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t.A.T.u. Wish You A Happy New Year 2010

t.A.T.u. Wish You A Happy New Year 2010

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Themis 2 months ago

Where are you!? GOD and the Angels will set you free! Best wishes in 2021!

Kuromi Lover
Kuromi Lover 2 months ago

Sparks are flying in my head xD

Beky iss
Beky iss 2 months ago

love love

Beky iss
Beky iss 2 months ago


[stan blink midzy] carl

We love you tatu

Lil_PLagueDoctor 2 months ago

Sparks are flying in there hair, lol!

乛Re多eL FAMILY 2 months ago

I miss you two

Yahochuesst 2 months ago

я плачу🤧🤧🤧

Cristian Mauricio
Cristian Mauricio 2 months ago

como llegue otra vez aqui:'

BlueSun 2 months ago

It makes me cry in 2020

Alone 2 months ago

t.A.T.u. didn't wish us a Happy New Year 2020. That's why this decade is off to a bad start.

HELENE JESUS 2 months ago


No music RC
No music RC 2 months ago

Here’s some free advice when someone is talking turn down the music or don’t even put it in

Вова Механик

жостко, коментам по 10 лет а я в свои 10 лет, 10 лет тому назад еще и не подозревал о том что есть ютуб....

Constancio Cloro
Constancio Cloro 2 months ago

were they in a bunker?

Людмила Васенко

2020. Эх как вас не хватает на сцене, девчухи (

Иньяр Латыпов


Bakhtiyar Tabyldiyev
Bakhtiyar Tabyldiyev 2 months ago

This is already the end of the decade

Alfrebass 01
Alfrebass 01 2 months ago

So sad.

Happy 2020!

The Thing Red
The Thing Red 2 months ago

10 year exactly today

Ťɮổя ԈǿᏁừ лишь твоя

Блять, это десятилетие - отстой. Тату распались((

ismail akınlar
ismail akınlar 2 months ago

İt was a big lie so

Don't Name Don't Last Name

Кто знает их инстаграм?

Graf cppelen
Graf cppelen 2 months ago

последнии год жизни группы тату..

Админ Админ

эта песня вышла почти моё день рождение!
я родилась 2009г 26 дек

Detsl Fan
Detsl Fan 2 months ago


Stranger Galaxy
Stranger Galaxy 2 months ago

i miss you 2019

Laura Daniela C
Laura Daniela C 2 months ago

Aiisññ tatuuuu holaaas v"":

imran officially
imran officially 2 months ago

A em born 1010

Даниил Королев

Юлёк симпотяжка

Katy Alba
Katy Alba 2 months ago

Mis oídos se emocionaron de más o Julia dijo: "Los amo, los amo mucho"? 😍😍😍

MAN IN MIRROR 2 months ago

Where this angels gone?? 🙏🕊

EDDY carrillo
EDDY carrillo 2 months ago

Que lindas se miraban juntas que pena que jamas van a volver a estar juntas cantaban increíble las 2

L1GHTG30 GD 2 months ago

This was an awesome new year for me hehe

Steven Steven
Steven Steven 2 months ago

Happy 2019 ;3

Bren Batic
Bren Batic 2 months ago


Jeanne 2 months ago

Happy 2019 :с

Aline Santana
Aline Santana 2 months ago

Happy 2019. We still here.

Ева Королева

Прошло 10 лет 2к19

Berat Kaan Yavuz
Berat Kaan Yavuz 2 months ago


Todo 1996
Todo 1996 2 months ago


Miguel Chavez
Miguel Chavez 2 months ago

Feliz 2019🎀

juanleo6 2 months ago

There Was in a secret russian Bunker

Lurker 2 months ago

Better Times.

Alice Kiesov
Alice Kiesov 2 months ago

Thanks for being an amazing group

Ryvucz 2 months ago

I'm apparently late by 8 years, and they went their separate ways.

Дмитрий Мельников

Забрали мы у Вас Тату, теперь они в России поют

sweety anny
sweety anny 2 months ago


Fanita162 2 months ago

Qué lindasss una en cada idioma 😍
Ay ojala puedan volver a estar juntas y bien muy pronto!
Y yo viendo esto en 2018 💗😮

F A I S A L 2 months ago

Happy year 2018

Kefure 2 months ago

Happy 2018 ^_^ xd

Berat Bender
Berat Bender 2 months ago


nevvato 2 months ago

Happy 2018

RachRose 2 months ago

Happy 2018 t.A.T.u. and forever

Kamilla Iqbal
Kamilla Iqbal 2 months ago

yulia is so pretty

MrSpacehero1214 2 months ago

Rewatching this on New Years eve 2016. Heres hoping to a reunion. Happy New Year!

