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Irene Fogelsong
Irene Fogelsong 2 months ago

For the last few years every Christmas I rewatch your video. I even have it saved in my library. Thank you! 😘😘😘

Susan Torrado
Susan Torrado 2 months ago

Talk a lot

Zahidah Mobeen
Zahidah Mobeen 2 months ago

Skip to 3:22 thank me later 🤗

Wendy's Craft Den
Wendy's Craft Den 2 months ago

Hi Heather. Hooray a video with vocals and numbers, so many of the ones I looked at just had music which are great if you know what size to make. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I make Album/Journals and want to make a nice bag to put them in, this will be a great method thank you once again. Hugs and Luvs xxxxxx Wendy.

sarita malviya
sarita malviya 2 months ago

khakalte he aata hai

sarita malviya
sarita malviya 2 months ago


Manas Gupta
Manas Gupta 2 months ago

Chup kar

Manas Gupta
Manas Gupta 2 months ago

I hate this video

Ysha Freya
Ysha Freya 2 months ago

tutorial starts 3:23

abdullah fahad
abdullah fahad 2 months ago

وش تقولرنا أنتم

Showbiz Now
Showbiz Now 2 months ago

Actually your tutorial is boring. Been wondering why got many views. 100× downvote for you. 👎👎👎

ROBINA FOZIA 2 months ago


twisterella 2 months ago

thank you

Vasyl Music
Vasyl Music 2 months ago

Are you Heather from HowCast?

albree Corzine
albree Corzine 2 months ago

:[   I  is mad

sky rose
sky rose 2 months ago

You are the best explainer ever

Sonya Scheibler
Sonya Scheibler 2 months ago

made it easy to make. i just dont like the whiteboard thing, i had to skip it.

Guru dhunput
Guru dhunput 2 months ago


Evelynn Gaming
Evelynn Gaming 2 months ago

Stop being meen

Sue Shanks
Sue Shanks 2 months ago

Good video. Very helpful how you explain each step. I liked all the options you mentioned on how to fold over or close the bag. Thank you.

Berry Bear
Berry Bear 2 months ago

talk so much

Diana 2 months ago

Good video.

Jenny Lu
Jenny Lu 2 months ago

I'm not a teen

Tsegay Tekle
Tsegay Tekle 2 months ago

Arret de parelait tros

Mugisha Sharon
Mugisha Sharon 2 months ago

I lyk your explanation

Kay Mc Donald
Kay Mc Donald 2 months ago

Thank you for your pleasant and informative video tutorial. 
Some people must have  been  in a bad mood before they watched this to make such negative comments.

Bekah Hunt
Bekah Hunt 2 months ago

i used normal tape and it works perfectly well

K. T.
K. T. 2 months ago

where the paper splits into two, FYI she doesn't glue them (you have to, otherwise when you open the bag, it'll fall apart)

Bret Simner
Bret Simner 2 months ago

Great video. Thanks so much for this!!!

Glenn Kobayashi
Glenn Kobayashi 2 months ago

talky talky

Bhim Singh
Bhim Singh 2 months ago

take less and do more but Good

Milo Mew
Milo Mew 2 months ago

Ugh!!! Can you please wait 2 seconds and not make that gross noise with your spit!

zerry 2 months ago

when your watching this because its Christmas season and you have no talent in wrapping gift. FML!!!

phartattack 2 months ago

You must like to hear yourself talk, If you would just do the folds quietly this 11 Minute video would have been 2 minutes log.
Oh yeah, It's a Wrapping paper gift bag. NOT ORIGAMI.

Morena Oliveira
Morena Oliveira 2 months ago

haselo con otro color por. fabor. no se entiende nada de lo que grabaa

Bobbi Moore
Bobbi Moore 2 months ago

do you have free printable for making those bags?

Kathy Baker
Kathy Baker 2 months ago

This was the best instruction..very well detailed. Making bridal shower luminary centerpieces and this simplified it for me!! Thank you!!

Lizzeth guadalupe Marin rodriguez

Good 👍👌

Ana Aninha
Ana Aninha 2 months ago


lokesh sh
lokesh sh 2 months ago


Yan Abas
Yan Abas 2 months ago

you talk a lot

Lori Seabrook
Lori Seabrook 2 months ago


Valerie Rawlings
Valerie Rawlings 2 months ago

Oh my gosh this was so helpful thank you!

JDomna217 2 months ago

Thanks for taking the time to lay out the math :) Following the fold instructions only is great if you just have a piece of paper you're trying to turn into a bag. If you're needing to make a specific size, the math clarification helps!

LYINA AND DYINA 2 months ago

thanks for doing the video

LORE PJ 2 months ago

e orrivel a ainda mais em ingles

Arun D'Souza
Arun D'Souza 2 months ago

how much do u talk

Pizzl' Wear House
Pizzl' Wear House 2 months ago

very straight forward and really helpful. Thanks!

