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Quackerdoodle Doo
Quackerdoodle Doo 2 months ago

30:00 elvis pretzel couldn’t even shine his blue suede shoes 😔

Kailey .O
Kailey .O 2 months ago

My childhood!! I remember all these songs!

Von-Marie Oliva
Von-Marie Oliva 2 months ago

Im crying seeing this again.

EJami03 2 months ago

Does anyone know who sings and the title of the Jetstream 1,2,3,4 song around 13 minutes in

itgrrrlofsfbay 2 months ago

I ❤️ this Christmas Special & I remembered whn I had it on tape with the Christmas Specials

Passquale Caiazza
Passquale Caiazza 2 months ago

I have it on VHS. I miss these show Target sponsored. There was another one I think Holiday on Ice

entertainer1987 2 months ago

I watched this many times as a kid, but soon I got tired of it. However, it was not until around a couple of years ago or so that I realized that Annie was played by Josee Chouinard who was forced to come to the ice during the 1994 Olympics after the lace on Tonya Harding's skate broke.

Madison McElroy
Madison McElroy 2 months ago

This came out when I was 4 (i'm 26 now) and my sister just reminded me of this and I'm so delighted. Every scene was deeply encoded in my memory, hahaa. What a great quarantine-wathc for the nostalgia.

Katie Meredith
Katie Meredith 2 months ago

Thanks for posting this great movie!

Dillon Ohlemiller
Dillon Ohlemiller 2 months ago

My roommate showed me this for the first time two years ago and now I watch it too

Michelli Garrity
Michelli Garrity 2 months ago

Im ape like creature the king of the North pole of Christmas comes to life

julie brtek
julie brtek 2 months ago

Thank You so much for share this video clip. Back then I must miss it, working. Truly one greatest show . Kind miss Snowden’s at Target stores. I remember was back 1990s use had it in Christmas Holiday Praide . Was moments never forget.

avalon 12203
avalon 12203 2 months ago

omgg thank you so much for posting this

avalon 12203
avalon 12203 2 months ago


HayNahSaint 2 months ago

Damn I found it !!!

Cassandra Wendt
Cassandra Wendt 2 months ago

Omg I can't believe I found it again!!!! Been looking so long for this. I use to watch this on vhs all the time!!! Thank you for uploading this you have no idea how much this means to me!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!!!

Jacob Fisher
Jacob Fisher 2 months ago

I've been looking for the special for 19 years! I definitely remember seeing this back in 98 when I was 4 years old! I definitely remember the Mirror part , and I actually like this better then Snowden on Ice 1997.

Becky Kastner
Becky Kastner 2 months ago

I love Scott Hamilton and Kurt Browning

Tori C
Tori C 2 months ago

i'm high af and i just had a religious experience watching this again

MK Sullivan
MK Sullivan 2 months ago

What is that song called at 24:34? Who sung that song?

EliKat 2 months ago

my childhood

Tyoka Bina
Tyoka Bina 2 months ago

Good gravy! Some of the kids have dolls as big as they are... I miss my teddy now...

Twobit's Mickey Mouse

I've always loved the song at 24:00

My World
My World 2 months ago

My grandmom recorded this for me when I was a kid on vhs. We use to watch it every year together. <3

Nathaniel Niebuhr
Nathaniel Niebuhr 2 months ago

My favorite Raggedy Ann and Andy holiday show!!! My great aunt gave me a copy on VHS back in 1998 (Target Stores VHS copy) I watch it all the time!!!

Taylor Anselmo
Taylor Anselmo 2 months ago

i remember this special!!!!! I use to watch it over and over and try to mimic their moves XD

itgrrrlofsfbay 2 months ago

I ❤ this christmas special when I was young & it's gr8 u uploaded!!!! 👼🏽⛄❄⛸⛸

magiksage27 2 months ago

Thankyou so much for posting this.