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Vlinder Vlinder tersteege

I use this as a sleep light becous I'm still scared in the dark 😂

Clouds & Nature
Clouds & Nature 2 months ago


CREATION HOUSE 2 months ago

can i use this @ josu Relax

Creative Khwahish
Creative Khwahish 2 months ago

canva not made by him LOL
you are a cheater

Tiano Lau
Tiano Lau 2 months ago

This is Beautiful! Can I use this for our church virtual presentation? Thanks!

Gordon Lai
Gordon Lai 2 months ago

Hi Josu, it is very beautiful! May I use it on my Christmas Carol project?

MrHieronymusBosch 2 months ago

Listening to john Coltrane and searching for the right backround for it... that should do for now :D

Shades of my life
Shades of my life 2 months ago

wow superb, even I too use this for my LS.. very nice screen saver

Игорь Мосин

Мне очень приятно, что есть возможность развивать свой творческий потенциал. Спасибо за данную возможность.

Didz 2 months ago

thank you!

KCAST Library
KCAST Library 2 months ago

can we use this, in our project? thank you

Mano Davan
Mano Davan 2 months ago

Quase dormi

Karafuruna Indonesia
Karafuruna Indonesia 2 months ago

can i use it please ? i am from Indonesia. Greeting for you

Totally not a famous person with a fake name

how many severed heads did you tell me you had under the house? :~)

Papa Ber
Papa Ber 2 months ago

Can i use this for my video intro?Thanks!

Jake Revidad
Jake Revidad 2 months ago

Can i use this? Thanks.

Pramod Vaishnav
Pramod Vaishnav 2 months ago


muymuy 28
muymuy 28 2 months ago

Hi, may I use this? Please.

Sandrei Memo
Sandrei Memo 2 months ago

can i use this for my vlog? thank you ❤️

Soibban Whelan
Soibban Whelan 2 months ago

Well yeah, that's what we expected

VFX BROTHERS 2 months ago

Super. Great inspiration for our creations! Keep up the great work.

nagesh dethe
nagesh dethe 2 months ago

Nagesh Datha

Aj Ajit
Aj Ajit 2 months ago

Hi, can i use this pls?

CITADEL soundcheck
CITADEL soundcheck 2 months ago

can i use this?

Crazy Reycy
Crazy Reycy 2 months ago

Hi i very very love this can i use this ......thank you advance.....

Nxbx Bshdhd
Nxbx Bshdhd 2 months ago

Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment

Sophia Leigh Nicole Carolasan

Lovely! Can I use this as a background for my song cover video? Thank you ♥️

-kirke mignone
-kirke mignone 2 months ago

Beautiful and calming 🦋🦋🦋🙏

DavidNikkiZane 2 months ago

long nail

Ramya Seenivasan
Ramya Seenivasan 2 months ago

Played this on my smart tv and had a photoshoot

Chishtiya Channel
Chishtiya Channel 2 months ago

Bhai kya me aap is video ko apne naat background me use karsakta hun

Abdi Khairil
Abdi Khairil 2 months ago

This is my 10 people who commented next to me

Laureen Haynes
Laureen Haynes
1 tahun lalu
HYNES. HEARTLAND ? A place where the Haynes family, for generations, can always come and know that they are home!


9 bulan lalu
This reminds me of a part of my childhood i cant remember


1 tahun lalu


J. Montrice
J. Montrice
1 tahun lalu
Used this in some of my videos so perfect.


Zara Altair
Zara Altair
1 tahun lalu
A whole being depends on recharging. Love this!


I came back bishes
I came back bishes
2 tahun lalu
Who else came from lazii :333


Albert Bastareche
Albert Bastareche
1 bulan lalu
Hi! This background loop is nice. Can i use this as my background on the church video i'll make?

Tuned In
Tuned In
4 bulan lalu
This is about as relaxing as the music I upload :)

Claire ForestGreenOrganGeek Dixon
Claire ForestGreenOrganGeek Dixon
1 bulan lalu (diedit)
The little orange lights are squealing as beautifully as ever. They squeal <<Aia, oio>>

White Boy Lou
White Boy Lou
1 tahun lalu
Thanks. Now I'm gonna be late for work!

sleepless1978 2 months ago

Hey! Cool video! Stop me if this is a dumb question (I'm not great with tech / online stuff!) but do you make a living from these videos you put on your YouTube channel?

xxᴄʜᴀʀᴍᴏʟʏᴘɪ ᴘᴜᴘᴘᴇʀxX

Wowoooooooooooo! Perfect <3

kafela hd
kafela hd 2 months ago

thank you

Juan Arias
Juan Arias 2 months ago

Amazing channel

Albert Bastareche
Albert Bastareche 2 months ago

Hi! This background loop is nice. Can i use this as my background on the church video i'll make?

unlonsee 2 months ago

atv noticias xd

Con6510 2 months ago

I get major WWE 2K vibes from this.

Claire ForestGreenOrganGeek Dixon

The little orange lights are squealing as beautifully as ever. They squeal <<Aia, oio>>

العثمان للانتاج الفني

Hello my dear ... beautiful video .. Can I use it in my montage ... or will you ask for copyright .. my channel will not be affected by copyright ??? Please reply ... and my regards

Giancarlos Soto
Giancarlos Soto 2 months ago

Buenas me gustó tu vídeo puedo usarlo para una transmisión, está libre de copyright verdad

Jazz Ortiaga
Jazz Ortiaga 2 months ago

Hello there, is it okay if I will use this for my music lyric video? Thank you so much! :)

This is Cutie Ringo Joy

This is also good for you tubers who have their tv or pc in the background

Good morning life
Good morning life 2 months ago


Claire ForestGreenOrganGeek Dixon

I hear the lights squealing <<Aia!>> I have synesthesia, & I hear colors, patterns, & shapes. I love it! Thank you.

