1: Tartaric Acid (12 Days of Christmas)


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Information 1: Tartaric Acid (12 Days of Christmas)

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Description 1: Tartaric Acid (12 Days of Christmas)

1: Tartaric Acid (12 Days of Christmas)

1: Tartaric Acid (12 Days of Christmas)

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Sophie C
Sophie C 2 months ago

watching this bc i saw “tartaric acid” listed as an ingredient in my energy drink!

Glen Martin
Glen Martin 2 months ago

Interesting video.
If I remember correctly, Louis Pasteur studied tartaric acid, and discovered its optical isomers.
Thank you.

Christine Houston
Christine Houston 2 months ago

I would like to know more on this because I use tartaric acid to make mascarpone cheese.

Found Wheels
Found Wheels 2 months ago

we add tartaric acid to the juice during the wine making process

Stijn 2 months ago


Max Reichwage
Max Reichwage 2 months ago

Potassium bitatrate deposits on the barrel or tank when you cool down the wine sufficiently, tartaric acid and potassium are present in grapes in naturally large quantities. Cold stabilizing white wine is typically when you would create a lot of tartrate crystals in the vessel

mitch lesinski
mitch lesinski 2 months ago

This dude my favorite

Jim Tebelskis
Jim Tebelskis 2 months ago

thanks for that - biggest/thickest piece of tartrate deposit i've ever seen. These are usually small like sand particles. This is crystal growth. i searched and found your video because i have a barrel of wine which needs acid reduction from tartrate formation and i'm looking for how to encourage it. so far, i think i will add some seed crystals to the barrel so it can start forming from those. i think you can add depth to your video by combining to add quick opinion by winemaker. thanks for showing that big crystal!

Dragomir Ronilac
Dragomir Ronilac 2 months ago

Nobody commented "In vino veritas"? ...
It would be so obvious.
And please, please do not film in this way... You ruin video. Please...

laveur 2 months ago

Its purified form is used a lot in baking. I have some at home for making cookies.

Joshua Eastman
Joshua Eastman 2 months ago

Where ya at no Christmas video this year ? 🙃 much love

Titus Williams
Titus Williams 2 months ago

It's Louis Pasteur that discover tartaric acide is optically active. But Pasteur didn't discover vaccine. He was chemist not biologists

Hussain Shaihaan
Hussain Shaihaan 2 months ago

The optical isomerism of tartaric acid were indeed discovered in wine, by none other than the great chemist Pasteur!

:-: 2 months ago

Will I get high if I smoke it?

tohopes 2 months ago

"And so this is my present for the 12th day of Christmas"
> not very much different from a lump of coal

Tushar Ahmed
Tushar Ahmed 2 months ago

what is the formula of tartaric acid

oldcowbb 2 months ago

12 day of chemist

Love ER
Love ER 2 months ago

looks likw a cookie

Miguel Ángel Simón Fernández

as a material of fact, red wine is a buffer solution because of the salts and acids in it and that is why drinking moderately wine with foods It helps digesting the meals.

Miguel Ángel Simón Fernández

tartaric acid salts, bitartrates, must be precipitated to stabilize wine. this is usually done by cooling to reduce solubility

Sl Meyers
Sl Meyers 2 months ago

KC4H5O6, Cream of tartar, plus sugar, plus vanilla, boiled together, forms the syrup combined with carbonated water to make cream soda. You can buy the cream of tartar cheaply at "organic" food places that sell walnuts, dried fruit, teas, etc., by the scoop. Or buy it in the spice aisle if you want little jars that cost a mint. This is also a decent way to clean aluminum pots and pans and make meringues stiffen better.

field frost
field frost 2 months ago

It's been a year already :)

F. Robot
F. Robot 2 months ago

I don't know if tartaric acid was discovered first in wine, but it the german name for it is 'Weinsäure' - which means 'wine acid'.

Dinonid123 2 months ago

I wonder if this will continue this year so I have something to look forward to over break.

Ben Mitch
Ben Mitch 2 months ago

Amazing hair. Great videos. Thanks

Tim Toolman
Tim Toolman 2 months ago

This poor guy looks like a bobble head.

