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Infinity Dominguez
Infinity Dominguez 2 months ago

oh no this isn’t even good texmex food over price for a sorry excuse for texmex.

It's Awesome Sid
It's Awesome Sid 2 months ago

The food is not that great and very bland. Went there twice, both times not good. Service is bad as well. But the surroundings are pretty and historic.

I XLR8 2 months ago

We drove there from Houston for lunch then drive back right afterwards.
Love that place.!
Crazy,I know.

Jane Ezzell
Jane Ezzell 2 months ago

A favorite for sure...!! Can't wait to visit again....

Rosa Hernandez
Rosa Hernandez 2 months ago

I live in Salt Lake city Utah, the one I miss the most is the tex mex food.

Richard Pfeiffer
Richard Pfeiffer 2 months ago

Is there a safe Park lot

BenTramer 2 months ago

As a born and raised Texan I can tell you this: everyone in this state OVERRATES THE FUCK out of everything.

Judy JingleDress
Judy JingleDress 2 months ago

As a native to San Antonio. This would not be my choice. The food is mediocre. But it does have a very nice Mariachi bar. You go for the drinks not the food.

M Lucas
M Lucas 2 months ago

Well at least they're not hiding the fact that they're Tex Mex. The question is: Are there any good Mexican restaurants in San Antonio?

HOPKINS DESIGN 2 months ago

Only for tourists. It's extremely over priced (for tourists) and they charge you extra for everything! Locals would rarely tell you to go there, too many other great places to go without paying the HIGH tourist trap prices.

Alicia Salinas
Alicia Salinas 2 months ago

Oh please their food is gross. Go to Panchitos on McCullough they're way easy better than Mi Tierra any day!!! It's just for tourist of course it's gonna taste good. That's my opinion.

Alejandro Campos
Alejandro Campos 2 months ago

Im very picky about my Mexican food and this was more TexMex.

Took the family for my birthday and it was a disaster.

I might be biased because I had 1 shit experience but, I dont feel inclined to return.

Patty Zambrano
Patty Zambrano 2 months ago

For tourists ok for real ones much better for locals. None of us drive there to the bakery

Jacob Saadatmand
Jacob Saadatmand 2 months ago

It's okay overrated, sweets were good but hey if they can stay in business this long good for them .

Scott Burnett
Scott Burnett 2 months ago

Went to SA to eat at this “24 hour restaurant” we get there to eat at 8.45 and the lady sitting people is rude as hell replies “we aren’t taking any more orders”. Very rude. So much for 24 hour. They’re not. And they are rude as hell.

Christian marie Perez

I love it there i live san antonio to I live
South side by burbank high school I love living in san antonio


This video is so white that mayonnaise is starting to see like a spice! Yeah. And if your going to say like “omg let them eat whatever they want” or “in the north of Mexico or my family cooks with pita bread wheat tortilla” just no! This restaurant misrepresents SOOO MUCH!! they will think this is what you will find in Mexico! Even if they say “oh we are not trying to be like Mexico” even though they literally put Hidalgo in middle! Just no!



Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez 2 months ago

Is like taco bell no bueno can food

Cynthia Gonzalez
Cynthia Gonzalez 2 months ago

It's just a tourist trap. There are other text mex restaurants in SA that are better!

Rene Gomez
Rene Gomez 2 months ago

Please!!! Mi tierra is a notch above taco bell. That's the last place to eat. This guy was surely compensated for video content.

A Beer
A Beer 2 months ago

The atmosphere, the kind people, the food... those are just a few reasons why I've raised my kids in Military City! Especially there. They're still growing up in that restaurant and they absolutely love the food!

Moon Gypsy
Moon Gypsy 2 months ago

I got to eat here in 2004,it was amazing !

Raq G
Raq G 2 months ago

Great atmosphere, horrible food unfortunately. You will be disappointed when you leave but you will have enjoyed the festive vibe.

Sàbhail ar Alba
Sàbhail ar Alba 2 months ago

No wonder everyone there has a waistline like the side of a house.

Warning Eagle
Warning Eagle 2 months ago

For get the bucket, a bath tub list is more like it. Everything is big in Texas

EustisAbernathy 2 months ago

Went here on a friend’s recommendation. Fantastic place

Rachel Reyes
Rachel Reyes 2 months ago

Tourists can get better tasting food for less anywhere in town. I think the main attraction is the colorful ceiling, mural and location. The food is over priced and over rated. Sorry

spider Cadillac
spider Cadillac 2 months ago

Nasty food

AC BC 2 months ago

Mi Tierra is a legit place . I live in Austin Texas and whenever we visit San Antonio we visit Mi Tierra

Monde Acid
Monde Acid 2 months ago

Que elegante la Sr., y una guapetona, la comida esperamos hasta January @0 ya que mi esposa y yo visitamon a nuestros kids. Hasta nos vemos quidase God Bless des de Filipinas, abrasos fuertes a t8dos.

Fel Tij
Fel Tij 2 months ago

That place is wayyy overrated. Average at best.

tada wala
tada wala 2 months ago

An entire video about a dining establishment and nothing about the food.

