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Description Hologram of Spock Star Trek: Discovery 3x07

Hologram of Spock Star Trek: Discovery 3x07

Hologram of Spock Star Trek: Discovery 3x07

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Daniel Brongers
Daniel Brongers 2 months ago

Seeing her reaction during this scene (also during the scene where she heard about her (step)brother being an Ambassador to Starfleet as well as his attempts to unify the Romulans and the Vulcans) makes me feel that she is actually very proud of Spock. I bet she would love to tell her that in person, if she could...Shame she is stuck in the future with no way of getting back to her own time. This is a very emotional scene. I love it...

M W 2 months ago

I need the music in the first half ASAP.

Tarb 2 months ago

This show is an absolute disgrace.

Stoned-Vet 2 months ago

The one thing I absolutely LOVE about this show is its throw backs to the older series. Mentioning Picard and showing Spock, I mean bang on. PS beautiful musical piece to tie it together.

Khairul Adlan
Khairul Adlan 2 months ago

I found this to be oddly... satisfying after seeing #Spock & #LeonardNimoy in this scene

Nicholas Dickens
Nicholas Dickens 2 months ago

Love Spock always. So sad to learn we’ve lost another great star this weekend. Dave Prowse, the greatest film villain ever.

Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy.

Sebastian Landry
Sebastian Landry 2 months ago

Yet another example of STD trying to use nostalgia to win over real Trek fans.

Derek Ramsaroup
Derek Ramsaroup 2 months ago

This scene really brought a lump to my throat ....The Late ,Great ,Leonard Nimoy...

John Wang
John Wang 2 months ago

Note that though it's supposed to be a holographic projection, we did not see the back of Spock's head when we cut to looking from the other side. Given the nature of CGI today, that was definitely a mistake. Also, did they mirror flip the archival cut...

TheFanRift 2 months ago

So uhhh when did Picard record that?

Carlos 2 months ago

I hear a reference to the tmp-era soundtracks, this scene is amazing.

Martin James
Martin James 2 months ago

Loved seeing Leonard once more, sad though he was in the credits at the end.

Mitchell Abercrombie
Mitchell Abercrombie 2 months ago

I feel like there's one big connection we need to make at some point. We need the Kelvin timeline to have some, maybe even if it's minor, affect on the Prime timeline. To have Spock's journey be cyclical would ring true with so much of the franchise and be a good place for storytelling. Strange New Worlds, if it takes place after DIS S2, would be in the same year that Star Trek Into Darkness takes place. Have a crossover event, where Quinto's spock crosses over into the Prime timeline, and is able to meet the man who created the new timeline.

Paul Jacques
Paul Jacques 2 months ago

like the Whitney Houston hologram… Fake and tasteless.gross

something 616
something 616 2 months ago

Looking in the comments and people are saying how it is recorded? Did they forget first data is an android and isnt picard now so he could have that memory as a file also the fact this is star trek and they have phasers,warp drive,transporters and holograms does it really matter how they recorded it?

something 616
something 616 2 months ago

I like that discovery recognises the impact of spock in star trek history.

John 2 months ago

Very nice, does it make sense that there would be a recording of that conversation? probably not but it doesn''t bother me still a touching moment.

Bryn Stuart Jones
Bryn Stuart Jones 2 months ago

Where is Sybok ??????????

Gabriel777 2 months ago

Seeing Spock and even a reference to Captain Picard in Discovery is probably the best thing ever done in Star Trek for me. Nimoy would have been proud

UnChannelDuVulpineX 2 months ago


Sam Tani
Sam Tani 2 months ago

The true Spock. Oh my. I need a break. Many emotions.

Gavin Gay
Gavin Gay 2 months ago

For proper logic you will not achieve kolinar here,his answers elsewhere?

Mario oli92
Mario oli92 2 months ago

Season 3 is good, I hope they could have started in this era (32nd century) instead of the fake klingon-orc thing and red angel shitty... I'm enjoying season 3

hobbs1701a 2 months ago

When your show sucks so much that you have to bring in the A Team to help out.

Renato Kirinčić
Renato Kirinčić 2 months ago

I'm not sorry to say this, but making this Burnham superhero character connected with the great Leonard Nimoy is just wrong.