Kely Laps
Kely Laps 2 months ago


민윤기 2 months ago

it's like a bed !

Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia 2 months ago

You talk TOO much.

Jasmine Camille
Jasmine Camille 2 months ago

less chitchat and more demostration next time pls

Marige OBrien
Marige OBrien 2 months ago


Khadiza Chowdhury
Khadiza Chowdhury 2 months ago

ow my days u do not know what gusset means

Zech X
Zech X 2 months ago

For some reason the makers of such related videos always do it too quickly

No Name
No Name 2 months ago

Oh my...the sound of the paper. Lol I just love the sound... _

Fun with kriti
Fun with kriti 2 months ago

ur great u also teach origami and also algebraic expression s

SuesAkornShop 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing.

Cecilie Benner Svendsen

nice bag, but too much talking about stuff i didn't need to know!

tita bondoc
tita bondoc 2 months ago

Now i can make my own gift bag, tnx for sharing.

Liem Le
Liem Le 2 months ago

Dep quaaaa

Leslie Ndhlovu
Leslie Ndhlovu 2 months ago

At first I was like OMG that's too hard then I was like awesome that was easy😀😄😄😃😃😂😂😂😁😆😆😊☺️☺️

Gali De Cintron
Gali De Cintron 2 months ago

wow ty this was so easy to follow

FoEarn Fern
FoEarn Fern 2 months ago


Gwen M. Casteel
Gwen M. Casteel 2 months ago

Great Job  I need the measurements in inches.  [email protected]

Peter Kidega
Peter Kidega 2 months ago

Woooow! That was so easy and simpler that I thought. Thanks.

NerissaIsFab 2 months ago

Sorry but this is NOT origami. you don't use glue or TAPE

Severine Deschamps
Severine Deschamps 2 months ago

je trouve que c'est plus simple comme ça

Roeriey Rockey
Roeriey Rockey 2 months ago

Good job i love it it is so cute

david dowling
david dowling 2 months ago

that was awesome i am going to make it

Fatima Guerra
Fatima Guerra 2 months ago

eu sou Portuguesa

Order-up fingerboarding co.

borded hahah 

Ganesh N.A
Ganesh N.A 2 months ago

superb easy and ultimate...

TBFA Guardian
TBFA Guardian 2 months ago


Marie Grace Alban
Marie Grace Alban 2 months ago

Thanks for the video! I didn't know it was so easy to do a bag... I'm using it for a lot of christmas wrapping... XD

robin Taub
robin Taub 2 months ago

dont use glue 

robin Taub
robin Taub 2 months ago

he is right ass 

Breeze Johnson
Breeze Johnson 2 months ago

I love it

Mr.Jeffey 2486
Mr.Jeffey 2486 2 months ago

thank you it work

Sreedharan Kc
Sreedharan Kc 2 months ago

easy to study and transact

שחר פכר
שחר פכר 2 months ago

Thank you soooo much and you didn't scaredcme with algebra i actually like it hihihihihi #^~^# 
And you're tutorial is really easy to understand and follow ^3^

Ali Am
Ali Am 2 months ago

You can not use glue or tape in origami

darcus garland
darcus garland 2 months ago

Ur work is cool i do origami and art work myself its just hard and need to shortin the videos

reesysleather 2 months ago

your hands creep me out

Kristy Lay
Kristy Lay 2 months ago

зачем же столько пиздеть?

Ly Nguyen
Ly Nguyen 2 months ago

thanks u X

Vishnu C
Vishnu C 2 months ago

I got irritated by seeing your fingers at the starting

Darowino 2 months ago

this is not origami if you use the glue

Sarnedhiel Belethiel
Sarnedhiel Belethiel 2 months ago

Awesome! Thanks!

isaac schofield
isaac schofield 2 months ago

perfect demo thanks for the help!

Niki 2 months ago

Thank you so much!!! 

Antonia Dukmenić
Antonia Dukmenić 2 months ago

You talking little too much :-/

Rakshitha Guttha
Rakshitha Guttha 2 months ago

i like this because i was very helpful by this video

Luisa Arnia Romero
Luisa Arnia Romero 2 months ago

son estos canales de manualidades que nos ayudan a nuestra economía y a distraernos como en este caso de origami, a mi me encantan desde chiquita

Sebastion Ferreras
Sebastion Ferreras 2 months ago

im seven

Maram kashef
Maram kashef 2 months ago

very very nice 

Abiyya Fairuz Nusaly
Abiyya Fairuz Nusaly 2 months ago

Thank you

T K Martinez
T K Martinez 2 months ago

Perfect instructions. Thank you so much!

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