Joao Palhoca
Joao Palhoca 2 months ago

Tartaric acid is the main acid present in wine. Grapes are a little bit different from other fruits since they stores mainly tartaric acid, and other fruits stores malic and citric acid. So as it ferments, the grape juice has about 5 to 8 gr/l of tartaric acid. That acid reacts with potassium also in the juice and creates potassium tartrate, that precipitates in crystals and form that kind of lumps in wine barrels and vats. The one professor has probably was formed in many years of wine storage.

Nils Sirrenberg
Nils Sirrenberg 2 months ago

I learned from this video that christmas has 12 days :-D

Ravel Ramirez
Ravel Ramirez 2 months ago

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me... some chicken fried steak-looking thing

Sean Daniel O'Friel
Sean Daniel O'Friel 2 months ago

it looks like hash.

Jon G
Jon G 2 months ago

Your hair is so dope

Pr0c3lla 2 months ago

actually this isnt tartaric acid but potassium bitartrate which is also referred to as wine stone.

Alfliee 2 months ago

Looks like hash

Michele Roberts
Michele Roberts 2 months ago

You guys have helped me learn the meanings and facts on 26 - 34 new elements thanks so much

Yoshi 2 months ago

love this channel and i've started learning chemistry at school too

zer00rdie 2 months ago

So, where is the interesting part?

Jim James
Jim James 2 months ago

Thought this was labelled 'Tantric Acid'...don't even want to think about what that stuff might be

S Kelly
S Kelly 2 months ago

I hope that tartar isn't growing on my stomach lining. I drink a LOT of wine. haha Thanks for the video. :)

theRealPlaidRabbit 2 months ago

Chicken-fried steak!

Maxsta 2 months ago

That Tartaric Acid looks like a biscuit, now I'm hungry.

Charles Dahmital
Charles Dahmital 2 months ago

I think the professor has been conned into being a mule.
That looks like a raw brick of unrefined hashish.
Uh, not that I would know or anything.

Frytergaming 2 months ago

My father is winemaker so i know answer for one of ur questions in the video... Its some sort of sediment from wine which does not cause the wine to be bad at all.

Downton 654
Downton 654 2 months ago

Best channel ever! 😀

hemanth kumar
hemanth kumar 2 months ago

isn't that the same thing in Tamarind ?.

Julius Bernotas
Julius Bernotas 2 months ago

I wanna taste it.

Also: this is more likely to be a potassium bitartrate.

Jára Cimrdman
Jára Cimrdman 2 months ago

Sediment in wine should be more pottasium hydrogen tartrate (also called "wine stone") than the tartaric acis itself.

rtpoe 2 months ago

Tartaric acid is present in grapes in significant amounts. When the juice is fermented, the potassium acid salts (tartarates) bind with the various particulates in the juice and settle out or crystallize. It's a normal part of the fermentation process. Winemakers even add tartaric acid to the wine to adjust the flavor balance.

wine cheese
wine cheese 2 months ago

Santa,is that you?

Swan Electro
Swan Electro 2 months ago

what's it taste like?
worse than ribbon candy?

drkjk 2 months ago

Really thought he'd explain why cream of tartar helps eggs whites hold their peaks.

Adam 2 months ago

+Periodic videos, Is it also called Cream of tart? or is that different?

Kimmel 2 months ago

The proff look very sciency at 3:03 compared to the others

Starphot 2 months ago

I am a gardener and I have a Concord grape arbor. In juicing grapes, you have to heat up the grapes, filter the pulp in a strainer and a juice bag and let the juice settle in the refrigerator overnight. You had to carefully skim the juice off of the top for juice or jellies. The sediment on the bottom of the vessel you had the juice in is mostly tartaric acid with the fine pulp mixed in. Tartaric acid (cream of tarter) powder mixed with an equal amount of baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) is a simple baking powder for leavening biscuits and such. Grape juices and jellies have a little in it. My frozen Popsicles made from the bottom of a batch had too much tartaric acid in them. Eating one of those popsicles after supper caused a very painful gastritis the next morning. Eating too much tartaric acid will irritate your duodenum and cause bile to back into your stomach. Not pleasant.

riskinhos 2 months ago

why no experiment with that? :(

Phy 2 months ago

Our dear professor has the sweetest demeanor about him. This man is too good for us. AAAAAHHHHH!

Phillimac16 2 months ago

Tartaric Acid is often times harvested and used in baking. Can be used as a leavening agent but is less effective than sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

Rezzy 2 months ago

I'd watch these all at once, but then I couldn't watch them periodically.

Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous 2 months ago

Finally he makes a new video!

loosingmymemory7 2 months ago

Tartaric acid is almost the last step in the krebs cycle. It also has a highly suspected link to neurological disorders in youth.
Generally you can fix it by supplementing with malic acid but then your just covering up whats really wrong.

retepaskab 2 months ago

We call it wine-stone-acid, sure it was discovered in winemaking.

dusty johnson
dusty johnson 2 months ago

not tantric acid

Jack Hu
Jack Hu 2 months ago

I love this guy

oxstorm 2 months ago

looks like moldy hash

Kram1032 2 months ago

can you use some of that tartaric acid to separate out the left- and right-handed molecules to show the differences between left-, right- and ambiguously-handed crystals?

Nilguiri 2 months ago

When Jesus turned water into wine did he remember to add tartaric acid and if so, where did he get the carbon atoms from? This whole miracle business is starting to sound a bit fishy to me, to be honest! haha.

YourMUM 2 months ago

There is nothing quite like science at Christmas

Blaze Boyd
Blaze Boyd 2 months ago

Tartaric acid from a swisswine barr-ell

Quintus Dackel
Quintus Dackel 2 months ago

It is sodium potassium tartrate.

Nova 2 months ago

Needs more hand gestures

fla playa
fla playa 2 months ago

Tartaric Acid is an interesting compound. It's ability to resolve racemic mixtures is of the utmost importance.

rogerdotlee 2 months ago

I've missed PToVs of late. It's good to see we've got a bunch to look forward to.

Rhys Buchan
Rhys Buchan 2 months ago

Ive been waiting for this for ages!!!!!!

Steve Bergen
Steve Bergen 2 months ago

Is this the same stuff they use in cooking?

AMRosa10 2 months ago

Louis Pasteur was one of the chemists who described the chiral nature by hand sorting crystals... That was a pretty famous "people" who discovered it.

Gch Bavic
Gch Bavic 2 months ago

I love it

Subparanon 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Periodic Videos!

rustybrazenfire 2 months ago

I have seen tartaric acid as an ingredient in some artificially sour foods. Found it used along with citric acid and lactic acid as flavoring in a particular sour cherry gummy.

كابوريه 2 months ago


Ravedaze 2 months ago

I wish this guy would have been my science teacher when I was a kid.. I'm now 46!

Yakhashe 2 months ago

What's the name of the president of the swiss academy of sciences the professor mentions?

J Martin
J Martin 2 months ago

Haven't seen a new video in a while, thanks for the share!

darkironsides 2 months ago

May Sir Martyn have many more Christmases to come.

Roberto Boateng
Roberto Boateng 2 months ago

merry Xmas prof to you as well =)

Harry 2 months ago

thought he was wearing a santa hat at first

Iry-Hor 2 months ago

If wine wouldn't taste the same without it, I wonder what's the flavour of the acid itself.

Maze K
Maze K 2 months ago

I use Tartaric Acid to make sour candy!

DameAndThatGame 2 months ago

its gonna be a great couple of weeks.. cant wait :)

Gareth Dean
Gareth Dean 2 months ago

And yeah, this would be potassium hydrogen tartarate, which is rather insoluble. (Also known as cream of tartar.) Actual tartaric acid will easily concentrate into a syrup before crystallizing.

Ravedave5 2 months ago

Why didn't you chip some off and test it? I would really like to know if it was tartaric acid.

frtard 2 months ago

That lighting makes his hair look especially glorious.

ipso246 01
ipso246 01 2 months ago

So... is this related to Tartar sauce or Tartarus?

Rob Card
Rob Card 2 months ago

Thankyou. wonderful true stories

Stanley Tam
Stanley Tam 2 months ago

Merry Christmas mates!!

RuneChaos1.01 2 months ago

how is this acid created? deposited? what may it be used for?

Bryan 2 months ago

pretty sure thats potassium bitarate

Bran Hugh
Bran Hugh 2 months ago

Weird that I'm in that lecture theatre a few hours a week

randall williams
randall williams 2 months ago

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me  a cake of tartric acid from a barrel of Chablis ...

elmarijuano209 2 months ago


Rich 2 months ago

have we not already done the 12 days??!

Aleksander Szczerbakow

я тебя очень уважаю