Britain's Got Talent 2020 Semi-Finals Amanda Holden Performs Round 5 Full Clip S14E14



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Information Britain's Got Talent 2020 Semi-Finals Amanda Holden Performs Round 5 Full Clip S14E14

Title : Britain's Got Talent 2020 Semi-Finals Amanda Holden Performs Round 5 Full Clip S14E14

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Frames Britain's Got Talent 2020 Semi-Finals Amanda Holden Performs Round 5 Full Clip S14E14

Description Britain's Got Talent 2020 Semi-Finals Amanda Holden Performs Round 5 Full Clip S14E14

Britain's Got Talent 2020 Semi-Finals Amanda Holden Performs Round 5 Full Clip S14E14

Britain's Got Talent 2020 Semi-Finals Amanda Holden Performs Round 5 Full Clip S14E14

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Paul Kearton
Paul Kearton 2 months ago

Does simon have a tallent

HAHAHAHA 2 months ago

She kinda sounds like a singer from a Disney princess movie

Frank Silva
Frank Silva 2 months ago

Beautiful voice, and beautiful person. ❤❤❤

Taylor Rose
Taylor Rose 2 months ago

It’s a YES from me!

BEST OF TikTok (BOT) 2 months ago

Waw she just waw🤗

Juanita Mullen
Juanita Mullen 2 months ago

Yes, wonderful Amanda. Lovely gown.🙋👍🇺🇸

Bjula lula
Bjula lula 2 months ago

I love the way she laughs

tree 2 months ago

Idk why it never registered to me that she’s a singer…. Like she literally has the demeanor and elegant voice of someone who holds great vocals..

I guess it’s because I’m so use to her being the goofy judge 😂

Adventure Lover
Adventure Lover 2 months ago

I definitely say...

Debbie George
Debbie George 2 months ago

Her voice is so pretty.

Kris Bassett
Kris Bassett 2 months ago

Theatrical at best..

lan dan
lan dan 2 months ago

I love Amanda❤❤❤❣

Suzy Shoemaker
Suzy Shoemaker 2 months ago

She sings like an absolute ANGEL! Such a lovely voice and a lovely lady. I Love her!!

Siminthesky 2 months ago

disrespectful to throw away the album..typic as l gayact

LilianK -Life&RelationshipCoach,EU

Wow I love her voice

uslsuspect 2 months ago

Holy Crap! I’ve been watching this show for years and I never knew she could sing. I always thought she was a juggler.

Gary Messer
Gary Messer 2 months ago

She is beautiful as any..
Wow, what an amazing voice.
It just doesn’t get any better than that!❤️

Ra Risen
Ra Risen 2 months ago

I did not know she can sing, she sings wonderfully! It's magical

Helena Monteiro Goncalves Susin

How beautiful !!! Her voice reminds me of the springtime !!!

Platonic Purple Panda

Sorry but the fake audience cheering and clapping is kind of annoying.

Clint Retzos
Clint Retzos 2 months ago

Amanda should also play in movies she makes my day when i see her.... Quite the dream wife of a man....she has features that make her very attractive...i knoow many singgle men that would want to have a wife like her... ♥

Hey joshuaaaaaaa ☺️☺️☺️

The fact the Amanda is a gudje

Rose Abad
Rose Abad 2 months ago

Amanda have good talent and brilliant voice she's beautiful and gorgeous Amanda performance amazing

아짐 2 months ago

It's a yes from me

Secre Pesmon
Secre Pesmon 2 months ago

The day Simon will sing the blind will see the deaf will hear satan will repent

EPT Online Store
EPT Online Store 2 months ago

I like how she control her voice

Paula Larkin
Paula Larkin 2 months ago

Wow I had no idea her voice was so beautiful

Diana Felker
Diana Felker 2 months ago

I never knew what she was famous for.
Very beautiful girl 👧

Diana Felker
Diana Felker 2 months ago

I never knew she could sing. Is that a Disney song?

Wahab Aminu
Wahab Aminu 2 months ago

Very talented 🔥🔥love it ❤️❤️

Dacia Walker
Dacia Walker 2 months ago


Regina Denise Clarke
Regina Denise Clarke 2 months ago


Special 3
Special 3 2 months ago

She sounds like a Disney Princess!

Samadrita Mandal
Samadrita Mandal 2 months ago

I don't know why I feel like she's a disney princess singing a beautiful song.... ❤️❤️

Eloziia Kayina
Eloziia Kayina 2 months ago

Her voice is so beautiful

David 2 months ago

Wooooooow holy sss.. amanda ur so perfect.

Real  Share -Real Life


Ms Monique Dwyer
Ms Monique Dwyer 2 months ago

She is a Pro.

bruce malcolm
bruce malcolm 2 months ago

Don't be fooled the song was pre-recorded. It's her but it isn't live. Just watch her lips as she hides behind the microphone!

Chidubem Nkwocha
Chidubem Nkwocha 2 months ago

She's So Good

feyz naik
feyz naik 2 months ago

it felt like watching barbie movies and walking in disney her voice is omg

Jacques Vandermeer
Jacques Vandermeer 2 months ago

This is lovely. The style is very broadway. There are several different performances of “Not While I'm Around”. The one by Kurt Elling is a favourite of mine, it's a little more like a jazz ballad. The song is by Stephen Sondheim who emerged as Broadway’s wunderkind composer in the sixties. It's from the musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1979) The 2007 film adaptation has young Edward Sanders as Tobias, singing this to reassure Helena Bonham Carter (as Mrs. Lovett)

Brava Amanda!

