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The Ornament and The Tree

The Ornament and The Tree

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Kaleb Brown
Kaleb Brown 2 months ago

where do you get all this cool wood?

Allen Oxendine
Allen Oxendine 2 months ago

Beautiful Piece, thanks for sharing

Christian's Customs
Christian's Customs 2 months ago

That was one of the most out of the box thinking things I have ever seen! Brilliant to watch, thank you!

Ed Anthony
Ed Anthony 2 months ago

I wasn't looking to be impressed with someone's video skills. Later dude...maybe!

Mr. B
Mr. B 2 months ago

One of the most BEAUTIFUL home made ornaments I’ve ever seen. You sir have so many talents. And an AMAZING workshop.
Do you turn any NORMAL projects? Or are you now strictly into VERY ADVANCED turns?

Ehud MIgdan
Ehud MIgdan 2 months ago


setphaser 2 months ago

that is so clever how you make a hollow sphere!

Nicholas Cooke
Nicholas Cooke 2 months ago

wonderful craftsmanship and just as good videography. Merry Christmas

Mic Ho
Mic Ho 2 months ago

I wish you sold these. So beautiful and special.

Atzmon Kosovsky
Atzmon Kosovsky 2 months ago

I've just seen it today. though i'm Jewish this is a most exiting family celebration. Thank you and merry crest mass

Tim Yates
Tim Yates 2 months ago

That turned out really good it would look great on any 🌲 tree
Tim from Wood 4 Nothing

Hien Thinh
Hien Thinh 2 months ago

Wow great quality video thank you

danny drevo
danny drevo 2 months ago

Now that is one impressive tree (both the one you turned and the one you cut)

Private Custard
Private Custard 2 months ago

Almost time for this years gem of a project! :)

Walter Wager
Walter Wager 2 months ago

Nicely done. Both the turning and the video.

lino fernandez
lino fernandez 2 months ago


Matt Matt
Matt Matt 2 months ago

one year you should do an angel or star for the top of the tree!! well done my daughter loves your videos! i hope to be at your level one day!

Renville80 2 months ago

There is no other word that fits but genius.

Philip Brandes
Philip Brandes 2 months ago

Where can I buy a small jointer like your's??? I really need one

Brad from SC
Brad from SC 2 months ago

I just discovered your page and I love your work.I have a question.Do you special make stuff for sell?If you do how much would you charge for a Clemson tiger paw in a wood with maybe a purple “C” in wood inlaid in the paw?It can be palm size and 3D but thin and light enough to hang from rear view mirror.What would it cost if so?

Kayden Stuff
Kayden Stuff 2 months ago

I could have sworn I heard some Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack (I see you're a man of culture as well)

Markus Schellenberg
Markus Schellenberg 2 months ago

I am sure you would love to put up some real candles on that tree as we do in Switzerland. It adds so much warmth! Cheers.

Abdullah Al-Abdulwahed

Your really an artist 👍👍👍

karodora 2 months ago

This was like watching one of those beautiful Hallmark commercials.

Alberto Leyva
Alberto Leyva 2 months ago

hey nice ornament, can you tell me what king of wood you use please?

mavos1211 2 months ago

Your cinematography skills are as amazing as your woodworking skills, that was such an enchanting movie I was literally captivated from start to finish.
I really feel like you should consider mixing the two skills together and make a stop motion / children’s movie and make all your own props..... might I suggest “the woodworking elves” or something along those lines. They could come out at night after you have finished and work on a project and the children can guess what it is they are making.

Gathering No Moss
Gathering No Moss 2 months ago

So great!

Bilal Assaf
Bilal Assaf 2 months ago

Merry Christmas, awesome video

Justin Torres
Justin Torres 2 months ago

You deserve more subs..

Linden Drechsler
Linden Drechsler 2 months ago

Hi Frank,
I really envy you for your workshop - would like to have place enough to have an equal one..

Merry christmas to you and your family


Fat Panda
Fat Panda 2 months ago

Your vids are so relaxing :)

BicShrek 2 months ago

How did you cut the diamonds perfectly

Peter Dodosch
Peter Dodosch 2 months ago

Great shots.

Andie Nugent
Andie Nugent 2 months ago

I grew up in New England and am about to spend my first Christmas in southern California. It's been hard to see all the Christmas stuff start to arrive, knowing that it will still be warm and sunny all through December. It was so nice to see this video, reminding me of what Christmas will be like back home! My family even had the same tradition of cutting down our tree from a local farm.