Katia González Ledesma

If you can hear Fireflies from Owl City just by watching this, give a like. X3

status bytes
status bytes 2 months ago

nice background video

White Whisper
White Whisper 2 months ago

In what program did you create this video?

Tuned In
Tuned In 2 months ago

This is about as relaxing as the music I upload :)

YLQ TV 2 months ago

Plz reply me
I'm waiting for u my bro

YLQ TV 2 months ago

May I use your screen saver

search PS
search PS 2 months ago


Junglehunter 2 months ago

Hey. Very beautiful animation. Can I use it as a background for my work in AE project on envato?

Anime Club
Anime Club 2 months ago


Ju3marcas 2 months ago

novo inscrito, te aguardo no meu, obrigada

Free Stock Footage 4K

Bokeh :)

Aaliyah Lopez
Aaliyah Lopez 2 months ago

This is great! What a splendid sight to see, I could not imagine the ruins of Atlantis being nearly as stellar as these orange dots. I can die now, I'll put these on my gravestone (P.S. I'll give you credit ;)

Leonardo Paulino
Leonardo Paulino 2 months ago


Michelle Hernandez
Michelle Hernandez 2 months ago

Thank youuuuu!! Using in my next lyric video! :)

TheNorma 2 months ago

sal amendola

Edel G. Stark
Edel G. Stark 2 months ago

How can I download this??

Edel G. Stark
Edel G. Stark 2 months ago

Can I get the link to this?

Gianluigi Laressa
Gianluigi Laressa 2 months ago

Grazie bellissimo video

AMi Channel
AMi Channel 2 months ago

i like

Laura 2 months ago

What programe you use to do them? Adobe After Effects? Or wich? They are so cool

Jonas S-J
Jonas S-J 2 months ago

Just don't use screensavers - they are sh*t for environment

Andromeda 2 months ago


Clova Bigman
Clova Bigman 2 months ago


jenny ampuero
jenny ampuero 2 months ago

No hay sonido

Paula Robbins
Paula Robbins 2 months ago

I am unable to find any contact information on either site listed. I'd like to offer credit to the creator for this video in my guided meditation video. I'll wing it, but please share how you'd like me to write the credit for you. I"m not sure of a name or site to reference, but I love it. Thank you.

emi jay
emi jay 2 months ago

why am I here

Alkopappa42069 2 months ago

This reminds me of a part of my childhood i cant remember

pronounce word school

I like your video very much. It's really great. I'll keep an eye on your channel. I am your fan and I will support you.

CrocaHead 2 months ago

It tastes of Christmas

Nonstop - DJ -Remix
Nonstop - DJ -Remix 2 months ago


Pallav Joshi
Pallav Joshi 2 months ago

Thank you so much Joshu. I have used it in my latest cover and it is being widely appreciated.

Jbxfile20 2 months ago

Why does this video have 4M views? Is my question.

Palola 2 months ago

Só digo uma coisa: OIOIOI

Keith Michael Angeles

Jose is gay

Repent In Reprise
Repent In Reprise 2 months ago


RolandBourdeix 2 months ago

This is like thousands of Red sunsets, can you calculate how many suns are disapearing in this video? may be as many as days in a whole life...

Mr. Urag
Mr. Urag 2 months ago

Nice video,hope you upload more video's,I've done already your turn now pls back thank you God bless you

Chictip_Music 2 months ago

Hi everybody hope you’re doing great :-)

I’m currently launching a new youtube channel with royalty free music and free drone footage content. Basically I would like to build a huge free database of video and music. I try to find new people to join the community, people who would like to share free tracks and free travel (drone,go pro) footage. I would be so grateful if you could check the first video called Sardinia, like and comment it to support the channel . Ps: Naturally, I would appreciate If you have material to share :-)

Thank you so much for your time !

shih-tsung chen
shih-tsung chen 2 months ago

Thank you for the clips! I will use on my future video! And I will adding @t on it!! Thank you again!

bakomkulisserna TV
bakomkulisserna TV 2 months ago

did not work why doh

ForestGreenOrganGeek OrganizedNotPianoized

I have synesthesia, so I hear the lights squealing <<Aia, oio...>> The notes they are squealing are the notes E-F-E, that phrase repeating.

Astlad Productions
Astlad Productions 2 months ago

This is cool and amazing nice background chill and end relaxrelaxing

Astlad Productions
Astlad Productions 2 months ago

This is cool and amazing nice background chill and end relaxrelaxing

Seamus Holmes
Seamus Holmes 2 months ago

WHat where is shark?

Sunshine Quotes
Sunshine Quotes 2 months ago

I saw your channel and really loved it. Inspired by your channel, I have also started similar channel and I have posted 1 new video for relaxing. Pls make a shoutout to all your subscribers so they can visit and subscribe to my channel and enjoy such video. I will be making more such videos.

Godwin Enciso
Godwin Enciso 2 months ago


Hitlar Thurki
Hitlar Thurki 2 months ago

Link enga bro iruku

BryceacusMaximus 2 months ago

This has so much feeling I cant explain...

Melissa Hardin
Melissa Hardin 2 months ago


Jose Antonio Martínez. Caudillo


Clarisse Panilagao Vlogs

So galing! Bravo!... love love tayo

Andrew Foushee
Andrew Foushee 2 months ago

yo thanks bruh, used this for my podcast that we are presenting to the city council for stress and anxiety within schools, Thanks!!

Agile Wolf
Agile Wolf 2 months ago

Bravo, great bokeh!!!

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