 months ago

I so love this movie cause ashley benson was so good acting like a spoiled rotten actress that doesn't get everything that she wants

Shymia Ross-Evans
Shymia Ross-Evans 2 months ago

its crzy she said jan. of 2018 cuz now its nov. of 2018

Hi 2 months ago

All the electronics were on because ghost need energy with electronics provide to show themselves