Oliver Farber
Oliver Farber 2 months ago

were does he get the wood

nagyesszep 2 months ago

someone should write an analysis about your editing/storytelling technique. I love the naiveté of the scene @10:34

Kim Asp
Kim Asp 2 months ago

Today, Oct. 23, 2017, I stumbled across this video.  Not only did I love watching you create a beautiful Christmas ornament starting from your imagination.  Then you all trudged through the field just trying to find that one perfect Christmas tree...VERY well made video that not only shows a person how the ornament came about, but seeing it being hung on the tree by the little ones.  What a great way to make memories.  WELL DONE!  Off to watch you create a "Snow Bell"!

christophe leblanc
christophe leblanc 2 months ago

free standing with the star base would look cool as well

Andries 2 months ago

Youre video making is beyond amazing!

rm709 2 months ago

Your talent and creativity is mind blowing. What an amazing channel you have Frank! Thank you for sharing your passion with us!

Karl Siewert
Karl Siewert 2 months ago

I love your videos for the work you are doing, but also, you are a gifted videographer and editor. That shot through the spinning object at 7:47 is inspired. Thank you for all the work you do, and Merry (belated) Christmas.

undisputed 2 months ago

there were some incredible shots in this video. great quality, Frank

Ryan Harrell
Ryan Harrell 2 months ago

not gonna lie, the clap that comes out at the end of the video scares me every time. it's like the spider in toy story...

Wojciech Drabio
Wojciech Drabio 2 months ago

what camera do you use?

Bob B
Bob B 2 months ago

Love your shop, your videos, your stop motion, the cutaway shots of Real Snow, your antique tools, etc etc..

Mikhandmaker 2 months ago

Frank eres un verdadero artista!!

FromTheHeartWoodMK 2 months ago

Some amazing camera angles! Great video, beautiful work!

North jersey Kevin
North jersey Kevin 2 months ago

Maybe my favorite video yet. 👍

PatricK WithaKay
PatricK WithaKay 2 months ago

The editing was nearly as good as the end product :).

Doug P TankerEngr
Doug P TankerEngr 2 months ago

A treasured Christmas Keepsake (and the ornament was pretty nice, too).  An outstanding video.

Turners Corner
Turners Corner 2 months ago

Great to watch this again. Well done

Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson 2 months ago

Beautiful video! Quick random question - what kind of tree did you guys cut for your Christmas tree? It was gorgeous and I want to see if there are some available near me. (Virginia) for next year. :) Thank you!

Dikyoda 2 months ago

Beautiful 👌🏼

npigwnl 2 months ago

Mad skillz! Subscribed!

Erik Anderson
Erik Anderson 2 months ago

I missed this one and it is a beauty. The kids grow up so fast and the shots you got are priceless. Great segways and really nice turning. Beautiful Ornament, family Heirloom! Thank you again Frank!

sree charan kowlali
sree charan kowlali 2 months ago

Tree at 3:49 "not me please ".

Derek Rogers
Derek Rogers 2 months ago

Where can you buy really detailed wood turned things like this guy makes? Does anyone sell things like this?

Yu Dunnome
Yu Dunnome 2 months ago

I wonder if Frank ever starts reaching for his bowl gouge, when he visits the dentist. Repurposing an exam light for the lathe is brilliant.

Strike Fine
Strike Fine 2 months ago

How much time did it take you to get to where you are now? You're so good at this!

Ryan 2 months ago

Ridiculous video quality.

Gord Roberts
Gord Roberts 2 months ago

No matter what is happening in real life, I know where to find moments of peace and something to make me smile. Thank you so much for sharing part of your Christmas.

Koen van der Post
Koen van der Post 2 months ago

That seems like quite some work for 1 ornament, but nicely done.

PeteBillings 2 months ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Frank is an architect outside of the youtube channel, right?

Pete N
Pete N 2 months ago

Another wonderful design! Great job!

stevieu83 2 months ago

Beautiful :)

centrifuge destroyer
centrifuge destroyer 2 months ago

My Grandfather had this nice tradition: He used to keep a piece of the wood of the christmas tree after christmas, let it dry for the rest of the year and made an ornament out of it in december (and sometimes toys etc.) This way we could keep a piece of every christmas and make it a part of the new one. He started doing this for my uncle's first christmas and did it every year until his age and arthritis made it impossible. He made a total of 53 unique ornaments; some simple ones, some more complex. Turned, carved, painted etc. Maybe your kids would like something this.I loved this as a child and I still do, because I'm always a bit sad that you have to throw that lovely tree away after christmas and I was very exiced to see the new ornament each year.

