Britain's Got Talent S08E01 Collabro Amazing Classical / Musical Boy Band



Date of publication
Information Britain's Got Talent S08E01 Collabro Amazing Classical / Musical Boy Band

Title : Britain's Got Talent S08E01 Collabro Amazing Classical / Musical Boy Band

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Frames Britain's Got Talent S08E01 Collabro Amazing Classical / Musical Boy Band

Description Britain's Got Talent S08E01 Collabro Amazing Classical / Musical Boy Band

Britain's Got Talent S08E01 Collabro Amazing Classical / Musical Boy Band

Britain's Got Talent S08E01 Collabro Amazing Classical / Musical Boy Band

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Stefan Baiatu Fany
Stefan Baiatu Fany 2 months ago

So beautiful!!!! Congrats!

Edmund John Gabriel
Edmund John Gabriel 2 months ago

1/5/2021 here from rainy Singapore

acquaintance 2 months ago

they will be the next westlife

Kieran C
Kieran C 2 months ago

The dollar signs in Simon's eyes when he stood up...

mary roberts
mary roberts 2 months ago

Must see them live. Fantastic.

mary roberts
mary roberts 2 months ago

Beautiful voices,clean looking,brilliant together have got to go far surely.

Alyson Ross
Alyson Ross 2 months ago

Another Susan Boyle moment Simon looked to the sky. judging the boys before they even got started weren't they surprised 🖕❤️ loved this

Isa Cameron
Isa Cameron 2 months ago

I saw these live a few years ago and i still love them theyre so good

Schwarzer regen
Schwarzer regen 2 months ago

When the judges make those faces
I like when the contestants prove the judges wrong

Linda Dyjak
Linda Dyjak 2 months ago

Natural chemistry indeed!

Patricia Weldon
Patricia Weldon 2 months ago

Well done 👍

Carl Cisc
Carl Cisc 2 months ago

That giraffe can sing the high notes😍

Bernice Bartel
Bernice Bartel 2 months ago

Nice guys .love their choice of music and how their voices come together.

Shiney Kurian
Shiney Kurian 2 months ago

I love their deep, emotional English voices. Their voices are a God send. These boys are true talent. Thank you!!

dan galaero
dan galaero 2 months ago

Nth time im watching this in years... now is april 23 2021

john chemberjian
john chemberjian 2 months ago

too late but thumbs down to Amanda

Debra Ward
Debra Ward 2 months ago

I hope amanda took back that look she did at the beginning. These guys are brilliant

Claire Choat
Claire Choat 2 months ago

Hi Collabro but I like your music video by Musical theatre

Josephine VanKempen
Josephine VanKempen 2 months ago

So glad to hear something really beautiful. Thanks guys.

Cordell Brooks
Cordell Brooks 2 months ago

Simply breathtaking 💗

Emilie Abenojar
Emilie Abenojar 2 months ago

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Jay Alexander
Jay Alexander 2 months ago

I am in love.

Vincent Tomeo
Vincent Tomeo 2 months ago


Fabiana Cristina
Fabiana Cristina 2 months ago

Alguém em Abril de 2021?

Jay3ll388 2 months ago

Yup, it’s April 2021, and still not old!

Robert Petrack
Robert Petrack 2 months ago

Simon stop rolling your eyes until you hear them

Fabiana Sousa Silva
Fabiana Sousa Silva 2 months ago

São incríveis

Kai Geddes
Kai Geddes 2 months ago

Why did the big throated singer leave the group?

Marcelo Decon
Marcelo Decon 2 months ago

Those dollar sign eyes @ 2:37

Maria Chasse
Maria Chasse 2 months ago

That's when the song starts!

Mellonie Beasley
Mellonie Beasley 2 months ago


JILLY BIDDELL 2 months ago

You would think by now that the people, would stop judging before the artists have even opened their mouths.

Billy Brain
Billy Brain 2 months ago

Listening in March 2021..never gets old

Abida Babida
Abida Babida 2 months ago

the guy in the middle is way too good for a boy band. He can go solo and make himself a huge career with that voice

Valentine Morales
Valentine Morales 2 months ago

What's the title of the song

Raquel F.
Raquel F. 2 months ago

I have watched this so many times. So good.

Judy Brown
Judy Brown 2 months ago

Still get chills

Harry Bassett
Harry Bassett 2 months ago

Best audition ever!

Timothy Greening
Timothy Greening 2 months ago

You guys are so good, may Jesus Bless you excellent

Valerie North
Valerie North 2 months ago

I’ve loved these boys for six years. They are spectacular

Brigitte Brochhausen
Brigitte Brochhausen 2 months ago

Sehr schöne Stimmen, die super harmonieren

Roar Risnes
Roar Risnes 2 months ago

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Christine Marko
Christine Marko 2 months ago

A PERFECT audition; how brave of these young men to select a song with a Christian message, in a time when popular culture encourages our youth to turn away from God. They nailed it!!!

Luis Ernesto Glenn
Luis Ernesto Glenn 2 months ago

I hate it when that Simon doubts the potential of others by making stupid faces or idiotic comments.

