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Christmas in Our Hearts

Christmas in Our Hearts

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Danielyn Palajorin
Danielyn Palajorin 2 months ago

Merry christmas everyone

Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 2 months ago

It feels so quiet on Facebook because there's no jose mari chan memes

Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 2 months ago

I came here because on Facebook i don't see jose mari chan memes or his picture

Sxnnie Sxnflxwer
Sxnnie Sxnflxwer 2 months ago

December 7, 2020 - A few more days till this pandemic may end :)))

Kristhine Nacorda
Kristhine Nacorda 2 months ago

we love christmas.

Princess Aclan
Princess Aclan 2 months ago


Christmas Song 2021
Christmas Song 2021 2 months ago

Who’s ready for Christmas and a better year ❤️❤️

Thiago San Gregor
Thiago San Gregor 2 months ago

The Christmas National Anthem of the Philippines!

Aldrin Tiqui
Aldrin Tiqui 2 months ago

Christmas his coming October 3 2020 until Christmas day December 25 2020

Sophia Nunag
Sophia Nunag 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 🎄...HAPPY NEW YEAR!🎄🎇🎁

Gabrielle Palaypayon
Gabrielle Palaypayon 2 months ago


Eimeri A.
Eimeri A. 2 months ago

Moana How Far I'll Go Sarah Geronimo

Sanjeev Bernard
Sanjeev Bernard 2 months ago

Thank you Jose mari Chan😁😁

cha cha
cha cha 2 months ago

Sana before christmas wla n tong covid may vaccine na pra mas masaya ang pasko🙏🙏🙏

Rusjen gacha xd
Rusjen gacha xd 2 months ago

Jose mari chan ang ganda

Kevin Agnilas
Kevin Agnilas 2 months ago

Kakamis magpunta sa department store pag ber months

jhunie Bond
jhunie Bond 2 months ago

im good at it in piano

Argie Reginald Taberao

Ber-Months Pasko Na Christmas Na!

Melody Snowflake VA
Melody Snowflake VA 2 months ago

I'm from Singapore and I love this song! Probably one of my favourite Christmas songs ever

Yonnaej Mendoza
Yonnaej Mendoza 2 months ago

merry christmast to all keep safe

Vicky Bautista
Vicky Bautista 2 months ago

yay is sept 5 almost christmas

The Bush
The Bush 2 months ago

ah yes PASQ na

hamburger 2 months ago


Elz 2 months ago

2020 be like: "Whenever I see girls and boys wearing facemask on the street..."

madera johnrick
madera johnrick 2 months ago

Sana kumpleto ang mga bawat pamilyang pilipino sa darating na kapaskuhan.... Stay safe and healthy po sa lahat..... Advance Merry Christmas

Mr. M
Mr. M 2 months ago

Song of hope this pandemic 🎄♥️🙏🏼

Trascix ruwin Guinto
Trascix ruwin Guinto 2 months ago

I cry this sound becaus is make me happy

Pareng Mike Guitar Tutorials

Sep 1 2020 guys I guitar tutorial ko nga Ito mamaya. 👍👍👍

kurta kurapika
kurta kurapika 2 months ago

It's padoru time, comrads

Neil Karlo Francia
Neil Karlo Francia 2 months ago

Siya si Jose Mari Chan, siya ay singer-songwriter at siya ay rin ang gumawa ng kanta na uso lang pag ber months hahaha...

Earl Marcos Dominic Soyosa

Umpisa na ng pinakamahabang Christmas celebration sa mundo! Keep safe everyone! Sama-sama nating ipagdidiwang ang kapaskuhan!

Just Hotaki
Just Hotaki 2 months ago

padoru padoru

Joniean Elondo
Joniean Elondo 2 months ago

September 1,2020 covid19 please 🙏 alis qa na.

Mary Therese Villafuerte-Barja

Listening to this Sept 1 2020

Kristine Ando
Kristine Ando 2 months ago

Sept. 2020

Car Jac
Car Jac 2 months ago

Happy Jose Mari Chan Day 2020!!!!

Joshua Flores
Joshua Flores 2 months ago


Mari Chu
Mari Chu 2 months ago

happy ber months 🥰

bea a.
bea a. 2 months ago

sept 2020

Lawrence Ibañez
Lawrence Ibañez 2 months ago

Kontrolado na ang mga speakers sa mall

Waga, Leonard P.
Waga, Leonard P. 2 months ago

Wag niyo na itanggi, Jose Mari Chan brought us together again lol.

Waga, Leonard P.
Waga, Leonard P. 2 months ago

September 1, 2020

Pin Pin
Pin Pin 2 months ago

Sept. 1, 2020.. may this be the beginning of healing and good news. ❤❤

MAKABAian Vlog
MAKABAian Vlog 2 months ago

Aug 31 2020..
Uunahan ko na kayong lahat .

Aries Aristoñego
Aries Aristoñego 2 months ago

August 31, 2020 6pm Sta Rosa Laguna

stan loona
stan loona 2 months ago

ikaw na naman bida bukas

Ryder 2 months ago

When i heard this song i remember me when I was a child so excited to Christmas. And now when i grow up im so happy to see other child excited to Christmas
-i swear there's a wrong grammar

Marry Joy Andrada
Marry Joy Andrada 2 months ago

Yeay cant wait :)

Misyale Visca
Misyale Visca 2 months ago

AuGust 2020 balik GCQ 😩

xruf 2 months ago

August 2020 everyone? september is coming, which means its ber months and we'll hear this song again.

Dexter Jr Ando
Dexter Jr Ando 2 months ago

🎄wherevee there are people giving masks exchanging medicines🎄

Dexter Jr Ando
Dexter Jr Ando 2 months ago

🎄whenever i see girls and boys selling masks on the streets🎄

Galahad 2 months ago

Wala nang boys and girls selling lanterns on the street...
On-line seller na sila lahat boyz...

Bessywap 2 months ago

🎵Wherever there are people giving vicks, exchanging coughs. I believe that covid is truly in their lungs.🎶

Grace and Lucas
Grace and Lucas 2 months ago

Favorite 🐭🐭🐭

Joseph Nolan
Joseph Nolan 2 months ago

The dislikes are from people who either judged the song prematurely, don't know the true meaning of Christmas, or non Filipinos who have cultural intolerance. I've dealt with people who are all three of those.

Nash Delacruz
Nash Delacruz 2 months ago


Michaella Bosis
Michaella Bosis 2 months ago

Like nyo kung excited na kayo sa pasko!💖😊

Jenny Dichi
Jenny Dichi 2 months ago

Mfsbrav2heh avks.scksvkavavz zcshld
C gnkknf sk🎄🎄🎁12980...

Joshua Delos Reyes
Joshua Delos Reyes 2 months ago

Sarap sa tenga ang lyrics

Karlo 2 months ago

it's Time!!!!!



Gerard PH
Gerard PH 2 months ago

Like nyo to kung nandito na kayo bago mag september

Darren Malibiran
Darren Malibiran 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

Lee Dong Gun
Lee Dong Gun 2 months ago

My favorite christmas song of all time