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Title : DIY elf shirt

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DIY elf shirt

DIY elf shirt

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Billy and Rayne
Billy and Rayne 2 months ago

I am going to do this for my ugly sweater dress down day at school! Thank you!

Pinagpalang Ate
Pinagpalang Ate 2 months ago

Hello very nice idea but what the name of that red and black like cloth or paper ?

Thanks for the reply 💞

Mandeep Projects
Mandeep Projects 2 months ago

Tx for doing this I made this for my cousins for a skit

Chandrani Mandal
Chandrani Mandal 2 months ago

Good idea 👍🙂

mgkhalli 2 months ago

so cute . great collar idea !!! I made elf shoes....check out my diy..... would have loved to see your twins wearing the shirts!!!

Anna Lio
Anna Lio 2 months ago

Спасибо за отличное видео. Подписалась...121 !!!! Жду в гости !!!!....12

Diversión Máxima
Diversión Máxima 2 months ago

Hello friend magnific idea Happy day and greeting from diversión máxima 😍

PinkZebra TheUnicornCrafter

Heyy Lovely .. I just love watching your videos! Keep em coming.. Hope you have the best 2019 much love xo

Nordic Crafting
Nordic Crafting 2 months ago

Great idea! This would be nice also for christmas sweater!

Mystery 2 months ago

Cute shirt!elf shirt!👍👍🎄

Sandra's haul's
Sandra's haul's 2 months ago

Pretty tfs!!!👍

diywithsusy Z
diywithsusy Z 2 months ago

Very cute thanks for sharing xoxo