James Bellamy
James Bellamy 2 months ago

Hasta una lagrima casi se me sale viendo esa escena

Jack Mulford
Jack Mulford 2 months ago

i cried lol

Filippo Fittipaldi
Filippo Fittipaldi 2 months ago

Since Ni'var, Vulcan still exists, doesn't that mean Discovery is not in the Kelvin Timeline?

PDohm123 2 months ago

I completely lost it watching this scene. To see the great Leonard Nimoy on screen again. And the joy I felt at recognizing these speeches of his from "Unification: Pts. 1 & 2". What a WONDERFUL way to tie in a Discovery story to TNG and Picard. This is one of many reasons why I have fallen in love with this series this season. They're doing all the right things, and showing so much respect for the previous series.

VOYENTTOS 2 months ago

Please remember... The two episodes of Unification from TNG were in honor of Gene Roddenberry. So one more feeling you can put into this good scene.

From 1965 to 2020... Leonard Nimoy still plays Spock.

Talha Patel
Talha Patel 2 months ago

Great episode.... Tilly commander 🤔

DartLuke 2 months ago

It was impossible for Picard to record that moment. Another stupid membeberry. All this idea of Spock's sister is stupid. Sybok was enough

Mag 2 months ago

The idea of having to reach for a pause button somewhere in the air instead of being able to say "pause" is not very intuitive.

Ken donnis
Ken donnis 2 months ago

This crappy show doesn't deserve to have Leonard nimoy,s spock on it in any shape of form . this show doesn't deserve to be even called star trek .its an insult to gene Roddenberry

R Polee
R Polee 2 months ago

Atleast leonard does not have to see the trash that is STD (startrek discovery). Feelings in Space how much worse can it get.
Nothing wrong with some feelings, but in STD it is just trash. Please let STD take place in a very different universe it is not too late for that.

Forget forget forget that STD ever excisted, except in a different universe FAR FAR AWAY !!!

Matt Maze
Matt Maze 2 months ago

DC FONTANA the creator of Spock’s family and hosiery was ADAMANT that he was an only child. She hated V... and we all know what high quality that movie was...DISCOVERY is a million times worse

Donny Winter
Donny Winter 2 months ago

I literally cried during this scene. The nod to Picard and the Spock hologram was such a beautiful tribute to everything that's happened before.

Dennis Soppitt
Dennis Soppitt 2 months ago

Utter nonsense.

Ken Masters
Ken Masters 2 months ago

Poor old Leonard Nimoy would be spinning in his grave if he knew his image was used on this shower of shit show.

Andrew Hills
Andrew Hills 2 months ago

So picard was walking round romulas with a body cam who knew ? Lol

Christian Linnell
Christian Linnell 2 months ago

This episode though... wow.

David J Freeman
David J Freeman 2 months ago

Moments like these why I like Star Trek when it's not trying to be Star Wars. Since Picard did not have a camera, he must have created this holo-image himself. No different when you create a character in a holdeck character from scratch.

Big Sam The Evangelist

MORE CRYING!!! These are the voyages of the starship Whaaaaaaa

Jayjay 2 months ago

Ever since I seen the trailer and the title for this episode, I've been wishing for pictures of Leonard Nimoy, this is even better. I just wish they should've added pictures of Mark Lenard (Sarek) and Jane Wyatt (Amanda Grayson) as a bonus.

Shaul Jonah
Shaul Jonah 2 months ago

So very true the way this story goes the right person for the job is in the here and now.

Alan Currie
Alan Currie 2 months ago

Who else saw this and tears just rolled down there cheeks when Spock spoke

IcecreamDF 2 months ago

You kind of have to wonder how this got recorded, since Picard didn’t have a camera with him when Spock made that speech. Is there a body cam in the comm badge or something? Either way, this is an awesome scene.

Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson 2 months ago

I'm glad they gave Spock this one 🖖

A Haydar
A Haydar 2 months ago

I was almost drawn in and finally felt I was nearly enjoying Discovery, after what felt like a few nice episodes (non gender trill ghost couple being one of them) but I find I really struggled with these two last episodes and I am firmly back to feeling anger and confusion at the bad writing and general production of Discovery. Why are they upgrading Discovery but not interested in Discovery’s game-changing tech? As for the production... I feel like I am getting a headache again, with everything looking so soft, blue-lit, lens-flarey and over-produced. There are never any lingering beauty shots on ships or investment in feasible sci-fi tech. It’s like this Star Trek series is embarrassed to be a Star Trek series. Why not design and showcase some new future ship designs? Inspire our imaginations, they way we all became familiar with the various ship classes, etc. It just feels like it could be any soy-drama, masquerading as sci-fi. We had a scene at the Vulcan hearing, the vulcan president with tears in her eyes, Michael’s mother coming into Michael’s room and them both crying, then the crew hug Tilly and tell her to accept her promotion and there were more tears. Three scenes, all with tears, back to back. What on earth is up with this series? I dislike Discovery so much and feel what Alex Kurtzman has done is unforgivable, but there was a little period in Season 3 where that ‘Star Trek itch’ was nearly satisfied... After they visited Earth and then they got to the cloaked Star Fleet, I felt like I almost cared. I wanted to care, it’s difficult to feel invested in characters you son’t care about and can’t remember their names. They’re either really catty to each other, angry or crying. No logic to anything. Huge plot holes. But let’s chuck a video of the incredible Leonard Nimoy in and we elevate the quality of our show without actually having to work for it.

Palmerrip 2 months ago

GTFO Mikey wannabe Spock. You had nothing to do with how Spock became so awesome. STD is nothing but pissing of Gene Roddenberry's grave. So happy for your demotion too bad you weren't busted down to janitor.

Ru New
Ru New 2 months ago

I'm not crying you are shut up

Drebin2293 2 months ago

When I saw this the first thing I thought: Member when Star Trek was good....

Clarence Dela Cruz
Clarence Dela Cruz 2 months ago

from the uniform that Spock is wearing, it seems that the USS Enterprise's captain is James Kirk?

Brittany Williams
Brittany Williams 2 months ago

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Ikarus1776 2 months ago

Oh gods. The tears. How did they get in my eyes.

Chris Caldwell
Chris Caldwell 2 months ago

Spock’s prophecy came in full circle

Blake Young
Blake Young 2 months ago

This was the best discovery episode yet!

Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 2 months ago

Yep they no depths they won’t sink to to shit all over Star Trek.

Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 2 months ago

So who recorded this secret meeting?

申正義 2 months ago

Fans are miss Spock...

not gunnahaveit
not gunnahaveit 2 months ago

another way to make the audiance think ohh this show is a direct replacement or get people to wasch this is no star trek show its a joke weird and does not follow genes vision only shows were tng and ds9 the other stuff sucks

henkman00 2 months ago

Leonard Nimoy is the best actor on this show...

Cisco Duncan
Cisco Duncan 2 months ago

Live long and prosper Spock. 🖖🏾

xunit62 2 months ago

This was a VERY GOOD episode! A wonderful touch with the connecting the dots to the trek pass! 😎

MACO JAG 2 months ago

So Picard recored this on his comm badge or something? It’s bollocks, melodramatic drivel.

Tai Te Karu
Tai Te Karu 2 months ago

In my opinion this would have to be the best scene of season 3, well done. LLAP Leonard Nimoy <3<3<3

Andrew Wise
Andrew Wise 2 months ago

How ironic that Michael and Spock's future's ended up so far apart. Michael went to the future and Spock went to the past.

Gary Parson
Gary Parson 2 months ago

For people going how did he get this recording Picards memories where scanned in stp no spoilers for the rest of you have not seen it so that's how this recording could be made also really could nod to Spock and Picard

ozzie mederos
ozzie mederos 2 months ago

This was awesome episode

Daniel S
Daniel S 2 months ago

Picard had mind melded with Sarek. So he had a sense of connection to Spock, with whom he also melded. Not surprising that he kept this. And so meaningful to Burnham that Spock went on to become a truly great man after she went to the future. The effects of his life are still felt, after more than nine centuries.

