The Original Victorian Christmas Pudding Recipe : 'Food, Glorious, Food': Cooking with Dickens


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Information The Original Victorian Christmas Pudding Recipe : 'Food, Glorious, Food': Cooking with Dickens

Title : The Original Victorian Christmas Pudding Recipe : 'Food, Glorious, Food': Cooking with Dickens

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Frames The Original Victorian Christmas Pudding Recipe : 'Food, Glorious, Food': Cooking with Dickens

Description The Original Victorian Christmas Pudding Recipe : 'Food, Glorious, Food': Cooking with Dickens

The Original Victorian Christmas Pudding Recipe : 'Food, Glorious, Food': Cooking with Dickens

The Original Victorian Christmas Pudding Recipe : 'Food, Glorious, Food': Cooking with Dickens

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Sally Farb
Sally Farb 2 months ago

What a beautiful gracious host with a lovely mild voice! a pleasure to listen to!! My mum used to make Christmas pudding with a brown sugar sauce on top!! Loved it!!

James Priovolos
James Priovolos 2 months ago

Made this pudding this Christmas (2020). Turned out magnificent!

Farming Fishing Family Ontario

I hope to from now on, recognize Stir up Sunday. Should put that in my calendar right now.

plauditecives 2 months ago

Would be delighted to see more videos by Ms. Vogler. Just love her approach.

Linda Buck
Linda Buck 2 months ago

Christmas 🎄 2020 American, obviously, can anyone tell me about the ingredient called suet? 🙏🏻thank you 🎄

Dolores DeMar
Dolores DeMar 2 months ago

Food, Glorious Food.... from Oliver(Twist) Yes I love Charles Dickens!! ❤ Thank you for this really nice video and Merry Christmas 2020!! ❤🎄🎁🎁🎁😊

gregsimons48 2 months ago

Memories of decades ago, mom used to make them, with the pudding cloth tied and the corners looped back up, tied together and hung on hooks in the pantry for the next year, must make my own instead of buying one.

Leslie Lutz
Leslie Lutz 2 months ago

I bet this would do well in an Instant Pot . . yessssssss.

Mike Ivy
Mike Ivy 2 months ago

Don’t forget the custard sauce! Lol 😆 looks so yummy! I miss This. My grandmother (from Edinburgh Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿) made this very I miss the smell from the kitchen and when it was done ....mmmmmm!

Manic Mailman
Manic Mailman 2 months ago

Top stuff!
Well worth the effort compared to store bought puddings :)

SINGKEW LAW 2 months ago


Angelus Nielson
Angelus Nielson 2 months ago

vegetarian suet? isn't that an oxymoron?

martine lefaivre
martine lefaivre 2 months ago

Thank you very much for the opportunity to enjoy both the lovely pudding recipe and the history behind it!

EntirelyBonkers 2 months ago

British teeth

Relaxing Moments ASMR

Wonderful video and I enjoyed learning some history. I love A Christmas Carol.

Am Pa
Am Pa 2 months ago

Very nice.

But Mrs. Crocombe from English Heritage set it afire with a holly on top. It's apparently flame-proof for a minute or so.

Max makes
Max makes 2 months ago

I have been trying my plums, trying to pull them, my plums won't pull, who do you pull plums?

Liam Kitson
Liam Kitson 2 months ago

Really enjoyable and informative video, thank you so much for making it

Debra Kroening
Debra Kroening 2 months ago

Has anyone converted the recipe to Imperial measurements? Never converted a recipe before and am concerned I will not get it right. Grams to ounces or grams to cups? Weight or volume? Help.

Amy Abraham
Amy Abraham 2 months ago

Love yr puding

Tia Willich
Tia Willich 2 months ago

I was just wondering what mixed peel you use? is it orange,lemon,grapefruit? Or orange, lemon, lime im making my own since our stores here dont sell it .

Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor 2 months ago

So much fun. What ever you celebrate just enjoy pudding and enjoy the music. just my opinion and just for fun. Please don't over think things. 🎄🎄🎄🎃🎃🎃🍮🍮🍮

YackBackatcha 2 months ago

Is the pudding served straight away from cooking or does it need to set? Thank you.

YackBackatcha 2 months ago

Cheese cloth might work as well.

Lisa Mathis
Lisa Mathis 2 months ago

Hmmmm!!! I can smell it ! My former next door neighbors when I was a child would have my family over after Christmas and have Christmas pudding !! My neighbors originally came from England ! Mrs. Gilpin also use to make me strawberry scones ! Yummmm!

D. G.
D. G. 2 months ago

Haven't read ACC in decades. Might need to put down the tablet and rediscover it this year. Thank you from Kentucky USA

tony della marianna
tony della marianna 2 months ago

hello,anyone know the size of the pudding tin

Darth Belal
Darth Belal 2 months ago

Grease proof paper?

Marsha Steeds
Marsha Steeds 2 months ago

Just put it on to steam. Thank you.

Tom Smedgen
Tom Smedgen 2 months ago

Wenn ich so Musik spielen müsste, würde ich mir einfach eine Waffe an den Kopf legen und alles beenden.

RayneStorm 2 months ago

Very good video. Easy to understand and to follow. But you forgot one very important step. You didn't soak the fruit in the alcohol. And it sure would have made a nice ending to your video to see you light it on fire and serve it. :)

Mrs Slessor
Mrs Slessor 2 months ago

Thank you very much for a lovely video. Calm and instructional and I shall be making this on Stir Up Sunday! Blessings

Pip Mitchell
Pip Mitchell 2 months ago

Very good! The real thing, unlike some we might mention.

Joy Trestrail
Joy Trestrail 2 months ago

Made this last year, best pudding I've ever made. I cooked it and took it to my sons and he still has my basin lol

wendy jenkins
wendy jenkins 2 months ago

How many people that supposed to feed? Why they always do it in the same bowl

David Mann
David Mann 2 months ago

Congratulations! Very well done. easy to digest and straightforward and an intelligent and competent presenter. Thank you for posting

Nicholas Manupella
Nicholas Manupella 2 months ago

Thank you. I love you

Stephanie DiPietro
Stephanie DiPietro 2 months ago

You did a great job! American Heritage has a segment where they cook “the Victorian way” and they make this and other foods exactly as they did back then. If you like this you will really enjoy that.

petnzme01 2 months ago

Ahem... you did not just plop your pudding into the pot without a trivet underneath and boil it for 3 hours did you?

My mother used to do the ball METHOD. Pour it into a mutton cloth and hang in the pot. I even made one once. Either way they are moorish,.

jon dickson
jon dickson 2 months ago

Thank you!

Matthew Seitz
Matthew Seitz 2 months ago

I’m American and didn’t grow up with having a pudding at Christmas. I’ve wanted to make one the last couple of years. I think its too late for me to make one this year. Next year for sure

Chelsea Meininger
Chelsea Meininger 2 months ago

I wonder if this is how fruitcake developed.

HeadBroski 2 months ago

What size basin is that? I just picked up a 900ml/0.95 quart basin but not sure if that is too small.

Tracy vancuylenburg
Tracy vancuylenburg 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing , my question is if I don’t want to steam right away and just store it after mixing all the eggs will it go bad with all the egg just storing it . I want to keep it a few days raw before Christmas 🎄

Angelica xx
Angelica xx 2 months ago

This was an absolute treasure. I really enjoyed this video 😊

Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 2 months ago

Just a lovely warm video. Thank you.

norm lor
norm lor 2 months ago

I have loved Dickens all of my life since watching Alistair in that 1951 best version. but all recipes (But for Fanny Credcock's) Recipes have the batter so loose it cant's be molded into a Ball like the original one in the Book. how can I add something to make it mold without destroying the Taste?