HOW TO DECORATE A CHRISTMAS TREE | Burgundy Gold Christmas Decor


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Information HOW TO DECORATE A CHRISTMAS TREE | Burgundy Gold Christmas Decor

Title : HOW TO DECORATE A CHRISTMAS TREE | Burgundy Gold Christmas Decor

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Frames HOW TO DECORATE A CHRISTMAS TREE | Burgundy Gold Christmas Decor

Description HOW TO DECORATE A CHRISTMAS TREE | Burgundy Gold Christmas Decor

HOW TO DECORATE A CHRISTMAS TREE | Burgundy Gold Christmas Decor

HOW TO DECORATE A CHRISTMAS TREE | Burgundy Gold Christmas Decor

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Tracey Jennens
Tracey Jennens 2 months ago

Very classy love it x

Felicia Glasscoe
Felicia Glasscoe 2 months ago

I love this tree and colors, I haven’t put up a Christmas tree in years, my son normally decorate three unfortunately he’s not with me anymore. So, I’m trying to continue his joy and love for Christmas and I will be using the red and gold color scheme. I will be on the look out for burgundy and the rose gold colors as well. Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Lillian Brown
Lillian Brown 2 months ago

It would have been nice to see a still shot of the entire finished tree

cat weasel
cat weasel 2 months ago

Perfect except for the red ribbon. burgundy would have changed everything!

Rouba D
Rouba D 2 months ago

I love these beautiful red, burgundy and gold ornaments:

Ranks Productions
Ranks Productions 2 months ago

Wow this video is really amazing thanks for sharing so beautiful have a blessed day happy holiday soon 🎄👍

Sarah Pollock
Sarah Pollock 2 months ago

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Diane Bejarano
Diane Bejarano 2 months ago

It looks very elegant and glamorous. Great for a dining room.

Trudi Eskrett
Trudi Eskrett 2 months ago

It's lovely looks a lot like mine I buy all my ornaments from diffrent shops and second hand shops have lots of berry so on sticks also baubles and flowers and beads with ribbon s on people stop and look at my tree I love the red and gold

Cady Dawson
Cady Dawson 2 months ago

Everything’s perfect except for that 5 or 6 inch wide red ribbon!

Xaroula Marin
Xaroula Marin 2 months ago

I love it. For Christmas 2019-2020 I am going to do the same in Sydney Australia but maybe smaller but real Christmas Tree. Thank you for teaching me how to do it.xxxxxxxx

Ana Cristina
Ana Cristina 2 months ago

Oh what a beautifullllll tree! It seems like this year everyone is going with silver and white and it’s beautiful but nothing beats gold and red. Love it!

Deco Easy
Deco Easy 2 months ago

Rebecca your tree is beautiful, the colors are amazingggg😍😍 Love the ornements and that they are shattert proof is sooo great, no glass 👍👍 Rebecca have a great weekend Janny 😃❤️

T K 2 months ago

Love this tree.... Are those warm white lights or bright white leds lights on the tree?

Heather Black
Heather Black 2 months ago

So beautiful! I love a formal Christmas tree!!!

JOSELYN YOUNG 2 months ago

This is absolutely perfect . For many years I have been stocked with the basic tree decorating of just lights and ornaments. I’m not much of a creative woman. But after seeing your design, I think I’m going to attempt to do something similar on my tree with picks and other attractive items you used in your tree decorating . Hope it looks good.

tony roll
tony roll 2 months ago

very lavish!

E D M O N D 2 months ago


MILY TAMAR 2 months ago

WOOOOOOW AMAZING TREE,LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brittany Gonzales
Brittany Gonzales 2 months ago

love this!! great ideas :) and so creative!!

a kozarova
a kozarova 2 months ago

Perfect! I also do red and gold theme and you gave me some more ideas xo xo Love it <3

petalisbless 2 months ago

Looks lovely my dear 💙💚

Tru_ Passion
Tru_ Passion 2 months ago

Very pretty the color are nice together love the larger gold bulbs

Tori Clarke
Tori Clarke 2 months ago

sooo pretty 😍

victoria kelly
victoria kelly 2 months ago

This is stunning!

SweetCityWoman Chi-town

great job!

Latrisia Herrod
Latrisia Herrod 2 months ago

Gorgeous Tree 🎄

C Moreno
C Moreno 2 months ago

Gorgeous tree!! This year I am going for a Frozen theme. Those twinkling lights would be perfect!! TFS!!

BeautifulfromASHleyB 2 months ago

Absolutely Beautiful! Those are definitely the colors I wanted to use this year, so I love seeing how you brought everything together and even used fall flowers. The gold lace ribbon is gorgeous as well!