James Spring
James Spring 2 months ago

I love the mixture of joy, and sadness on Michael's face as she watches the recording.
Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy.

Thomas L. Jones, Jr.
Thomas L. Jones, Jr. 2 months ago

This was a great tribute/love letter to Spock/Nimoy. You gotta appreciate Discovery for making the effort to stay connected to the TNG era.

still_guns 2 months ago

If I remember correctly, that speech is from Unification II, which was 45245.8. I think someone got the numbers mixed up.

Toko Furse
Toko Furse 2 months ago

NGL, I teared up

Alex AKA A. Charles Ross

Wait...if Discovery takes place before the original series how do they have access to something from Next Gen?

Alberto González
Alberto González 2 months ago

I had goosebumps watching this scene.

Mark W
Mark W 2 months ago

This was a proper Star-Trek episode. They really nailed it. Imagine if we started with this kind of story telling instead of all that Season 1 war nonsense. It was totally unnecessary. Season 3 so far has been in a whole different league, and this kind of storytelling really ices the cake. I was sceptical of Discovery ever finding its feet but the writers are really starting to nail it now. Entire episode was filled with optimism amidst a serious diplomatic problem, and there was speeches! Granted they'll never top Picard's but its the thought which counts.

tm502010 2 months ago

Damn! So very fitting!

Sanya Hikari
Sanya Hikari 2 months ago

LLAP, Nimoy.

Red Comet
Red Comet 2 months ago

I got really emotional during that part.

Swat Op
Swat Op 2 months ago

cool how holograms always point to the camera position

Jody Robert Ford
Jody Robert Ford 2 months ago

Spock! Who brought the onions?

Matt Gamble
Matt Gamble 2 months ago

I love the easter eggs in this episode!

b Low
b Low 2 months ago

So did spock had any children?

John 2 months ago


Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina 2 months ago

Best moment in STBeyond: FakeSpock looks at a photo of the original crew from ST VI. Best moment in STD: they show a clip of Spock from "unification". I see a pattern emerging.

Michael Leahy
Michael Leahy 2 months ago

What bullshit

Super Mickey Spock started everything

Pogo 2 months ago

I'm not crying, it's just my dust allergy.

OhioGuy82 2 months ago

I admit, I got a little teary eyed during this scene. A nod to Picard and Spock..

Nandi Wardhana
Nandi Wardhana 2 months ago

Wait, Discovery timeline is the one before original series right? If that scene was taken after the next generation, why did she still young?

Correct me if I'm wrong, that was supposed to be michael burnham right?

Alexander Inget
Alexander Inget 2 months ago

I mean, i'd like Patrick Stewart to appear as a hologram of Jean-Luc in an episode here.

Just for an historic scene about Romulans, the Q etc (whatever).

M S 2 months ago

"You guys are chronic overachievers". BAHAHAHA, what an insult to Spock and Leonard Nimoy...

Grant Watson • 27 years ago •

Who was filming this scene?
I dont recall a camera man with Spock and Picard in those caves. 🤔🤔🤔
Terrible writing just to show Leonard Nimoy.

pinoi78 2 months ago

Holy crap

Spacepauls 2 months ago

Crying for a change. Show is complete balls and shits on the legacy of those who have come before it. Shame on these producers.

Nine Worlds From Drew

Yay! Substantial character development for Burnham, AT LAST! 😅

Dee Wigs
Dee Wigs 2 months ago

CBS executives: How can we get long time trek fans not interested in this crap show to be on board?

Writer: Nostalgia

RCPro Driver
RCPro Driver 2 months ago

Wow, not only did Picard secretly record people, he also edited their words. Why can't discovery get a TNG reference right? She could have looked at a picture of Spock and read a history file of what he did to Booker...same thing but without 4th wall breaking video.

Jayson Knightwing
Jayson Knightwing 2 months ago

Part of me was the same way, Spock was my Hero growing up and when Leonard Nimoy died I was crushed.
They even memorialized his passing in star trek beyond.
And......now I hear his voice again. Here... On discovery... It remind my of the very moment that Micheal is watching there.

Wookiee Supremacy
Wookiee Supremacy 2 months ago

Holy shit!! This show is absolute feces!!!