How to decorate a Christmas cake


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Information How to decorate a Christmas cake

Title : How to decorate a Christmas cake

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How to decorate a Christmas cake

How to decorate a Christmas cake

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K4C Print
K4C Print 2 months ago

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Linda Leitchman
Linda Leitchman 2 months ago

Terrible music

Jane Smith
Jane Smith 2 months ago

Well done and beautiful colors.

Lesley Hubble
Lesley Hubble 2 months ago

She didn't brush the cake with alcohol or apricot jam to make the marzipan or fondant stick

AMOBI PRECIOUS 2 months ago


CakeDecoratingDotCom 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful! Delicious cake. Thanks for this!

Cliff Carlo
Cliff Carlo 2 months ago

That's not a cake, it's a biscuit surely! Far too small for a cake!!

Cliff Carlo
Cliff Carlo 2 months ago

First rule of cooking, when it's brown, it's done. When it's burnt, it's buggered! Just ask Alfred.

Amber Upjohn Ballentine

Thank you so much!! I'll try it soon.

Rebekah Varney
Rebekah Varney 2 months ago

do you have to use marzipan first? xx

Cheryl Peers
Cheryl Peers 2 months ago

Beautifully done - love the music too - so calming - my cake is in the oven and I now feel really confident now to marzipan and ice it prettily.  

Lin 2 months ago

amazing:) so delicious....

lily edison
lily edison 2 months ago

i like allrecipes

Mark Nevin
Mark Nevin 2 months ago

Christmas Cake !

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Patcharin Dungthakoon

I like the way that you presented your video.

Allrecipes UK | Ireland

Definitely! That would work just fine.

Allrecipes UK | Ireland

We decorated a Christmas fruit cake. If you search our channel for 'amazing Christmas cake', you'll see the video for that recipe, too.

gsooo1 2 months ago

Also can I use cookie stamp in place of the mould?? Will it work the same,it's the same design though!!

gsooo1 2 months ago

W.O.W. beautiful !!! would love to make this. Which cake have u used to cover?? U haven't shown the recipe, (wanted to use the same 'moist' cake for this).Please don't tell me any moist cake.thanks:-)

Geevarghese K Samuel
Geevarghese K Samuel 2 months ago

I Like it very much

Jc1alvarez 2 months ago

I like the cake

Allrecipes UK | Ireland

Many thanks for your comments. We do mention drying the marzipan for 24 hours in the video. The cake was very moist, so we did not brush it with jam, but we do mention this in the video description (click 'Show more' under the video for tips).

honeybunnybee1 2 months ago

The finished cake looks lovely, but you haven't mentioned covering the cake with boiled apricot jam before you put on the marzipan. Also, the marzipan should be left to crust for 24 hours before you put the fondant on. The marzipan should be brushed with boiled water too to act as a glue for the fondant.

Allrecipes UK | Ireland

Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed the video!

tinafletcher1968 2 months ago

this is really lovely xx

jylee2790 2 months ago

everything about this is absolutely beautiful!!!

SuperMayrn 2 months ago

Love the clean and simple design! Keep up with your fabulous work!