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Salvo Ocello
Salvo Ocello 2 months ago

Great video instant subscribe

Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson 2 months ago

Hi my name is jackson. A few years ago I broke my arm and had 6 surgeries I could no longer play sports. I started working on my car and became obsessed with taking pictures with my car and ever sence wanted a camera to learn to take good photos. I’m a senior in high school and next fall I go off to college. I wanna learn to take photos for other people and earn a bit to be able to pay for my books and the gas to get to and from campus. I’m looking for any cameras, or camera equipment your willing to get rid off or you just don’t need anymore. I just started a job but all my earnings are going to my gas and senior funds. Anything you can help with us a blessing. Contact me back for my address if you have anything I can have! I don’t wanna sound greasy just need help getting started up.

Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog 2 months ago

production quality is so good

Snyke 2 months ago

Mans has a cam in his sons room. What if he be doing the ting

Kuenden Rigzin Nima
Kuenden Rigzin Nima 2 months ago

Me: buying a gift for myself.

Zaj lord
Zaj lord 2 months ago

have you tried combine that last wifi router with lego?

David Bogdanovic
David Bogdanovic 2 months ago

Make more video like this!

Rina in London
Rina in London 2 months ago

This is so great gift ideas

Levi van der Aa
Levi van der Aa 2 months ago

How do you only have 5k subs? With your content you expect someone with 500k+ subs. Great Job man! Nice videos!

Ronan Murt
Ronan Murt 2 months ago

The time and dedication that this man goes through to heart every single comment is insane

griffin kay
griffin kay 2 months ago

Wow i thought you had a few million subs the quality is great def deserves more recognition.

rafatacion 2 months ago

Just watched the first seconds and when you talked about the subscribers I just got shooooocked!!! Keep up the good work! Great quality!

Chris Partridge
Chris Partridge 2 months ago

Wait what, 4k subs for a video of this quality?

Mystic Gaming
Mystic Gaming 2 months ago

Why iPhone only tho? You could of included Android accessories like for Samsung, that would of been great.

TheTommyPT 2 months ago

Underrated youtuber. Subbed for quality. Keep it up with your natural smoothness

James Larweth
James Larweth 2 months ago

Mans really put a MacBook in the thumbnail for tech under a 100

GeoDC5 2 months ago

Was actually surprised to not see a million subs when Insubbed lmao

Phillip Hofer
Phillip Hofer 2 months ago

Wow, high quality video at that channel size, respect man👌

Cap 2 months ago

Amazing video, maybe put some soft music in the background just for atmosphere? Everything else is basically perfect, definitely subscribed!

ShaneOB 2 months ago

Love the quality of the video and the aesthetic you bring to the video. Is there anyway to contact you about a possible promotion?

Akash Boghani
Akash Boghani 2 months ago

Would be awesome if you could add names to the links in the description.

With a lot of these product guides, going through the list and finding some interesting names makes me want to stick around for the full video.

lil.187erz 2 months ago

Under 100 dollars
Me:sees a macbook on the thumbnail😳

Sebastian Mayo
Sebastian Mayo 2 months ago

Great video! Can you share with me the name of the first song you recorded in the audio unboxing?

Atlbrave14 2 months ago

Gotta turn things on man. The rgb keyboard? Come on man

Veron Crustz
Veron Crustz 2 months ago

How To Get Great For Under $100

Jt Vercetti
Jt Vercetti 2 months ago

Everyone does these videos but I really enjoyed how yours has catagories easy to skip through to your interests keep it up!

Tauri Ott
Tauri Ott 2 months ago

Nice video, but in the future, avoiding saying voice assistant trigger words would be nice.

Shahnawaz Ahmed
Shahnawaz Ahmed 2 months ago

Can anyone please help me...i just wanna know the song name 4:00 he was listening to🙏🙏 please?

Adam Hagensieker
Adam Hagensieker 2 months ago

Who has the iPhone silicone magesafe cases?!

David Benson
David Benson 2 months ago

thanks for sharing your wisdom

JT Hughes
JT Hughes 2 months ago

The intro was very nice and I subscribed bc of it

Jadd Figaro
Jadd Figaro 2 months ago

Great product list.
Thought I need nothing but now ... I have a LOOOONNNNNGG wishlist .... Thanks to you :D

Patrick Brady
Patrick Brady 2 months ago

I appreciate these kinds of reviews, I hate clicking on a video and they just read off a spec sheet, glad your channel popped up on my suggestions, you got my sub and I look forward to more quality reviews

Haralt Harald
Haralt Harald 2 months ago

awesome video

Ernesto Torres
Ernesto Torres 2 months ago

Bro I don’t know what you mean video looks great first 10 seconds and I already subbed

Tony Antonio
Tony Antonio 2 months ago

The second speaker was really cool! And sounded good!

