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WHO aware of new COVID-19 variant identified in U.K.

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Information WHO aware of new COVID-19 variant identified in U.K.

Title :  WHO aware of new COVID-19 variant identified in U.K.
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Frames WHO aware of new COVID-19 variant identified in U.K.

Description WHO aware of new COVID-19 variant identified in U.K.

Comments WHO aware of new COVID-19 variant identified in U.K.

Entao Lu
UK COVID-19 variant
Comment from : Entao Lu

Denise Heredia
Comment from : Denise Heredia

omprakash mittal
Whatis the medicines for cure of new covid 19 variant
Comment from : omprakash mittal

Berserkir Claws
Every countries should banned UK travelers or this new variant will spray like the Covid-19 did.
Comment from : Berserkir Claws

Yea sure WHO, just wait and do nothing again, see if it becomes more prevalent globally.

What a pathetic display by the WHO again.

Comment from : Nicolas

Halden Munk
The rhetoric of those "in charge" is staggeringly bland.
Comment from : Halden Munk

Jonno Cotton
All the virus has done is mutater and adapted to it's environment to survive. Doesn't mean that it has become more deadly
Comment from : Jonno Cotton

Esson Andrew
The mutant in the UK in Matt Hancock
Comment from : Esson Andrew

Mo Dut
Shouldn't this video have the Benny Hill theme song as a backing track?
Comment from : Mo Dut

W Thomas
The circus must go on
Comment from : W Thomas

Colo Ssus
Pres.Biden will be the last president. It was an honor sir. 😢
Comment from : Colo Ssus

Too predicable, let's see some dead politicians and billionaires and their families then il believe it.
Comment from : bmw0208

tell it like it is
Anybody have ear plugs
Comment from : tell it like it is

Insignificant Other
Right on cue
Comment from : Insignificant Other

Fuck Y0uTUbe
This guy looks like a demon
Comment from : Fuck Y0uTUbe

Arthur D
Whats next kurwy?
Comment from : Arthur D

Cian MacGana
I don’t know anyone who’s had it
Comment from : Cian MacGana

Mohd Fadzil
Who failed
Comment from : Mohd Fadzil

bryan lalramchhana Hringngen
Survival of the fittest..thats the only way we can survive 😂👍
Comment from : bryan lalramchhana Hringngen

Stephen Robinson
All this because Randy Marsh fucked a bat.
Comment from : Stephen Robinson

Stephen Robinson
They are just not going to stop.
Comment from : Stephen Robinson

Zion Zion
Covid 19 is highly creative .dont think the behaviour will ever stop. So we should think of how to celebrate Covid 19 birthday every year.
Comment from : Zion Zion

Chamalee Semasinghe
Hope hand sanitizers would still be effective in destroying this new variant 😂 she said something about evaluating the products right
Comment from : Chamalee Semasinghe

our mother earth is very sick too. She can not longer control her diseases due to savage violent human activities that destroy our environment the planet immune system. Would WHO in collaboration with the world act as rapidly and swiftly as possible to save our planet"s immune system??
Comment from : lol

Senora Senora
Rat juice...🤔🤣
Comment from : Senora Senora

And this will be the reasoning behind the vaccines not working??
Comment from : Grizzlehead

Rarefied Tennis
F O already !!
Comment from : Rarefied Tennis

Toronto Ontario
"Leak a stronger strain out there, they don't want the vaccines and they must take them!"
Comment from : Toronto Ontario

Gazr Gazr
It won't make any difference if the WHO knows about this or not.
Ps The WHO may give it a name though something like ' Cov-Id-20' perhaps

Comment from : Gazr Gazr

Ruairidh Sutherland
No one believes a word you idiots are pushing on covid
Comment from : Ruairidh Sutherland

John Pezzola
Funny this is what Gill Bates said 2 months ago , who let this new strain out !WHO WHO , WHO !
Comment from : John Pezzola

Country Girl
Variants are the new catch phrase.Nice try.
Comment from : Country Girl