Donna Nelson
Donna Nelson 2 months ago

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Jana Brosius
Jana Brosius 2 months ago

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Duane Cavanagh
Duane Cavanagh 2 months ago

I loved their music...hated the name

laerte Pires De Godoy

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unknown unknown
unknown unknown 2 months ago

Omg they’re so cute

Roar Risnes
Roar Risnes 2 months ago

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Katrin Pau
Katrin Pau 2 months ago

Wonferful, a great Song. I love it. Thanks

Roar Risnes
Roar Risnes 2 months ago

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Roar Risnes 2 months ago

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Jo Robertson
Jo Robertson 2 months ago

Watch every day. Love the four guys.march 2021 nz

Janka Kováčová
Janka Kováčová 2 months ago

I've been listening to you boys, daily, for seven years Your voices are forever in my heart,

June Stroud
June Stroud 2 months ago

How to ma

Jeannie Helliwell
Jeannie Helliwell 2 months ago

The girls in the audience wish they were heading to the nunnery!

Tracey parish
Tracey parish 2 months ago

Anyone else noticed how America's got talent seems so much more ......rehurst, polished ...not sure what the word is...just not the same as Britain's got talent. BGT is so much more enjoyable to watch. Even the talking between the acts seems less rehurst.

Samantha Fariester
Samantha Fariester 2 months ago

Samantha cll me David William's Love you too 💕 David William's. 4423072296 Samatha Fariester

Samantha Fariester
Samantha Fariester 2 months ago

Samantha cll me David William's Love you too 💕 David William's. 4423072296. Samantha Fariester

Terri Selph
Terri Selph 2 months ago

Absolutely amazing performance! Their vocals and the message within the song put chill bumps on my arms. The world needs more music like this. Well done, gentlemen.

Bessie Wells
Bessie Wells 2 months ago

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lance williams
lance williams 2 months ago

I wish they would come to Denver

Janet G
Janet G 2 months ago

Yes, yes, yes!

Maryann Hagedorn
Maryann Hagedorn 2 months ago

Its March 2021. You are right, never gets old.

Rose Stearn
Rose Stearn 2 months ago

Can't wait to see them in november

Val Calvert
Val Calvert 2 months ago


Alice Payet
Alice Payet 2 months ago


Glade Goodrich
Glade Goodrich 2 months ago

Watched this dozens of times. AMAZING!

Not going Out
Not going Out 2 months ago

Why are the panel always so I’ll-mannered? Their parents should be ashamed. So ugly.

Margaret Holden
Margaret Holden 2 months ago

I like surprises

Tina Collins
Tina Collins 2 months ago

This is my favourite Simon and Amanda she looked down Simon rolled his eyes 👀 what a fantastic group I love them 😍

Jack Saltzberg
Jack Saltzberg 2 months ago

God shit

Matthew Reeve
Matthew Reeve 2 months ago


Samantha Fariester
Samantha Fariester 2 months ago

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Patty Maron
Patty Maron 2 months ago

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Tina Collins
Tina Collins 2 months ago

Brilliant they proved Simon wrong , amazing love them xxxxxxx 💕

ashleelmb 2 months ago

What I like about this group is that it's not been infiltrated by BAME or LGBTQ.

Bonnie Hipps
Bonnie Hipps 2 months ago

The way the judges kept rolling their eyes and smirking pissed me off. Didn't they learn nothing from Susan Boyle?

Zanakin 2 months ago

Callabro was the last concert I went to before the first lockdown, when to there concert and the next day lock down was announced

Annie B
Annie B 2 months ago

I see the eye rolls and sideways glances from a couple of the judges and then I hear the absolute bliss of this blend of voices and I think 'that told you!' Go, Collabro.

Dee Wallace
Dee Wallace 2 months ago

That took the smirk off holders face

David Richards
David Richards 2 months ago

Best one after Susan Boyle and they still didn’t learn to judge a book by its cover 😜

Paula Ousley
Paula Ousley 2 months ago

Collabro was great, makes your heart feel good. A bunch of cute guys to

Peter Hagström
Peter Hagström 2 months ago

I like are fair cocky....very good :)

Sam Hain
Sam Hain 2 months ago

the dude on the far left looks like seth mcfarlane....

Scarlett Angell
Scarlett Angell 2 months ago

This is a really difficult song to sing and they did it superbly

Allison Coe
Allison Coe 2 months ago

This shows that true talent does not need the validation of a constantly screaming audience.

2011yourlife 2 months ago

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dogeatdog12345 2 months ago

This is still my favorite audition ever. Take in Simons eye roll it was brilliant. I am so happy they won. What a beautiful song.

mark a
mark a 2 months ago

when they say been together 1 month simon rolls his eyes amanda sniggers to herself when he suggests they could win thats pre judging they dont know how good they are 1 month is plenty of time for experienced singers to combine really well simon should know better why is he continually surprised

Ed Davis
Ed Davis 2 months ago

February 2021 inspiration

ScottBradyFitness 2 months ago

This is by far the best singing audition in the history of the show

Barbara Heinze
Barbara Heinze 2 months ago

Richard you had such a beautiful voice.

k ar ma
k ar ma 2 months ago

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Gina Shoukri
Gina Shoukri 2 months ago

Oh my God am crying

Kennetta Bradford
Kennetta Bradford 2 months ago

They sound like a Disney movie

tomasi bati
tomasi bati 2 months ago

My best boy band audition on BGT.

Fiona Clayton
Fiona Clayton 2 months ago

Love a grumpy bastard

Angela Berni
Angela Berni 2 months ago

Literally gave me the shivers. Now more than ever do we need to believe !!! I'm so proud of these young boys not being afraid to sing such a song. Makes such a change to see such wholesome clean looking lads !!! Well done. Beautifully sung 👏👏👏