Reid Taylor
Reid Taylor 2 months ago

I'm watching this video a month after it was uploaded. You channel has grown 1,000 subscribers in a month. Wow!

Anibal González
Anibal González 2 months ago

Whats that song? In the audio section test.

Andrew Millar
Andrew Millar 2 months ago

Great video

Joel Heidlage
Joel Heidlage 2 months ago

you content quality is insane for only 5k subs your gonna go far very quickly, my friend. keep up the great work!!!

KTS Shaw
KTS Shaw 2 months ago

I just join your channel very great reviews.

Prabjot Singh
Prabjot Singh 2 months ago

Just an suggestions - do not include mic in the frame. Waiting for upcoming videos.

Prabjot Singh
Prabjot Singh 2 months ago


Bored pg3d
Bored pg3d 2 months ago

amazing video i would recommend for u to put timestamps, i would really appreciate it it does take a little bit more time but its not much i would appreciate if u do that.

iBeOnThat Kryptonite
iBeOnThat Kryptonite 2 months ago

No idea who you are. No idea what that sliding gray screen was. I’m :46 seconds in, and sir, you’ve earned yourself a subscriber

Renegade_xoxo 2 months ago

definitely subbing

Hakolit 2 months ago

Can we apreciate the fact that he doesn't have any music? It gives such a smooth sensation to the video.

Lewis U
Lewis U 2 months ago

Does technology undermine manliness? I discuss here:

Josh Kiboko
Josh Kiboko 2 months ago

Thanks for the ideas. Great video!

Drew Eck
Drew Eck 2 months ago

Me clicking on the video. My brain "Okay looks like a big youtuber, I can trust these items." @UCwt--51FmGtn83KO19tsnWg: Starts talking about him 4k subs. Me: WHAT, deserves more credit, imma write a comment, here.

You reading this: :)

Phantom Money
Phantom Money 2 months ago

Wish the gaming was a bit longer, good video though

Nicholas Parker
Nicholas Parker 2 months ago

really good video, keep up the good work

Emiko Orange
Emiko Orange 2 months ago

Stunning picture quality & background aesthetic ♡ Great video & carted 2 of your recommends!~

Luis Torres
Luis Torres 2 months ago

Very well made

QuickTorials 2 months ago

Damn nice video.
This is just some feedback, everything is really good about the video but u would recommend showing the items.
Like you did with the lights, you should do that as well with the projector, cause you are saying it is good but we haven't seen the quality of the image.

Erik Lundstrom
Erik Lundstrom 2 months ago

The 4th gen Echo dot is garbage! The 3rd gen is way better!

Vysulo 2 months ago

“Video is overexposed”
Bruh it doesn’t look bad, it’s literally perfect

Benjamin Barry
Benjamin Barry 2 months ago

Get corsair k55 its 50 euro and is very good

Jose Arreguin
Jose Arreguin 2 months ago

Your channel needs alot of work. Youre recommending products youre barely reviewing, such as the speakers. Youre showing projectors with no images of the brightness or how they look, we saw more of you than what we saw of the products. Demo the products. Show people how they actually work. Dont just take it out of the box and show us the product

Jose G
Jose G 2 months ago

Don’t remember if you mentioned In the video but the ROVA gun has a 55% off coupon for Amazon right now!!!!

Michael Leonard
Michael Leonard 2 months ago

Good video man. Keep em coming

s suigeneris
s suigeneris 2 months ago

New subbed I’m suprise you’re not bigger !!!

Justin Linton
Justin Linton 2 months ago

I was 4.54k subscriber

King Random
King Random 2 months ago

I got the beat. Thank you. I didn’t know what to get my sister

Miguel Gutierrez
Miguel Gutierrez 2 months ago

Recommend breaking down the timeline with all the items as well as putting all the time links in the description! Awesome video tho

Finn 2 months ago

amazing video.. brilliant quality obviously lots of effort put into it. keep it up!

DumbassPen 2 months ago

Great options

Trish Miya
Trish Miya 2 months ago

Thank you!! ❤️

Bruhoul 2 months ago

i subbed because of your beard

Priscila Elias Photography

I love the Hueliv! Super fun!!!

Mekdim Dereje
Mekdim Dereje 2 months ago

Get this man 1 million subscribers

Veronica Wrobel
Veronica Wrobel 2 months ago

Great video! I got a couple of ideas for my dad and my boyfriend! Thank you :)

TampseyLp 2 months ago

Nice video a lot of helpfull stuff but i am indecicive

TechF30 2 months ago

My kind of video!!

I-Dizzy 2 months ago

Thank you for these videos I always look for these for the holidays but I never find one under 100 dollars also I have the Onzt Angle and its worth the 25

kathan desai
kathan desai 2 months ago