Khairil Ezwan
Khairil Ezwan 2 months ago


QUEEN ROSE ADEJO 2 months ago

Sounding like the Disney voices, amazing

QUEEN ROSE ADEJO 2 months ago

Sounding like the Disney voices, amazing

Sadiqul Shafi
Sadiqul Shafi 2 months ago

She doesn't have a sad background. Sorry folks no golden buzzer 😐

abi avenger
abi avenger 2 months ago

I thought she was just an actress

Michael Mendez
Michael Mendez 2 months ago

now i understand how angry she was when hearing the guy singing let it go with his wrecking voice.. she could sing..

daisy dumon
daisy dumon 2 months ago

Sorry guys, not her own voice.

•Bella isabelle•
•Bella isabelle• 2 months ago

I didn't know amanda can sing

Paul Granger
Paul Granger 2 months ago

The beautiful Mrs.Holden is like a dream come true !! She is so beautiful and loving , I love everything about the princess 😘😘😘

Helen Cuthbert
Helen Cuthbert 2 months ago


Sibongile Mbuli
Sibongile Mbuli 2 months ago

Wow, she sings so beautifully👸. I just love her laughter too 😂😍❤️♥️💓💞💕💖.

Abid Mahmud
Abid Mahmud 2 months ago

It’s a yes for me!!

Abbz 2 months ago

Wow amanda very impresive wow i can tell why they picked her her voice is as grate as a star wow i could lison to here for a hole day

Sheila Stone
Sheila Stone 2 months ago

So cool, I was in Disney Movie for a moment.

Joanne Ferguson
Joanne Ferguson 2 months ago

What a voice, wow. That girl can sing!

MEGA OPTIMUS 2 months ago

Now i know why shes so upset when a guy sung the let it go in a metal rock way

DASA DS 2 months ago

Her voice ❤️😘 husshhh 😌

Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 2 months ago

I didn't know Amanda did anything! Sure didn't think she could even sing.

thatmf_ fareed
thatmf_ fareed 2 months ago


liohi 2 months ago

WTF I Did not know that she can sing, and while the type of song jsut isn't my style as a 19 year old man, holy shit she has an amazing voice on her

Janet Washington
Janet Washington 2 months ago

What a simply, beautiful angelic voice. So sweet and pure. Her singing puts me in mind of Julie Andrews, but so refreshingly different. I loved it. I had no idea or knowledge of this lovely lady's talent. So very glad I found out. Hope I have a chance to hear her again. Thank you, Amanda.

James 2 months ago

So lovely.

Alexis Tosta
Alexis Tosta 2 months ago

Had no idea she sang

Kalinda Mbozi
Kalinda Mbozi 2 months ago

Who else wants to hear simon sing

Lauren Beth Mckeand
Lauren Beth Mckeand 2 months ago

Nah that’s not Amanda omg

GALAXY GAMING 2 months ago

Cringe 😬

GamingFelin e
GamingFelin e 2 months ago

what song is this?

Eki Janwari Aldyanti
Eki Janwari Aldyanti 2 months ago

More than 10 years i watch BGT,,i never know she can sing like that lol

Gray Blanchard
Gray Blanchard 2 months ago

What a perfect rendition of a perfect song!!

ABC 2 months ago

This is the worst audition of this song I've ever heard!

Luciana D.
Luciana D. 2 months ago

she sounds like a princess its amazing

FMC 2 months ago

Omg amazing did she sing in Wicked or another musical

FireStarter Gaming
FireStarter Gaming 2 months ago

I knew she could sing but I’d never heard it

Shane Fulgueras
Shane Fulgueras 2 months ago

She's singing Sweeney Todd

Alfred Lalrem
Alfred Lalrem 2 months ago

Wow wow wow so good and so clean voice so relax to lesen toher singing very talented Amanda

Unicorn Queen
Unicorn Queen 2 months ago

Amand name is cute like if you agree

Erna Fitri
Erna Fitri 2 months ago

she is a Disney princess voice singing in the woods with animals

Priyadarshini Mukhopadhyay

It's a YES from me!

Sage Art Channel
Sage Art Channel 2 months ago

Her singing voice is so different than her speaking voice 🥰

桜野ダイモン 2 months ago


johnson naorem
johnson naorem 2 months ago

Next simon

꧁Itzthecreator꧂ 2 months ago

plot twist she just wanted to prove Ned Woodmen wrong

Petra sooc
Petra sooc 2 months ago

Her voice from disney movie

Kareena Sirjoo
Kareena Sirjoo 2 months ago

Me to

Rebecca Jasmin
Rebecca Jasmin 2 months ago


U_K 2 months ago

Amanda : singing like a princess
Me : amazed
Also me : suddenly remember the way she sometimes laugh like a maniac

Cloudy Rays
Cloudy Rays 2 months ago

Its not a yes from me.


madi claire
madi claire 2 months ago

she sounds like the one voice elsa kept hearing in frozen 2

Khangembam Bikram Singh

most surprising thing i've seen on bgt

Lorena Alberto
Lorena Alberto 2 months ago

Shes like the queen😘♡

L◑raTheMemer 2 months ago

amanda is amazing, and did anyone know that got talent judges are actually country singers, and other sort of singers did you know that :0

Razul Omar
Razul Omar 2 months ago

It's like disney

Kimuthu Thilakarathne

She is like snow white's high pitched yet so soothing

CAK's Dad !
CAK's Dad ! 2 months ago

I never even once wondered what Amanda's claim to fame was ... B E A utiful!!!