James Perkins
James Perkins 2 months ago

I'm not trying to be rude or disrespectful when I say this. My wife and I had the enchilada dinner and it was not good. In their defense that was the only thing we tried . I would say also that the atmosphere was the best ever. I give that an A+. If we are ever able to get down that way again we'll try the fajitas or something. God bless you.

Teddy West Side
Teddy West Side 2 months ago

This place is not what it use to be. Its a tourist trap. The staff is rude as fuk. 2 hour wait on wkds "pre pandemic of course". Food sits on counter cause servers are sooo lazy to help run food. Managers are stuck running food. By the time you get food its cold. Toxic work environment. Btw... I know this cause i use to work there. Hi employee turn over. Go to Lupe Tortilla instead.... Hell, even Chuy's is better.

Isay Look
Isay Look 2 months ago

The restaurant atmosphere is great, but the food is not good. And the pastries are expensive and just ok. It’s for tourists who don’t know what good Tex-Mex food is.

Michael Pena
Michael Pena 2 months ago

Tourist Trap

Arturo AG
Arturo AG 2 months ago

Mexican castaways. Tex Mex is the worst food ever.

texaswader 2 months ago

Been going there since I was a boy. Some think it's just a tourist trap but the food is good, the price is right and the portions are big.

Follower of Julian
Follower of Julian 2 months ago

How many times did my friends and I make a "road trip" from UT to Mi Tierra on the weekends!

Rojo Rampage
Rojo Rampage 2 months ago

Overrated. I lived in San Antonio for 5 years in the 70’s and it was the best Tex Mex place to go eat but they’ve gone down hill. It’s a tourist trap

marcos sanchez
marcos sanchez 2 months ago

I’m from California and here in California we have great Mexican restaurant but when I went to San Antonio for a little vacation a lot of people talk about MI Tierra saying it was the greatest Mexican restaurant. So I went to try it out, turns out this place is overhype and overrated the food isn’t all that great is just ok but not worth the wait or the price. This place is mostly a tourist trap for people who don’t know what Mexican food is or how it taste like, the only good thing about this place is that it has some nice decorations but that’s it. Definitely not worth going back.

Rue ridge
Rue ridge 2 months ago

This is a nasty tourist trap deluxe. Awful strip mined food. Like Joe Ts in FTW. Go down the street to Margaritas for some GOOD food and service.

Nepthu 2 months ago

I love San Antonio. It's always a struggle deciding where to spend more time--The Riverwalk or the Marketplace.

Steven Dudley
Steven Dudley 2 months ago

I want to eat there or Casa Rio.

Louisa Martinez
Louisa Martinez 2 months ago

My favorite stop when in San Antonio, period!

Fidencio Roberts
Fidencio Roberts 2 months ago

OVERPRICED & overrated Tex-Mex food!

Azteca 2 months ago

When we go to San Antonio. I always get the hotel across this restaurant.

Sunset S
Sunset S 2 months ago

Most over rated restaurant!! Please... it’s just about decorations. Go to Nichas!!!

edge4006 2 months ago

Gavacho food!! Go to Taco Haven on S. Presa.

Cynthia R
Cynthia R 2 months ago

Mi Tierra is overrated and is a tourist spot. I just went yesterday for breakfast and it was mediocre at best. Tortilla chips in the chilequilles were stale and the potatoes lacked flavor.

I will say that the baked goods are amazing, always fresh.

joe gallardo
joe gallardo 2 months ago

Been there many times , love the food and pan dulce !

edward arsiaga
edward arsiaga 2 months ago

I've been to the place it's good we go Everytime we go the markets

Doug Lee
Doug Lee 2 months ago

Been there many times starting back in the 70s.Great food !!

luvvideos07 2 months ago

Been there so many times in my life. Great food and the baked goods are amazing.

Pazen 2 months ago

Mmmhhhmm I'm all over that place

Hey There
Hey There 2 months ago

Thanks for showing the Mexican love, but you didn't show the food. This episode sux long and hard!

S G8*Wood
S G8*Wood 2 months ago

Mi Tierra Y Panaderia + San Antonio + Texas 5-STARS (*****)

Jose Juarez
Jose Juarez 2 months ago


Jose Mondragon
Jose Mondragon 2 months ago

That place is so overrated! 👎🏽👎🏽

R M 2 months ago

Love her accent

Arlene Ortiz
Arlene Ortiz 2 months ago

Why didn't he eat and sample their food? Since they are getting free publicity.

snydesy 2 months ago

Shes kinda cute eh?

chelle roberson
chelle roberson 2 months ago

The best - 😍😍😍

Dekowi 2 months ago

Best place in San Antonio!

sickb2200 2 months ago

I don't always eat in San Antonio, but when I do, I eat at Mi Tierra. I love that place.

Alberto Francesca
Alberto Francesca 2 months ago

My next visit to the US , I will be heading to Texas.

Leonard Bardwell
Leonard Bardwell 2 months ago

Literally my only must eat when in San Antonio

ShowDonkeys 2 months ago

I’m getting hungry

Brendan Crisp
Brendan Crisp 2 months ago

Love this spot! Always a go-to on the SA stop!

R S 2 months ago

Roy p. Benavides, 🏅 of Honor Recipient......

Jason Puckett
Jason Puckett 2 months ago

my texas bucket list is so long it may need a second bucket

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