MMansonable 2 months ago

The fear in Lena's eyes. You can see her keeping an eye on the sparks. Hahaha!

Kalte Junge
Kalte Junge 2 months ago

quisiera escucharlas en español para este 2017

Ambrastark77 2 months ago

0:04 Lena Sparks do always make me scared
Yulia: Me too

julian hernandez julian

No le entendi un carajo pero las amo

Martin Villavicencio
Martin Villavicencio 2 months ago

Does anybody know what instrumental song is the one in the background?

I Love t.A.T.u.
I Love t.A.T.u. 2 months ago

Happy 2016 t.A.T.u.

Helena Epifanio
Helena Epifanio 2 months ago


Valeri Angelov
Valeri Angelov 2 months ago


Vinny 2 months ago

how can they be so gorgeous :3

Ryan Merrifield
Ryan Merrifield 2 months ago

I LOVE YOUR MUSIC I NEED TO HEAR YOU MORE! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Vadim Ilyin
Vadim Ilyin 2 months ago

я тебя люблю юля 

Régis Alves
Régis Alves 2 months ago

Happy 2015! The Brazil love you!

Kristyna Vincurova
Kristyna Vincurova 2 months ago

always makes me laugh when Yulia can speak Russian,, well-being, then it must Lena "pauper" translation into English :D so funny. and the wishes were beatiful <3 :) 

Juliana Azevedo
Juliana Azevedo 2 months ago

I just did cry... "We're together,everything is okay" :(

May Sandoval
May Sandoval 2 months ago

We're together, everything is okay...    this time i hope its okay..

aries improgo
aries improgo 2 months ago

hi tatu.. i'm waiting 4 ur nxt album. a lil bit xcited to watch ur new video..

Kennia Katvolko
Kennia Katvolko 2 months ago

Mi pregunta aqui ya se habian separado ho me equivoco ??

Matthew 2 months ago

I wish they got back together for a new album. :)

Iván Rivera
Iván Rivera 2 months ago

We all share the tears.

Marisol Pan
Marisol Pan 2 months ago

hahahah,,, 0:04 Lena: AaAAh!!

sr Anna Francesca Kowalska

cuz Julia doesnt know english,but she's not scared :)

Fredo Godofredo
Fredo Godofredo 2 months ago

Spark are flying in her head :3

NaWunder Knächtig
NaWunder Knächtig 2 months ago

hä, was labern die ? :F

vanchenzo1 2 months ago

Блиииин, Юленька стала похожа на ссаную темникову, с губами этими:((

akasaart 2 months ago

Julia is so cute

Sarah Slik
Sarah Slik 2 months ago

Ughhhh NOOOO :"(

John Defo
John Defo 2 months ago

I kind of know what they were talking about

remona ramona
remona ramona 2 months ago


juanleo6 2 months ago

I watch this video every new year :(

Kim Pullman
Kim Pullman 2 months ago

"We're together, and everything is okay ...." -goes to a corner & cries-

Luboš Kalous
Luboš Kalous 2 months ago

Lena has got super english accent :)

Nn 2 months ago

wait what happened? i just rediscovered them again! omg this comment is a year ago...

SuperSwan07 2 months ago

They said they were okay, but they are not together anymore... </3

PhantomhiveSass 2 months ago

Actually, Sparklers are all made differently. Some burn out quicker than others. Plus, there was a good time span between then Lena's was lighted, and Yulia's was lighted.

charmedsmurf 2 months ago

I'm sorry what'd you say

karycec 2 months ago

Quiero que tambien deseen un feliz año nuevo 2013!!

Alpha Mike Foxtrot
Alpha Mike Foxtrot 2 months ago

Is it okay that I'm watching this, pretending they are wishing us a happy New Year for 2013? Yes, now hush. I'm going to pretend they are still making music together.

666jormungandr 2 months ago

Lena`s spark goes out at the end of her lie.. Its a bad omen..

Redhead23 2 months ago

1:09 nu davay nu...That was so cute xD

Auto25 2 months ago

Фанаты so snoley

PhantomhiveSass 2 months ago

Yulia, Lena, what ever happened to this? Your friendship? All because of solo projects, t.A.T.u. will never make more music? That's pathetic! What would have happened if t.A.T.u. never existed? The possibilities to that answer could be endless, but you know what? You gave Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transexuals... you gave them hope for a better future so they can be together. I know, it was all an act, but you gave them hope. I still bless you both for what beauty of music you give us. <3

Max Fedorov
Max Fedorov 2 months ago

I love you t.A.T.u !!! P.S. почему все коментарии на английском ???

Onyx Makaveli
Onyx Makaveli 2 months ago