L. K.
L. K. 2 months ago

beautifull video, beautiful tree. can I ask what program do u use to edit your videos (stop motion, etc) can u please show as also video of u making/editing video. you have great eye for filming. 👍

BJEAKE 2 months ago

I have got to get a jointer that changes the species of the wood mid cut that is too cool!!!!

Maxwell Chatman
Maxwell Chatman 2 months ago

I can imagine the one who cut into a Purple Heart tree for the first time was like" What the Hell this tree is purple "

robertintergrale 2 months ago

woow so great Frank,,

tsisk73 2 months ago

I very much enjoyed this video! Great job on the ornament! I really enjoyed the Christmas music that you played, can you post the names or links to your music? Thanks

The Gentlemen's Motor Racing Team

Sir, that was totally inspirational - thank you.

Tejinder Singh Bhambra

Beautiful, love from India.😊

Usual57 2 months ago

Vidéo magnifique.
A voir et à revoir.

jones 2 months ago

Another great video, and woodwork!

Edson Dutra
Edson Dutra 2 months ago

Very very good!!!

Mark Cameron-Smith
Mark Cameron-Smith 2 months ago

Thanks for a lovely video, Frank. It was interesting to ponder that while your making your Christmas items and battling freezing temperatures, I live in Adelaide (South Australia) where we had 41.3 Celsius (106.3 Fahrenheit) on Christmas Day. The problems I face when making things at this time of year include sweat dripping off me on to the machinery or the actual project itself! Neither settings are particularly friendly to work in. Cheers.

Mystic Treg
Mystic Treg 2 months ago

What finish are you using?

Mystic Treg
Mystic Treg 2 months ago

Do you work without guards for the clarity of video?

Gary Sadler
Gary Sadler 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to you and your family Frank. Your videos and your woodwork continue to amaze and inspire me. Carry on my friend.

Sebastian Kleinod
Sebastian Kleinod 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to you guys too. Very beautiful video as always, thank you very much Frank.

lalala lilili
lalala lilili 2 months ago

bravo..another frank makes candidate for cannes film festival, i do really enjoy your presentation, visual editing, sound effect, storyboard, scene blocking..merry christmas to your family!

David Handley
David Handley 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family Frank. Thanks for sharing all your great work and advice. Cheers

clp356 2 months ago

Agradeciendo su dedicación, un año mas, DESEARLE TODA LA FELICIDAD EN ESTAS FECHAS Y UN PRÓSPERO 2017... durante el que espero y deseo, siga compartiendo sus saberes con cuantos le seguimos
Un fuerte abrazo, Juan
Dsd El Puerto de Santa María... España

Mike Fricker
Mike Fricker 2 months ago

How can anybody not like this? It's brilliant! Seasons greetings to you, Frank and all your subscribers. Mike

Thomas Neeson
Thomas Neeson 2 months ago

There's a joke in here somewhere about cutting down a christmas tree with a CNC

Jacks Uterhark
Jacks Uterhark 2 months ago

amazing video, Frank. these Christmas decoration videos are becoming a bit of a tradition now

kevin 2 months ago

I got chills. Great video.

Sully Grills
Sully Grills 2 months ago

The Walt Disney of woodworking to be sure, Well done Sir.


Barry 2 months ago

Truly spectacular as always! Really enjoyed watching that over here in England. May I wish you and your family a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year. Regards Barry

Ralph Boon
Ralph Boon 2 months ago

Just love seeing your vids. Greetings from the Netherlands!

Tim Franklin
Tim Franklin 2 months ago

Love the jump cuts. Shavings to snow flakes and chopping the little tree to the big one. Nice work again Frank!

Daniel Zapata
Daniel Zapata 2 months ago


MooseWorx 2 months ago

How is your purple heart purple all the way through? Every piece I've used is brown on the inside and has to be heated or spend time in the sun to turn purple.

Fabricio Tavares
Fabricio Tavares 2 months ago

Merry christmas too. =)

tpalshadow 2 months ago

Just curious, as your children get older do they have more or less interest in your craft?

OzoneEditions 2 months ago

There are some unique lathe views in this video that I have never seen before. Thank you.

Steve Muller
Steve Muller 2 months ago

Very entertaining! Beautiful work, all around...Merry Christmas to you and yours!

CuteSeamus 2 months ago

that seemed forced

ionicblur 2 months ago

Alright, we can all agree that frank know's his craft, but man, he can make a video, too.