Vince Gill - Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing ft. Gladys Knight


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Information Vince Gill - Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing ft. Gladys Knight

Title : Vince Gill - Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing ft. Gladys Knight

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Frames Vince Gill - Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing ft. Gladys Knight

Description Vince Gill - Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing ft. Gladys Knight

Vince Gill - Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing ft. Gladys Knight

Vince Gill - Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing ft. Gladys Knight

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Nigmamsoul 2 months ago

NICE!!! It's fucking song rearranged

Faye Fern
Faye Fern 2 months ago


Patricia Daniels
Patricia Daniels 2 months ago

Why am I just seeing this ? Very nice! . ...Somewhere along the line, I must have discovered the REAL THING !😊

johnson john
johnson john 2 months ago

I'm not in color division I'm a big van of Vince gill but Mr. Vince Gill seems to really like what he be hearing lol, seriously she got some original black free style but in 5th gear yea? lol

Kevin Herd
Kevin Herd 2 months ago

This record is legendary, song selection, production and the performers. The accompanying documentary film is a must see.

Yohoge 2 months ago

A fine line between country and soul, r&b.. so good.. so good..

David MacDougall
David MacDougall 2 months ago

Does anyone know who played on this track? I see JR in the video but I'm not sure it sounds like him on drums. The band is incredible.

Chèrie Lee
Chèrie Lee 2 months ago

I introduce this album to my mum, and there were times, once she owned a copy of her own, that she'd play this album on repeat, sometimes for hours and other times it was days.

I can't tell you how I alone burnt out a few CD's of my own.

I was listening to something else and it made me think of this album, something I haven't done in a long time , but I'm here now in the wee hours of the morning, shedding my fair share of tears, and thinking about my mum, who's been gone now since October 2007.
It's bittersweet really, and what I love the most about music.
It has a way of transforming us to places we have long forgotten, it make us think of happy times, not so happy times as well as the sad times.

Memories are the one thing not even death can take from us.

I'm SO happy I was able to come across this amazing collaboration yet again.🎵✌️💜

Anthony Miyazaki
Anthony Miyazaki 2 months ago

Gladys. Vince. Awesome times two.

Kevin Wager
Kevin Wager 2 months ago

I wish the Artists included all all of the Session players among the credits. After all they create the groove.

Hyper Boy Tkl 107
Hyper Boy Tkl 107 2 months ago


PurpleZinnia 2 months ago

I'd play the cassette tape in my Jeep while driving back and forth to Des Moines. One day the tape snapped I played it so much. Real music.

Joseph Carpenter
Joseph Carpenter 2 months ago

Our Music stunning

KJ 2 months ago

Country and R&B are so interchangeable. Truly cousins. Love to see the musical soul of American music in these genres.

Mo 2 months ago


motownfan3 2 months ago


Sharon Powell
Sharon Powell 2 months ago

Very nice

Ultra Concise
Ultra Concise 2 months ago

Nice version. 1) Restraint, letting the song carry the song, not over-embellishing. 2) Great, natural voices. 3) Smooth, subdued arrangement performed by ace musicians

Emma Gattis
Emma Gattis 2 months ago

Gladys Knight & Vince Gill did a Great job.Sing It!!!!

Emma Gattis
Emma Gattis 2 months ago

Mrs.knight got it going on with that Beautiful Voice .

Caroline Corma8n
Caroline Corma8n 2 months ago

Nice but nobody can take Marvin Gaye's place.

Stephane Abe
Stephane Abe 2 months ago

Belle reprise

Chris Luta
Chris Luta 2 months ago

The name of the song says it all real people real music really well done by real musician's

Richard Prins
Richard Prins 2 months ago

my go to song every day ...the whole album is superb !!!!!!

danny4481 2 months ago

I'm of the opinion that Don Was is capable of producing any genre of music.

siucgal 2 months ago

I love the combination of country and R&B

Clem Fortes
Clem Fortes 2 months ago

Have always enjoyed this song and I always go back to it when I need cheering up...

Jim Fortune
Jim Fortune 2 months ago

Would someone know the exact title!

Takayuki Ishiguro
Takayuki Ishiguro 2 months ago

Vince must have fell in love with Gladys.

Thomas Cushing
Thomas Cushing 2 months ago

One of the best albums it's like they put names in a hat and then had people pick who they would sing with...Al Green..Lyle Lovett funny how time..The best

elizabeth huggins
elizabeth huggins 2 months ago


Nathan Goff Naples
Nathan Goff Naples 2 months ago


louc00517 2 months ago

This is great stuff. Also, listen to Natalie Cole and Reba McEntire do "Since I Fell for You" from the same album. May be the definitive version of that song. Both in great voice. The video is on YouTube.

bluebear1985 2 months ago

This songs was featured on an album called "Rhythm, Country and Blues", featuring duets between R&B and country artists. A few other good examples from this album are "Somethin' Else" by Little Richard and Tanya Tucker, "When Something is Wrong with My Baby" by Patti LaBelle and Travis Tritt, and "Chain of Fools" by Clint Black and The Pointer Sisters.

Classical music 74
Classical music 74 2 months ago

This is something new.  I am a Vince Gill freak.  I love this and appreciate this video.

davidfmmacd 2 months ago

Great tune. Would love to hear the story of how JR Robinson ended up in the video when Kenny Aronoff played drums on the track...

Tira-mi-MUSIC 2 months ago

LOVEeeee it.... fantastic version...,!!!!!!
Two such FANTASTIC singers having soo much fun together... adorable :-)

Laurah - Autorin Künstlerin Musikerin

Great Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!

carol biggs
carol biggs 2 months ago


Bill Johnston
Bill Johnston 2 months ago

What can you say but, Beautiful!

Kevin Hamby
Kevin Hamby 2 months ago

Vince…He's got great soul, both playing and singing. Must be why he gets called to Crossroads by Mr Clapton.

Ronn Noakes
Ronn Noakes 2 months ago

Thanks so much for posting this! As much as I love the original recording, this is my absolute favorite version of this marvelous song.

original og
original og 2 months ago

Nice combination...og

MissDonnah 2 months ago

I love it how a person can discover something new. I am a Vince freak, listen to Vince watch Vince videos and never knew of this pairing with Gladys. Their voices are perfect harmony. Love it! So glad I came across it.

Robert Griffeth
Robert Griffeth 2 months ago

How did they get them together for this song, really loved it.

RobinsWillSing 2 months ago

Wonderful combination! Love it!

kalmanizer 2 months ago

This is AWESOME! I'm a HUGE fan of Country Music Star Vince Gill. EXCELLENT version. :)

Danny F
Danny F 2 months ago

man I love this version and I love this pairing of to great singers. Just because a person specializes in one genre of music does not mean they can't do others. This is what artistry is about.

Cheyenne McKenzie
Cheyenne McKenzie 2 months ago

@bossman22408 Imma have to disagree with you on this one my friend I think Vince got this song dead on, of course it may just be that I am distracted by Gladys Knight's amazingness, but I don't think so.

strawman8 2 months ago

awesome music,great singers,beautiful song.