5 Insane Garden Gadget Inventions - Now On Amazon!


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Information 5 Insane Garden Gadget Inventions - Now On Amazon!

Title : 5 Insane Garden Gadget Inventions - Now On Amazon!

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Frames 5 Insane Garden Gadget Inventions - Now On Amazon!

Description 5 Insane Garden Gadget Inventions - Now On Amazon!

5 Insane Garden Gadget Inventions - Now On Amazon!

5 Insane Garden Gadget Inventions - Now On Amazon!

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Gadget Express
Gadget Express 2 months ago

Thanks for Watching!
Links to these Amazing Garden Gadgets in the Description above ⬆️⬆️
I hope you guys enjoy the video. 😃
If there is any gadget ideas that you would like to see videos on, let us know!

Fifty2Eighty 2 months ago


Berkan Işık
Berkan Işık 2 months ago

Hi, I want to recommend a product to you all the lights I bought in my garden were broken and expended a lot of energy I encountered this product because it is solar energy, I recommend that I do not lose energy

Jaiden yuudai
Jaiden yuudai 2 months ago

Do they have a life expectancy? Will they last a few years?

Mr. Tech.
Mr. Tech. 2 months ago

Hi all,

I recently published a video reviews a similar product.

thanks all.


Pankil’s Videos
Pankil’s Videos 2 months ago

awesome lights.. here are some nice moon path solar lights also .... www.amazon.com/Fastdeng-Decorative-Landscape-Waterproof-Lighting/dp/B07WH3L8SS/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=solar+path+moon+light+cracked&qid=1599923098&sr=8-1

G YamBal
G YamBal 2 months ago

I’ve seen and bought better products.

Muhammad Faheem
Muhammad Faheem 2 months ago


Zuhdi Sidik
Zuhdi Sidik 2 months ago

Last item is best replaced by air blower.

Joseph Riley
Joseph Riley 2 months ago

Playbulb! A bargain at £162 on Amazon. I think I’ll give it a miss!

Dean Kos
Dean Kos 2 months ago

Fell asleep on the blossom ad ..........zzzzzz

michael Xu
michael Xu 2 months ago

None of them impressive

William 2 months ago

Trash 🗑

TanK 2 months ago

3:09 Art Fart 😝

Andy Jame
Andy Jame 2 months ago

I'm very impressed share4.photo/PostLight?good with the amount of light it produced as our street has minimal street lighting. Being so high above the end of the driveway the spread of light covered a large area of the drive.

Landy82c 2 months ago

All white. As it will turn dark when explore air hujan

Landy82c 2 months ago

Buy buy buy 1 house 12 + 3 spare

Christy Jian
Christy Jian 2 months ago

I found a new item in amazon, sturdy and good price. 6 in 1 garden spotlights, how do you think

Gringadoor 2 months ago

Utter trash

Cryian Sky
Cryian Sky 2 months ago

£82 for broom? you gotta be kidding lol

Jeffrey Rosato
Jeffrey Rosato 2 months ago

Wow. That was a real waste of 10 minutes. This stuff is bigger garbage than " As seen on TV " Garbage.

L00peey 2 months ago

the broom is cupped so its pretty decent the rest is trash

rares mircea
rares mircea 2 months ago

When the culture is dead set on 'making money' as the ultimate goal, then some of its individuals will coalesce into firms and those firms will ultimately discover than it's much less profitable to engineer quality goods than to engineer quality consumers. This is why in the last few decades marketing and advertising has contributed to unimaginable heaps of garbage, consumption of energy, waste of resources and water, pollution of air and oceans, destruction of ecosystems. "Now on Amazon! Feeling bored or sad? Buy the latest mildly useful gadget!"

This is sad, demented and funny in the same time: youtu.be/Qk1i7UGBz1Q?t=52

dumoulin11 2 months ago

None of these are "insane" unless for #5 by insane you mean ridiculous. 
Also, 4 out of 5 of these are destined for the landfill.