Give me a break.
Comment from : Phantasmagoria

Bryan Coombes ART
Foreshadowing 2021
Comment from : Bryan Coombes ART

Nick Fury
Here comes covid21
Comment from : Nick Fury

Nick Fury
I saw this coming.
Comment from : Nick Fury

Karta Santana
Stay home?😇
Comment from : Karta Santana

Kaleigh MacKay
for fucks sake......
Comment from : Kaleigh MacKay

Mirio Pre
“Improvise, adapt; overcome.” -Darwinism
Comment from : Mirio Pre

Douglas Coleman
What a bunch of moronic responses, thanks to the low-volt intellects that gravitate to posts like this...
Comment from : Douglas Coleman

Joshua Stone Anthem
I guess they will want to burn everyone's homes down now to get that wascally wirus
Comment from : Joshua Stone Anthem

Lesley Dujeu
Filthy Murderer!
Comment from : Lesley Dujeu

Em Zee
This is exactly why we had to keep the spread down...
Comment from : Em Zee

stop.... 😭😭😭😭
Comment from : Richard

Bruce Bright
Bat crazy
Comment from : Bruce Bright

I for one welcome our new yearly Covid overlords.
Comment from : KennethMichaels

Warren Liu
Comment from : Warren Liu

M Curry
usually when it mutates it becomes more deadly but less infectious
Comment from : M Curry

Covid 2077
Comment from : Adrian

Comment from : CouchCommander5000

There's been variants since March
Comment from : zahedah80

Lose some weight Dr.Michael
Comment from : Roggle

kevin bennett
the best time of all were 60s and 70s the world now is fucked
Comment from : kevin bennett

Sandra B
Comment from : Sandra B

What are the odds this is the one isn't addressed by our current vaccines?
Comment from : TheMetadaemon

midwayer godman
This guy looks like a total creep.
Comment from : midwayer godman

Marcelo Estephan
Why is he blushing?
Comment from : Marcelo Estephan

bob carlsson
What's on 2nd!
Comment from : bob carlsson

Moonlit Magic
Lots of big words, zero information!!!
Comment from : Moonlit Magic

April Weber
More scare tactics.
Comment from : April Weber

lets all stay home forever.
Comment from : 11Peach

Nikolina M
Arrest the criminals💰💰💰💰💰💰😡😈💰💰😡😈💉😡😈😡💉😈💉😡💉
Comment from : Nikolina M

Jill B
Viruses are scary this way, look at the flu how yearly we typically have a variant. Hopefully no effects with vaccines
Comment from : Jill B

Lol, who didn't see this coming.
Comment from : FRANK FRANKLIN

Steve Sansum
Blame vax deaths on a super strain ☠️. Nice timing
Comment from : Steve Sansum

Alex Mitchell
Well, I see the scientific know-it-alls have arrived early in the comments.
Comment from : Alex Mitchell

31 varieties
Comment from : VikingMale

We need another lockdown
Comment from : realSammyPasta

Magister Militum
who? 😂😂😂
Comment from : Magister Militum

Hez Griffin
Is this the variant found in Spain that went to UK in Summer? So vax will work on mutations & variants?
Comment from : Hez Griffin

LAU 7566
Aah.... This is more interesting.
Comment from : LAU 7566

Drew G
We still trust the WHO? really?
Comment from : Drew G

He doesn’t believe that he’s saying
Comment from : B C

TL;DW: "We have no idea if this means anything at all yet."
Comment from : apocalypseap

Luis Diaz
Who cares. Nobody cares anymore. Covids the meme that won't end.

Shut up about it and it'll go away.

Comment from : Luis Diaz

Randy Smith
Comment from : Randy Smith

Wow! A cold virus mutates? Who would have thought.
Comment from : DAV3TV

Steve M
Comment from : Steve M

Michael M
This just makes variant number 6, they just need to determine if it’s more deadly or not, 2 of the last 5 were
Comment from : Michael M

C. Méndez
alien from others world disease,they are here already spreading the disease 💀.👽👾
Comment from : C. Méndez

Is this the SONGBIRD trailer?
Comment from : bblaze903

Lol what a comedy show!
Comment from : ROBERT h

bernadette nolan
If you are working together why did the governments not listen to you about lockdowns? Who are we supposed to listen to
Comment from : bernadette nolan

Snodge Kat
Ohhhh nooooooo. This horrific disease, I swear. It’s like Mother Nature has had enough of humankind. :(
Comment from : Snodge Kat

Jane James
Oh my.🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨
Comment from : Jane James

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