Virru112 2 months ago

Playbulb has terrible reviews

mando89 2 months ago

The broom at the end lmao, it's like every other brook but the bristles are bent,

Rain Man
Rain Man 2 months ago

oh great...more plastic one time use stuff. Them outdoor solar powered lights that change colored ? are they UV resistant, or will the top plastic cover fade like the covers on your headlights ? Why a broom with bent bristles when a blower does not care about terrain ? If i need it swept that clean... Also...why build a push broom to sweep like an old fashion one...plus that wide head design has got to be annoying to use. Try sweeping like a broom with your old push broom, you will soon get the idea. now, if they had put bent bristles on an old style broom, they migh thave something. Plus i take it bristles are all plastic, and they will eventually wear and break off...again, putting plastic into the environment.

Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong 2 months ago


crocketgsxr6 2 months ago

#5.......um if you pull with a "push" broom you get the same result.

Michael Geels
Michael Geels 2 months ago

I'm not impressed

Rodnee Conrod
Rodnee Conrod 2 months ago

Why not 'pull' the original brush...like she pulls the new one?

Daniel Levy
Daniel Levy 2 months ago

Reinventing the floor brush huh. Jesus

saleen235 2 months ago

Playbulb Garden: Fun way to turn your garden into a night club.

Alan Cotton
Alan Cotton 2 months ago

Insane my arse!

Jason Hunt
Jason Hunt 2 months ago

Pure insanity!

올리브 2 months ago

rewelacyjne gdzie kupić i po ile

See Red
See Red 2 months ago

I heard the word Kickstarter & thinking I’ll just buy from someone who won’t exit or go bankrupt

Jer R
Jer R 2 months ago

She sux a sweeping

Francisco Scaramango
Francisco Scaramango 2 months ago

£40 for one garden light. So that row of lights you've just seen in the video cost £400. Fuck that.

Eugen Barbu
Eugen Barbu 2 months ago

I like the broom because you dont need a mobile app to operate it.

Pritilagna Pradhan
Pritilagna Pradhan 2 months ago

Costs too much in flipkart.. Playbulb~ 4300

Nicolas Bertin
Nicolas Bertin 2 months ago

Number 4 is rubbish. Tilling your soil actually increases the number of weeds that germinate, by taking the seeds from the depth and bringing them to the sunlight, it's stupid. Try a no till garden with a permanent mulch instead.

Juan 2 months ago

Playbulb garden it's "green" like your garden because the built-in batteries grows from the trees

ShaneyElderberry 2 months ago

All destined for landfills.

Uncle Fjester
Uncle Fjester 2 months ago

Stupid and my HOA would not allow these, maybe your ghetto would.

E H 2 months ago

I’m concerned about theft! 🥺

Daniel Mann
Daniel Mann 2 months ago

water is scarce???
That is hilarious. The key to marketing is to state or create a perceived problem.

Poon Pounder
Poon Pounder 2 months ago

Dumb products

Senna 1993
Senna 1993 2 months ago

I closed my amazon account years ago. There is much better gear out there at better prices.

Peg James
Peg James 2 months ago

She's never used a broom in her life.

Liz Jones
Liz Jones 2 months ago

Sun Joe products are great

Big Beaty Swollocks
Big Beaty Swollocks 2 months ago

Waterproof but are they dog piss proof

Arthur Huizar
Arthur Huizar 2 months ago

I only like the broom.

Lynette Lopez
Lynette Lopez 2 months ago

The playbulb is great for my resort in the night

Bo Knows
Bo Knows 2 months ago

1 out of the 5 peaked my interest, but thanks for sharing

Big Bear
Big Bear 2 months ago

Why would you need #1 when you can buy a cheap leaf blower that would do a much better job?

Time Has Come
Time Has Come 2 months ago

king junk

Ronetta Rushing
Ronetta Rushing 2 months ago

For planting trees or digging post holes in rocky or compacted soil, use an erodiator! So easy to use! www.erodiator.com/

Eduardo Aroche
Eduardo Aroche 2 months ago

The Price Please

Ashwyn Asif
Ashwyn Asif 2 months ago